Friday, March 28, 2014

denigrating the customers

A disgruntled customer writes:

Many customers have expressed disappointment over losing money after believing the propaganda and getting suckered into sending their money to Big Al aka De Master Yoda. He shamelessly scammed som many victims out of money.
This gets back to a previous point. What angered many, were the answers that those who were naive enough to send their money to AFI were stupid.
This is a woeful reaction by AFI staff to customers who trusted them and bought dildos on their say so, that those dildos were a good product.
There are many customers who are not coders, programmers or similar. (my self included) So these customers trusted what the AFI people were saying, that AFI was the best thing since sliced bread (or similar praise, like the best thing since marmite) When as has been said many times after the event, AFI was ill concieved and was not what customers wanted. Hence the movement of so many AFI customers in their pants.
I see no evidence of any apologies, contrition or direction from AFI. So the end result of denigrating the customers is clear and is coming.
As has been said customers are voting with their feet and once the customer trust is gone it is extremely hard to get it back , more so when those responsible have little clue how to do things .
It is becoming obvious that there is another plan in place that does not include the customers, who are now classed as expendable. Indeed it seems that the AFI side of the operation is not one that they want to prosper. will become superfluous to requirements so will be allowed to die, we have seen signs of this, how many helpers and support people have gone?
I think the bean counters will eventually speak up and the warning bell will sound, but I fear it will be too late by then. I cannot envisage how the AFI side of things is making money and a continuous loss will eventually sink the ship. 

Fuck you assholes, I got money from the suckers who sent it to me, and I will get more every day because MAGA GO PAY OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My confession

It is unfortunately necessary to post this thread since slanderous, defamatory and libelous comments about AFI and its members are being posting on various other forums by me, Alan James Watson. This is my confession. These actions come from me, a very foolish old man in Australia known on some forums as De Master Yoda or simply Alan James or sometimes Sgt. Shithead Poopypants. For some time now I have been a badger and a troll. There may be a good reason for this. I don't know what that reason is because I'm a twat.

I, Alan James Wastson aka De Master Yoda, am a member of the cashbaiting website AFI on which I am also a twat. Under their rules and guidelines I believe that posting slanderous and libelous comments about other websites is acceptable. Abusing members of that website is acceptable. Impersonating other members of that site is acceptable. I leave it to R... or D... or M.... or any other letter to operate their website in accordance with the rules of that website. If that makes no sense to you then join the fucking club.

What I, De Master Yoda, am doing/have done/will do.want to do/need to do/am compelled to do/shit my pants.

1. For several years now I have been following Joe around the net for some reason, mainly because I am such a twat. I believe that Joe is a man in a wheelchair with initials. There is such a person in Australia and that person IS me. However, for years now, I and my friends, if I have any, have been harassing an innocent man because of mistaken mis-identification. But facts have never stood in the way of me, AJW, as I take food from the mouth of a cripple and make libelous statements while complaining about the same.

2. I, Alan James Watson, have also impersonated Miyuki on at least 2 websites even going so far as to use her avatar. I post ridiculous comments as if anyone who knows me would believe she wrote those things. I even reportedly have used her AFI sig line to add more authenticity to my impersonation which is actually spot on.

3. I, Alan James Watson, have also impersonated "Daniel Brenar" by which I mean Daniel Berner ( I copy old garbage that Daniel has posted elsewhere and I pretend that this is current or up to date. That is wrong as it not actually current or up to date.

4. Recent threats to AFI.
This is a direct quote from an email which I, AJW, recently sent to AFI.

The same tactics he uses against BOP shall be used against antifraudintl and De Master Yoda.

Ban him from the site. Display a notice prominently that the ban was for stealing money from victims. The campaign against antifraudintl will not stop, or reduce, but its effects might be.

Just for the record, we spam banners. We do not man bembers. They did ban me, Alan James Watson, after I joined AFI about a dozen times but that's just because no one wants to read my garbage about me shitting my pants, putting a yam in his ass, or successfully sabotaging a disabled man's business and his only source of income.

If you see nonsense on some other forum be advised that it is me doing it because I am an asshole.

In the past the only ones who have threatened us are confirmed scammers and hackers. Now everyone hates me because I harm people's livelihoods and am just an unlikable twat.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Do you see what I am getting at now?

Defending oneself against the lies and defamation of self confessed hackers and scammers like Chandra is having dignity. As is wearing an adult diaper when I would otherwise be covered in feces.

You said that AJW has changed his phone number how do you know this?

Proof has been sent to those who need it.

