Friday, January 28, 2011

what did you do on australia Day this year?

I shit my pants again. I know, you're probably saying, "What? Another 'I shit my pants' post? WTF AL??" Well, I was on my way out for the annual Australia Day celebration, when I let loose with the water canon that is my sphincter. I had tried one of those stool softeners that eveybody's always talking about, and that was probably a bad idea. See, I thought I wasn't "regular" enough in that area, so I took a bunch of these pills, and the next thing I knew, REGularity gave way to HILarity. I was regular enough already it seems. In conclusion, the moral of the story here is: never go out on Australia Day. It will only end in disasster.

soon and stronger than before.

We are doing some work on the site, it is taking longer than we thought but it will be up soon and stronger than before.
Meanwhile we are still taking loads on our faces, one of our guys took 110 yesterday.

Yet another EMOTIONAL outburst

Hi Thunderchild , at it again I see, what a totally useless excuse for an admin you are!
This was posed on ils in the public area by a member on ils asking for your help!

Yet another EMOTIONAL outburst or were you just being satirical? yeah right!

witch, got you letter. Thanks for your concern, went to scammer site, asked question of Thunderchild and got a really rude reply. No I dont want to bait my svammer, he has my info. Isked Thunderchild what was the chances of them finding me and was told to go to love scams they were not a support site for victims. I never said I was a victim. I never sent any money etc. Just wanted some insight on the point of baiting when it didnt contribute to the apprehension of the scammers. Totally nasty reply. Now I fell like you're all a bunch of unemployed, bored people with nothing to do but pick at others."

Now we can see why you were removed from ils as an admin! Being A danger to the victims!
And shortly after we see Witch resign from SB (your site) ? as a mod!
(A little payback eh)?

Responses like this are becoming the norm with you and now we can all see why I say you are an embarrassment to your fellow admins!

Time for you to go!

the looney one I do not falsely accuse people,

But you live in Cuckoo land!

Anyway talking about hacking, here are some ip's that were used unsuccessfully to try and gain access to my fastmail accounts! maybe someone more techy that me could check them out if they wished!
I was thinking about including this one-- but unlike the looney one I do not falsely accuse people, but see how easy it is to do so if I wanted to! But that would make me like them!! so no go!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

dry hard fecal matter

Constipation is a very common condition characterized by a disturbance of the digestive system. It occurs in the form of infrequent bowel movements, dry hard fecal matter and the bowels not being completely empty even after bowel movement. This may also be painful at times, causing a lot of uneasiness and discomfort. Since, the bowels are not eliminated in time and remain within the body for long, they release toxins into the blood stream which gives rise to other chronic disorders like appendicitis, cancer, cataract, rheumatism and arthritis. Constipation also causes a feeling of being bloated and it may also result in loss of appetite and chronic constipation which may be difficult to cure. Home remedies for constipation can help cure the condition and help prevent many disorders associated with it.
 My cure for constipation is shitting my pants. You can call that a home remedy if you want, I don't care. I just call it "the warm squishies."

I lost control of my bladder a long time I just sit back and enjoy it.

I wonder if some Indians exaggerate sometimes (all the time) ?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I do NOT have any blogs at all running

Brock is an idiot. Tomorrow I can choose whether I lie or tell the truth.

Poor Brock has no choice.

 And you still remain an idiot.:rotflmao:

Interesting thought, however I am ENGLISH you dickhead.

Like I said you are an IDIOT. :rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:

By the way calling him a DOTHEAD is RACIST. Yet more proof you are an IDIOT.

Odd how you come across as an idiot. I came on here to defend myself against the cretins who post lies like Soyl and you practically defend him? surely the sign of an idiot.

I have NOT promoted my site at all. instead Soyl and other cretins have promoted by links and references THEIR blogs and forums that THEY have made not I.

Where is your criticism of this?

I do NOT have any blogs at all running. For the record it is easy to alter things and put a slant ion them where did mention any amount of well wishers from here?

Apart from answering lone wolf when he asked about AFI, where have I promoted 'my' site?

If you want to attack me at least get your facts right. and if you think back, it was YOU that started to insult and attack me. don't come out crying if you get hit back.

I think you are one of those that says no one is interested, yet you seek to want to show your interest by your posting.

people are lying

Soyl you seem very keen on pouncing an any slight discrepancy to prove that people are lying, you state "This is about the coldest it gets around here." yet other official people say it gets down to about 16 degree's There seems to be a difference between 16 and 24? It even states that the AVERAGE is below what you quote at 21 degree's.

Tomorrow I can choose whether I lie or tell the truth.

WOW!!! Is THAT what father Christmas really looks like?

I bet he has not posted his pic in the ranter private area so that it can be posted in public by those who promised to keep it secret though.

Hey Chandy you forgot to explain why you posted pictures in public of the members of tR from their private area after agreeing that they would be secret.

How about it Chandy you still have avoided answering this question.

I have copies of all the photo's that were in tR private area, but as I was never a member of one of their three private area's, I am under no obligation not to post them if I so wish,
unlike any of their members.

Strange that you should mention crazy. Despite the lies from the eater lackeys, I have never had any treatment for mental problems. And as I previously said, the only electric shock I remember of any consequence was when as a small boy I touched a live wire and received an electrical shock.

The only ones I know of who have admitted to mental problems are Soyl ( read his post in my sig line) and Thunderchild AKA Biggles who has admitted to having had electric shock treatment.

Several of the admins on the old alliance sites also admit to being Bi polar.

These are the people who are posting their crap about others being crazy, in an attempt to cover up the illegal stealing of money from victims.

Thank you for your concern about my welfare regarding the floods, this of course shows yet another member of Juot showing concern, thanks.

Tragic though it seems, the one who is incorrectly saying I have been adversely affected by the floods is Nurse nasty himself who I understand was totally flooded out and his house was under water. Sadly it seems that he was the one washed away not I.
As he posted this
In a backhanded sort of way,glad to see you got thru the floods.I don't even wish that shit on you

In the network forum, knowing that it would be seen on Juot, in some ways he could be thought of as a member. the two sites are linked and share posts and many members.

Technically he may or may nor be a member (dool) on Jout separately, but he is posting on Juot via the network, just as you are after you were banned permanently from AMB.
Why was this Soyl?

By the way Soyl, why did you post the Photograph of a member of theRanter private after agreeing to keep the things in private secret?

Soyl why are others using your password to post on Juot?

Soyl why are you posting links AGAIN to area's that you have been requested not to?

Yet again you show total disregard for requests by the owners of forums, this is why you were banned from many sites including AMB, TSB, 419 legal and SPQN among others.

Why are you posting links again to places where members personal details including their photo exist?

Why are you posting links to places that you know I am not involved with and have been set up by you and others, who are under instructions from eater to harass me until I crack?

Care to tell us about the teams that have been asked to do this by eater?
Care to tell us about this and let us all know that your attacks on me have been so unsuccessful that others have been asked to assist you in stalking and harassing me?

Soyl at the the request of others I left you alone for awhile and what did you do? You continued to attack me and post more blog and forum material that was unauthorized by me and you continue to post copies of my posts out of context as well as post crap you make up. It is time you were took to task for this.

Brock is an idiot. Tomorrow I can choose whether I lie or tell the truth.

Poor Brock has no choice.

We are doing some work on the site, it is taking longer than we thought but it will be up soon and stronger than before.
Meanwhile we are still killing loads of fake sites, one of our guys killed 110 yesterday.

i'm back bitches !!

That's right, the lackeys and CRETINS could not silence me and my quest to expose THE TRUTH !! for very long. I'm so happy with this turn of events that I just shit my pants again.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

A few months ago my speeds would vary between 3mbit and 1.5mbit.

BROWNS PLAINS QLD BNPS DA075, DA098 No Ports Available
Your Rim like mine does not support DSL2 due to conjestion your speeds will vary during low and peak times during the day.
Locally one of our DA's were upgraded to DSL2, quite possibly due to the upgrade I now get speeds well above 7mbit.
A few months ago my speeds would vary between 3mbit and 1.5mbit.
I agree with you, my whole argument within our estate ( Springfield Lakes) someone is going to miss out, initially anyway.
Who is this directed to/at? We are discussing NBN.

I rang Delfin and left messages asking for a return pohone call in relation to the cabling, that was 2 weeks ago, still waiting on a reply.

I am not sure what Asian countries your talking about but I know a few that do not have access to braodband like DSL primarily due to infrastructure problems. That is why some of these countries have a higher demand for wireless.

No access to any sort of cable within the estate.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Proof that I received PM's at juot about my safety !!

Messages to me regarding my personal life

Joe, you asked a very specific question and it was answered by a JUOT member MR.
Proving that someone 0n Juot did inquire as to my safety ect in the floods. End of story A question was asked and it was answered in the positive.

I consider that Your question has been answered and in fact proves that as per your question a member of Juot did ask as to my safety.

I thanked people for their kindness, I did not at any time mention PM's. So this request is baseless.

Quite a few people from the various forums that I am a member of have contacted me by various means and inquired as to my welfare.
It was a courtesy for me to thank them for their concern. I am sure as an admin you would consider this to be good netiquette on Juot and the right thing to do.

As Juot is looked at by members who know me from other forums, including AMB it was sensible for me to post a thank you on Juot.

Messages to me regarding my personal life and welfare are treated by me in confidence and it is not the concern of anyone how or from who they come from.

If MR had not chosen to freely post, I would not have mentioned his kindness, as it is of no concern to any sincere person the identity of anyone is who is kind enough to express his concern to me in private.
Therefore I have no intention of posting any details of any person who has contacted me regarding my safety or welfare regarding the flood.

I would do the same for you Joe and I would expect you to be as sincere if the positions were reversed.

Brock would not be shut up by actions such as you propose and my response to him was a result of his derogatory and inappropriate reply, when the subject involved a lot of suffering, even the death of loved ones by those people who were unfortunate enough to suffer jn the floods. His comments were nothing to do with whether anyone had contacted me from Juot as you are well aware. Accordingly people like him who post such comments would never be satisfied with any answer, So I will not bother to do as you suggest.

Now lets see some of the members ask others here who have been proved to be liars to explain their motives and posts. Let them ask why members are allowed to post links to malware on the sites they post on. Surely this is of more importance that who asks me if I am ok?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Posting crap

@Brock. People I talk to who have read your posts tell me you are an arsehole.
I reserve judgment, as I think you are just insecure and trying to gain some measure of recognition.

Your rather foolish post confirms this. it was another member who posted saying he had contacted me and I confirmed this.
I would be interested in you proving that I have lied to anyone on Juot as I have not.

Posting crap like you do it is no wonder that people think of you as an idiot.

You seem to be another twit who has trouble posting another members name correctly. this would indicate a deep seated mental problem on your behalf.

I am calling you out, to prove that I lied to the Juot forum as you falsely claim.
Otherwise you are shown to be a liar and a coward who hides behind his internet user name.

So come on Brock, post your proof of the false allegation you made against me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the lies and deception of the alliance admins something that concerns me and I will not stop doing this !

Why do you think you have the right to decide what concerns me ?
I will decide this! not some one who is scared to voice his opinion as it could upset the alliance twits!

Unlike you I am not a lackey to a badge! and the idiots who gave it to you!

I do NOT need to be told what I can or cannot say!

If I want to talk all day about the alliance and the liars in it I will!
I you do not like it, then tough!

As it seems to bother you, then realize that I consider exposing the lies and deception of the alliance admins something that concerns me and I will not stop doing this !

Its called being independent and not being afraid to say things, even if you get banned for saying them, in that case the blame is on the idiots who ban you to curtail your free speech! and the lackeys who support them !

You may be afraid to voice your comments about the admins but I am not!
this is why I can answer questions but you can only run away from them !
as you are scared of upsetting your lords and masters on the alliance and associated sites.

Well thanks for our little chat as it has helped to spread the word!
But I have work to do so see ya later !

joining in the Al bashing is a sure way of arse licking to the alliance lying admins!

Then why suck up to the alliance admins?
It is obvious that you are brainwashed by them!
so you avoid answering the question! YET again! How many times is this??
Are you so afraid to voice a contrary opinion about the alliance admins?

I do not see you critizing them when they make real misleading statements!

If you checked things out you will see many people take me seriously !
Not those that are brainwashed by the alliance liars though!

Unlike your friends at the alliance I do not have to lie to try and make people believe in me!
There will always be some who fall for the lies as it suits them! And joining in the Al bashing is a sure way of arse licking to the alliance lying admins!

I have noticed your reluctance many times to voice an opinion about the admin lies if it would embarrass them, never mind that it would expose their deceit!

Al, your little stupid games don't work on me.
If this was true then why are you talking to me?

They are not games as you well know. if you cannot see the truth when it is put in front of you then you have my pity!
The plain facts, are that many good people have left the alliance due to their lies and deceit, many have joined sites where they will not be lied to by the admins! this is a fact and cannot be disputed no matter how much you try and use what you think are clever comments !

Your refusal to see this shows me that you are a confirmed tool of the alliance admins and as you say you do not care about anyone! you will fit in there well and it is easy to see why you got a super mod badge !
I really don't give a fuck.
Just so that we know where your crawling lies!

the ranters set me up and as I thought I was working with friends I believed them and so went along with them and yes I was caught out! I will not make that mistake again ! as you can see I am learning from my mistakes how about you?

Maybe, but it WORKED!! He broke the 'do not talk to al rule' So as has been mentioned he is 'Dancing' to my tune!

Feeling a bit guilty are we? did the remark about the supermod tag hit home?? good bait though as it got a reply as well!!

Funny how all the worst Al bashing remarks come from members who are also members of the liars sites?
How do you feel about aldavor (the man of no honour) committing the final act of betrayal on closing A4A and then blaming the good, honest and loyal members for it closing? by saying they had abandoned it and had gone back on THEIR commitments?

A final act of betrayal for all the good work put in by the hardworking members! Truly a man of no honour! You can plainly see that they will do ANYTHING, tell ANY lie instead of admitting they made yet more mistakes! How long will you be brainwashed into beleiving this crap from them?
To actually then blame the loyal members is the final act of a dishonest man!

Some of us are willing to stand up to this type of thing and be counted !
Where do YOU stand?? Or is it easier to go along with the liars even though you have seen the truth and who is lying?

I thought it was the admins who ran the sites? and so were responsible for its well being?? can you comment, or are you too scared of upsetting the admins and risking losing your badge?

You were too afraid of commenting on the disgraceful act of them asking VICTIMS for money to set up other sites! and avoided answering the question!
Are you going to avoid this question as well? It takes courage to stand up to the lies and make a statement, as you may be tagged as crazy and the good admins may even dogpile on you ! shock horror! what a thing to suggest !
Re the comment about the 'norseman' you know full well that the ranters set me up and as I thought I was working with friends I believed them and so went along with them and yes I was caught out!
I will not make that mistake again ! as you can see I am learning from my mistakes how about you?
why are you still clinging to the liars after they have been proved many times to be liars?
Is it easier to go along with the lies and crap and banning of innocent members, than stand up and become one yourself??

What have you to look forward to after a lot of hard work and loyalty ? a banning that is what will happen if you ever stand up to them, I am not only talking about myself but all the others who were banned and also falsely accused.
What about the latest one, that caused such a stir on A4A? as he was set up by 'that grrl' and dobbed into the alliance management after sending PRIVATE and PERSONAL emails to her! that she passed onto the admins!
Yet another good member hung out to dry! do you agree with doing that?

EXACTLY the same thing happened to me with LOTTA?CALAMITY JANE? she passed my PERSONAL and PRIVATE emails to witch (and eater) and immediately after that, I was banned from ils! being accused of 'disrupting the boards'
THIS was a PRIVATE email ! and was nothing to do about the alliance at all!
Now you know that she is a mole working for both sides!

When will your emails be used like this?? did you know that a lot of your emails and all of your messages to the admins even those of a personal nature are being passed onto all the other admins?? if you look back you will see where 'Witch' lied to me about this exact thing!
You have also seen where aldavor (the man of no honour) admitted after denying it, that he reads pm's ! Another direct lie!
If this is the type of organization you wish to support then I feel a lot of pity for you!

It will NOT matter what you or anyone else says as I will NOT stop exposing the alliance admins for the cowards and liars they are !
Until they do the right thing, and as I do not think they have the intelligence to do this then they will not know peace!

you will regret laying false accusations against myself and many other hard working and loyal members! too bad you picked on one that will fight back!

Aha, At last varod took the bait and broke away from the 'do not answer big Al' order from his bum buddy the man of no honour!

I knew you could not resist it! (PAWNED)

you'd know about the recent DDOS attacks
If you had any sense you would remember that I have mentioned the DDos attacks many times! How about waking up? your lies and half truths are NOT working anymore!! you have lost!!!

instead of inhabiting some surreal anti-anti-scam universe of your own
Getting to you is it?? and MANY more are joining!!
I have just added a VERY senior person to the anti alliance team! and received some VERY interesting information! the alliance now has cracks appearing in its management team and it is only a matter of time before it collapses!
When you have alcoholics and mentally unstable people and evil bastards from the eater running the alliance then it is no surprise to find out that some will break ranks!

The power plays that are currently in the alliance will tear it apart!
One of the females is manipulating you all and making fools of you !
and you are too stupid to realize it!
Just as you fell for another female who was working to steal your members, by using the AB! but to join you had to give your email addy to her so that she could contact the members and get them to join her blog! and you lot never even twigged !! how stupid are you?? She did a lot of damage to the alliance and I was not even involved! another 'surreal ' world??

Maybe this is why you will regret laying false accusations against myself and many other hard working and loyal members! too bad you picked on one that will fight back!
This is why you have lost so many members! and you will be losing many more ! For a supposed 'surreal' world it is having a devastating effect on the alliance!!
Please do not let the loony 'thunderchild ' leave as he is my best asset!

You will have noticed that your policy of "not answering AL " is not working! as I am now posting more and getting my message's picked up by the spiders! Every time someone googles the name 'aldavor' they will see my messages alerting them to your lies!
i plan a MASSIVE campaign that will involve literally thousand of people in the new year this will be phase vii, I plan many more! but this one will devastate the alliance, if it is still around! as it has ceased to exist now in the form it was , due to the MASSIVE loss of members who have walked out in disgust ! funny how you never mentioned the massive loss of members in your tirade!! I wonder if the less that ten active members left know this?? do not worry they will all know soon!
If as you say you are still asking VICTIMS for money, then you are as bad as any scammer! and do not deserve to have an anti-scam site anymore!

And just for the spiders Did I mention that LOTTA and CALAMITY JANE are the same person? and is an eater administrator and also a mod On internet love scams??
So tell me how long has eater been running the alliance now??

This is called arse crawling! and shows them in their true light!

This is only the start of their problems!

They do not want anyone to know that while they were making statements about how expensive it was to run the alliance support sites to justify the asking of VICTIMS for money, a most despicable act, supported by some members here. Who have been proved to be wrong! But have NOT had the guts or decency to apologize for being so obviously wrong!

Even the mentally unstable admins have themselves finally admitted that I was right and this should NEVER have taken place! by now taking the donation bit off the sites !

While this was going on
Aldavor was busy spending money on new sites !! (may be some of the donated money from the VICTIMS?)

And it is interesting to see who the members are who have sold their integrity for a mod or supermod badge!!

Many people condemn the mods on eater for being complicit in the things that are going on there by knowing about them, but not having the guts or integrity to stand up to them and for going along with the bad things, knowing full well that they are evil,
Well we have the same thing happening on the alliance sites! Some members are doing exactly the same thing even though I have proven beyond any doubt that the management is lying to them and deceiving the members! some even criticize me for standing up to the alliance lairs!
This is called arse crawling! and shows them in their true light!

It seems the lure of a mod or super mod badge has deadened their conscience! Yet the facts and the truth cannot be altered by them!
and will continue to be there for all to see!

Here are some of the sites that Aldavor (the man of no honour) has set up using this money that was supposed to be for the support sites.

www.aldavor .org.
www.aldavore .com
They are parked at the moment.

He is preparing for the closure of some of the alliance sites as the membership has all but gone! due to their lies and installing mentally unstable and alcoholic people into positions of authority!
This is on sites like and

(put here, so the spiders can pick them up and yet more people will see what a man of no honour is like!)

Why have so MANY members left in disgust??

I find it kind of revealing that I was de modded for deleting a couple of posts when I genuinely thought a member was in trouble just to protect him and Manchy has been demodded for what reason I know not!
I was never a great fan of his, but he did NOT abuse his power as these two are!
Yet Goodi and mak are running rampant and deleting en mass not only members posts but admins posts as well and yet they are still mods ?? Goodi is also threatening members with things that were soundly condemned when twinkimans goons did the same thing!!

Could this tell us anything?? like they are being protected ?? by an admin who should not be here??

Several members have expressed dismay over this blatant abuse of power yet nothing has been done?? WHY??
You are asking for answers to what is going on and it is right in front of your faces!

See my other post, where I have offered yet again!! to send you the entire skype chat! but you have not made any arrangements to see this!
yet you continue to allege that I made it up?? Do NOT try and twist your words, you have made several attempt to state that you think I made it up using notepad !! yet are afraid to see it in full, so as to prove that I did NOT make it up, as you well know!

Yet you are afraid to see it for yourself?? Why?

You are good at throwing allegations around, but scared to see the genuine truth!

Would you find out it is true and also contains a lot more info, that an alliance lackey would want to keep quiet? or try to disprove?? or would you find your name on there??

For someone who keeps on saying he does not care about any of this you are spending a vast amount of time and effort on it!! and trying your best to discredit me! why is this??
Why did YOU not offer ANY proof when I called you out?? yet just went back to your standard "I do not care " routine !!

If someone calls you out and you do not answer it, what does this do for YOUR credibility ?? answer =NOTHING, you are shown up as an alliance tool. Sorry you are backing the wrong team, as they will let you down just as they have done to so many who trusted them! this is their nature!

You keep asking for definite proof, yet will NOT believe or investigate it ! when it is put in front of you! I can only post the truth, if you refuse to believe it then you obviously have a reason ! and this is your problem !
why are you supporting and have a total submission to the alliance admins who have lied to everyone and twisted the truth to all their members?
This cannot be denied any longer, MORE that enough proof has been given!
even a total idiot could see this !

If you do not want to believe I cannot force you to, but if you continue to oppose me for your own glory and still refuse to offer any proof of your own, do not be surprised when I retaliate, to your disadvantage !

So come on, try me!! put up or shut up!!

Others have done so and have been convinced when they have received it, why not you?
Are you afraid that you would see that it is genuine and have to apologize??

MANY questions for you, but you continue to avoid answering them!! are you so afraid of upsetting the alliance admins??? how about some answers instead of just saying you do not care ??

check out my sig line! even aldavor (the man of no honour) was forced into a humiliating backdown when he said I had lied!!

Thank you Bruce! my whole opposition against the alliance admins has been to prove that they lie! Now we have a long time opponent of mine saying EXACTLY the same thing!

THEY LIED to you as well! The whole issue has been to expose them as liars and this I have done and it has now been confirmed by you, Is THIS proof enough for you! YOUR own words??

Now that it has been established that what I have been saying all along, that the admins are liars, what else have they lied about??
How about the real reason for my ban?? AND that of others who were also innocent??
Yes they have lied to everyone about a whole lotta things!

I rest my case having conclusively proved it now!
"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."
Theodore Roosevelt

Funny then, how it is you lot that have lost a site and MANY of your members! who have walked away in disgust after seeing what idiots you lot are!

Why have so MANY members left in disgust?? because you lot lied to them as you are doing on here!.

As I have now proved my point, you are of no further use, as you have served your purpose
 doing what I wanted you to do !!

 Their ? I think this indicates MORE than one !

My point proven, they lie!!

This is NOT about me lying and NO I have never lied to one of our members as they have, As an admin I believe I have a responsibility to our members and so would not intentionally lie to any of them!
The alliance admins however do lie to their members!! and this is why a lot of their members have left!
Via their lackeys they are STILL lying as they do not have the guts to face me on the Ranter (happy now nohope)?

No, what you are about to post is incorrect, I am NOT afraid to face you!!
You are just not worth anything anymore. when you decide to act like a proper mod and replace all the posts you deleted then we will talk!. until then I am NOT interested, you have served your purpose!

Bye loser!
yes I am laughing at you for being such a MUGU!!

the next section of the skype chat

I think ALL the admins are out of the loop!

However yet again I will explain, The alliance is a name that has been given to the original four sites that are run by aldavor (the man of no honour)
they are
scambaits,com. run by a mental cripple, thunderchild.
Internet love scams. now reduced to begging for money FROM victims!
And a site that has closed down due to the incompetence of the admins,called anti419academy.
There is another site now, internet friends run by the same losers
Makdrizzle can tell you more about this, as he is a supermod on there I believe!

The question was asked some time ago as to whether eater was a part, I think that now the answer is yes, they have influence in the alliance as they have an eater admin 'lotta' on the alliance as a mod called calamity jane,
You will see in the next section of the skype chat, that thunderchild admits to this, thereby confirming that what I have said about her is true!

But, fell foul of the ego's of the alliance admins and the eater mods and admins! and so were subjected to massive character assassination, if they dared to question why they were so unfairly treated! (sound familiar?)

So this proves that you are wrong yet again! (yes your apology will be considered)

I have quoted MANY times what my goal is, but for those who cannot seem to understand plain English here it is again.

My goal is to expose the alliance admins for lying to their members, and to the members of theRanter and others!

This will I hope, help prevent other innocent members of their sites from being subjected to the same crap, that they have put forth about myself and others, whose only crime was to work hard to the best of their ability to help promote and assist the anti- scam sites to prosper!
But, fell foul of the ego's of the alliance admins and the eater mods and admins! and so were subjected to massive character assassination, if they dared to question why they were so unfairly treated! (sound familiar?)

If honest people, who see the truth about them support my goal, then it will make it easier for many other's to avoid signing up with these cretins and thereby not being subject to the same sort of thing being done to them!

The MASSIVE loss of membership on sites like scambaits,com and the low levels of new members and posts, show that I have been VERY successful, despite some people who do not have the intelligence to admit the truth when it is put in front of them!

This is the first part of my goal and it has nearly come to an end as it has been so successful!

Re the nursery rhymes, that you seem so upset about as you keep on mentioning them!
While you continue to answer many of my posts with negative garbage, Then I will continue to answer yours with the same!
Again as I have stated MANY times! if you treat me as a fool then I will treat you the same! your choice. I really do not mind!

If you want it to stop this is very easy, stop answering my posts with crap! It makes absolutely no difference to me as I will continue whether you or others oppose me or not, all it does is waste your time and mine! so the solution is up to you!

many infractions he has posted

Could very well be! have you seen how many infractions he has posted and how he picks on innocent Whitetrash?
Who is such a lovable fellow!

@Mancha, despite what a source says, the word 'spam' has been used and recognized on the internet and continue's to be used as a term for unwanted advertisements and messages for unwanted things, generally for sale! I think you would agree!
There are countless words that are in popular usage, that are not technically correct but are used in everyday usage and are recognised by most people! the word 'spam' is I beleive one of these?

Indeed wikipedia says this in describing 'spam' note that along with ONE reference to internet forum spam, it shows eight other uses for the name!

ONE technical use for the word may be as you say, but it usually refers to the things I mentioned and in popular speech is recognized as such. ergo I was correct in my usage of the term! In popular terminology!
So no apology is needed.

If you are so concerned with the
correct things, then I would suggest that you ask mak to apologise for his outright lie to the members, as there is NO despute that he did this, even mak has NOT denied saying it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

My incontinence.

Yes, I pooped myself, but so would YOU if YOU , were in my situation. I was a little gassy that day and it was really a slart, so it's not like I just out and out crapped myself. I let one loose ,or thought I did , and before you know it,I had a full diaper. At my age, I should never trust a fart. Well, lesson learned,and it's one for the younger folks who read this blog.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

mud that is covering everything.

Thank you. The businessman has about two million dollars worth of machinery under water.

He has been informed by the insurance company that they will not be covering anyone in that area as it was under water in the 1974 floods. ??

So he is uncertain if he will continue, If he decides to carry on It will involve a few of us working for probably three months or so to see if we can save and re-condition the machinery.

Fortunately there are many willing volunteers to help sweep out and water blast the mud that is covering everything.

Once they have finished, we can go and start on the equipment if he decides to re- start.

I have worked many years on these types of machines so all being well I can assist him to fix them cheaply.

Many air pistons and hydraulic rams and valves will have to be stripped down and repaired. if the pistons and shafts etc become pitted due to rust it tends to damage the seals, so they need to be fixed. There are some hot melt glue machines as well and they usually require new cartridge elements and sensors etc, a time consuming job.

@Joe a surprising post, Most of your members are decent people, so why the surprise that they would express concern? I have had messages of concern and support from many of the forums I am a member on. The news about the floods is broadcast to many nations so may members are aware of it.

I don't mind him being a member so long as he isn't barking at the dirty one.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

something really to be concerned about.

Man V Mother Nature score Mother Nature 1 Man 0. Lets all remember who's boss , I think the thing SEQ needs to worry about is if a cyclone actually hits this area, then we would have something really to be concerned about.

insult and derogatory comments

Many thanks for all the inquiries as to whether the flood affected me, they are appreciated.
As I live near the top of a hill and my house is up on stumps I have been fortunate to avoid any water problems. Apart from water running freely under the house and soggy grass underfoot.

Sadly many others in Queensland have lost everything, even the real Nurse Nasty was flooded out.

It will take a long time for those unfortunate enough to have been affected to get back on their feet. There are some collections for the flood victims and many have been generous, but I fear that the need will far outweigh the available funds.

I was helping a business yesterday that was flooded out, the water came up to shoulder height and the poor guy was devastated. Many have volunteered their time and it is heartening to see the community gather round to assist those in need.

Thanks again for your concerns and kind thoughts. AL.

Unfortunately in such a crisis the best AND the worst comes out in people.

Brock you remind me of those low lifes who are looting in Queensland.

Anything for their own benefit eh?

Brock, I am sure those who were unfortunate enough to lose everything, even the lives of their loved ones in this disaster will appreciate your attitude. I certainly do not.

I do a serious post and you use it to to make smartarse comments. SAD.

Exactly. Check his reply to my post.

Why the insult and derogatory comments to a sincere and serious post about the tragedy that many have suffered through.
His reply was totally uncalled for and inappropriate. As a senior poster I would have expected more from him.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unfortunately over 125,000 homes lost power, I will see if I can contact her. I think she is on a satellite link, this may have gone down?

pictures in public of the members of tR from their private area after agreeing that they would be secret.

A clear admission by Soyl.

Hey Chandy, why not tell them about the other links you have posted?

Why not tell them about the hacking you have been doing to members as well.

Why not tell them about the win 32, 2006 Key Logger links you posted and the other virus ones?

Hey Chandy you forgot to explain why you posted pictures in public of the members of tR from their private area after agreeing that they would be secret.

Hey Chandy, Would you care to tell the ranter folk what you have been doing to their website?

We know.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

working with slightly

WARNING Soyl is posting many links that will compromise your pc if you click on them. Remember he is a pissed off IT tech for the Kerala public works department and is working with slightly to undermine some people.

The virus he is using have been identified as those that were used by eater to attack and hack people. Click on anything from him at your own risk.

It is time to wake up to his tactics.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Brisbane is being evacuated due to flooding !! Power is being cut off! This is more of a disaster than that time when I

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am just after the truth and justice

The word Alliance was made up to identify the following sites and is generally used to describe these sites only.
Scambaits, Fraudwatchers, internet love scams, and a site by invitation only called Anti 419 academy (A4)(previously scamwatchers,) as has been explained on "the truth" blog.

This info has been posted in here before, but a while back, so it may not have been remembered!
As I understand it: ils and a4 are owned by Witch and all are run by Aldavor! No doubt they will post if this is not exactly correct?

That is if they are still answering me or have they put me on ignore? as I expected them to do about two weeks ago? A standard response to a Troll, however I am not a troll I am just after the truth and justice. so this method will not work.
Even they must have realized by now, that every time they go Al bashing it results in further damage to the credibility of their sites!
This I hope will result in them not laying false accusations against future members !

I do not believe that the sites per se, are allied with eater but there are senior members in both camps! Who are working in secret.
As proven by the secrecy about Lotta/ Calamity Jane and why This was such a sensitive issue!
You have seen the almost panic reaction to her being exposed! and the frenetic posting by senior management on here and "the truth blog" when I revealed this info, even bringing Varod/ knightly out into the open to do some Al bashing! This from one who prefers to stay in the background!

As I am only telling the truth, their only reaction can be to try and portray me as a nutcase , so that I will not be believed! as the last thing they want is for the honest truth to be revealed!
You Add It up for yourself and ask why?

getting a little rattled

As I was never a member of the three not so private "private" forums that everyone on tR denied existed, is it ok if I post about them?

Would that make me an "Uber secret, Trolling, Pirate"

Hey Soyl, you are getting good at posting fake photochopped SS, that are supplied by your white supremist masters. WOW are they pissing themselves at your stupidity in doing their dirty work for them and being their lackey!

I bet your fellow Indians are very ashamed of you now, as you betray your countrymen on a daily basis.

I will have a look and see what we can do with your posts regarding Simon Templar. Live in a fantasy world do you?

Good to see that your HERO is a WHITE man, but of course we all know that you support the Afrikaner Broederbond who are against YOUR fellow countrymen and women.

Soyl WHY do YOU post things in support of the harassing of innocent children ?

My, My, Soyl getting a little rattled are you? Maybe I could find a friend who is good with photo chopping? how about I do exactly the same to you as you are trying to do to me, but with a lot of information about you supporting pedophiles and the African Broederbond etc? Sounds fair to me.

Hey Soyl I thought you publically stated that you would not post about me again? could this be another of your lies?

The Saint would NOT be pleased would he?

You have been told Soyl that many eater members are pissed off and are passing along a LOT of information. Not so good when others know who you are and have information about you is it.

Why do you continue to lie? first of all it it YOU eater guys who say I have been kicked out five or six times but as this is a lie no evidence has ever been produced. I have NEVER said I have been kicked out five or six times . I have stated the truth and said that I was banned for defending a female mentee from a eater member who was threatening other female eater members by sending them death threats. I have copies of all the messages.

I also re joined and was again banned, this time, as I explained to Nurse nasty was to find a mole who was passing information to eater from scambaits and back again. I found this mole, it was Lotta, who was using the name Calamity Jane on scambaits, As I exposed her treachery she has had it in for me since.

The fake screen shot that you first posted was supposed to be from "Volk Sanctum " As you now say YOU took them then YOU must belong to the Afrikaner Broederbond " as only the members there are invited to Volk Sanctum. OR it is a fake?

So according to you either you are lying when you say you took the SS, or you are lying when you say there is no Volk Sanctum ?

Volk sanctum I do not remember Mak being in it?

I said before that I had rejoined eater, it is you who keeps saying that I was banned five or six times? More lies that you repeat from your eater white supremist masters. If this was so then I am sure your masters would have been eager to post all about it at the time but ..NOTHING.

Soyl you have continuously lied about me since you came onto tR and have continued to do the bidding of your white masters as a tool. I think it is about time you woke up to what you are being used for.

You have made countless claims, all of which I have answered, yet you cannot answer any of my questions. But just run away like the low life you are.When I prove a point beyond any doubt you are not man enough to admit it, but keep on with the same old crap.

Soyl you are a liar a coward and a piece of shit.

You do not have the guts to stand up and give your own opinion, as it may upset your masters on eater who have filled you with obvious crap so you are a coward.

I have answered all your questions, but you are too stupid to believe the truth, so you will be held responsible for this. I will not be bothered to answer you on here as you are just trolling this forum and contribute nothing of any relevance. Everything you post about me is a lie so you can just dream on by yourself. I will now put MORE effort into exposing the eater cretins of which you are one.

It means "Be Strong"

and is used by the members of 'The Afrikaner Broederbond' to greet each other etc.

I have stated that I was never officially a member of the eater 'cleared' area.

I have neither denied nor admitted that I have access now.

The list of mods on eater is here from a few days ago, I have not bothered to check today.




Ima Baeder



Juan Freizwidatt



Nurse Nasty



Scam Patroller

Seven of Nine



This is very good of you to consider our plain stupid members, So tell me can it be slowed down enough for Nomad to be able to understand it?

a whole heap of Ip's used byTBAKL, all in the same block.

He is a bit slow you know. I think C- way only keep him around as a kindness for the unfortunates in our society.

T C spelt backwards is C T
Interesting. Someone tried to hack into one of my email accounts yesterday.

Details are: IP=
Location: United States [City: Newport News, Virginia]
I guess they are running scared now.

My My. Someone is VERY scared!! Another failed hacking attempt on yet another email account of mine from: IP= Three days ago.
Location: United States [City: Media, Pennsylvania] Who lives in Pennsylvania?? I wonder if he is using the university pc to HACK with?

These are the types of cretins I have been exposing for a long time,
Now they are actively trolling AMB with one aim, to disrupt this forum.

Their true character is now revealed.
Oh Uh. Guess who has many Ip numbers in the same block as the hacker?
Location: United States [City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Location: United States [City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]


Just a couple, I have a whole heap of Ip's used byTBAKL, all in the same block.

Care to explain Patrick? I wonder if the uni would approve?

Like was said, the P Shaman would not stand for any nonsense!

I hear you like statistics Patrick. Do you like these?

I wonder if everyone knows that you were boasting recently about how you had SKILLS and it would be easy to hack into my PC? " Just get one password and then the rest would be easy" You said.

I think HACKING is illegal in Pennsylvania and would not go down well with certain employers?

And another failed attempted hack five hours ago:


Location: United States [City: Humble, Texas]

Seems like I have upset some liars.

Its ok Manchy I have reported these hacking attempts to, abuse and to as they are in breach of their TOS as well as illegal.

I will wait and see what they suggest first.


Poor little brown monkey Soyl, doomed to wander the forums looking for one that will accept him as an equal. it will never happen, as everyone thinks of him as a taint licking crawler.

Another fool who thought that if he crawled and joined in with the Al bashing he would be accepted, yet all who know him laugh at him.

Poor low cast Soyl, Eaters little "messenger", tR's little plaything and AMB's little toyboy who comes running in response to any post about him.

Here is Soyls main claim to fame: OK. I am brain damaged. Now spell it out.

The sad part is that in real life Soyl does have a small mental problem, so it is rather stupid of him to attack anyone online.

a defiler of innocent women

It is quite amazing the information I have on many members of tR.

