Saturday, September 29, 2012

u b shure dat I has wun?

Sadly one of the bad things about the internet are the many virus and other nasties that are being developed in ever growing numbers.

Here are some free anti-virus and anti-malware etc programs to help us.
Most will work together but some may not, so just try them out and uninstall the ones you do not like.

Speeding up your PC and removing rubbish from it. 

Some indications that your Pc security is compromised.

1- Your computer SUDDENLY becomes slower or starts acting strange. This does not happen only after you download a bunch of porn.

2- Some of your emails disappear and you do not remember deleting them. Check your medication first before you panic!

3- Your computer is acting strange or SUDDENLY becomes slower (different from #1)  :lol:

4- You have an uneasy feeling that something is wrong. For instance, you have a clean diaper but you feel like it might be full. You think you sharted but then discover you didn't. Weird!

5- You recently downloaded an attachment and you are uncertain about it. Who hasn't done that?!?!?!

6- Your anti virus scans stop working in mid scan. (very bad sign, as some malware is designed to stop your AV from removing it)

7- The photo you sent to some ladies turns up on the internet and then you start bleating about having been hacked. This can happen when you act like a complete fucking numpty and piss everybody off. :lol:

8- You give your password away and find that someone figures out it works on not only your email but your blog too. This is actually a benefit because then you can start whining about having been hacked.

If in ANY doubt, do some scans and CHANGE your password for EVERYTHING. Don't be a total nob like I was!! :lol:

This thread is to post news about the lads being arrested and looking forward to spending a few years in prison, getting to be close to Big Bubba. It makes a lads day reading about prison.

Dear scammers Big Bubba awaits you in his cosy cell. :lol:

Spain arrests Nigerians in fake lottery letter scam.

Three Nigerians arrested on fraud charge.

u b shure dat I has wun?

Yes you are certainly sick but not rich.

Now JAMES bond, I probably would have believed.


WOW. I have never met a Business merchandise before. :roll:

Daniel Berner who is nicknamed " Tiny Dan " for a defect he has, is shown here prior to his DEPORTATION from Manila for being a sex pervert.

Daniel Berner the known sex pervert. He is older now and dyes his hair to appear younger but he still scams ladies.

I TOLD him to lay of the booze but did he listen? NOOOO! :lol:

Crikey if things get this serious we may need to bring in the "Bundy bears"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The time I ate a bug

Got the goddamn grandkids yesterday. Dummy dropped the off in the morning, said she had to go get her hair and nails done. I was all "Why the fuck can't you take them with you? Get their hair and nails done too." She was having none of that, said if I wanted to pay for it then she would consider it, but she knows goddamn well I'm not paying for anything. Went out for Indian food a few nights ago, got a nice chicken korma and some garlic naan. Half way through the meal I remembered I didn't have any money with me. What else could I do? I waited until I was almost done, then I called the waiter over and told him I found a bug in the korma. He was all "I'm so sorry sir, that is terrible, let me take this away now." I demanded that I get it for free because paying for a bug is just some kind of weird third-world shit, and we don't stand for that here among decent whites. He scurried away like a fucking bug himself. I wiped my chin (hey Punjab Curry Club, cloth fucking napkins, we're not animals here) and stood up to march out of there when out of nowhere the manager stepped in front of me (sneaky bastard). He said I could not leave and that he wanted to see this bug.

I said I ate it. This guy was all "You will need to pay for your dinner. I do not believe there was a bug in your korma so you will not be getting a free meal."

"Really? You want the meal back?" I shouted. I dropped my trousers and started taking a dump right there in the middle of the restaurant. They all started yelling, but nobody stopped me. Pussies.

"Here you go," I said and cut loose a nice juicy wet fart that made everybody gasp and look away in horror, but nothing actually came out. I was just gassy. I took that opportunity to zip up my trousers and sashay the fuck out of there like I just paid for shit. Which I didn't--I paid WITH shit.

