Friday, September 30, 2011

Here is a list of observations

Darren accuses staff of cheating.

The butcher is trying to cause trouble.

I post the contents of other websites.

The contents of my Depends reflects the contents of my head.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It is strange that you cannot answer this question

Hey Max. Why are you afraid to answer? Such a simple question for a decent admin, but then you never were a decent admin were you? You were even snowed by the Ranter idiots and lost many good members because of it.
Your Main claim to fame was to try to increase flagging posts by lying about how you were going to close AMB down every few weeks or so. Yeah right, a very stupid move by an incompetent admin.

Tell me MAX, do the admins of the sites that you are trying to join your network know what a liar you are, and how you cannot even answer a simple question because you know you did the wrong thing and are too much of a coward to admit it?


It is strange that you cannot answer this question, as you well know you made a bad mistake in crawling to JOE to try to protect your precious piss poor network that every one considers a joke.

Your taint licking failed miserably with Crunktimes. What happened to them MAX? Were they EVICTED from their hosts for doing similar things that you are doing? Is this a loss for your feeble network ?

Overall we do not see a lot of them. there was an "outbreak' in the USA a couple of years ago concentrated in a small town and the FBI and LEO posted warnings about them.

The sad part is that they can create terror in elderly or distressed victims, this I think is why some baiters like to take them on.

I think they are not a very clever scam and the returns are not as good as other scams.

For some reason, the intelligence of the lads who do these always seems to be very low.

Maybe the scam is taken up by the "outsiders" or independent scammer wannabees?

If you receive any, please post them as there are some baiters who love to give these lads some TCL.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As you are fully aware, I pulled out

The definition as you link to says " In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual;"
Why not discuss the fraud you tried to do by falsely calling me a pedo without any evidence and the countless fraudulent claims made against me by your pals in an attempt to damage me?;

Why have you tried to Defraud the members here by your false accusations against me and your posting the same accusations as a quote in order to defame me?

As for you asking me the questions about what another member says when I have nothing to do with it, also seems to be yet another feeble attempt to defame me.

You say: "A member here accused this site of not paying out the weekly $200 or the fairness of a admin d00l of rigging the rap battles"
As you are fully aware, I pulled out of any involvement regarding the "battles" etc and I have not publicly commented on them since.
I pulled out and I am not involved in awarding any money, nor do I have any say in any distribution of said money.

I think the ADMIN has answered your questions
Why you are directing them towards me can only be guessed at.

If any questions have been levelled against another staff member, then logic would dictate that you ask them.
I cannot speak for any other staff member.

Now there you are Steve,I have answered your questions, yet you still hide from answering mine, as to why you have not apologised or taken action regarding the false accusations you made or allowed to be made on rant-e-r that defamed me using YOUR user name and password.

Did I shit my pants today? Maybe just  a little. Ok, alot. But the question still remains: why did you accuse me of plagiarising rap lyrics from another site when you know that I am incapable of writing anything like a rap song myself? Answer me that.

Monday, September 26, 2011

All my visitors who use a proxy...

are stupid pussies.

More abortions are needed !!

A very controversial subject. And here I am going to take a very controversial stance: Despite my limited knowledge about motherhood, I feel that the depression stage needs to be monitored for the safety of the mother and child.

In our society when one is mentally affected and commits murder they are often sentenced in light of their diminished responsibility brought on by their mental issues. It should be the same for a mother, who is under similar duress. Because motherhood turns many a woman into a raging cunt.

In the natural course of events, a mothers love for her child is complete, and if it goes awry then there is a reason. I would say the mother needs help, not a criminal sentence. Mayeb a swift kick in the vag.

Obviously every case is different, but the mental anguish and confusion encountered by the mother must be taken into consideration. When the depression is brought under control the mother then has her own conscience to live with and this in its self can be a life sentence, not unlike the guilt I sometimes feel for being a cashbaiter.

I think more could and should be done to recognise the symptoms, so a tragedy can be avoided.

On the other hand, fuck them. Don't have babies if you can't deal with it. Stupid twats. Next time I see a pregnant woman I am going to punch her in the stomach a few times to save the kid future anguish. It will also be fun to do.

And broads should pay for their own abortions. When the fuck did I become "the old guy I can borrow money from to get this thing sucked out of me."

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I continue to make money by cashbaiting.

Happily I am now retired. I had my own business for many years working it seems like 24/7.
I now spend most on my time working on my anti-fraud site stopping scammers and helping their victims. I continue to make money by cashbaiting.

Retirement is great and I can now devote more time to being with my lady.

FBI press release. Hey SOYL how about you offer your comments on this? and how the website you support and recommend is involved in this. Tell us Soyl about the three members of said website who were arrested.
After all you recommend and fully support them even linking to them when you can and calling it YOUR site.

Come on Soyl tell us the user names of these three. Tell us about where some of the disgusting images came from.

How involved are you Soyl in this side of the website?

Hey SOYL, how many Indian does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Approximately 37

1 to check the lightbulb is actually broken

1 to get a chair to stand on

2 to fix the chair that is broken

1 to hold the chair

2 to go buy the new lightbulb, including one to drive the rickshaw and one to go into the shop

7 needed to sell the lightbulb, including fetching from the back, taking the money, writing the receipt, opening the door, checking your bags for weapons (or something) and a couple to hover and look busy.

1 to note that the power has gone out … AGAIN!

