Sunday, May 6, 2012

we could make sweet music together.

Yo mortals. good to be here. I was referred by HADES to my eternal shame. I also shit my bed last night, but you don't need to know that. But nonetheless I will  do my best. THOR.

OH you know him well then?

Whoopee my first fan!

Show me yours and I will show you mine but you may be embarrassed.

Thank you Edna I can tell you have immaculate tastes.

Thanks I am glad to be here.

@Mrs. Dukie.  :thumbsup:

Yup  that sounds like him.  Others tried to get rid of him by insulting him but it did not work, he just came back for more.

Yo FB. good to meet ya.

Tennessee whiskey, have you no shame?

Well at least  the ivory label, is 90 proof. And it uses the PROPER spelling of whisky (as opposed to whiskey).

 I saw where these halls had a million posts . Were any of them any good?

AWW shit. You never said that I have to actually READ this stuff. :015:

MORE pikkies? I am still drooling over the gals in your sig. :icon_eek:

Now stop that.  Ever since you saw the size of my cock you have been bitchy.   :ROFLMAO:

Why ME? Why is it always me they drool over.  :uhuh:

Picky picky picky. Oh well anything for a quiet life.  A photo of Hades and myself. I am the good looking one.
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Now if I read this right .
You and Hades have this thing going on that involves Toys, leather boots and a lot of ASS.
RIGHT I got it.   :whistle:

^^^^^^^ A lovers tiff?

it would make it easier to give a deep BJ.  Consider yourself lucky.   :-[

Hi. If your avatar is anything like you,  we could make sweet music together.  :thumbsup:

Welcome, any FURRY from ranter is welcome to see how a good site is run.

A clever ruse to hide his furryness.

I don't know anything about duals but it is rumoured that this is a pic of goodi in his furry outfit.

It's ok you can stroke his furry bits, he quite enjoys it.

I did hear rumours about him and fags.  :studly:

Good idea goodi,  to have your balls taped to your ear in case you forgot where you left them.

I concede to the expert. :meatspinsmiley:

You seem to know a lot more about bullshit than I.

A pair of nutcrackers would work rather well. :ROFLMAO:
Gosh!!!  I suppose we will have the FURRY costumes supplied by you once the take over is complete?   :whistle:
@goodi  will this involve you dropping your pants and doing a lot of squealing?

It is called 'Drugs and gheys i have known and used'  :poke: