Sunday, June 30, 2013

there are countries where spamming is not illegal

After being a successful businessman for many years, I would recommend that you get any partnership tightly covered to protect yourself.

It is sometimes necessary to have a partner, but I have always subscribed to the theory that I will not put my money into any venture where I do not directly control it. That's why I do online scamming.

A bad partner can do a lot of damage to your venture, if he or she is not bound by good contracts. Unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money if things go wrong then any contract is only as good as the people who sign it.

You may be well covered, but how much time effort and money are you prepared to spend to enforce a contract? I have 6 big niggers who will go to someone's house to enforce my contracts.

That's why I begin every correspondence with "Greetings in Jesus Name, I am search for reliable business partner..." which sometimes gets me a reliable business partner. For me, reliable just means someone who will deposit my fake checks and WU me the money before the bank or anyone finds out the check is bogus.

but the answer in a nutshell is Money. Many countries will turn a blind eye to scamming and spamming as it brings in much needed overseas money.

As an example it is believed that in Nigeria the money from overseas comes in this order. First is oil. second is minerals and the third is fraud (scamming) etc.
Many officials will turn a blind eye to this. Indeed we also see quite a few internet personalities accept bribes or are blackmailed into supporting the scammers.

I made all my money by scamming people, so I am an expert.

Fortunately there are countries where spamming is not illegal or is in a "Grey" area.

There are some advanced mass emailing type programs that are being sold in such countries. I am currently working against such a guy in India and those who support him at the moment. I don't need that kind of competition.
The money involved in making such advanced systems is very large and shows how much money is involved in these spams and scams.

After the "cold war" there were some very highly trained IT guys who became available for hire from Russia. Some "traded" their hacking knowledge with some of the successful scammers, for knowledge of how to scam with the "419 advance fee " type scams.

This shows how they can be successful in scamming and spamming.

Not too long ago yahoo deleted over four million spammer accounts in a very short time frame. but this only resulted in a small blip in spamming activity, as the spammers just opened new accounts and carried on.

So far my niche, which is scamming the scam victims who come looking for help, is solid. My team is tight and we rake in millions every month., is a cash cow.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

a lot of proof that I am a liar

Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for. But I often see "yesterday" as I am in a different time zone from a lot of the other members, so many times a recent post was made just before my new day and so shows as yesterday. Fortunately I have a time machine so I can just launch it and go back to see what was going on, then jump forwards in time to see how it all turned out. If you don't have a time machine, I don't know what to tell you.

At your leisure contact me for a lot of proof that I am a liar. I have MANY examples and many in my OWN words. I USED to be a stand up guy, but have been compromised by the self confessed scammers I now supports.

A google search of my name and user names will back me up. Even my own mods on my site are now fed up with my deceit. Again please feel free to check.

I have seen the mods on and how they behave towards their members, many of who are VB customers and it is disgusting. It's worse than the way I treat people at I mean, I just steal their money, I'm not a dick towards them.

The words "power drunk" spring to mind.

It is obvious what is going on with antifraudintl.organd if a person is cold and has terrific injuries and has no heart beat or pulse then one does not need to be a doctor to work out that He is probably dead. First hand knowledge of any accident is not required to reach this decision. The results are plain to see. So it is with

"He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it." Seneca

I thought I would look up Baghdad Bob to be sure and the description fits me to a T.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NOT a good move

I notice that BirdOPrey5 has now posted links to places that have been set up just to defame me, and that he too has now posted a stolen photo of me in violation of his own rules. I shit my pants when I saw that.

NOT a good move Joe. Oh dear me I seem to be finding similar places on the internet that are posting about you Joe. 

This just cannot be good for your future income or reputation, but maybe they are well deserved.

OK call me an incontinent delusional asshole if you wish, but I can foresee many more being posted in the weeks and months ahead. it seems that you have unwisely chosen to work for and support the scammers and in doing so you may have upset some people who may feel that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. :D

And so concludes my threat for the day.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Thanks for asking.

It is an anti-fraud website where we try to warn people and stop the scammers and those who support them.
Our most important work is to assist the victims of the scammers. Who are often devastated and sometimes afraid.