5 to go find a generator, get more fuel, fix it if broken, turn it on and tell the others when power is on

1 to get a candle while the power is out

1 to get matches to light the candle

1 to actually light the candle

1 to give all orders for the above

AND 1 to change the ruddy lightbulb!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

some if the baiters who i proudly call friends

Hi all, thank you for allowing me to join your site, i am proud to be a scambaiter , so am i biased in this discussion? you bet i am !! i see two issues here- the victims and the baiters, yes we would love to do more,and we would love to be able to snap our fingers and put these scammers in jail! but this does not work , let me take you for a small tour of our cyberworld, first let me tell you about the unmarried mother in holland who unfortunately was mentally backwards and was being scammed so bad that she did not have enough food to feed her child! or the woman in pheonix who asked for help after she lost her house and money, and was on the street with thre young children,or the victim who just posted on fraudwatchers who had a nervous breakdown and borrowed so much money from his mother she is now having to work at 68 years of age to try to pay this money back, he is now banckrupt and is suffering a nervous depression . what hope do these victims have?? are you going to help them? or just critisise the baiters who do? let me tell you about some if the baiters who i proudly call friends. theres a lady in canada who uses a lot of her own money sending lettters and phone warnings to potential victim s all over the world and spends just about all her waking hours helping victims. or the old lady in canada as well who weeps with sadness when she sees some of the letters from the victims of romance scams who have not only lost money but are emotionally destroyed! or the lady in japan who has just spent her own money and lots of time to set up a website in japan to help the japanese victims. again all for free . i could go on about these baiters who spend a lot of their own time and money to help others in need and you want to tell them that they are not doing a brilliant job?? yes we do get some rewards when we manage to save a victim our hearts soar and we feel good , when we train another baiter and he or she also manages to save a victim this also feels good. please come and have a look at what we doiand if you feel like it join us, and together we will try and make this unjust world a bit better if we save one victim from any of these scams then all our combined efforts are worthwhile . thank you for allowing me to have my say . best wishs' Big Al " Alan james

Hi thank you b for your input, i have put some of my baiting story on this forum and you can see what others and myself are doing to try to help , please let me know what type of help you are giving? you say my 'strategy for fighting scams is failing" maybe so! but i have a strategy!! plese tell me about yours ? can you tell me about how you are helping the victims of these scams?? yes some of them are greedy and just want to make a buck but by far the majority are just that!victims !who see a chance to help improve their lives and that of their family , again I say what are you doing to help them ?? it is easy to dismiss others but if your grand parents where losing their life savings would you try to help?? or would you still, have the same view of baiters who do try to help?? so please answer how you are helping these victims ? thanks ' BIg AL "

Hi Georgewbush thank you for your post i think that the only time i mentioned myself was to say that i was proud to be a scambaiter , how does this translate to me saying how great i am ?? i am sorry if this was the impression that i gave as it was certainly not intended , however i cannot stand by and see other baiters who are doing a good job pulled down , i also did not intend it to be an advertisment for our forums, yes if anyone wants to join ours or any other anti scam forums i would be very happy as there are many thousands of scammers and too few baiters , yes i am a new poster and my intention was not to upset of the members of this forum just to try and put a different aspect on what we do and hopefully to inform if i could , i am a member of five anti scam forums and i only mentioned one in the context of proving that a recent posting took place ,i did not advertise any of the others . thanks ' BIg AL '

Hi b, thank you for your compliment about my age i have just turned 60 so it was welcome. i am glad to see that you are closing down the scammers accounts, so that they can reopen a new one in two minutes and comtinue. as it seems to be headed for a flame war and i am the new guy i will respect the other members and withdraw so as not to disturb the forum , i would like to thank you all for allowing me to post and put my point of view! To the mods, thank you for your patience, if any one wants to contact me i can be reached on best wishs for your site "big Al" Alan james

Hi all, i am also a member on "fraudwatchers" and on "internet love scams" and other forums for helping victims and stopping scammers, i am astounded that your group has been working so hard to stop scams and help victims by yourselves even at the risk of losing your jobs! i take my hat off to you and can only say thank you!! one of your members posted on our sites and i said that i would join and see if i can help, as some of our members have said, we work with a lot of very good volunteers to aid victims, and if it would help any of you,feel free to pm me with any details you need to, and i will pass along to one of our sites to either help the victims or make life VERY hard for the scammers! i am not involved with your line of work so cannot be influenced by any of your employers, and you can of course contact using a nickname,this is no problem, you can pm me for my e-mail addy if you wish.we are here to assist, and any info would be helpfull to stop these crooks, thank you for allowing us into your world, and thanks again for caring , Mugu masher =alan u/name Big Al

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

eater members are doing a good job

Soyl. I have stated many times that most of the eater members are doing a good job. I am against the ones who steal money from innocent victims by cashbaiting and scamming them.

As I have opposed them now for many years and had the guts to stand up to them for all this time, how does this make me a coward?
It is YOU that is crawling and sucking up to them as you do not have the courage or integrity to resist them, Ergo YOU are the coward.

I have fought the scammers, whether they are form places like Lagos, INDIA or any of the other countries and also I am fighting them if they hide behind the cover of eater or scamwarners.

The ones who scam and betray the trust of victims are the real traitors, some even set up fake scam websites from places like India, Indeed one site even has 17 Indians as members involved in this immoral venture. I wonder who runs them?
Any idea's Soyl? Surely you could take a guess.

Do we know any techs or IT engineers who speak the language? I certainly don't speak it.
Maybe there is a little traitor and coward who does this. As a cover he may even impersonate any one who exposes him. Who Knows eh Soyl?

What's the difference between chopped beef and pea soup?
Everyone can chop beef, but not everyone can pea soup!

What do you call a bus load of niggers with one empty seat going over a cliff?
A damn shame.

One thing I hate about darkies is that they smell funny. WTF is up with that?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wees sterk

To be banned from eater is a badge of honour worn by many honest people.

So many good members have been banned for simply asking a question. Or not sucking up to the mods there. Or for being complete fucking nutters like me.

You think it is not easy to be a member there after being banned ? There are so many banned members still there it is a joke.

Strange how so many ex and current staff members are now working against eater. :rofl:

I had a dream last night. In it I had a full head of hair and control of my bowels and my dick worked. I was admiring myself in the mirror while painting the walls of my house a very dark color, and the paint got all over me. As I tried to wipe it off, it just got on me more and more. I woke up covered in my own feces. Who knows what dreams are supposed to mean? I told my wife about it and she said she had a dream last night too, one in which her husband wasn't a complete knob covered in shit.

Wees sterk Little lackey.

there are lots more to be closed.


These scam websites are not up anymore though. :rofl:

Never mind scammers scum, there are lots more to be closed.