You are quite correct. I seriously doubt if this is the real Danny boi. There are several things wrong with "HIS" posts. Nice try though by the impostor to get more posts on AMB. And to draw me out.

Also his real name is Daniel BERNER.

However in case he is watching, I have a message for him below.

 Lisa you already know the answer to this question.

It is called compassion.

If in the future, some one scammed one of your children and they turned to an anti-fraud site for help, should we help or say "who he fucks and who he hurts is his business."?

Regardless of who they are, if a victim asks a scambaiter for help or indeed another human being, then that cry for help should not go unanswered.

When we support or not oppose a scammer and a defiler of innocent women then we are the same as they are.

No one has asked you for any assistance in this case, but it is unethical as a senior person on a website to encourage the scammers and cheats to flourish.

You have a free choice to take your own path.

But you do not care about this site or its members, or you would not allow a confirmed scammer and confirmed sex pervert to post his crap on here. Let alone support him.

For once Lisa take a stand and do what you know is the right thing.

You accepted the position, now use it to stop a known criminal from posting his lies and crap all over this forum.

Lisa you show as a super moderator AND as an administrator.

Although permissions can be altered on vBulletin by the super admin or owner, your positions would have more power than rep ability.

Otherwise what is the point of appointing an admin?

Do not forget that I am an admin and license owner on other sites and I have access to many things regarding both vBulletin and phpp systems.

@Mike R. A scam baiter is a volunteer who "baits" scammers and assists their victims. They do a brilliant job with limited numbers and save the potential victims many millions of Dollars and have also helped victims in many ways.

Two of the best sites that the baiters work from are and

So Tiny Dan who are you this week? Are you Daniel Berner or Michael Rosewell? Or maybe one of the other names you use to steal with?

I hear your Mother weeps with shame when anyone mentions your name in the small village you come from, as she is so ashamed of having a whelp like you who is a lying turd.

Go for it Tiny Dan.

There is only one picture of me anywhere on the internet and it has already been used by some other retards. One more showing will not make much difference.

However I have lots of photo's of you that you have posted on various parts of the internet to help you scam with.

Quick Tiny Dan. Get this house photograph to some of the eater lackeys, as they are convinced that THEY have a picture of my house and it looks nothing like this one.

Give it to the monkeyman Soyl, as he posted one version of what he claims is my house in his signature, He even posted a fake address as well.

Even Lotta, an admin on eater is breaking their own rules and posts under her avatar the address that she mistakenly believes is mine, despite their own rules stating that they will ban anyone who does this type of thing.

Feel free to join these loonies as they make fools of themselves.

Why not tell us all about how you were DEPORTED from Manila after being exposed as a sex pervert? Tell us all about how you were shown on TV babbling ?

Hey I know, Tiny Dan, why not tell everyone that I live near the Gold Coast that should narrow the search down to,oh, about four or five million people.

a class act like Manchy

Why would a class act like Manchy demean himself to go slumming with the retards on tR?

Why are you over here Ayup, you get tired of the sliced bread thread on tR?

I don't take any, did you forget yours Patrick?

I was kinda hoping that 'Sexuallove' was a female!

Hi Fake Vinnie. I do find it amusing that some retards think that I am concerned about Vinnie, especially eatyo/Biggles he seems to think that the mention of the vinnie's name will affect me in some sort of way.

What most of the retards do not know is that I have about sixty messages between Vinnie and myself and he has apologized for any hurt he did me and he has now retired from the "baiting" scene,

So fire away losers. You can make yourselves look even more foolish. ROTFLMAO.

they have banned the very people that could have got their site up and running properly.

I could post there with such scintillating subjects as how to line bread up properly, Always a sure fire winner with the mentally challenged members there.

To really get them excited, I could actually do it with TOASTED bread.

I am sure this would result in them getting all excited and in a posting frenzy.


Can you just imagine the sheer thrill they would have with such a revolutionary theme as this?

The latest riveting thread is all about Eggnog! Oh the joy of reading about idiots trying to look intelligent is almost too much to bear. LOL

It could be true as I may actually be too intelligent to post on a site where the mods abuse their powers to alter and /or remove posts at their whim.

I do not care to check, but as far as I know, I am not banned on tR and was even invited back there by TBAKL recently.

Why, if I was ever foolish enough to post on there again I could be dog piled on just like they are doing to Soyl. TSK TSK.

Where have your pals gone Soyl?

Hey What does "Soyl = testicophiliac" mean?

Why would one of your "friends" say this to you?

How about "You really don't know how this place works do you boy." Why would a "friend" call you a BOY??
Or maybe this "Soyl fail, please try again"

Not really impressing anyone are you Soyl?

I take it that Soyl is not overburdened with intelligence then?

I hope he posts some more that show where he says he is brain damaged, I liked that one. LOL

Hey Manchy if slightlyoutofit offers you any tissues, decline his offer if you want to avoid contacting Swine flue fever.

"Good post" Max. Now can you fix my chat function as it has never worked right since I joined?

I can receive messages but cannot send them.

Sigh, anything for a quiet life, Now repeat after me " Good Post"

keep repeating it and you too can qualify as a tR lackey.

Interesting to see tR so short of admins that they are reduced to making a druggi one!!

Hi Goodi do the members there know you are an admin called "SANDY"

OOPS they do now. LOL.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my bad books

I did not answer that question regarding the Anus laptops as it did not concern me, as I was not involved in any of it. However I am not aware that he used illegal logo's on it, if he did then I would be asking him why. I have NOT called you a thief nor have I said anything about your website stealing form anyone. I try to be word specific so do not twist my words to suit your point of view. Yes you are entitled to an answer on this, I was wondering where the police station fits into things when you state you used your real address in your registration? Did you use the police station as the address for the Original registration?Again you try to twist my words I said = "I am very interested in how you use your website to bait from, maybe there is potential for us to work on another angle. can you give me some details ? thanks. AL." Again I was word specific and was ASKING you how it might be used for other angles. I NEVER said it was for money stealing. however yes, there are illegal elements in it, for example your use of illegal logo's that you have confirmed. Do not twist what I say and put your words into my mouth. You are correct it would not be a good idea to be in my bad books.


you are welcome to have a go at me.

@TP, I held back from responding as you were off line, but now I would like to ask you why you did not answer the questions about the logo's you posted on your site?

You did not answer the question of why you used a fake registration for your ORIGINAL registration.

The questions posted by Will Konsider are valid ones and you asked for us to be direct, however you have avoided answering his and others questions.

You have requested that we handle this like adults and so we are, but I would like to say that blade is a VERY respected baiter and member of TSB and other sites.
She does a lot of excellent work in many advanced area's and I do feel that your comment about growing up is out of order.

She is a lady of the highest integrity and I would ask you in a friendly way to not overstep yourself in your remarks about her. If you feel like lashing out, then you are welcome to have a go at me.

There are legitimate questions that have been put to you, regarding the legality of parts of your website and the potential for some of the registration details to hamper relations with leo and other innocent third parties. It is only fair that you be given the opportunity to put your side of things and to clear up any irregularities that seem to be there.

victimizing of an innocent man and his children, By posting a picture of his house so he can be harassed!

The avatar has been removed and for this I thank max.

It has been unfortunate that I had to take these actions to protect my reputation, from some one who was using a stolen picture of me to attempt to defame me.

I have not initiated any actions, but I feel justified in taking action to protect myself from these attacks by the eater lackeys. And I will continue to do whatever it takes to defend myself, as is the right of everyone to do so.

I hope we can now put this behind us and help AMB to grow with truth and fairness to ALL the members.

Soyl as a Little brown man, how did it feel to find out that the eater you support is being run by a white supremist group and that you are now working for them?

Did they inform you of this when you joined?

Did they tell you that you would be actively working for

The Afrikaner Broederbond, as one of their slaves? 