We are the only website of our type that operates in fourteen languages so we can help the victims in their own language. Because we are the only ones who know how to use Google translate and turn our choppy English into indecipherable foreign languages, further confusing people. Then we scam them of the money that would otherwise go to those thieving niggers in Africa. I use the name Gbenga Jones on Facebook to accuse random people of being gay, which I know hurts their feelings because that's the worst thing in the world, and then I rip them off.

I find it easy to post.

What I find is harder is getting a meaning across, as your expressions etc are not seen and so it can be harder for people to fully understand at times. It's also hard because I'm an incompetent dolt, but that's neither here nor there. I just get unsuspecting assholes to send me money.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


BirdOPrey5 I am sorry that you cannot comprehend what I said in my post above yours. but when you sell your soul to the scammers like you have done, then you do start to lose objectivity. Once you have accepted your thirty pieces of silver then it becomes easier to lie and the slide down is quicker. Nobody knows this better than me because I've been cashbaiting for years and I can tell you that it wears you out eventually.

Why did you do it Joe? Medical bills getting too much were they? or maybe a house re-payment was becoming hard to make. Sorry Joe, but while selling your soul and integrity sounds ok at the time, there is always a penalty due. "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his immortal soul"
Did you honestly think you could start to attack me and not have me defend myself. Sorry Joe you picked the wrong guy to defame and lie about. Did your new masters forget to tell you this? They probably told you that I'm a doughy, squinty, geriatric idiot with incontinence.

I am quite happy to send you copies of things when you have done the ethical thing and removed the defamatory posts about me from your website, as any decent responsible admin would do.
However you cannot can you. Not until your masters the scammer scum give you permission to do it. You should only do what I tell you and not anyone else.

I called you out on this Joey, but as predicted you were unable to do it as you are now totally subservient to your scammer masters. And because I asked you to do something retarded.

Joe I have never sunk as low as you have, what is it like to have low life scammer scum tell you what you can and cannot do ?
How do you sleep knowing that you are contributing to the misery and heartache of the poor innocent people that are scammed for a few dollars by your new scammer scum masters who you are supporting, this makes you just as culpable as them. You are acting like a sub human now. So do not be surprised if you start to be treated like one in the near future.

Now I have to pick up a trunkbox full of money, so brb lol cya.

I have lots of funny emails from Nigeria

Welcome I hope you enjoy being here. If your site is still active, I have lots of funny emails from Nigeria if you are interested. That's how I was able to afford my swimming pool.

I would like to hear from one of the top management team from VB or IB.

I am sure we would all have some interesting questions to ask them, I know I have.

Surely VB and IB have customer relations spokespersons whose job it is to do such interviews?

But I would settle for Bob.

Wetin dey. Welcome, nice to see you here. I shit my pants just now and am squishy. :)


Sunday, June 16, 2013

They work for The Internet

You still don't get it do you sub human creature.

I do not have anything to do, it is you that has to follow orders from your scammer masters not I. Ok, sometimes I.

Does the figure $150,000 sound familiar to you BirdOPrey5? Is this the current value of thirty pieces of silver these days? Or is that the cost of 150,000 pieces of silver? I'm not sure where silver is these days on the market. I have my money tied up in gold bullion that I just bought online from a guy in Nigeria.

Knowing the millions that your scammer pals who you support receive, then you were bought cheaply. That is the trouble with working for scammers, just like you, they are liars and low life's and will even cheat one of their own. Unlike me who cheats only strangers.

Bird OPrey5. When you remove all the lies, links and photos permanently from your website, then I will be happy to as you put it " Walk away" I have given you a list of what must be done. I just need you to comb through thousands of posts and evaluate each one based on whether I might find them offensive. Easy.

You are posting and allowing a scammer to post derogatory untrue things about me, and plenty of things that are true. Now I see that your scammer pals have sunk so low as to now post another photo of the innocent guy and who I presume is his wife on YOUR website. How low are you going to go Joe? Many of your colleagues are now thoroughly disgusted with your actions. And that picture of the wife--it's disgusting.

Here is the image I am grousing about:

That is an innocent man. It is me. I am the innocent man!

It is illogical for you to lose your reputation over the posts of a low life scamming scumbag, but you choose to do this.

