Saturday, May 5, 2012

I've heard to hard core junkie. HAR FUCKING HAR

goodie has graduated from what I've heard to hard core junkie. Congratulations goodi :o

When I --er, I mean, when Redneck Bill said :o
Quote: :o
Woweee. Goodi is riding the HORSE with no name through the desert.:o

I was not too sure what he was referring to, so I did some checking and someone who knows goodi well explained that it was talking about some one who is a HEROIN addict. :o

So here is a song for goodi, while he contemplates what he is doing to his kids and family while he sells his soul and stabs people in the back for his next fix.:o :o

And so the real goodi is exposed. What will you not do to get your next fix goodi? :o

Goodi ADMITS he is a junky. :o

goodi you have sold your integrity and morality what are you going to sell next to get your fix. Are you such a low life that you would sell your kids on the streets to get your next fix? You already sold yourself for the H.

It is sad to see goodi turn on his friends, when the call of his next fix becomes too strong for him, here we see him slapping one of his friends. after goodi stole his username. :o

So how safe are his present friends who are stupid enough to stick up for a JUNKY? :o