We are waiting for your comments Soyl and an explanation of why YOU also support the victimizing of an innocent man and his children, By posting a picture of his house so he can be harassed!

You seem afraid to answer questions involving eater, why is this?

We are waiting for your comments Soyl and an explanation of why YOU also support the victimizing of an innocent man and his children, By posting a picture of his house so he can be harassed!

Still waiting Soyl. Why are you so afraid to answer questions regarding eater? 

It seems that this thread is infected with TBAKL one of the lowest forms of life in the universe. A pile of fail who cannot keep his word but welshes on it.

Let us pity this poor creature, who is destined to crawl among the cockroaches of the eater forum, despised by normal decent humans who keep Their word.
While this loathsome sub human can only look up from the gutter and wish that it too was respected.

Alas it has shown its true colours and proven that it is not worthy to be among men of integrity and honesty.
Any foul creature that welshes on its word is to be pitied, for it is indeed one of gods lowest creatures.

a members real life, photo chopped picture, to be displayed on this forum after it was stolen from my pc by a hacker is also not funny.

I tend to agree. Yet in this case there is no Dual. Max has indeed lied to the members and is not acting as a person of integrity would.

As an administrator, it is reasonable to expect him to stick to his word, This he has not done.

The allowing of a members real life, photo chopped picture, to be displayed on this forum after it was stolen from my pc by a hacker is also not funny.

Max seems to want to allow this, after stating publicly that he would NOT allow it.

I am astounded that he see's fit to condone this action by refusing to stick to his word.

Does he then agree with the illegal hacking of a members computer?

I would have thought it not unreasonable to ask him to stick to his word?

Then stick by your word and remove the avatar. If as you state he is a banned member then surely this is easily justified?

Insults will not remove the stigma that you lie to your members.
And you are NOT a man of your word.

Piss weak excuses for breaking your word will not wash, You are either a man of honour or a weak willed lying cretin. which is it?

Lets look at one of these so called "LONG bitch-session" pm's

"Hi, I reported a post by " the big AL keylogger"
I notice that you have removed the personal details of a member from view.
I would like to ask that you remove and stop 'the big AL keylogger'
from posting a stolen picture of me in his avatar.

This picture was stolen from my PC by a fellow baiter who put a
keylogger on my pc in retaliation for me telling the truth about some

This real life picture of me WAS not put on the web by me nor
authorized by me in any way. It was STOLEN by a low life. I would be
grateful if it was permanently removed from use by him. Thank you. AL

As anyone can see it is a reasonably SHORT pm!!!! but explains the situation quite adequately. As max seems to be unable to grasp what I was asking in this clear pm I did explain it again in similar words, these then are the LONG winded explanations that he finds so hard to read, yet he seems to be able to read my posts ok on here?

My request was polite and reasonable as well as fair, yet Max chose to make a big issue out of it and lie to the members. One wonders why? 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

until the meet in Clacton (more about this later)

When I first joined the alliance it was a well run site, with many references by the management to the fact that it was run on democratic lines and was FOR THE MEMBERS!
This proved to be the case until the meet in Clacton (more about this later)
After the meet, a change took place and the alliance suddenly became the copy of eater in the way it was run!
As you have seen with Banning, harassing, slapping noobs and all those things that eater is infamous for, all the while the management were still saying that it was run for the members (democratic) by the members.

However when I was attacked by a fellow member (who later apologized as he had misunderstood)
I asked for some clarification as it had become ridiculous, for when ever I posted anything it was attacked by the admins (democratic hey) ?? I received a pm from Thunderchild (you lot started posting pms) Where amongst his usual sarcastic and insulting sayings that he is well known for, being the best he can do when upset!
Came this revelation, that explained so much and proved beyond doubt that either he was lying or the management were!

re more crit'icism
re more crit'icism
Ok management, -Please advise what i do when confronted by more of this ?as i get threatened by you if i defend myself.?
Yet comments like this are allowed to be made on this and other forums?
Can we have some official guidelines to cover this sort of thing?? or is it ok for some members to do it but not for others?

You know, reality and the grasp thereof is not a very big strong point with you is it?

i get threatened by you if i defend myself.?

No you do not. You get told off for being an idiot and dumping non-Alliance crap on OUR forum. You did that on SB and have been told off for it. Deal with it.

Yet comments like this are allowed to be made on this and other forums?

You will notice that the post was removed. Next time you take objection to someone's very accurate remarks, USE THE REPORT BUTTON instead of spitting out yet more shit on the forum.

Can we have some official guidelines to cover this sort of thing?? or is it ok for some members to do it but not for others?

This forum is run by RULE not democracy. If you do not like how this site is run, ask an Admin to close your account and leave us all in peace.

or is it ok for some members to do it but not for others?

When you become a thorn in people's sides for being a trouble-maker, you will find that many others will never take you seriously. If you can't handle the occasional snyde remark, push off somewhere else.

I would be happy to see your reply, but I do not expect you have the intellectual capacity to even comprehend this message, nor the intelligence to reply in a cohearant manner.

I do however wish you the very best of luck with now that has been taken over by ... no wait, I'm not even going to tell you who the site is being run by now... I imagine you will find that out on your own.

I have included the whole pm as they would only try and justify their position by saying that it was not complete!
This part is the one of interest:

This forum is run by RULE not democracy. If you do not like how this site is run, ask an Admin to close your account and leave us all in peace.
So there you have it from his own mouth that there IS NO DEMOCRACY on sb! yet more lies again! SEIG HEIL HERR THUNDERCHILD!!

Oh and you may find it interesting to check out his spelling! you may note he put part of the word as RANT? it should be coherent!!

afraid of the ranter idiots

Re Bucket, it is sad to see that some people have to lie about others and post those lies , to curry favor with those who they think are their pals, but in reality are just idiots.

I was hopeful that Bucket was genuine, but she proved that her so called conversion was a sham in a similar way that goodi's "conversion " to Christianity was also a scam.

In the case of bucket, it was easy to ask her to do the right thing, to see if she was genuine, but alas her conversion was just another scam and she failed a simple test.

It is interesting to note that despite a lot of pressure I put on her she was still too afraid of the ranter idiots to do the right thing, it would have been very simple indeed for her to remove the hate posts. but she chose to do everything except remove them.

If she had been a bit smarter and removed the hate posts then she could very well have succeeded in her attempt to fool the members of AMB. However this would have put her in the position of admitting that the lies she posted about me were in fact lies and orchestrated by the idiots, so she chose to be ridiculed herself rather than admit they were lies by removing them .

It was probably dreamed up by the idiots who run tR as they are so short of things to post.

in the ass.

Yes you are and it is confirmed by your own words.

Oh what happened to the sweetness and light of the NEW improved you? It did not last long eh? 3 days at my count.

When you come on a forum and lie and deceive the members then it will come back and bite you in the ass.

not fit to be in the presence of decent people.

Bucket why are you lying to everyone?
Note this is not old news, not eater related etc so you cannot rely on your tired old sayings but have to stand on your own feet and explain why you are lying to and trying to scam us all.

Such a simple thing to do, to remove the derogatory posts so why are you so afraid to do it?
Have you been ordered not to do so by the others?
In the time you have taken to answer my questions it could have been done and then you would have been supported, instead you chose to continue to lie.

Bucket you are a confirmed LIAR and your conversion is a trick 
 So why are you lying to everyone? Your opinion of me is irrelevant as you are a confirmed LIAR.

I thought you said you wanted to be a good AMB member but you are lying to us all.

You want to scam your way jnto pretending to have changed, but your actions tell us all it is a sham.

You speak of Character, yet it is YOU who is lying and trying to deceive the members.
What to expect from me ?
I will continue to ask you why you showed YOUR true lack of Character by LYING to the members on AMB.

Character is doing the right thing, NOT lying, and it is standing up for what you believe in Not trying to scam others by LIES and deceit.

You started your posts on here with lies and you continue to lie to the members.