So now I'm stuck with these goddamn kids. Dummy never came back for them. I have to keep feeding them cereal because that's all I got. The young one drank my Maalox, which is fucked up because I can feel that korma coming back up on me. She's just rolling around complaining like a bitch. The older one drifted off somewhere, I'm not sure. She's just like her mother. I guess the younger one takes after her father, the drug addict, because he used to roll around on the floor like a bitch too.

In conclusion, family is very important and you should always take care to give your kids good memories.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Went to Dollar Dazzlers

As you know, I am a single man now that my wife of many years has passed on. "Passed on" is just a euphemism for "walked the fuck out and never came back," but I told the neighbors she died because fuck her, and fuck them too. It's none of their goddamn business what goes on inside this house of horrors, and I don't talk them anyway because of the time I accidentally shit on their lawn. I didn't have a baggie to pick it up with so I went inside to get one, but the tv was on and  Cash Cab was on so I stood there watching it for a few minutes before I went back out to clean up my mess, but then I got hungry so I made a sandwich and ate it while standing in the living room watching tv. One thing led to another and I fell asleep on the couch. Next thing I know the neighbor is knocking on the door like a lunatic demanding that I go pick up my poop. Come on, I said, it's not like it's going to get up and walk away. I'm getting to it. Fucking asshole. Just to make my point I left it there for the night and figured I'd clean it up in the morning, but then I looked out and it was gone. I guess that  fucker cleaned it up himself. It's his lawn anyway.

As for my late wife, I hope that bitch comes back home. I sold all her shit on ebay and made some decent cash from it. I want to see the look on her face when she opens that closet and find it full of the newspapers and porn I've been hoarding.

Anyway, I was on the bus, on my way to Dollar Dazzlers, because they really do have some good food bargains. I bring a box with me because I stock the fuck up. This nice lady sat down next to me and I said hello, asked her name, but she didn't respond. I was like, "Hey, come on, I'm single, you're single..." and she just stared straight ahead. You gonna be that way, bitch? I fixed her good though. I let out a nice wet juicy fart, the long kind that comes from deep within the bowels. By this time the bus had filled up so there were no other seats for her to go to, so she had to sit there and breath it in. I started laughing and she looked like she was going to vomit. When it was my stop, I stood up and stuck my ass right in her face. I let out quite a but of liquid shit so I know she got a snoutfull.

Anyway, that Hormel canned chili I bought was fucking great. I got a dozen cans of it. I bought a socket wrench set and some copper wire because that shit was a dollar.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

i am a member of five anti scam forums

Hi all, thank you for allowing me to join your site, i am proud to be a scambaiter , so am i biased in this discussion? you bet i am !! i see two issues here- the victims and the baiters, yes we would love to do more,and we would love to be able to snap our fingers and put these scammers in jail! but this does not work , let me take you for a small tour of our cyberworld, first let me tell you about the unmarried mother in holland who unfortunately was mentally backwards and was being scammed so bad that she did not have enough food to feed her child! or the woman in pheonix who asked for help after she lost her house and money, and was on the street with thre young children,or the victim who just posted on fraudwatchers who had a nervous breakdown and borrowed so much money from his mother she is now having to work at 68 years of age to try to pay this money back, he is now banckrupt and is suffering a nervous depression . what hope do these victims have?? are you going to help them? or just critisise the baiters who do? let me tell you about some if the baiters who i proudly call friends. theres a lady in canada who uses a lot of her own money sending lettters and phone warnings to potential victim s all over the world and spends just about all her waking hours helping victims. or the old lady in canada as well who weeps with sadness when she sees some of the letters from the victims of romance scams who have not only lost money but are emotionally destroyed! or the lady in japan who has just spent her own money and lots of time to set up a website in japan to help the japanese victims. again all for free . i could go on about these baiters who spend a lot of their own time and money to help others in need and you want to tell them that they are not doing a brilliant job?? yes we do get some rewards when we manage to save a victim our hearts soar and we feel good , when we train another baiter and he or she also manages to save a victim this also feels good. please come and have a look at what we doiand if you feel like it join us, and together we will try and make this unjust world a bit better if we save one victim from any of these scams then all our combined efforts are worthwhile . thank you for allowing me to have my say . best wishs' Big Al " Alan james

