Thursday, December 19, 2013

For over seven years now I have been stalked and harassed and lied about

I am a Yorkshire terrier, I shit on the floor and am proud of it. We tend to call a nigger a spade, a chink a gook, and a Jew a kike. If the miscreants do not like it then they can always change. The facts will always remain and no amount of twisting or lying by them can alter the facts.

For over seven years now I have been stalked and harassed and lied about by such people. When the support staff protect and support those who do such things, then they have only themselves to blame if I post the truth about them.

So no answer. It is harder to post when you do not have the protection of the mod buttons eh?

Do you guys really think that censoring and hiding will result in the matter being dropped?

Are you really that naive?

Another stupid deflection. As was anticipated you are too afraid to answer valid questions.
Censorship is when posts and comments are removed. altered or otherwise interfered with as is done on a regular basis on
As is evidenced by the vast number of complaints about such infantile behaviour.

Re-read the comments by junior nation and all the other members on AFI who are saying similar things.

So Mark B, why the avoiding of valid questions? Why the continual bulldust from the AFI support staff who seem to bent on destroying AFI.

In case you missed the questions here they are again:

I am a stupid incontinent idiot. So here are some stupid incontinent idiot questions. Why are the AFI support staff protecting unethical lying staff members who support self confessed hackers and scammers. I don't need the competition with the cashbaiting business.

Why are genuine customer comments censored and the posters banned and defamed?

Why am I still crying about something that happened so long ago?

Why is my vagina so sandy?

Why did you falsely call me a troll when I asked (as a troll) a valid question.

Why are the support staff so afraid of the truth that they hide, refuse to post here while I as a customer post here, Are you all so afraid of one guy just because I post the truth.

Why do I keep banging away at this year in and year out without getting tired?

I am simply asking valid questions of a support staff member. No trap, just some simple questions that are of concern to people. Ok, one person, and just barely.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I have fought against thousands of scammers

Why are you and the other staff avoiding answering the relevant questions and concentrating on mainly side dishes?

Why are members afraid of roasting. Could it be because they have seen people banned and vilified for posting valid comments!

Why do people ignore my repeated questions? The ones I post over and over and over? Why are they ignored? Why is that? What's going on with the ignoring?

Not a professional way to run any site.

Nice deflection, but yet another example of avoiding the real tissues.
And you forgot to answer this part of my post:
Customers are asking genuwine questions about the pineptitude of the support taffy and said taffy tend to run away and avoid answering phlegm. What are they so afraid of? Are they afraid of posting on a level playing field when they do not have a mod button to hide behind!

I am a cashbaiter. So here are some customers questions. Why are the AFI support staff protecting unethical lying staff members who support self confessed hackers and scammers.

Why are genuine customer comments censored and the posters banned and defamed?

Why are so many customers posting valid and genuine complaints all over the internet, yet the support staff do nothing to fix the problems.

Why did you falsely call me a troll when I asked (as a customer) a valid question.

Why are the support staff so afraid of the truth that they hide, refuse to post here while I as a customer post here, Are you all so afraid of one guy just because I post the tooth.

So does this mean that you will give sincere answers to my questions as I am a customer.

Five questions, that I would appreciate being answered properly thank you.

I think you may be correct. I have scammed thousands of people and low life's. The AFI support staff are exhibiting many of the same traits as they do. 

Denial of any wrong doing despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary is a common trait they share.

The many comments against the actions of are just too numerous to ignore. Yet in their delusional state the support staff just cannot see the facts that have been presented by many experienced admins and customers, so they continue their delusional denial of the status quo. They are to be pitied.

Friday, December 13, 2013

exposed all over the internet

It is great entertainment to read the piss poor excuses for their incompetence from AFI support staff on TAZ.

Some of their comments are truly epic, as they try to defend the indefensible. It is like watching inmates from a mental institution as they post their delusions. Caught out, they can only post dribble and try to divert the comments away from the real issues.

One of the classics of all time could be titled:
"The pot calling the kettle black"

Here it is, a comment by BirdOPrey5 who is a confirmed liar and is unethical and morally bankrupt. Well known for making up "facts out of thin air, he is a star among the axis of evil.

More from Joe:

You mean like the AFI support staff? 

Oh dear me, This is just hilarious, watching AFI support staff is like watching a re-run of the keystone cops.

Dear AFI support staff, here is an image showing what your customers think of your deceptions.
You have failed miserably.

I notice that the axis of evil trio tend not to want to discuss this. Indeed some even run away and hide

Ahh, this is why you insulted me by calling me a troll and put me on ignore when I asked a valid question. :rolleyes:

Tell me again about how you like to engage people in "the robust banter of debate" I seem to have missed your meaning previously due to your actions. 


Tell me Mark, why are people afraid to "speak out" or post valid comments on ? 
Why are you not taking action to allow them some robust debate on those sites?