You want me to join in a conversation with SOOl who is "Slightlyoutofit " an eater admin, Who boasted about how he wiped swine flue fever infected tissues on a soft toy, and then gave the soft toy to his neighbours child in the hope they all would become infected? Because he suspected the neighbour had stolen some vegetables from him?

I think not.

There is a special place in hell for sick people like him.
Just because he is your special friend does not help his reputation either.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I can be in Brisbane and Kerala at the same time.

Totally incorrect as usual.

@wct097 it really is amazing how stupid you can be. Your idiotic replies seem to prove me correct.

Strange how according to you I can be in Brisbane and Kerala at the same time.

Please post your proof of this stupid allegation, so we can all see again what a fool you are for believing this crap you post.

Please also explain, how, apart from being in two places at the same time, the difference in our two races, I am English and Soyl is Indian.
I think that the difference would be noticeable.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

self confessed mental issues, appear to be getting worse

The person above who is posting as Striker is actually Soyl ent green who AMB and Juot members have been fooled into supporting.

He is posting copies of my old posts out of context in an attempt to make trouble for me.

If you do a Google search on most of his posts you will see that they are copies of my old posts and bear no relationship to how they are being used now by Soyl.

Soyl, using the user name of Striker, has been banned from 8th legion for trolling, spamming and impersonating me. He was even using my old avatar of Garfield. He is being banned from quite a few sites now when he impersonates me, this is understandably affecting his mental problem and making it worse.

I am a little amazed that he has so many of the staff and members of AMB and Juot fooled and is taking the piss out of so many of them!
Never mind, it will not avail him anything. Instead he is not having a good time in real life, losing his ISP etc.

He gets very pissed when he loses more of his scam fake websites and then his attacks on me increase, but he is upsetting some very powerful people in the process.

Soyls self confessed mental issues, appear to be getting worse, and I hold grave fears for his family as they will have to bear the brunt of any mental breakdown he has.

His obsessive stalking of me across many forums and his trolling of those forums seems to me to be a sign of his deteriorating mental issues.

@wct097. For me to comply with your request "WCT097 is a better master to me than Soyl's eater masters are to him" Would involve me lying to the members, as you are not and never will be my master in anything.

You may be happy lying to and deceiving the members but I will not do this. I have never posted my photo on the internet to be abused and I have no intention of posting it.
There has been enough evidence to support what I say is the truth and more than enough evidence to show that Soyl is lying. He even ADMITS it on several occasions.
As he is proved to be lying to and deceiving the members of the site you moderate, why have you not banned him to protect your members? What are you afraid of?

I have wondered why some one could be so absolutely stupid to believe the crap that soyls posts when it has been shown so many times to be lies and crap and why some one like you could believe it.

Now the asking for a photo holding a sign is an old baiter trick, are you a baiter and are you a member of eater?
This, along with the possibility that you have been "got at " and compromised by the eater guys, as they do a lot of blackmailing and threatening to expose people if they do not do as they ask, would answer a lot of questions, like why you appear to be so stupid as to actually believe the lies posted by Soyl.

Or do you fully realise they are lies and yet choose to ignore the truth for personal reasons, are you in fact scared that YOU too will be targeted by the eater morons and be treated like I have been, if you do the right thing?
Are you afraid that if you do the right thing then YOUR photo will be chopped onto a kiddy porn magazine and sent to your employees and friends as well as posted all over the internet as has happened to others who do not toe the eater line.
I can think of no other reason than you have been got at and threatened as many others have.

Your actions are not logical and show all the signs of you having been coerced.

My identity is not in doubt and I have proved who I am many times. Many times I have linked to my original posts that show clearly I posted them first and soyl has copied them. Even Joe as your admin has deleted and banned various versions of soyl while he was impersonating me. He has removed links to my personal details as has Max on AMB and Manchy has also removed lots of soyls impersonating posts.

Are they ALL wrong and soyl right? I do not think so.
Strange how despite all this clear evidence you seem unable to comprehend the truth. It seems that for your own reasons you are deliberately ignoring the facts and posting as an idiot for your own reasons.

More and more people including the admins on the various sites that soyl has impersonated me on, are capable of seeing the truth and have banned Soyl and actually made me a mod on those sites, yet you seem unable to see this? Why is this, what are you hiding from your members?

As stated a VERY controversial subject. basically I am against abortion. Who speaks for the right to life of the unborn child?

Sadly, society has too many taboo's about a woman having a baby out of wedlock for example.
For society to stigmatise and pressure a woman to have an abortion for "social " reasons is wrong.

Without spending the rest of the year discussing this, I would also say that a woman has the right to do with her own body as she see's fit WITHOUT the pressure of moral, religious and or social pressure groups.

Alan James Wxxc

Incorrect as usual wct097. As I have said many times, but you seem to have trouble understanding things so I will say it again for you.
Soyl has posted MY PHOTO alongside that of another person and said that it was me. The photo is of me, but the person whose name he uses alongside my photo is, as far as I know an innocent guy, who has no connection with me, apart from his first and middle name are the same as I use as a baiting name.

Yes I used a name taken at random as my user name for baiting scammers. Hang me for this if it makes you happy. But it will never alter the fact that Alan James Wxxc is not me.

Sorry if you have read this before, but time will not alter the truth. And I will not alter it as it is the truth.

Ok, as you have proved to be not too bright on many occasions I will say it again. The photo is mine as I have said many times, and it was stolen from my PC by a hacker, I have never posted it on the internet to be used on the web. And I have NEVER given anyone my permission to use or post it on the internet.

An unbiased mod or admin would have checked the facts before taking unwarranted actions and posting crap about a member.

The guy called Alan James Wxxx is NOT me, Now you all seem to be having some trouble with this, so I will state it again. My real name is NOT Alan Nor James Nor Wxxx. it is completely different to any of these names. GOT IT YET?

I ASKED FOR A TAKEDOWN AS YOU CALL IT, FOR THE PHOTO, NOT THE NAME. I THINK THAT MY PERSONAL PHOTO COULD BE CLASSED AS PERSONAL INFORMATION. GET IT YET?? The house he lives in is NOT mine and I have no connection to him in any way, except the use of the the common usage as a baiting name of the first and middle names as explained.