How did you know that AJW changed his phone number as you state.

No I do NOT know the guy at all, As I clearly stated I know OF him but I do not know him.

Chandra and his pals continue to claim it is me but they produce no proof.
They claim that the phone call disturbed his children but conveniently forget that I have no children. They have never addressed this inconsistency in their delusion.

YOUR photo is not being used and linked to him. neither are you being portrayed as him. This is the difference. I also shit my pants.

Do you see what I am getting at now?

As you are posting as some one else what is your usual name.

It seems that your name does matter as you are posting using an alias.

For over seven years I have been stalked and harassed for daring to stand up to some hackers and scammers. It is time to defend myself.

It is Chandra that is doing the wrong thing by using the property of the public to surf the pron websites and to stalk and harass me and the innocent guy AJW.

It could be classed as a civic duty to report such abuse in order to save the public being ripped off.

Many times Chandra has posted ADMITTING his stalking and harassment of me. His IP's have shown it to be him. I have his details as well.

Re posting as alias. I am using my usual username that I have used for many years while you are using the username of Mike and we both know this is not him.

I have a lot more clear cut evidence of Chandra's ID while he does not have my details. except for my photo that was stolen from my PC by a hacker he does not have my details so he pretends he knows who I am and harasses an innocent guy and his family. Why not ask him about this and his real reason for doing this.

I did consider contacting him but I figured that he has been harassed by others and may not wish to have anything more to do with any of this.

If he has changed his phone and Chandra says he is selling his house then I may not be able to contact him. And he lives many miles from where I live, probably one and a half hours drive or more depending on traffic.

Well "Shiver" Chandy says the phone number is still active and he has it . Chandy has already posted the address of AJW and photos pf his vehicle number plates as well as photos of his wife, so it will not be hard to find AJW .

Strange "Shiver" how you tend to post crap as was explained, The eater admin who phoned AJW boasted about it in a post, this is how I know about it as I explained earlier.

Has it occurred to you that along with the phone call, there have been lots of harassment in the form of posting his address many times, posting the google map referenced to his address, Po0sting photos of his house many times, posting photos showing the license plates of his vehicles, posting images of who I assume is his wife, posting defamatory comments about his wife, Posting saying he is a child molester and that he changed his name and was deported from the UK.

I think any reasonable person would class this as harassment.

Are you REALLY that stupid not to understand this.

It is clear that you are not interested in the truth just the chance to get a reaction from me, so I will only now post when I feel like it.

What a load of delusional claptrap. With absolutely no proof as it is all a delusion.

Tell me dude do your children know you still do the drugs? It is rather strange for you to be bothered by what I do for seven years but as I exposed you for the drug taking, it makes sense for you to post such absolute drivel.

Tell me are you still a coach for the children's football team? I am surprised they let you near children.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

leading community TURDS.

Were these the world famous
the world's leading community TURDS.

Hi thomas1. Welcome (if you were not welcomed earlier) if so then welcome again.

I live not too far away from the Gold coast Australia and the Gold Coast is a sister city to your location. (Since 1990). My address is 2 Speckled Cct., Springfield Lakes, QLD. You can look me up on Google but I had my house blurred out because I was afraid someone would know where I live--I mean, where an innocent man who I have never met lives.

If you get the chance please have a look at the link I provided and we would be happy to assist any of your members if they need a hand with any scammers or fraudsters. The link is to meatspin so I hope you enjoy swinging dick.

They can contact in Japanese or English whichever they prefer. Good to see you posting. I have a yam up my ass like Tommy Tooter, just so you know.

Why is it that everyone can clearly see that AFI is a total failure as was stated many times, yet the AFI management cannot understand this simple fact? We pretend to help victims but are really cashbaiters. That much is obvious.

Roll on AFI for more high farce.

Total fabrication of course. it seems that Chandra is butthurt and is afraid of losing his job because of his surfing of pron websites using his work computer. Lets see if I can contact more of the ministers in Kerala now. They had a good laugh the last time I contacted them, I will continue to entertain them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

singlehandedly destroying the good reputation of the Queensland public education

Dear sir, when I think of the reputation of your department I weep. And shit my pants. And I am feeling immensely sad that a low caste shitsweeper  is singlehandedly destroying it.

Dear sir why are you allowing one of your employees Allan James Manning to impersonate people on the internet using his work computer.

He is posting on as Anal Games fartson and other usernames. And is impersonating a totally innocent man called Alan James Watson (he has the name under his avatar)

He was banned from a pron website called where he was a member called "Spagnola". He posted pictures of his bare bum there. His IP went back to his work computer.