Now Mark I have NEVER been profane nor used bad language to you, you piece of shit motherfucker. Yet you see fit to insult me and put me on ignore while making a big issue of it. To quote some of your rhetoric, "
You never learn.
I'm not going to engage with profane posts.
Others seem able to engage with me in a civil, non-profane way, even when they disagree vehemently with me. Why are you incapable of the same?"

I am asking you the same question with more justification than you can.

It is very revealing how the axis of evil trio avoid answering relevant questions but divert them, and start to discuss irrelevant things in great detail. 

Almost like they are hiding the truth.

A note to the terrible trio.

How about you actually do the right thing, set the record straight, re-instate the wrongfully banned members, bring me a clean diaper, and apologize for your actions!

You fought and lost. You are being exposed all over the internet and have lost just about all your credibility.

Want to see the REALITY? Do a Google search for complaints or reviews on AFI and associated sites.

Even the most brainwashed AFI staff member cannot deny such overwhelming disgust that has been posted by disgruntled customers.

Want a glimpse of the future? Do some Google searches for De Master Yoda. 

The future is hard to predict, but the actions of AFI support staff and AFI management give us good indications of what is to come.

Based upon their deeds in the past then AFI does not have a rosy future as far as the customers are concerned.

The employment for AFI staff likewise does not look promising.

The AFI management has shown no regard for their customers, why should it be different for their staff?
By your actions you are digging a large hole that will work against you when others are looking for employees.

It is expected that you three stick up for AFI, but you have crossed the line when you lie and deceive the customers.

When you victimize the customers by your wrong actions, then you are in fact signing your own redundancy forms.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I am retired and financially quite well off thanks to cashbaiting

Lesson number one, when in a hole stop digging!

Falsely calling me a troll will not result in making me a friend. If the truth hurts then alter your actions.
If you do not speak out against the injustices of the AFI support staff then you are classed as supporting them.

If you support the actions of unethical staff members then you are complicit in their guilt.

I think we should include Joe D in this axis of evil. It is patently obvious that they are totally unethical, incompetent morons.

Credit and kudos has been made for the help that AFI support staff give to customers.

Unfortunately the lies, propaganda, protecting of unethical staff members, The sarcastic comments against anyone who posts the facts, the bannings , the alteration of genuine posts, the deletion of genuine posts etc etc, overshadow any good that the support staff have done.

When the support staff do the right thing and set the record straight, then we can all move forward in a respectful manner.

I have seen no move in this direction, only more insults and utter crap posted by the AFI support staff.

The mentality of the support staff and their almost unbelievably stupid comments leave me to shake my head in bewilderment and fart and piss uncontrollably.

Tell me honestly, why do the AFI support staff think that acting like arrogant morons will endure them to their customers?
Sorry but I just cannot understand the logic of the mindset of the AFI support staff.

I am retired and financially quite well off thanks to cashbaiting, so I do not rely on an employer for my income, however as I see it, the support staff DO rely on the money from AFI or the income from doing work on sites to feed their family, so why for crying out loud do they then jeopardize this income by behaving like pratts?

Some valid points have been made. However I feel that in some ways the "employer" "contractor" thing is a red herring.

The problems of the AFI support staff members are more to do with their actions towards their customers and members. This they seem to be avoiding.

Being in continual denial of the facts will not help them to recover nor to mend their ways.

Their delusions that they are somehow superior to their members is foolish and will (has already) work against them.

Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal, sadly I am just a failure.

So you are trying to say that information gathered from forums that the normal member does not have access to does not influence or colour your judgement when you post?

Monday, December 9, 2013

More GEMS.

It seems to be from a scammer using a French cell phone company. It could be a good idea to ban his IP.
If you can give me his/her IP I will do some further checking.
A copy of one of the scam emails is below:

Unbelievable! I have been searching for complaints about AFI, and among the many complaints about banning, misrepresentations and outright incompetence I found this Gem.
Pure comedy gold from De Master Yoda! Our daily entertainment has arrived.

More GEMS. Of wisdom from De Master Yoda.

I remember the AFI staff saying quite emphatically that nothing was hidden! yeah right!

It went a little bit quiet but is now growing again. :thumbsup:
I hear that if you join and do ten posts quickly invisible nude maidens will come at night and dance for you and then change your Depends and wipe your ass!

Well it was worth a try!
But you can join and help the site grow and see what is happening there. :agreed:

Lots of FREE goodies . So get to posting! Santa clause has come early at

A new winner has just been announced on No it was not me but another one of my duals, Gbenga Jones. :thumbsup:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I ROTFLMAO and shit myself when I saw this

As Paul M is unable to answer his critics because they are right. He decides to pull out his trusty keyboard to show what a loser he is by posting more insults. 

Game set and match. 

Paul M you lose again.

A very interesting thread on TAZ. Where BirdOPrey5 as a staff member of Vb tries to twist things and post crap trying to defend the rubbish flowing from the AFI staff. He says=
I ROTFLMAO and shit myself when I saw this. When I tried to voice legitimate concerns I am called a troll and defamatory posts are made about me and any one else who has the guts to stand up to the utter crap they are trying to feed us. I see no irony in any of this!