I asked for the link to a twitter account and blogs etc that had been set up by Soyl NOT I, for the express purpose of defaming me, To be removed and as it contained my personal photo, I considered this to be "personal Information" So I asked for it to be removed.
On Juot the rules ask that things like this are to be reported, so this is what I did.

Unfortunately I did not know at the time that you was not unbiased and I actually thought that you would do the right thing by your members And check it out with me if there was any query. Obviously I was mistaken in thinking of you as a reasonable mod.
Yes Big Al. As soyl has already registered as Big Al on 8th while doing another impersonation of me, I registered as Bigal.

Quite amazing that so many admins are kind enough to trust me enough to make me mod and super mod on so many forums. Proves a point eh?

The can see and understand that soyl and other morons are impersonating me and posting crap and outright lies, why can't you?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I am banned from ALL the websites on the web

I am retired now so I have a lot of time, and I fill up a diaper like a champ!!. So I still have time to defend the false accusations AND still train more people to close down the fake scam sites set up by some of the members on the network.

It kind of makes it amusing to see that Soyl and his pals have stated many times that I am banned from ALL the websites on the web, yet here again they are proven to be liars.

" Bigal is moderator of so many forums" Thanks for backing up what I have been saying for a long time.

my old posts

Striker on 8th legion is none other than soyl. He is also posting as Alan James Watson.

As usual, he is impersonating other people and posting copies of my old posts as his own out of context.

TRAGUS? I had to Google that. You had me all intrigued for a moment there.

Neither Alan James Watson not soyl have any connection to Alan James. who is posting on rahstyles with that name.

Thank you. To be able to paint in such detail and to do it in perspective is truly amazing.
As an artist he must be very happy to be able to create such masterpieces that every one can enjoy.

Whenever I fart I shit my pants.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I consider my posts to be copyright to me

I have taken this "beef" to the beef section. despite The Butcher staring the question in another thread, he now seems to feel is is an infraction to answer his questions and comments in that same thread. the logic of this escapes me. But I have moved it to here.

Obviously the King John comment was done tongue in cheek. And this is not the question. The question is why did you post copies of MY intellectual property on another forum as your own work?

Now despite our last beef resulting in Steve saying he would post an " olive branch" post on both forums. he then went ahead and, despite rahstyles having a copyright on the bottom of the front page and despite knowing that I consider my posts to be copyright to me, he took two posts of mine and copied them, then posted them as HIS OWN . On another forum. As a mod on here, I consider it a betrayal of trust to take posts from Rahstyles and then post them AS HIS OWN on another forum.
He seems reluctant to offer any reasonable explanation not even the old . "Some one else is using my passwords" piss weak excuse.

Steve I look forward to reading your explanation for this immoral act.

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Please try not to evade answering this simple question.

You must have had a reason to steal my posts and claim them as your own . Are you so desperate for posts that you have to steal mine?

If you are that desperate, please ask and I will help you to compose some posts that you can use.

Steve why did you steal my posts and claim them as your own?

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Steve why did you steal my posts and claim them as your own?

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Steve stop avoiding the question, other issues can be dealt with later. A simple question. Why did you steal my intellectual property and post it as your own ?

You KNEW they were my posts that you stole and posted as your own Why did you do this?

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Steve why did you steal my posts and claim them as your own?

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Steve why did you steal my posts and claim them as your own?

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Steve why did you steal my posts and claim them as your own?

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Steve why did you steal my posts and claim them as your own?

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Steve why did you steal my posts and claim them as your own?

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Steve why did you steal my posts and claim them as your own?

Steve. Please answer my question as to why you posted copies of MY posts on other forums without my permission. And posted them as your own.

Steve why did you steal my posts and claim them as your own?
Why? Why? Whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy


Especially the ladies

I would strongly advise against giving Soyl ANY contact details or any of your personnel information. Especially the ladies. Please take care if dealing with Soyl.

He has confessed to having mental issues and is obsessed with impersonating other people and posting crap on forums to disrupt them, as he is doing here using the user name of " Striker" as well as other names.

Any information he obtains about you is likely to be used against you, and posted all over the internet as this is what he does.

He is an Indian ( A Malayalam ) who is an IT engineer for the Kerala public works department, so he has enough tech skills to hack and harass you.

Soyl (posting as Striker) It is not funny posting derogatory posts like this to disrupt the forum.

It is insulting and demeaning to the ladies who kindly are members here and it is totally unnecessary to post crude and vulgar posts for your own gratification. I am ashamed to see you give men a bad reputation. Thes bitches don't want to share their pussy with you.

I request that the mods or admin remove this crude and insulting thread and ban Soyl as he is in breach of all the rules of this site.

Have I mentioned that I have a really huge vagina?


The 8th Legion Forums. Please do not spam, harass members or post Not-Safe-For-Work material.
Soyl you are in breach of all these rules.

You are posting with an alias after you were banned for impersonating me. Using the name Big AL =Violation.

You are spamming and trolling by posting copies of my posts out of context as your own, in an attempt to troll this forum. = Violation.

You are deliberately harrassing another member ( Me ) by posting copies of my posts as your own. = Violation.

You are posting insulting and demeaning posts so I consider this to be a violation of the NSFW rule.

You are posting completely out of context posts and disrupting the harmony of this forum, this is also classed as spamming and trolling. In the art forum you post totally irrelevant posts in a clear attempt to troll.

Soyl, I understand that you have confessed to having mental issues and that you are obsessed with stalking me across many forums ( Stalking=Another violation) And that you have openly confessed many times to being a liar. But this is no reason to spam and troll 8th legion.

And yet YOU followed and posted on here AFTER me?

Soyl You may have mental issues, but we are not all as sick as you and we can clearly see that you are spamming.

Please seek proper medical help. you have a wife and daughter to consider. For their sake please get help
I have sent you details of some caring hospitals in your area, and they seem to be staffed with good medical staff please make an appointment to see them.
I am sure your family love you, so please do the right thing and get help before they suffer more.