You are not fit to be in the presence of decent people.

A person of good character would NOT lie to the members like you have. You are despicable and can only continue to propagate your lies. You are a person of no morals or ethics. 

2010 was a terrible year

2010 was a terrible year for the eater retards. Just wait until they see what 2011 will bring for them.

lies from the beginning,

So nothing has changed, as you have only dogpiled on me with your lies from the beginning, As you did the bidding of the ranter idiots. Now you try to pretend you have changed, but fall at the first trial of proof.

Bucket you are a confirmed liar and your conversion is a total scam.

Bucket needs to stop sucking up to others and think for herself. And stop lying to the AMB members.
Bucket you are a LIAR. And a tool of the Ranter idiots.

As a human being you fail. 

no rage nor hate but a sad disappointment

Hopefully you will follow, as we do not want a lying ranter lackey on here.

If you want to repair our relationship ( DID WE EVER HAVE ONE? ) then you have to do the right thing and set the record straight,

Your continuing failure to do such a simple thing proves that your conversion is a sham.

You are a liar and a low life scammer and you continue to prove it by your feeble attempts to deceive us all.

You lie and go back on your word even as you pretend to be doing the right things.

Why would I be interested in being friends with such a liar? This has nothing to do with past eater wars, but with you lying to us all and pretending to be a repentant member when you have no intention of being one.

It is easy to prove yourself, just remove the old offensive posts, something you are reluctant to do as you are not sincere in your "conversion" it is all a ploy as we have found out. 

You stated that you would remove the derogatory posts then you said you would not, ergo you are a Liar.
Very simple, very straight forward you LIED to me and the members on here. So you are a confirmed LIAR.

You are a scammer, as you are trying to scam the members on here by stating that you want to change, yet you are not prepared to do the things to prove it. Ergo you are scamming us.

You can easily prove your intentions, by removing the derogatory posts as you STATED THAT YOU WOULD.

Again you prove my point.

Bucket, you are a confirmed LIAR. Your so called conversion is a sham and you are a person of no ethics. I would be ashamed to call you a friend.  

Nice try to deflect the issue bucket. There is no rage nor hate but a sad disappointment that you choose to try to deceive us by lying yet again while pretending to be changing.

It does not matter what slant you try to put on things, the FACTS are that I called your bluff and showed that you are lying.

Re the hate theme it was YOU that started to post lies and untruths in an attempt to dogpile on me. Until you did that I was neutral as far as you were concerned, now you try to lie and deceive us into believing that you want to change, yet you refuse to set the record straight. So who is showing hate ?

Until you do this then as far as I am concerned your are a low down lying scumbag.

I'm here to spread the love, not the hate.
Then do it, and REMOVE the derogatory posts as you said you would before you reneged on your word.

I think that you will not do this, as you are not genuine in your intentions to change, but it is a ploy and a sham perpetrated by a confirmed liar =YOU.

DEEDS dude, NOT useless words.

lies and evasions.

I am interested in why you are lying to the members on here.

Why is this Bucket, Why are you lying in your attempt to portray yourself as a changed person?

Your conversion is a sham and you have failed in your attempt to scam us all.

If you want to be believed then you have to prove to everyone that you are genuine, so far all we have seen are lies and evasions.

Now you can go back and tell the other ranters in the ranter private area, that that bastard Al found you out and exposed you for the liar that you are.

use a false address when registering a website

TP . This is a question that I have also. As a baiter, one of the maxims is to not involve innocent people, how do you reconcile this with using the police station/court house thereby involving them ? Is it legal to use a false address when registering a website?

bullshit conversion

How can you move forward when you will not set the record straight for your past wrongs?

It seems that your bullshit conversion has been found out, if you were genuine you would have no problem is setting the record straight.


I am gay and would sodomise Manchy's daughter.

It was a derogatory remark aimed at me. If you want to be taken seriously, then do the right thing on ALL the slanderous, lying and derogatory posts. REMOVE them.

Otherwise you are just blowing hot air and trying to scam the members on here in the usual ranter way.

Your post was designed to suggest that I am gay and would sodomise Manchy's daughter. Ergo it was propagating another lie.

We are NOT stupid and can see clearly what you meant.

IF you are genuine then, because of your past lying, you need to prove it to us. The evading and side stepping will not cut it. So far you have come across as a fake.

I am not overly religious, but I do believe in the saying "By their DEEDS ye shall know them" NOT by their words, as most ranters are liars in the cause of what they call a laugh.

So far your DEEDS are found wanting. Although you have made cosmetic changes you have yet to do the real actions needed.

IF you are sincere then prove it. Avoiding the issue of your past lies will not impress anyone.

Saying you are sincere as a past liar will not make anyone believe you. DEEDS man, show us what you say is true. 

I say that your so called change of heart is bullshit. You blew it when you followed the traditional ranter ploy of trying to get me to rejoin so you could all dogpile on me.

All I have asked is for you to do the right thing and set the record straight, something you have refused to do, thereby making a mockery of your so called change of heart. You agreed to remove the offending posts and then you renege on your word, therefore you are a person of no morality.

You continue to be a liar and a person of no ethics. A true ranter, so scurry back to your masters on tR and tell them you fail.

No one believes you, as you are not prepared to back up your wishful statements.

Your attempt to deceive the members here has failed dismally.

You say you back me 100% yet will not remove the derogatory posts where you lied.
You are a low life sub human.

Warning!!! Bullshit zone ahead.

OH dear how sad. Soyl BANNED from yet ANOTHER forum. And his pal TBAKL was also BANNED.

 Kudos to you for that. Soyl is disliked on just about every forum he posts on and then he posted a pic in public that was posted in tR private, despite promising that he would abide by their rules.

This is of no relevance coming from some one who is falsely trying to ingratiate himself into the minds of the AMB members by trickery and bullshit.

You were found wanting bucket and will forever remain a pariah, shunned by decent people. 

The very first one I check has not been deleted.
Bucket, ever heard the expression "You are full of bullshit"

Happy new year, here is our first new year Joke, supplied by Bucket the confirmed liar. You all remember him, he was the one who said he wanted to do the right thing by AMB and become a respected member. But sadly he fell at the first hurdle.  

Warning!!! Bullshit zone ahead. 

supposed change of heart?

How could anymore trust what you say when you even lie to me and the members, after your supposed change of heart?

I call BULLSHIT on your 'conversion' when you cannot even start to set things right.

attack me at every opportunity!

U R RITE and having Mak criticize my every post in various threads does not make it less boring for me either!

Ranting and tongue in cheek posts are the norm on here and are to be expected. but when it gets to the stage of personal harrasement as mak is doing, by his constant criticism of almost my every post, then he can only expect a response!

I have put up with more than my fair share of rants against me and this is ok as it is to be expected, and I have taken them in the spirit of the ranter and given as far as I can, a good response !

But I will not let someone harass me just to do some arse crawling to the scambaits admins! Without taking what action I can to stop it!

If he wants to post his thoughts about them and if he wants to support them, then this is ok with me, This is his right, a right he seems to want to take away from others?

To criticize my every post in an attempt to go along with their plan to portray me as crazy will be met with a defense, as would be done by any person of integrity!
When I came onto the ranter I posted a lot about the alliance etc, but I never criticized mak as, up until his attacks on me here, I had no dealings with him as far as I can recall.

However he has taken it upon himself to attack me at every opportunity!
this seemed to start after the alliance admins pulled out of posting on here as it was only damaging them! Mak seems to have taken over from them so falls into the same category! if he continues his attacks then he will be attacked back.

Bruce you and I have had exchanges back and forth and you have taken them in the spirit of the ranter as have I, and many others. But mak has not and has decided to attack me at every opportunity, this will stop!

thunderchild, alvador (the man of no honour) Witch, varod, lady croft, twinkiman and associated cretins. Have all failed to stop me from exposing the truth about them.