The ball is in your court, do the right thing and we can leave each other alone. Continue to allow the crap to be posted about me and I will not only continue to defend myself but increase my efforts to do so. On the twat scale of 1 to 10, I'd be an 11.
Many times I have offered to discus things with you but each time you have refused.
Even now while you ask, you are being stabbed in the back by Soyl as he posts as his avatar yet another photo. as well as posting yet another altered copy of one of my posts. Like this one. And this picture:

I have been asked by my law enforcement contacts to ease up on you while things are checked, and I have sent emails to three attorney generals offices whose jurisdiction is involved. They work for The Internet so expect an injunction soonest.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of me, an innocent man:

It looks nothing like the other pictures above. I am waiting for their answers. As many of the things you are doing and allowing are illegal in some states. I'm not sure which ones, but oh, they are very illegal.

Meanwhile I am doing more research on those who are involved. And by research I mean making shit up.

Sorry Joe but low lifes like you have tried for over six years to break me and I am now stronger than ever thanks to jazzercise. You should really try it for toning muscles. The image of the innocent man and his wife have now been replaced with an altered image of me.
I am not claiming any rights for the name Alan James, but you are allowing my stolen photo to be used with the name Alan _James. When it was Alan James Watson I was pissed because that's the innocent man's name and totally not mine. Now that the Watson is missing I have less to complain about but will still bitch about it anyway.

You are incorrect as usual, your site is a commercial one that uses adds to generate income, so the use of my copied posts without my permission is wrong, as it is intended to increase traffic, so is a commercial venture. Your site is NOT quoted as being a parody site so that does not apply.

Now Joe I gave you a chance to do the decent and honourable thing but you choose not to, so now I will start the next stage.

Interesting that you say this, so for example if some one were to post YOUR details in a similar manner then that would be ok with you? I did that before and it was total gobshite but I guess I could take time away from helping victims and try it again.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My normal life is being a complete twat

Is this true Joey, are you a shirt lifter? I have often wondered why there seems to be no woman in your life, even when you came out of hospital you were looked after by your father and sister, again no mention of any woman in your life.

HMM you seem to have been downloading quite few images of males, especially black males, is this what attracted you to Chandra and Dre?

Don't worry, I am also a "confirmed bachelor" who sits home stroking his cat whilst wearing my Liberace robe and slippers.

It was not I that called him a Faggot. I am asking him if it is true. Those are completely different things. When Joe posts defamatory untrue things about me and allows others to do the same, then he has to expect some comeback. I didn't call him a nigger, now did I? Don't be such a fag about all this or I'll come over there and suck your cock. Oops, did I type that? Where's the delete key? FUCK!!!!

I respectfully and politely asked him to do the right thing many times but he refused. Except for everything he did that I asked in the last couple of days. I am sure that both Joe and I have better things to do (I don't LOL), and when he does the right and ethical thing and removes the lies and derogatory posts about me, then we can both get back to our normal lives. My normal life is being a complete twat, and as it is, all this distracts me from my full-throttle twattiness at which I usually operate.

I have been stalked and harassed by these low lifes for over six years now because I exposed them as scamming scum and I have had enough. (I'm on autopilot here, so prepare your eyes to glaze over.)

I will defend myself, and if Joe is stupid enough to join in with the Al bashing then he can expect to pay the price. The price is nothing HAHAHAHAHA, I'm halfway through this box of wine so fuck it.

I had never done anything to upset Joe (indeed I had praised him for banning the scammer) when he changed and suddenly went on the attack against me. I only called him a faggot. Only some kind of fudge-packer would get upset over that.

I will continue to defend myself from those who seek to defame me in their attempts to stop me from closing down their scam sites that don't exist anyway. God I wish I knew how the internet works.

You say if I have gripes about him then stick to those. I am doing this, note I have not posted a lot of information that I have about his family and relatives. I have not posted details about his disability even though I have lot of information about Joe, I have not posted it. Where's my medal for this? I want a reward for being slightly less of a twat that I normally am.

Yet Joe and his scammer pals post anything they can think of about me. Did I tell you about "IMGREAT101" who posted a totally untrue post accusing me of being a paedophile no proof of course as there is none.
Tell me again about how when I defend myself I am being bigoted. Oh, it's because I called someone a faggot. Almost forgot LOLOLOLOL.

