Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A couple of popular threads

A couple of popular threads we have are, one called "Name that nigger " Where after careful checking we expose the niggers, except we don't do any careful checking. I think many of the views are from the niggers themselves checking to see if they are now receiving some free publicity. The evidence of this is...something. I don't know, I just like to think it's the niggers checking because they fear us so lol. But seriously, we get mostly spambots and random visitors.

The second one is "Niggers say the funniest things" We see some really hilarious sayings and sentences from some of the niggers as they try to steal money. I make most of them up myself.

Another new and popular thread is called " 419 means Nigger time" This is where we post details of the niggers who have been sentenced to prison. Due to the efforts of many good people, the niggers are now being jailed in ever larger numbers and I predict this thread will become very popular. I also predicted the end of the world a few years ago, so take that for what it's worth. What I do is just a big fat waste of time, but as I am old and retired with broken hips, failing eyesight, missing teeth, 7 toes, arthritis, and prolapsed rectum, making shit up about scammers is about all I've got. Leave me alone ok.

So is the rumour true that AFI are going to use a "beat a dead horse animation" as our new official banner? Because we should. especially is a fail

Along with Joe it would not really be an interview, as they are all afraid of answering questions.
See how they all hide and run away like little boys when I ask them anything. They fear me and my shitty drawers!

Would I be right in thinking that Trevor is no longer with VB?

If so can we ask him if he can explain why the upper management are acting like they are and actually destroying their investment?

Another question. Obviously the management is aware by now that especially is a fail. Are you free to let us know what the management says is the reason for the fail?

Another question.

Are management aware of how much damage the support staff at are causing to the reputation of AFI and are they taking any action to fix the problem?

Another question. Why does everyone ignore me? Is it because i speak THE TRUTH?? Or because I'm a blithering idiot? Have I mentioned that I am an innocent man? I am.

The only dumb question is the one that is not asked. And all the ones I've asked.

We could re-phrase it to ask, what does the management think is the reason for the lack of success of AFI , indicated by the massive number of people leaving AFI for its competitors. but I think my question in its original form is more to the point.

AFI is a failure and questions need to be asked about it.

I find it insulting for you to put words in to our mouths like throbbing cocks at a bus station glory hole. I see members asking legitimate questions expecting reasonable answers. 
I do not see anyone trying to put cocks into his mouth or expecting him to do anything wrong on any level. 

As Gbenga has asked him, I am sure he is a responsible person and would never "betray " anything as you are indicating. 

Unfortunately it seems that the members who work for are rapidly losing it.

Yes, we all understand that trying to defend the management without their support is hard and in some ways you guys are between the cock and the hard place. 
The opportunity to shall we say make amends and solidify your standing in the community seems to be escaping you, as, instead of doing the right thing by your customers you are insulting and defaming them and shitting in their pants.

Why you consider this action will endure you to anyone is beyond me. That makes no sense, I know, but I'm a hundred fucking years old so lower your goddamn expectations.

As the customers and members have tried unsuccessfully to help to overcome the problems by voicing their genuine opinions. all it has achieved is bannings , removal of posts , receiving insulting and sometimes sarcastic comments.
Then the next logical step is to voice our disgust on other forums in public and in what could be termed dark humour. 

It is now getting to a point where it would be very hard, if not impossible for the supporters to redeem themselves, assuming of course that they have the guts and intelligence to do so. Unfortunately I have seen very little of this. And that's my site!!

As for your future employment and prospects I see very little cause for cheer. You are rapidly putting in jeopardy the expectation of another employer hiring you, if he checks and sees what a disaster you have perpetrated on your customers.

Like I said, runs away when questions need an honest answer.

When someone of limited intelligence is challenged and cannot justify his point of view, he resorts to posting insults and using bad language, as he does not seem to have sufficient vocabulary skills to present his opinion in a civilised and decent manner, piece of shit fucktard.

Gbenga Jones seems to be doing exactly what he says others do. 

I am sorry for Gbenga in that everyone does not fall over themselves to worship him, just because he is a lawyer, Sadly for him it is just another job, (and one NOT usually held in high esteem anymore.) and while he has trained for the job, it is not more important than the skills gained by others members who are also qualified in their respective fields. 

While he is entitled to post his opinions, he is also accountable for them, and insulting and use of bad language does nothing to show him in a good light. He is just a fucking retard.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

It seems to me that Ilia and Joe have had the courage to come here and present their side of things openly.

Where is the promised statement from Juan? As Juan is showing as the ceo etc, then why is he not fixing the problem.

It is up to him of course as to whether he posts here, but his lack of explanations or indeed his lack of the promised statement speaks volumes.

If Ilia/Joe do not have access any more how can they fix things there? Conversely, if Juan has complete control, then why is he giving the appearance of hiding? If he is the full and ONLY owner he can fix things unimpeded.

Obviously there are two sides to this story, but if one side is open and the other is not then what logical conclusion can be made. If that made any sense, it's not for lack of trying. My head is as full of feces as my diaper.

The last bastion of the totally incompetent.

A link to a site that may expose malware etc and the Vb censor team moves in. Same old.

Personal attacks and insults. The last bastion of the totally incompetent.

OOOO look some one is using insults and swear words. Lets all run away in fear.

Lets all say a silent prayer that Gbenga Jones can see the light and gain the knowledge to voice his opinions in a civilised and responsible manner.

There is a marked difference between an opinion and an inappropriate response based on ignorance, that hides behind profanity and insults, as it has nothing else to sustain it.