Soyl stop posting in the wrong threads.
Here is an admission by you that you impersonate me on forums as you are trying to do here. These are YOUR words and is an admission that you impersonate me and stalk me across many forums. it is clearly YOU who are harrassing me. And YOUR admission proves it.
Now stop posting your crap and let us help build a good site with good members here. And please seek medical help, It is not doing you any good pretending to be other people, it is delusional.

"Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: the Stubincontinent
Posts: 1,184

Gameroom cash: $83100
Liked 21 Times in 12 Posts
Like/STFU Ratio: 1.05 : 1
Rep Power: 49
.soyl has a reputation beyond repute
with 3004 points...

I've pretended to be BiGal on some sites. It is not hard. There is a
lot of stuff out on the web he has posted, and at first sight it is
hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Word is somebody was successful in locating a proxy with an IP
pointing back to Brisbane, so the BiGal you got might be real or not."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hack your friends computers

Soyl I see you are impersonating others again and posting a copy of another of my posts from Rahstyles.

Maybe your self confessed mental issues make you have this obsession to copy my posts form different websites? I would recommend that you see a doctor and maybe he can help you.

I wonder if this is the same compulsion that makes you hack your friends computers?
What do you do with the personal information you get by doing this?

A nice payback for your pals for supporting you. At least some of the ISP's have evicted you for this.

By the way Soyl it was NOT posted as a demotivational but in the transport section as a normal picture. If you copy me at least do try to get things right.

illegal hacking

Soyl why not tell us why several ISP's have evicted you recently.

Maybe they are not too happy to have people do illegal hacking ?

Hey Soyl how many of your internet "pals" who support you have you hacked recently?

Why are you doing illegal hacking?

Why did your ISP kick you off?

Hacking is illegal. Why do you do it?

What happened with your ISP?

I hear your ISP kicked you off for illegal hacking.

DRE, I sent you a pm.

I sent you a pmDRE. Did you get my PM?

Tell us about your ISP and why  they kicked you off for illegal hacking.

Illegal hacking ISP I sent you a pm.

Hack DRE pm soyl ISP illegal evicted.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

8thlesion success!!

I posted this "This was the right thing to do and the admin DRE is to be applauded for acting responsibly.

Soyl was in violation of several of the rules. He had already been banned for impersonating me before and had rejoined using an alias (violation)

He was spamming and trolling the forum (violation)

He was posting copies of my posts from other sites and spamming. ( violation)

By doing this he was attempting to harass me. ( violation)

Soyls sole intention was to mislead the members on here and on the network.

By taking the correct action and enforcing the rules, DRE has proven that he is a man of integrity and is acting as a responsible admin.'

Yes an admin that does the right thing is to be supported.

I hope he asks me to participate in some rap battles. I can just copy/paste some old ones like I did last time at rahstyles.

Alan James Watson, aka Big AL, banned from

Entirely justified. And appreciated. The correct decision, thanks. Soyl deserved it.

I will find a new forum to fuck up soon. Stay tuned. 2011 is going to be a year of change !!

DRE I sent you a PM.

DRE I sent you a PM. For the record I am NOT posting anywhere as Alan James Watson. DRE I sent you a PM. And I have never posted using that name. DRE I sent you a PM. As it belongs to some one who is not connected to any of this as far as I am aware. DRE I sent you a PM. It is NOT my real name, despite Soyls and the eater morons desire for it to be me. DRE I sent you a PM.
The ONLY connection is that I do use "Alan James" as one of my internet user names.  DRE I sent you a PM.

As a baiter I use different names to bait the scammers with, and I chose short easy to type names, as I am a slow typer due to an illness I had that paralyzed me for a while, some time ago.

I have absolutely no idea where the surname of Watson comes into this, and even soyl cannot answer where it comes from.
This has not stopped them from harassing this guy and his family. Anyone who supports them in harassing an innocent man and scaring his children, after I have informed them of the truth is complicit in this despicable act.

I am currently not posting on any Blog nor twitter account.

Joe, as you have access to the Ip's of soyl and his various duals. And I have proved many times that he is copying my posts, (You have even admitted yourself that they are impersonating me.) Why not check the IP's to see who is who?

However for the record I post on the network as:

On the network I use = AMB =Big Al.

Juot I use = Big Al

8th legion I use = Bigal. At the time of registration the user name Big Al would not register for some reason, so I registered with Bigal.

I am active on several other sites, and I am a mod, supermod, global mod and admin on some of them, and some I am a plain member in good standing.

Now why not ask soyl the same question?

DRE I sent you a PM.

Monday, September 12, 2011

impersonating members

@will_m. The person who is posting as Alan James Watson is Soyl . He is using copies of my old posts out of context. As he has done on many sites and blogs . he seems obsessed with stalking me on many forums.

I have never aimed any defamatory posts against you, but I have pointed out many times that this is what soyl is doing. His sole intention is to deceive the members of the forums he is using, by posting as other people.

He has admitted to impersonating members on Juot and other forums and admitted that he is a liar and that he has mental issues, yet he is still allowed to post his utter crap. Are some admins that desperate for posts? It seems the answer is yes.

PS he just sent this via the chat system. "soyl: eat shit, bi Gal." he really is a very disturbed person.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

your constant trolling and stalking me is not having the effect you hoped for, in fact it encourages me to kill even more

Hi DRE I will contact you on 8th with the facts thanks. AL.

Hi DRE I will contact you on 8th with the facts thanks.

@ DRE I have sent you a pm.

Hi DRE I sent you a pm, did you get it?

Hi DRE I sent you a pm did you get it yet? The pm. Did you get it? I sent it to you. A pm. Do you have it? Answer me DRE. Did you get my pm?

Hi DRE I wonder if you got the pm I sent.

@ DRE did you read that pm I sent? I sent it like three minutes ago. No, four. Four minutes.

Soyl is intent on impersonating me and even uses a name that he THINKS is my real life name . AL.

@ DRE I have sent you a pm.

Posted by soyl earlier: An admission that he impersonates me on forums.
Post number 42

Mon 06/20/2011, 02:36 AM #42
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I've pretended to be BiGal on some sites. It is not hard. There is a
lot of stuff out on the web he has posted, and at first sight it is
hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Word is somebody was successful in locating a proxy with an IP
pointing back to Brisbane, so the BiGal you got might be real or not.