Lets talk about ethics a little. I don't have any and I am a hypocrite. We have a situation where Joe and the scammers think it is ok for them to post derogatory, libellous, insulting, and demeaning untrue posts about me on a site where I am refused an opportunity to defend myself. is THIS ethical? I have had my stolen photo used to impersonate me and indicate to others that it is me posting. Is this ethical?

I have had my blog's password stolen by the hacker and it is now being used by the hacker again to impersonate me. Is this ethical?

We have Joe allowing the known scammer to post links to fake blogs and places that he has set up pretending to be me, again to defame me. Is this ethical ?

Now I have no problem with gay people and have helped some when they were being scammed by such people as Joe is supporting. Indeed I have promoted fags and niggers to senior positions on my site. I have fought for acceptance for these members and will continue to do so as they are good and decent people. Here's one of the people I fought for:

Gbenga Jones

This is Gbenga Jones, a nice black man I know through the Facebook. He is in a senior position on my site. In fact, you could say he is close to the owner. Very close. (Not in a gay way though. Shit, that came out wrong. It's me is what I mean.)

Now, as Joe is supporting the scammers who also target gay people I guess this makes HIM bigoted not I. See what I did there? When someone accuses me of something, I like to turn it around and accuse someone else. Deflecting blame is just one of my super powers.

I did NOT make the statement calling Joe a faggot, I did ask him if this is true. And when I asked, "How long have you been beating your wife?" I didn't say he beats his wife, I just implied it. That's how a hardcore bitch from down under rolls.

Yes, after putting up with their stalking and harassing of me over six years than yes, I will take action to defend myself. Why not post about the lies and derogatory untrue things that Joe and his scammer pals are posting about me? Why won't somebody mention that? Nobody ever talks about it.

Unfortunately as Joe continues to allow such things to be posted on his website, then he has to accept responsibility for his actions and cannot cry when he is put in the spotlight like the little faggot that he is!

Until Joe does the right thing then unfortunately for him things will only escalate, with more and more being exposed. It is HIS clear choice.

I have given him my unreasonable requests and he has chosen to ignore them and continue to defame me. He is solely responsible for what is to come. Oh wait, I forgot that he actually did all the things I asked him. God, I'm such a twat.

You can call me whatever names you like, but it will not alter one fact nor deter me from defending myself, nor from shitting in my pants. I wrote all of the above with a full load in my diaper.

everything I have posted on here is true

My My Joey you do seem a little upset. Now take your medication and calm down. It seems you are very worried about some thing you are ashamed of and trying to hide and are lashing out in frustration.

It is interesting to see you reveal your true self and how low you have sunk as a human being.

Joey I can understand your frustration and anger against the world when you may feel you were dealt a bad hand through no fault of your own. I understand, because I too was paralysed for a while except I was totally paralysed, except for my head, so I know it is frustrating. but you cannot blame the world and do the wrong thing by people as some form of warped payback.
Did you give in to the scammers as a type of payback, to revenge yourself on a world that cruelly disabled you?

Now Joey that was uncalled for. Yes to those who try to defame me and support scammers to do it I can be a tad annoying.

I did tell one lie, as I explained and apologized to you and others publicly for it. However everything I have posted on here is to the best of my knowledge true and many times I have backed it up. When I said I shit my pants at least once a day: FACT. When I said I am a cashbaiter: FACT. When I said I lost my retirement savings to a bunch of niggers: FACT.

No Joe, I have not cheated any one. Well, nobody who didn't deserve it.

Sorry Joe but I have not scammed anyone. I have however helped many scammers in cheating innocent people. How about you? How many scammers have you helped?

A general scumbag? How about a specific scumbag? Possibly, to people like you who sell their soul for thirty pieces of silver and in so doing are then committed to attacking people on the order of your masters.
However scumbag may be a little harsh, how about an annoying little sod instead? This sounds a lot more cultured. :D:D

Sounds just like you BirdOPrey5. So tell me how much is the going price in US dollars now?

Now come along Joseph let it all out. Tell me what you really think!

OH drat, does this mean I am off your Christmas card list? :D

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

confirmed and self confessed LIAR

Well BirdOPrey5 we are making progress, albeit slowly.

So far The innocent mans address has been removed and replaced, in a form that most would not understand.

The use of the innocent mans full name has stopped. However it should have been stopped a long time ago. be that as it may.