Hi thank you b for your input, i have put some of my baiting story on this forum and you can see what others and myself are doing to try to help , please let me know what type of help you are giving? you say my 'strategy for fighting scams is failing" maybe so! but i have a strategy!! plese tell me about yours ? can you tell me about how you are helping the victims of these scams?? yes some of them are greedy and just want to make a buck but by far the majority are just that!victims !who see a chance to help improve their lives and that of their family , again I say what are you doing to help them ?? it is easy to dismiss others but if your grand parents where losing their life savings would you try to help?? or would you still, have the same view of baiters who do try to help?? so please answer how you are helping these victims ? thanks ' BIg AL "

Hi Georgewbush thank you for your post i think that the only time i mentioned myself was to say that i was proud to be a scambaiter , how does this translate to me saying how great i am ?? i am sorry if this was the impression that i gave as it was certainly not intended , however i cannot stand by and see other baiters who are doing a good job pulled down , i also did not intend it to be an advertisment for our forums, yes if anyone wants to join ours or any other anti scam forums i would be very happy as there are many thousands of scammers and too few baiters , yes i am a new poster and my intention was not to upset of the members of this forum just to try and put a different aspect on what we do and hopefully to inform if i could , i am a member of five anti scam forums and i only mentioned one in the context of proving that a recent posting took place ,i did not advertise any of the others . thanks ' BIg AL '

Hi b, thank you for your compliment about my age i have just turned 60 so it was welcome. i am glad to see that you are closing down the scammers accounts, so that they can reopen a new one in two minutes and comtinue. as it seems to be headed for a flame war and i am the new guy i will respect the other members and withdraw so as not to disturb the forum , i would like to thank you all for allowing me to post and put my point of view! To the mods, thank you for your patience, if any one wants to contact me i can be reached on best wishs for your site "big Al" Alan james

i pooped my pants . thanks ' BIg AL "

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A notice for the scammers.

From a scratch start we are up and running in just a few short days.
For the scammers and low lives who thought we were finished, I have a few words for you.

Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station :lol:

Thanks. I agree with you and we are entering a new era of fighting the scammers.

There are now quite a few areas that we will be looking at, so that we can make sure the scumbags have nowhere to hide and that stealing will not benefit them.

Welcome Lordco. You come up with some very good ideas. Let the lad roasting begin. :)

Looking good. Great to be here.

Wetin dey broddas n sistas.

I had the same problem but it was ok after I had made a few posts. It is probably a feature to stop spammers.

I would hold out for Nicholas Mimsy-Porpington Esquire.

A sincere thank you to all who have helped in making this site a reality.

And a well done pat on the back for getting it up and running so quickly.  

We are the new (old) kids on the block and scammers and assorted low life scum who prey on the innocent take note, we will not be stopped and we will not be deterred.

We do not care if you live in Europe, Nigeria, USA, or any other country, we do not care what your culture,
race or religion is, if you are a scammer, then we will chop your dollar and make life as uncomfortable for you as we can.

More and more scammers are now being arrested and jailed for long terms. We will do all we can to help the authorities put scammers in prison where they belong.

Scammers, if you do not want to be faced with the possibility of being arrested and jailed, then choose an honest source of income.

The loss of the cake is sad, but we are more worried about the booze.
Ever since we gave the key to WK, the liquor cabinet seems to be slowly getting emptied. :o

Welcome Retchingdog. Good to see you here.

It is a bit ruff to see you have not posted enough to use the Pm system yet.  

Look forward to seeing your posts.

Welcome Gurk. Would that make you a GURKER?  