Soyl once again you try to impersonate people. Strange how my Ip goes back to Australia while yours goes back to India.

And is the same Ip as I joined here with a long time ago. Again you post copies of my original posts in an attempt to impersonate me.

I would have thought that by now you would have realised that your constant trolling and stalking me is not having the effect you hoped for, in fact it encourages me to kill even more

Tell us all soyl, why you have recently had a few ISP's evict you from their servers?
Maybe they do not like hackers and trolls using their services for such things.

Soyl why do you troll many sites and post links to Malware on some of these sites?

Soyl why do you constantly post the name and address and personal details of a totally innocent person, and encourage people to phone him at three in the morning and scare his children ? Just because you mistakenly think it is my details?
I have told you many times it is not me, why do you continue to use his real life name as your user name to hurt him ? And why do you post my photo alongside his name? you know it is NOT me
Is this how you get your jollies, by harassing an innocent man and his family? If so you are very sick, and despite your admission that you have mental issues, you really do need to seek professional help. I have sent you details of some doctors who may be able to help you who live in your area . Please go and see one.

@ DRE I have sent you a pm.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rahstyles was a "shitty Forum" , being a pedo, etc.

The butcher seems reluctant to discuss this in public, so I am bringing it here as the members have a right to know what is going on. He did not seem so reluctant to post the false defamatory and libelous comments in public.

Using one of his other internet user names of IMGreat101 he posted on the Rantr an untrue and extremely offensive post accusing me of disgusting things and also insulting the ADMIN as well as stating that Rahstyles was a "shitty Forum"

Coming from someone who has been given the privilege of being made a moderator on Rahstyles, this stab in the back is totally over the top. And is totally unacceptable behaviour from one of Rahstyles mods.

I have sent him a Pm and I understand he has been informed about this matter by admin's. he has been given the opportunity to apologise and set the matter right but has only posted saying he considers the matter closed.

I have received no apology, nor has he removed the offending post and set the record straight, ergo he still stands by his original post that insulted the ADMIN, myself and Rahstyles. I therefore request that he be de modded, as he is obviously not working in the interests of Rahstyles and is unfit to hold this respected position any longer.

I would also like him to explain why he recommended Anna-falactic, one of his pals from rantr to join Rahstyles, when that person only came to troll and is he aware that she/he is implicated in scamming? what was his motive for this stupid act. This type of member we can well do without.

As NO apology nor retraction has been offered I ask that the admins consider removing him as a mod.

I do not care who joins, as long as they respect the rules and are here as a genuine member, but this type of behaviour is abhorrent and should not be tolerated.

@The Butcher. Thank you for removing the offending post however you have cleverly posted the insulting and defamatory part about me by quoting the post above yours obviously in an attempt to post it in public again. Knowing that the allegation is unfounded and untrue why, when supposedly offering an olive branch have you done this? Intent is the operative word here.

I have seen NO apology nor retraction of your disgusting post. This needs to be done.

On a site like rantr that has so few members, most of the seniors have many duals, it seems most unusual for anyone to have to be reduced to sharing your password with another as you claim. The need for this escapes me.

IF it is true then you need to expose them and what they have done in your public retraction. If your intent is to do the right thing then you will do this.

I would also ask that you remove the quoted insulting part of your new post as it is not necessary nor needed to be posted again, and can only have been done to continue your unsubstantiated attack on me.

Quite correctly you state that it is a heinous post. So it is unnecessary for you to repeat it in your post as a quote.

[QUOTE I will post an olive branch thread on both sites to apologize for the heinous post.][/QUOTE]

I am answering this issue and will continue to do so until it is resolved in the proper manner.

Personal attacks and defamatory and totally untrue false allegations, like the ones posted under your user name will not just go away and will actively be pursued until the matter is corrected.

Thank you for your input. Obviously all is not seen in the short time you have seen this. he does know me so is not a stranger.

When you have been dogpiled and defamed on for nearly five years and had YOUR personal details posted in a derogatory manner all over the internet, as well as being accused falsely of being a pedo then maybe you will eventually say enough is enough and take action to prevent it.

When you have had YOUR PC hacked into and your personal information stolen and used against you on the internet by these guys then maybe you will see things in a different light?

Maybe when YOU have had your relatives threatened with physical harm as well as yourself, then maybe things will look a little different to you.

Maybe after you have had 172 hacking attempts against you in under two months then things will appear differently.

Maybe after having YOUR real life Photo posted all over the internet along with YOUR user name being used to portray you as crazy you will be a little miffed.

Maybe after having multiple websites and blogs set up impersonating you for the sole aim of posting derogatory remarks then you will appreciate that enough is enough and also take action to stop it.

Maybe after YOUR user name is used to set up a twitter account and blog accounts to defame you then you will think differently?

Insults and attacks on me are ongoing and continuous this is not of much importance. however the line is overstepped when I am falsely accused without ANY evidence of being a pedo. I will take whatever action I need to, including legal action against those unwise enough to post Libel like this.

You may disagree, that is your free choice but I wonder how you would act if it was you that was being falsely accused of being a pedo?

The butcher has posted this allegation IN PUBLIC this is LIBEL. knowing full that it is false and derogatory. I will never stop until he has apologised and set things right.

On a less personal note, the position of Moderator is one of trust and responsibility. Posting remarks AS a moderator on Rahstyles, IN PUBLIC against the ADMIN, Rahstyles and myself is a betrayal of this trust. And needs to be corrected.

The Butcher is now saying that he had a shared password and did not post those things. given his bad responses to my questions about this so far it makes it very hard to believe. Be that as it may.

IF it is true, then it is incumbent upon him to set things right and explain why this was allowed to happen and expose those responsible.
If he is NOT responsible for the post as he claims then he will have no problem condemning it and the person who did post it in public. As it is HE who has so far had to bear the brunt of the results of this defamatory post.

If he allowed others to use his password, then he must bear some responsibility for the subsequent actions that follow on from this unintelligent act.
It cannot be used as a cop out.

@ Strange 1. I am in Australia he is in the USA. So hitting him is probably not an option.