Joe has been exposed as a confirmed and self confessed LIAR. I exposed my limp dick to a woman at the bus stop lol HAR FUCKING HAR

A recent copy of a post by the scammer copying in an altered form some of my posts has been removed, as it was also embarrassing Joe.

Some of birdOPrey5's friends are asking about his actions and are now finding out more about his unethical actions. (They're not, but whatever.)

Now we need Joe to do the right thing and remove all copies of my stolen photo from Juot and to remove all the derogatory and libellous posts made about me. Then we will be seeing true progress. Then he needs to ban everyone from Juot. After that, he needs to unban me so I have another outlet for my fucknuttery.

Again you prove that what I say is true. They closed down after being shut off by their host, then they started again with another host exactly as I have said.

If a site is offline and cannot be seen and has been taken offline by their host, then the term "closed down " could be appropriate.

BirdOPrey5 why do you allow a self confessed scammer to use my stolen photograph on your website ?

Have you removed the innocent mans details from your website after admitting that he is being harassed?

Good. it was unethical of you to allow a scammer to impersonate an innocent man, knowing it was unethical you should have removed it sooner.
Interesting to see that you only did the right thing when your master gave you permission to do so.

Now Joey why are you allowing a known scammer to use my stolen photograph on your site in his profile and sig, as he is a dark skinned Indian guy and the photo is of a white skinned guy, it is obvious that it is not him ?

Thank you Joe for admitting that you know it is MY photo. Another milestone has been reached.
Now Joe as you admit it is mine why are you allowing a scammer to use it to post as me (Impersonation) in violation of your own rules?

Thank you Joe for admitting that an Indian guy is using my stolen photo.

It is showing in his profile and his sig. And NO Joe it is there because he has not given you permission to remove it.

Strange, you have a lot to say about Mexicans though eh Joe.

Exactly as I said. and yes you are a confirmed liar now.

No Joe you are a confirmed liar because you insisted that you had never downloaded it.

But thanks for proving again that what I am posting is the truth and that you lie often.

Not very smart are you Joe. You are the tech, find out yourself how I found the connection.

For me it is sufficient that I have proven you a confirmed liar again.

Joe why are you allowing a scammer to use my stolen photo on your site to impersonate me?      

smear campaign

Again we see nothing but lies from you Joe. Lets explain the truth.
When I became a MOD at rahstyles by begging for the position, I shit all over the forum and screwed AMDIM (Mike Raineri, the Jap ladyboi) out of years of hard work and ruined his name. He eventually gave up because I fucked his shit up.

He deleted all the posts and I made a copy of his IP's as the one who did it. He has kept the same IP for a long time now. ( not real smart when he posts lies and crap) He forgot that I had the permissions to see his IP on Rahsyles and could see what he was doing.

He was BANNED for this (forget to mention this Joe? ) Not I.
If there is any doubt, I can ask the owner to contact you and verify the facts and that I was actively trying to help the site grow, even Chandra posted and asked why I was trying so hard to keep the site up and running!

Why the smear campaign against me with such ferocity? After I exposed some scammers and closed down many of their scam websites, they mounted a smear campaign to discredit me so that I would not be believed, and now you have been sucked in. I nuked that fucking chink site lol.

Oddly enough I can prove yet again what I say while you are reduced to posting crap that you have been fed by your scammer masters.

Sorry Joe, but your lies will not wash anymore and you have already lost. You would be surprised, who among your long time friends have contacted me privately asking for more information about your actions. Naturally I have been willing to tell them the truth about how low you have fallen. They have expressed great disappointment in you.

This piss poor attempt to discredit me with such total bullshit is yet another example of how you are failing.

No worries Joe. Before I really expose you I have given you plenty of opportunity to do the right thing and remove the crap that you have allowed a scammer and hacker to post.
You still have time, but it is running out.

Now lets look at one of the sites I have closed down, I got Crunktimes closed down for posting threats and lies about me, this was illegal in the state the host operated from.
They were evicted by their host and had to get another host and start again. From memory I told you about this, why not post about this one that I DID get closed down, instead of posting more lies about a site that I did NOT close down, but did my best to help grow.

I would strongly advise you NOT to post false and defamatory posts that you cannot prove. Only I can do that.