Genuine customers who try to post legitimate concerns are banned, have their posts altered and are insulted.

Joe if you think this why then did you run away like a coward from here instead of answering me like a man would.
It is because you are unethical and you and the truth are strangers and you cannot stand to see the truth posted.

Here is a note for you. EVERY time you allow derogatory comments to be posted about me a corresponding comment is now posted on other sites. It is YOUR income that is affected by your antics not mine. If you carry on letting my comments be stolen from here and posted in an altered form. You are losing not I.

I find it absolutely amazing that the antifraudintl staff just cannot get the message that their customers are the ones that should be looked after, instead they treat them like dirt.

@GTB. It is clear who is lying and it is not you. 

Once they turn to the dark side it is a very slippery slope to where they lie and deceive as a part of their online lives.

Confront them and they run away, as they cannot face the truth anymore and when the spotlight of truth shines on them they scurry away to hide under their rock.

Yet more from Mark B. Yeah come on lets "piss" on and Miyuki. Can we take bets on how long the comments stay there and how long before the poster is banned and how long before i get a diaper rash?

Mark B, how many "Piss" type comments have been moved, altered or deleted? 

How is it possible for them to remain employees and staff members when they are living in La La land?
I am an embarrassment to the management.

HMM. I think you just broke the twelfth commandment= " Thou shalt not pusheth thy luck" ;)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The BS continues on

The more I check on the internet about comments posted regarding AFI the more a picture of abject failure is emerging and the more gaseous I become and the more I fart and then shit myself.

Not too long ago anyone who exposed the failings of AFI were criticized and often called trolls. 
Not so much now, as so many others are proving that what was said is turning out to be accurate.

The BS continues on and probably will until the last staff member is fired or let go. Employment wise they are digging their own graves.Bowel movement wise, they are shitting rivers of lava-like feces.

Not all AFI staff members are incontinent but they do tend to get lumped in with those that are unethical.

Words are cheap but I believe in this, "By their DEEDS ye shall know them"
(or in some cases by their LACK of necessary deeds)

Such deeds as lying to customers and posting propaganda about how great the load of crap known as De Master Yoda, is unethical.
Protecting liars and unethical staff members who support scammers and hackers is unethical, as is refusing to act fairly when an official complaint is received.
Deceiving customers and members by only allowing pro AFI comments to remain is unethical.
Banning customers whose only crime is to shit their pants is unethical.
Altering customers and members posts to alter their intent is unethical.
Calling customers stupid for actually trusting AFI and purchasing AFI on their recommendation is unethical.

Do I need to go on? I'll go on. It is true that SOME AFI staff are incontinent and kudos to them, but when the others act like dictators and do incontinent things then they will be considered unethical. 

The incontinent ones have had plenty of opportunity to change their Depends and do the right thing by their customers, but alas they have made no visible attempt to do the right thing and continue to play the big mister trick just to feed their egos.

When they do change their diapers then I will be happy to praise them but I have not seen any of this so far.

Extremely valid points. 
If the AFI staff were acting in a respectful and responsible manner and not farting in my face, then I am sure that some people involved in high end security would offer assistance but why would anyone offer help when they are acting in the manner they have adopted? They just fart in my face and I enjoy it.

As has been stated by many admins on here, IF the AFI staff acted properly then many of their customers would be willing to help them get AFI back up again. But as things are now, I just have a nose full of farts and a diaper full of feces.......

However the fact that you offered was commendable.

For a brief moment I thought about asking some of my high end security contacts to help, but I realized that with the AFI staff members mindset it would be a waste of time, so I did not disturb tommy or his friends. Then I realized I have no high end security contacts and I made it all up.

It is possible. :thumbsup: As they are usually very busy rummaging in dumpsters for their next meal indeed I only ask for help when it is really needed.

Instead of coming on here trying to muddy the water even more as I do when I shit in the pool, how about trying to treat your customers with the respect they deserve and giving them a handjob once in a while.
A good start would be to publicly lick my filthy taint, apologize for the stupid past actions, reinstate the wrongfully banned members and return the altered comments back to what they originally said.

It is obvious that there is no one in authority that can see the failure and impending and inevitable results of the infantile actions of the ego driven staff members like De Master Yoda.

No matter how much money one section of a group is making, eventually it will stop bleeding money to any other section that is going downhill. Cashbaiting is not for amateurs. I make a lot of money by bilking victims.

The total lack of action by the top management says it all, as they happily feed the staff members to the wolves.

πουστιά - poystia? :whistle: Hope I got it right. :ROFL: Sometimes I fuck up when I use Google translate to try and make people think I know some language other than bad English.

It is clear that the staff there have no concept of the methods used by the high end hackers these days.
Sorry guys, but the old security methods are no longer of much use. I used the same password on all my accounts and still got hacked.

As has been stated by many admins on here, IF the AFI staff acted properly then many of their customers would be willing to help them get AFI back up again. But as things are now....... :agreed: :thumbsup:

I think the word that applies to me is "INCOMPETENT"