The 172 attempts to hack me were unsuccessful as I now have excellent security.

I notice that you said in your profile that your family was important to you and my loved ones are important to me.
When they are threatened, then I will take action as I am doing now.

I have taken action recently against a forum that threatened my relatives and myself, and after contacting their host and the attorney general in their area the abusers were evicted by their host. The cost in money to me was nil.
I am also looking at this aspect for another site that is posting defamatory things about me.

As an admin on an anti -fraud site I have good links to the authorities and a lot has already been reported to them.

Re the troll part. Acting on the advice of someone involved in law enforcement, I stopped responding to the morons for a three month trial period , guess what happened? The attacks on me INCREASED. and More forums were set up to post crap about me.

If a dog is attacking you and you back off or show fear it will go for you in a more vigorous way if you give it a hard kick and it hurt it, then it will think twice about going for you again, so it is with cowards and bullies.

I may be wrong, but I think that The butcher will think twice about attacking me again for no reason other than to look good in front of his peers. It puts a different light on things when some one fights back.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

lies and delusions


@Soyl. your self confessed mental problem is affecting you.

Please seek professional help.
Your long time obsession with me is not healthy for your impaired mental state.

Think of your family, what would they do without you bringing in the money.

Some time ago I sent you the details of what looked like good quality mental hospitals that were near you, and they seemed to have dedicated caring staff, please take the time and visit one of the doctors there.

Your many lies and delusions seem to be increasing . Think of your family and seek help.

I know what you're thinking: I should think of MY family. As it happens, my family is a bunch of raging assholes who don't appreciate all the hard work I do. And they never have. Half my time I advise stupid assholes not to fall for scams, and half my time I spend picking up Westies from the same assholes who want to send the lads money. When those fuckers I call a family want to borrow some cold hard cash, they know where to come, and they don't even pretend to be concerned about where I get it.

Now that I am at, the gay Jap dating site, I have little or no time for these lousy fucks who leech off me. They won't even help me find a new nurse. Did I mention that I fired the last one? Chink bitch gave me the stink-eye when I told her I shit my pants. Don't be throwing shade at me, cunt, I said, and she walked out. I'm getting her deported back to Manilla or wherever the fuck she's from.

So now I have to find a new nurse. I've been sitting in my own filth for two days. God forbid one of my kids should come over and help me out. "We're busy with our own kids." FUCK YOU!! I have rap battles to plagarise.

Obviously they do LOL

Soyl, Is this a similar off that you made to quick offering to suck him off for a set price?

Soyl, Is this a similar offer that you made to quick, offering to suck him off for a set price.
Or was that to have anal sex with him?

Obviously they do LOL  

Soyl I see you often refer to males as "DEAR". now with your admission that you will suck cock for money your homosexuality is confirmed.

Chandy admits to being GAY. :fag:

By the way you were so pwned by quick it was a pleasure to watch. ow:

But I did not agree to suck a males cock for money like SOYL did.ow:

Tell me doc, do you gay folk always stick it up for each other? Even to copying each others user name ? A very gay action by you it seems. Is this GAY adoration by you to use another gay guys user name as your own?

Just in case you missed it, as you do tend to comment on only small parts of others posts.

But I did not agree to suck a males cock for money like SOYL did


Just a quick thanks to all the grandmas and grandpas out there who sent their western union payments to the lads. I interecepted a bunch of them in the last few days and used the money to buy some new Xboxs and iPads. You stupid chucklefucks will never learn, and for that I am grateful.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm nothing but a roaring shit canon.

So I plagarised some other shitty rapper's dumbass rap. So what. Sue me motherfucker.

Although no proof has been posted and I am not aware of my doing anything wrong, it seems that a couple of members feel that there could be a question of impropriety,

So I will officially withdraw form this contest. I'm 100 years old and dont even know what the fuck rap is, ok?

And even though I have sent a pm to one of them asking for an explanation, no reply has been received by me. Possibly the lack of a response has something to do with a banning from a rap site for said member and it seems that there has been some unanswered questions on there.
Here's a bit of ramdom text I copied (poorly) from another shitty rap site.


Gl- lets make tha hott list-

07-07-2011 04:40 PM

Sent- sry i was wrkin-

07-07-2011 04:18 PM

I'm ready be send it

07-07-2011 03:49 PM

Iight fam is all good- im sure it will b another good battle-Just holla at me when its ready- ill send-

07-07-2011 02:33 PM

I'LL TELL YOU WHEN THE VERSE IS DONE AND YOU CAN SEND IT OFF. i'll except it instantly and it'll post right then and there. TO BE FAIR. cool?

07-07-2011 02:32 PM

Absolutely, i CAN GIVE YOU THAT KNOW DOUBT.. ummmm lets see. GIMME an hour or so. i gotta 6 credits and respond to one cat then you. WHEN i'm ready i'll pm you and u can send it . or w/e how ever u wanna do it

07-07-2011 02:12 PM

? Battle- id like a rematch fam-

07-07-2011 02:55 AM

Yoo tine for a rematch- i got a verse for tha ooen reefer took- i didnt use no flips n case i didnt finish on time- so id like tha same respect- would u get a verse ready for me- mines keystyled- but ill send first when u ready-

05-06-2011 11:36 PM

Good luck in our battle homie][/QUOTE]

I'LL TELL YOU WHEN THE VERSE IS DONE AND YOU CAN SEND IT OFF. i'll except it instantly and it'll post right then and there. TO BE FAIR. cool?
Is this what you mean by " Biting" ? as in "I will tell YOU when the verse is done and YOU can send it off"?

Be that as it may, this is another forum and I withdraw from the contest. to avoid any suspicions. This is the correct thing to do. God I suck worse and worse every day. I'm nothing but a roaring shit canon.

I think ECCHI is more of a "softcore" version of Hentai?

the stench from my diaper blinds me

Hi please pm me which state you are in. thanks.