Summary: I fucked over the guy who started rahstyles and drove him from the internet. I "shut down" Crunktimes even though the site still exists, but only because they never made me a MOD. Whenever I am at a loss, I accuse people of being scammers. I shit my pants on a daily basis and my diaper rash is epic.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

an innocent man with a full diaper

My my BirdOPrey5, you are a little paranoid aren't you! OOPS the IP is a Telstra one. I am NOT with Telstra, neither my internet nor my phone is with Telstra.
You should be aware of this, as your scammer pals who you are protecting have in the past posted the name of my email account service, and it was and still is NOT Telstra.

Perhaps you have upset many other people by your stupidity. I am not aware of anyone with that IP.
Now remember when you said that if you made a mistake you would apologize for it?


Oh and Joe why are you allowing an innocent man with a full diaper to be harassed on your website?

Good morning Joey. Oh you do not mind me calling you Joey? as the rest of your family do.
Why we have been talking to each other so much I feel like one of the family! There you go Joey you can look on me as the brother you never had.

Now joey you really should not be allowing the name of an innocent man to be used by an impersonator on your website. Here's a gif of a dumb nigger that I think is funny but is completely irrelevant.


BirdOPrey5 this is just SOOO funny. YOU complaining about hacking, while you support hackers on your website and defame those who fight them. What are you, a dumb nigger?

But Joe you agree with hacking, as you support known hackers on your website. Have you asked your hacking pals about this?

Maybe all your accounts are compromised now. Ask Soyl, he has been evicted from at least three ISP's for hacking. He did tell you this I presume, as you are such close pals.

Tell you what Joey, how about I ramp things up? I have a lot of information now, maybe it is time to post it.

Some "brotherly" advice Joey. I strongly suggest you do the right thing and remove all the BS about me from your website.

This life is transient and will all be gone in what will seem like a twinkling moment in time and Joey remember this:

"What good does it do a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his immortal soul"


Joe you KNOW you are doing wrong. Where is the sense in selling your soul for a few dollars and suffering in agony FOR ETERNITY? For the sake of your own immortal soul do the right thing.

When you meet up with your father on the other side, before you are condemned to hell for all eternity, what will you say to him?


I too have been paralysed Joe and I am a lot older than you, so I will probably die before you.
If I can I will be waiting for you. As may be some of the poor victims whose lives you have helped destroy by supporting scammers and hackers on your website.


Joe did you check up on the activities of the group who are now ultimately controlling you. Did you see the scamming, drug running, Child porn and human trafficking, along with the other things they are doing and that you are now supporting? May the good lord forgive you for what you are doing.

Sleep well Joey and rest before the coming storm engulfs you. Here's the nigger again.


Thank you Joey. As expected you now resort to posting links to where your scammer masters impersonate me.
Are you so afraid of your new masters that you have lost all your decency and now resort to their low life tactics?

However, once you have been turned, then it is an easy slide down to losing what ever decency you had.

Joe once you have pocketed the thirty pieces of silver, then it is easy for you to justify the pain, agony, despair and heartache that such actions cause to the innocent victims of the scammers that you are supporting and encouraging. As long as the monkey keeps coming in, then it is easy for you to turn a blind eye to the suffering. Eh Joe.

When you meet your maker, you can explain about how you contributed to the human misery of exploited children in the human trafficking and the stealing by scamming, of the money that was destined to be given to the starving children in the (mainly African nigger ) orphanages that your scammer pals steal from.
I mention the African nigger scammers because unknown to you, this is ultimately where your instructions come from, and are passed along to you by your new scammer and hacker friends. And niggers.

Wow Joey, they must really have you well under their thumb to risk all that you have striven for, and mainly all over one stolen photograph that cannot possibly have any great importance to you.

Tip of the iceberg Joey, Tip of the iceberg.

So Joey should I now accuse you or one of your scammer pals of hacking?
Maybe one of their Korean hackers. Those slant-eyed chinks love hacking. They're worse than niggers.


Friday, June 7, 2013

the surname of an innocent man

It seems the rot started a while back. I would like to thank BirdOprey as it was him who encouraged me to start researching such things. I am sure IB will value his input. I shit my pants again, but that was expected.

I do not have to smear your name, you are doing a better job than I could. I smear my feces though. Completely different.

BirdOPrey5 why are you allowing the full name, including the surname of an innocent man to be used on your website by some one who is impersonating him?