Good to see you here.

send me $100 using Western Union

@paree. Welcome to AFI.
To enable us to check we need some details, can you supply a full email address and a copy of any emails that were sent to you? (please remove any of your details first) Thank you. Then send me $100 using Western Union because this kind of help isn't free. 

Oh Danny small boy. What would your wife and child say about this? 

My.My. This video of Danny being arrested prior to him being deported seems to have upset him. 

But Danny you earlier stated that Miyuki and I were ALL the 20, 000+ members of AFI? Now I am only 8 or 9 of them? 

I think that Tiny Dan was well and truly outed and upset by his arrest and deportation. 

This did not fit in with his mental picture of his own importance at all. 

He now claims to be an international lawyer, however this did not work for him, and he was still deported as a sex pervert. 

Ok Michael, Hey hang on a minute, I thought you said your name was Daniel Berner. You know the one who was deported from manilla as a sex pervert. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

I was banned on eater IMMEDIATELY when I mentioned that leo was involved! Why?? 

Yes they clearly show that at least one man has the courage to stand up to these liars and speak the truth, even though the knockers can only work on a smear campaign! as they cannot defend against the truth! 

As to my mental state, please read the honest points of view posted in my signature! 

It has been evident to any one of normal reason, that the alliance have embarked on a smear campaign, as they continue to lie and deceive those who they can! and those gullible enough to believe them! 

Remember eater doing the same thing to any one who stood up to them ? and the alliance has become an eater clone and for the same reason =money. As has been pointed out on here many times, anyone who knows the truth and still supports the actions of the mods on eater and by default the actions of the alliance admins who do the same thing , is also guilty of being implicated by their inaction to resist them ! and so are classed as being in the same bracket!
I consider anyone who supports the cashbaiting they are doing to also be culpable! if they are aware of this.

I have made this abundantly clear and so where do you stand? oh sorry I forgot you do not have the courage to comment freely as it may upset your masters on the alliance!
It is much easier to join in against anyone who speaks out and so you can rest assured that the liars will think you are 'one of them ' this is called arse crawling! But at the end of the day what have you to look forward to? a banning for all your loyalty and being called disloyal as you have seen on a4a . and on the other alliance sites for made up, false or altered reasons! as they wanted them out!
Why get rid of good loyal members and LEO"S ? the same reason that eater did, they do not want the cashbaiting to be seen ! 

If you check back you will see that I was banned on eater IMMEDIATELY when I mentioned that leo was involved! Why??
As you seem to think that your masters are good people then ask them some questions,
or are you afraid to do so? ask them about the secret meeting in Clacton between three of them and the eater mob.and why thunderchild and Fungus were NOT invited!
Ask if aldavor ( the man of no honour) ever got the password to the keylogger that was left on FW !
Ask why it was decided to remove some members who proved that they would stand up to them and why all LEO"S had to go? 

ask them Why it was kept from the members about Lotta/ Calamity jane and why she was allowed back into the alliance after being kicked out,
over the objections of many very senior members!
Ask them what secret deal was done to allow this !
ask them why they wanted this kept secret so badly that they even threatened members with banning if they so much as mentioned it on the forum? Good guys aren't they?
There is MUCH more that I have and it will be revealed in the new year to the media and to MANY MANY thousands of others as well on the web!

Many times I have shown that the alliance admins are liars and will blame any one for their mistakes , are you next? you have seen this many times!

Have a look at those who have either been banned or forced out. have a look at the passing of private and personal emails by people like 'that grrl' to the admins resulting in banning or forcing out good members, like the recent case of a good and loyal member being pushed out for this very reason , remember the stir on a4a recently ? Have you bothered to find out the facts ? or have you gone along blindly with your masters bidding? 

The same thing happened to me with ILS, lotta /Calamity jane passed on my personal and private emails to witch and immediately I was banned for 'causing disruptions to the board' even though the emails did not mention any of the alliance sites at all and were not connected to them in any way.

You can now see why I say that Lotta is a mole! as she also passed these emails onto eater! She passed information to BOTH parties! 