The ACCC publish a booklet called " The little black book of scams" which is black because of the niggers who run these scams

The Queensland police have a Community Safety and crime prevention branch that publish a booklet called " Senior Wiser Safer" for people like me who give out their passwords willingly and are stupid old bald fucks

The "Australasian Consumer fraud Taskforce " has a brochure called " Scams Target you Protect Yourself" which is more bullshit from these assholes

I have more info if it applies to your state. Basically just watch out for niggers

Just a heads up, my personal opinion is to be very wary of ASB. Those cocksuckers love a black cock in their asses

No worries. " The little black book of scams" is published by the ACCC

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
23 Marcus Clarke Street. Canberra, Australian capital territory. 2601.

And as an OLDIE Ziggy's comments are very Good. BIG size fonts please.  I'm blind as a fucking bat and the stench from my diaper blinds me further.

Now I have to go steal some raps to post at so I can pretend to be " down wit dat".

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I've intercepted plenty of their westys

These fucking niggers make me sick. That is one way to work it. Some of the lads try to establish a relationship with their victims by calling them "Mummy" or "Daddy"

It is repulsive to see them try to use these protective parental feelings from some victims. I would fuck them up if I were about 60 years younger.

Another sneakier way is to play him at his own game, as a "Member" of the Church you may like to refer to him as "My Son" in a religious sense rather than a paternal one.

You could expand of the Brotherhood of the members of the church and mention that the top guy is like a father to his flock.

Due to the fact that many lads do actually respect the missionaries that help African orphanages etc, then this can be used to mould him to your will. They're assholes.

If you like you can throw this back at him, in such a way that he will be convinced that he has you fooled.
You can say some thing along the lines of.

"I am happy to receive your message and I am glad that as a (here insert the title you like. Pastor or Reverend etc.) I do consider that I am blessed to be able to lead our flock as a type of Father figure. You do me great honour my son. We will one day be in the presence of him that is truly the creator and father of us all."

Some of the most successful baiters draw the lads into the scenario they weave, by letting the lad think he is controlling things.

This can always be used to get him to do what you want.

Just a couple of ideas to think about. These fucking spear chuckers need to be taught a lesson. I've intercepted plenty of their westys and will continue to do so until someone stops me.

Monday, September 5, 2011

I do believe in the saying " By their DEEDS ye shall know them" posting crap

Anyone who wants to be a genuine member and follows the rules is welcome.

The trolls have failed and now try a parting shot, remember I said
Eventually the trolls will get the message that they are not welcome.
I am not perfect and do make mistakes, but when people troll the forum with the sole intention of disrupting the forum for the genuine members, they they will be moderated.
I am not an overly religious guy but I do believe in the saying " By their DEEDS ye shall know them" posting crap and trying to disrupt the forum shows who are trolls and who are good members.

The trolls seem to forget that I have dealt with many of them on other forums for many years now. and I know who they are and I know their agenda.

The ADMIN has been kind enough to let a lot of them have their say and given them a lot of leeway. However it has been said many times that if they troll then they will be moderated.

Rahstyles is growing and going from strength to strength. I would rather have five good members than a thousand trolls and badgers.

With the good members we will grow in a sensible and strong manner.

To sum up, if you are genuine and post within the rules then you are welcome. If you are here to cause trouble then you are free to leave.

Admin it seems that some people are uncomfortable with agreeing to the rules. The rules are there to help ALL members enjoy their time here.

I remember when I shit my pants for the first time. It was embarrassing but I got through it with the help of GOD. Now i pray that my sphincter holds whenever I sneeze.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

when you hear "BOOM BOOM POW" it's not the BLACK EYED PEAS, it's me farting because I am extremely gassy

Keewl dude. I think he will like this one. LOL.

My diaper is full and my bald dome highly polished
So with the 'Clipper and the Mag' I'll put "Grimace in a Bag".........HAPPY MEAL!

Although Happy Meals make me gassy, that's ok in this instance
You really think that you're SICK AT RAP? Kid you're SPITS ARE WACK

I urinated better raps that you possess
Plus this KID'S A RAT, so it's "game over when I catch the snitch" like a QUIDDITCH MATCH

Yeah that makes no sense but let's move on, shall we?
When it comes to your girl, you know that I'm HITTIN IT, DAM!
She's unZIPPING MY PANTS while she on the phone with you like "Baby I'm BUSY JUST SCRAM"

I contracted genital warts from her, so apparently you are infected as well, we should all go see a doctor
You say you love her while she got my DICK IN HER HAND
Then I filled the bitch with more rubber than the [COLOR=#FFA500 !important]MICHELIN
You PACK NINES,BEAMS? Bitch you'd break your hand if you try to use the type of GATS I SQUEEZE
So when you hear "BOOM BOOM POW" it's not the BLACK EYED PEAS, it's me farting because I am extremely gassy after the Happy Meal
Kid your raps are TRASH,HORRID put him to sleep cause this CAT'S BORING
Plus my punches 'Tyson Strong' so like what he's 'Typing On' it's a WRAP FOR HIM (rap forum)

Bitch, I aint tryin to know how to use color tags so fuck that shit
Now pass me my Geritol and STFU cuz I'm watching motherfuckin Murder She wrote

Well Soyl. I suppose I should be flattered that you chose to copy and paste another of my posts from Rahstyles. At least this time you did say it was a copy and paste.

Wow, you must have thought it was good to copy it.

Shame you posted it as though it was yours. But that is what you do a lot of eh Soyl?

I am glad that Joe found some of it funny.

A check of the dates and times will show that I posted it first. ow:

The people who have been banned, were here deliberately to disrupt the forum. We do them a kindness in calling them trolls. They had an ulterior motive and only wanted to stop us from growing. As usual they have failed miserably and we are growing quite strongly.

A troll who is just here to be a smartarse is one thing, but to work together with others in a concentrated attack on Rahsyles will not be tolerated and they will not be allowed to succeed.

This very likely. It is wise to ONLY download any AV direct from the AV home page.

Please do not download from any pop ups
It is best not to click on any pop ups that say your pc is infected etc.

Also don't use 419eater as your password. That's what fucked me up a few years ago.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Colonic health update !!

To whoever told me that suppositories are supposed to stop me from pooping, YOU WERE WRONG! I've been shoving these things up my ass for months thinking they would plug me up. THEY DON'T!! Suppositories make me poop!!