You are aware that it is not him as, after many requests you finally removed his address form your website.

You say you will not do the right thing and remove my stolen photo as you do not "Like" me. Do you then not like the innocent man as well?
Is this why you refuse to remove his personal details from your website and are happy to allow someone to post as him?

Odd thing for you to say as I have never used his surname, yet YOU allow his full name to be used without his permission.

Not harassed you say! Yet the scammer who you are supporting has posted a photo of his house along with his address and his phone number, asking for people to phone him, I would call this harassment. He even posted images of his house showing the license plate numbers and even a photo of who I suppose is his wife on the internet.

Currently you are allowing the scammer to use his full name alongside my stolen photo and post defamatory comment USING his name, This I call harassment. And you can't spell harassment without ass in it, and my ass is smeared in the aforementioned feces. Make of it what you will.

BirdOPrey5 why do you allow a known hacker and scammer to impersonate an innocent man on YOUR website in violation of your OWN rules?

Joe are you so twisted with hate that you are reduced to harassing an innocent man and his family.
Or is it because you now have to do as the scammers tell you. Have I said innocent man enough times yet? It's an innocent man.

Are you saying that because I used a random two FIRST names,that some how I am responsible for someone else using and posting his FULL username on YOUR site?
I am NOT posting as him and impersonating him on YOUR site, Chandra is as you well know. Glad to see you ADMIT that his house WAS posted online in an attempt to harass him!
Thanks for yet again backing up that what I am saying is fact about an innocent man who is innocent and not me, even though I am also innocent.

You allowed his real life address along with his FULL name to be used for many months I would call that harassment ON your website. And you can't spell harassment without ass in it, and my ass is smeared in the aforementioned feces. Innocent man.

True, as I have said many times, I have not personally spoken to this guy. However I can easily see the harassment of him as stated above by your website. And you can't spell harassment without ass in it, and my ass is smeared in the aforementioned feces. And I have seen the post on another site where an admin and pal of Chandra boasted about calling him at three in the morning and scaring his children.

I have also seen the photographs of this guys house posted by Chandra. This is the same guy who you are supporting in his harassment of this guy and still you allow him to impersonate him, by using his FULL name on YOUR website. The innocent man, that is.

Before you post crap again after taking some medication, lets make it clear again. I have NEVER used this guys surname to impersonate him, yet YOU are allowing Chandra to impersonate him on your website. Why until recently you even allowed his address to be used in the impersonation of him in violation of your own rules and those of your host.

THIS happened on YOUR website, so again you openly lie. Joe a simple question, why are you allowing this innocent man to be harassed on YOUR website?

In closing, I would like to use the phrase innocent man one more time.

An Innocent Man.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

From the Gbenga Jones files

I am not exporting you

have already posted these things, but I will go over them again.

Permanent removal of my photograph on any site you control or moderate.

Permanent removal of any derogatory post about me with any of my usernames. And any that defame my website or any members there.

Removal of any reference to the innocent guy including any use of his name.

Permanent removal of any of my old posts that have been copied and NOT posted on Juot by me, including made up posts that have been declared to have been made by me.

Current and future removal of any impersonation of me using any of my posted usernames.

Permanent removal of any links that go to blogs, forums, sites etc, that I do not control. That impersonate me. I can give you a list of them including the dramatica one that you are aware of.

All with the caveat as you stated= (and not re-posted) Basically, any derogatory, defamatory or insulting post about me with any of my commonly used usernames.

Not to allow the scammers and you know who they are, to post on Juot again, any thing that insults or derides me. Including posts in your hidden sections.

If all this is done properly I will be happy to never mention any of your usernames in public ever again.

@ BirdOprey5, I am sure we both have other things to do, so it only makes sense for us to leave each other alone as I have said to you before.

Once these have been acted upon properly I will also be happy to remove my posts about you if you do the same and remove YOUR posts about me.

if you have any problems with finding the derogatory posts then if you let me on juot on a temporary basis, I will not post but search them out for you. This is up to you.

I am not exporting you. YOU ASKED for what I wanted and I told you.

Much of what you allow to be posted is in violation of your own TOS and that of your host as well as being lies.

I made the offer in good faith, but it seems that you are too much under the control of the self confessed scammers that you support, to do the right and decent thing.