If your unrealistic attitude and reluctance to accept the facts are intended just to wind me up and keep the rant going like 'gunnar' does, then this is also ok, as it enables me to keep putting my point of view! and therefore you are working for me and dancing to my tune NOT the other way round!
if not, then you need help, as the denial of the obvious facts in the way you are doing indicates a mental problem and should be looked at!

As I have shown I will reveal my information when it suits me, and this just provides an opportunity to reveal some at this stage !
So I am not revealing any of this from your prompting! It is just that the time is right! While the alliance is in such disarray! 

sending a motivational song to a victim that was VERY successful.

It seems to be a standard practice for some sites to attempt massive character assassination when any one is banned for telling the truth!
This seems to be done to try and make sure that the person who has been banned will not be believed and any truth they post will then be suspect! This has been the case by both eater and the alliance in my case and to others who say the truth.

It is now spilling over to the people who support me, re some recent comments on here!

As the admins on the alliance have seen fit to try to portray me as crazy, it is only fair that I defend myself, remember they started this attack!

First of all I have never seen any doctor nor taken any medicine for any type of mental disorder and as far as I know no relatives of mine have either!

However, lets look at some of the people who are making these false allegations!

As I have also been falsely accused on internet love scams as well, I will talk about this group, remember this is the group that are dealing with emotional and sometimes suicidal victims. They have the following as ADMINS on ILS. I call this:

'The comedy of errors'

They have the following!

A male admin who is an alcoholic.

A female admin who is a self confessed 'bi polar' sufferer.

A female admin who also has a drink problem and has presided over the most destructive episode in the scambaiting history by telling lies about cop cars coming around to investigate and the 'rolling over' of a completely innocent colleague!

A male admin who has confessed that he cannot handle victims, and that he has emotional problems, he has since been removed as a liability!

A male admin who has also said that he cannot handle victims and is an admin, yet he has never posted on there.

A male admin who has lied to the members on his sites about reading pm's.

A female mod who has attempted suicide and runs away when confronted with one who needs help on ils.

A female mod who has massive problems with her parents, who are involved with a type of religious cult, and are against her using computers.

A female mod who is an admin on eater! enough said!!

The sickest of all, they have allowed 'Vinnie' who has issued sick death threats against fellow baiters to be a member, using three different names, one female and two male and then promoted him to a mod position!

AND THEY SLAP ME!! for sending a motivational song to a victim that was VERY successful.
And they try and say that I am a danger to victims!! BULLSHIT!!

Then they wonder why I expose them and their lies!

They also have people who have hounded victims to try and get them to bait their scammers, a VERY dangerous thing to do!

So now you can make up your own minds as to who is crazy!

Please remember that they started this attack on my character, I did not want to go down this road, but I will defend myself!

So they only have them selves to blame when I do defend myself!

childish attempts to troll and destroy

Anyone who wants to be a genuine member and follows the rules is welcome.

The trolls have failed and now try a parting shot, remember I said
Eventually the trolls will get the message that they are not welcome.
I am not perfect and do make mistakes, but when people troll the forum with the sole intention of disrupting the forum for the genuine members, they they will be moderated.
I am not an overly religious guy but I do believe in the saying " By their DEEDS ye shall know them" posting crap and trying to disrupt the forum shows who are trolls and who are good members.

The trolls seem to forget that I have dealt with many of them on other forums for many years now. and I know who they are and I know their agenda.

The ADMIN has been kind enough to let a lot of them have their say and given them a lot of leeway. However it has been said many times that if they troll then they will be moderated.

Rahstyles is growing and going from strength to strength. I would rather have five good members than a thousand trolls and badgers.

With the good members we will grow in a sensible and strong manner.

To sum up, if you are genuine and post within the rules then you are welcome. If you are here to cause trouble then you are free to leave.

Soyl it is you and your Twinkie town - pals who have insulted most of the people on this forum.