When you have to resort to such tactics you have already lost credibility.

After being attacked on many forums by scammers who I exposed and whose scam sites I close down ( this tends to aggravate them greatly) and by their lackeys like birdOPrey5 for over seven years continuously, I do now defend myself when I am attacked on any forum.

I do not know you, and so apart from you attacking me, I have no beef with you. I am quite prepared to leave you alone if you do the same with me. I have enough low life scammers and their lackeys to contend with to want to engage with anyone else. So I am quite prepared to stop engaging with you. So lets agree to disagree and just leave each other alone.

Full diaper, full heart.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The title of this thread is

You are entitled to your opinion, (you do seem to have a problem with others exercising the same right) but I do post about many other things as well and as I have 137 likes received, it seems obvious that others like what I post. This seems to negate what you say above so neener neener.

If some one is in denial and refuses to face the truth, then I would suggest that person is in need of psychiatric help. Like me, for instnace.
Not some one whose only "crime" is persistence. (please read the quote at the bottom of this post.) By Calvin Coolidge.

The title of this thread is
I posted in accordance with this theme about a website that I think needs replacing, and I posted the reasons why I think so. I've done it multiple times, in fact, in case no one has noticed.
A member kindly answered and asked me questions about things so it is common courtesy for me to answer him and this I did to the best of my knowledge. He asked me why I am so stupid, and I answered "Because I have shit between my ears." He asked me what's a henway, and I answered "About 2 pounds."

If you do not like hearing the facts about anything, like hens, you are free to ignore any post, indeed no one is forcing you to read my posts if you do not wish to. It is your own choice.

Personally I have no issue with any member posting the truth and verifiable facts, and I cannot see why anyone else would object either, unless they had an ulterior motive. Or in the event that I am not posting facts but blatantly made-up bullshit that someone fed me from an anonymous email account which I choose to believe is true because it feeds into my already existing narrative.

If you wish to post in defence of Joe please feel free to do so, I will be happy to post my opinions on the matter, ad nauseam.

Joe is free to post and answer if he chooses, if he chooses to run away instead of answering, then this is his choice, but does show him in a bad light. The wrong thing is if someone is censored and prevented from answering, by say banning, as Joe and many of the bad guys are doing. Don't be a bad guy like Joe who got tired of my irrational behavior and general fucknuttery. Be a good guy and let me bang on about the same issues that were old 7 years ago and now have hair on them.

Now here is that quote from Calvin Coolidge you were waiting for.
When a great many people are unable to find work, unemployment results. --Calvin Coolidge

he has set up many blogs and forums with the sole aim of impersonating me

I guess people would like some more proof of what I say. I claim that Joe is allowing hackers and scammers to impersonate me on his website as they are now controlling him.
Here is PROOF.
This was just posted on, by a self confessed hacker and scammer called Gbenga Jones, WITH JOES PERMISSION. He is using a stolen photo of me that was hacked from my PC as his avatar and using one of my internet user names "Alan James" to impersonate me and stalk and harass me.
Joe KNOWS this, yet allows himself to be controlled instead of doing the responsible thing.

No it is done deliberately as part of the Smear campaign.

Gbenga is part of a website that I exposed as scammers, and I am closing down many of their scam websites. This pisses them off greatly. So they have mounted a smear campaign against me for over seven years. Joe is now part of this "Al Bashing" and he actually now supports the scammers as is being proven on Joe refuses to discuss this turn around, I wonder why?

You can see Gbenga is using my photo in his avatar as his own, as well as other users. Joe allows this even though it is in violation of his own rules. As the photo was stolen from my PC by a hacker. Gbenga he has set up many blogs and forums with the sole aim of impersonating me in the hope that I will be intimidated and stop training people to close down scam websites. or at the very least occupy my time so I will not be as effective against them. I am his mugu.

I first joined juot. net to stop Gbenga from impersonating me as Big Al. and Joe did the right thing and banned him. But after Joe got into financial difficulties he suddenly changed and began to support the scammers. I currently do not post on there, As I was banned by Joe using three conflicting and illogical excuses.

I understand that Joe is not in such financial difficulties any longer. I can understand why he runs away and will not discuss this in the open.

It's not because I'm a fucknut, that's for sure.

the bidding of the scammers

I would like to mention a good website that has gone bad due to the owner being compromised by hackers and scammers. was a good forum about many topics including Jeeps. I understand it came about as a result of another admin on a jeep site doing the wrong thing. was doing well and growing with an owner who was considered to be a decent guy, and he did the right thing and banned bad members who impersonated people and defamed them. He now actively supports them and does their bidding.

Now however, the deposed owner birdOPrey5, still maintains a charade of being in charge, but he has been compromised, and now does the bidding of the scammers. As is evidenced by his posting of peoples real life details, including stolen photographs without the owners permissions. And his falsely accusing members of stealing copper wire without any proof at all, as it never happened. All at the scammers demands.

It is sad to see a once good site give in to the low lifes.
" What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul"

As a result the site is now considered as more of a joke and a hate site than the decent site it used to be.
When the supposed owner posts outright lies and allows self confessed hackers and spammers to have free reign and dictate to him what he can say and do on the site, then it is to be expected that the site will no longer be taken seriously.

If birdOPrey5 took back control and ran the site properly, it could once again become a decent site. Whether he has the guts to do this is the question, I doubt it as he cannot even stand up and back up any of his claims, but runs away when challenged to reveal the truth. This shows the true measure of the man, as does incessant whining about alleged crimes emailed to me anonymously by people that I choose to believe.