Your attempt to impersonate me and post crap using my user name has FAILED.
Resulting in you and your masters being made to look like fools and making more enemies.

Your childish attempts to troll and destroy this forum have FAILED and will continue to fail.

I am aware that you have admitted to having mental issues, and so you have been given a lot of slack, but as your mental problem seems to have increased we have no choice but to take actions to prevent you from harming this forum and yourself.

I claimed to be Tommy's other account

Well that wasn't very hard to get Shivers to throw the concept of free speech out the window now was it? Watching a forum admin reach for the ban hammer in a fit of impotent rage because he is unable to live up to his own standards of free speech is one of the great joys of being a troll.

That image of the two dead African children hanging from the ceiling with their genitals blurred out that I linked from Brawl Hall was absolutely disgusting. I don't think I would be amiss to go as far as to say it was evil. But child porn? Not by a long shot.

The real reason Shivers banned me was because I joined in the chours of former members accusing him of reading PM's, panel abuse and stifling free speech. Looks like I hit the nail right on the head with that one, didn't I?

Now you pay the bills around here and I'm not going to sit here and lecture you on what you can and can't do with your private property. I certainly don't blame you for wanting to remove such an image. But my question to you is why is it that you feel the need to justify your actions with blatant lies? Considering you're devoting quiet a bit of time to attempting to convince the folks at home this place is a haven of free speech it seems counter productive to prove your detractors 100% correct with your actions now doesn't it. Not only do you make outlandish claims about the legality of the image, you then go ahead and publicly post my e-mail and IP address. I can only imagine the more level headed members of your community must be asking themselves if you are willing to slander a member and post what personal infomation you have of theirs over a disagreement over your choices as an admin on the internet, what might you do to them if they should find cause to disagree with you in the future?

Censorship is a slippery slope. That image pushed the limits of what would be legally considered free speech and thats why I chose to use it. Nobody, myself included, would fault you for removing such a borderline image just to be on the safe side. Even the ban was perfectly reasonable considering how depraved the image was. But to accuse someone of posting child pornography because they disagreed with you on a website proporting to be a haven of free speech? It is a gross over reaction at best and a rather damning account of how you actually feel about free speech at worst.

Now lets look at Shivers's actions. Firstly his alleged reporting of the image. That website you claim to have made a complaint to requires you to reside in Australia. Obviously you could have just clicked yes to that but the fact you are posting from outside the country will become evident when they look at the IP the complaint was made from. If he did indeed report the post as he claims he would be aware of this himself. So he is either lying or just making frivilous complaints because I have upset him.

Secondly his second post in the locked thread. Conveniently made as I was about to push his thread containing his totally baseless claims of child pornography off the front page of the forum with my posts from this account.

Thirdly the ban itself. When it was initially set, it was set for seven days, as displayed by the forum software. Now does this sound like the actions of a sound admin removing a member dissiminating child pornography or the actions of someone trying to imtimidate a member he wants to get rid of? After two years of operating this forum you cannot tell me that you know so little of the forum software that you can't set a ban to never be lifted.

Goodi and I had an exchange in this thread earlier where I claimed to be Tommy's other account and that he was in my original account posting and it was only a matter of time before he hijacked my Alan James account as well. Obviously I have no other accounts here, as Goodi correctly stated, I was merely giving him shit for the sake of it. Now obviously he has gone down a different route with these wild, totally baseless allegations but it does appear that he really will use his admin panel to get rid of members he personally doesn't like.

I understand the ban and I understand your disgust at such an abhorent image, really I do. But lets call a spade a spade and simply accept the fact that you banned a member you didn't like for posting heinous, but completely legal shock images. If you have even the slightest regard for the concept you free speech you claim to have, you will leave this thread here for the members to discuss or ignore as they please. I am more than happy to supply the link to the forum thread the image is from via PM if anyone wishes to see if I am being truthful about the gentials of the dead children in question being blanked out. I like to think the best of people and I'm sure it was nothing more than a simple over reaction that anyone could have made when confronted with such a monsterous image. Be the bigger man and prove me right.

Bear in mind I'll save this post just in case, there is absoluetly no way you can keep me out of SU short of permanently barring new members and I have nothing to fear from evading your bans and signing up again as the image is vile but completely legal.

Troll harder and have a lovely weekend.

Your friend,

Alan James "Big Al Gbenga Jones" Watson

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My thoughts on 9/11

I was happy to see those planes hit the towers. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


I still do not approve of trolling, mainly because I am incapable of doing it.

Hey I just had a good idea,  instead of playing pattycake with each other why not go and troll some sites?

I know some that are in need of some TLC.

 Are you up to the challenge or do I have to take care of it myself,  while the members here piss in each others pockets?

Ok give me a couple of days. I will have to contact each of you via PM's, so they cannot see what we are doing on the forum.

Sites as in more than one.  You can join in if you like. We need a minimum of three trollers for this to work and we have those now, but the more the merrier.

 There is a member here who delights in snitching on us, so only the trusted will have access to the troll.

You are welcome to see the results after the fact.

 Party pooper. :eyebrows:

Some of the best trolls are those where the recipient never gets to know who or how they were trolled. Believe me,  Hades is one of the masters of this.

Some are still wondering what happened when they were trolled.

Only a couple of grand the skinflint.

They are so butthurt they still keep saying it was a simple mistake.  They were PWNDED big time. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

They just cannot work out how they were PWNDED. :lmao2:

Sex Sex thats all you think about. :whistle:

Great stuff,  the entire ranter forum PWNDED by Hades.    And they are still in denial about it :laugh0188::laugh0188::laugh0188:

Kinky FTW. :booyah:

Bugger you just missed it. :thumbsup:

The trolling has gone undercover to avoid a snitch on here.  As this part is over now,  how would you like to see how a senior member of AMB has been trolled into revealing how they dogpile on those not in the private area?

 This is just part of a successful troll against AMB.

I was asked for an example of my trolling. The most advanced type is when the trollee does not realize he is being trolled.
So it is with an  idiot called Gunnar Rea . AKA "Jesus H Christ on AMB . He was successfully trolled into admitting how AMB operate to ridicule their members and ex members .

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I think we need to find out how tooter is getting this info. We should deal with the source!

That's one way, but it's doomed to fail - if Tommy has already received info then he's going to keep using it, he doesnt have the control not to - Whoever he's receiving it from may also supply it to others if he feels threatened or thinks its going to make us more annoyed
A possibly more reliable way, is to taint what he has making it useless. If he receives something anonymous claiming to be from a disgruntled ex-AMB/Ranter etc, full of details, some of which he can check but in no way relating to anyone here, then it really should fuck up his fun. Max/Warhawk can ban him for posting any of it to show it's authenticity, we can cry out every time he uses it, whilst at the same time laughing at him for using it.
For the people's info that he already has started using, the info should also contain a bit of that so that it has the taste of authenticity
It's an idea. I might create my Mrs being pissed at me for cheating and has now started a smear campaign against me. Send him some fake details and pics etc

Can you imagine the stupidity of this peanut in actually being trolled into revealing this in the members section and NOT the private area.  :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

MOI?  :thumbsup: I know Nothink , NOTHINK. ROTFLMAO.

You gotta have timing. LOL.


This toe rag has been so thoroughly trolled he still believes he is of importance.  

His latest offering showing how AMB continue to desire to troll TT.

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Originally Posted by Scrotemonkey View Post
If Tommy's banned when you return you owe me 50 bux. If not, I owe you 5.
How the fuck does that work out?

I tell you what, if Tommy is not banned upon my triumphant return, then YOU havent been doing your job properly!

Now get your lazy spotty ass in gear and start drumming up some hobo lies!

Here we see him asking his pal  to make up even more lies to victimize a fellow member.  ::)

Just a loser admitting that AMB  plan to harass a fellow member of theirs,  as is normal for them .