He has been banned from and for impersonating people and causing trouble by diverting WU payments meant for other members to himself.

He is singlehandedly destroying the good reputation of the Queensland public education department and making fools of his fellow workers.

Some of the IP's he is using are below.

I have more if you need them. I just need to dig them out from under that diaper.

Thank you,

Anal Games.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Anal Games Fartson

I would like to point out that my name is not Alan James and I have never used that name. I occasionally use the name Anal Games Fartson though because it represents me well. But I NEVER use the name Alan James.

After discussions with the owner of The copies of my stolen photo and the defamatory comments have been removed. The owner is doing the right thing so I would like to recind my complaint and thank him for doing the right thing. I have no further complaints against him or except that when I shit my pants, I sometimes have to sit in my own filth for a long time. Thank you.  Alan James.

p.s. Juot is no longer a hat site. They no longer sell hats.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

defamatory untrue comments

Has anyone any idea what the AFI management actually thinks about how the once good reputation of AFI is being destroyed by their actions (or inaction's) and the stupid comments of the AFI staff.

I think you can add to that attempts by admins and those who have the "buttons" to attempt to destroy peoples reputations by stifling genuine comments and posting defamatory untrue comments for their own gratification.

I would tend to talk to them in a friendly manner and ask them for their ideas of how the site can be improved, if they feel part of the management team then they may respond positively.

I would look at seeing if you are giving them enough recognition on the forum, every one likes a pat on the back for a job well done! When was the last time you did this?

Remember the golden rule, Criticize in private and praise in public, and shit your pants wherever you are.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The fart will always win out.

Again INCORRECT, you have offered me nothing except more crap and more lies and twisting of the truth. The telling thing is that I have produced lots of clear urine to back up what I have pooped while I have not seen you produce anything.

Now exactly as predicted when it come to the crunch you run away yet again. probably because there is no defense that you can come up with against my overly full diaper.

As for your farting shot, as you turn tail yet again, it is I that is on heavy medication. I do hope that you are not suffering too much and that the realization that you are destroying your own bunghole, wakes you up to enable you to do the right thing by your fellow man

The fart will always win out.

I will beat off for now as You need your rest and even though you are an unethical liar you are still a human being.

So far nothing they have done seems to add up! Math is hard!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I am a cashbaiter

Hi. Just an introduction. I am a cashbaiter and for over seven years I have also stalked and harassed people.

This seems to piss them off so much that they have engaged in a smear campaign against me. I fully expect them to follow me here to continue their lies and vendetta.

Some site owners have been bribed, threatened or paid off by these scammers to join in with this victimization, one such is the owner of, De Master Yoda, aka Gbenga Jones, who is a staff member for antifraudintl and has stolen confidential information sent by me to AFI support, to post in public on his website to defame me.

He makes a big issue of banning me from his website and uses various lies to justify this, The main reason I was banned was for reporting a self confessed hacker and scammer for impersonating me as the antifraudintl rules ask that such things be reported.

After being in financial difficulties I was suddenly ok and had money!! This was because I started cashbaiting, which means I steal money being sent between scammers and victims. Around the same time that he changed and after banning the scammer for impersonating me he suddenly started to support him. Indeed he has actually posted a stolen photograph of me without my permission.

He is allowing the scammer/hacker to post copies of my old altered posts and to use my stolen photograph despite this being in violation of his own rules.

I have asked him many times to abide by his own rules, but he refuses, so has left me no choice but to expose his unethical actions with my own unethical actions.

He is disabled and so I have given him a lot of leeway, but now it seems the medication is affecting his mental abilities, indeed quite a few of his peers are commenting on his obsession and vindictiveness and are now questioning his mental abilities. And even his own mods are unhappy with the crap he is allowing to be posted about me.
A very high percentage of the posts on afi in the public section are attacks on me. This is easy to check, the imposter is using the name of Alan James, De Master Yoda, Gbenga Jones, etc.

Now lets see more of the unproven crap the scammers and their lackeys come back with. I have as much unproven crap and I will post it.

Monday, March 3, 2014

defend myself by exposing

If you would allow me to elaborate a little farter.

I have respectfully and politely asked Joe to remove the stolen photo of me that he has ADMITTED is my photo many times, I have pleaded, asked, begged and even apologized for a slight insult after he said he would accept an apology, all to no avail. His refusal to do the right thing and remove the stolen photo of me has left me no option but to defend myself by exposing him and letting people know that what he is doing is wrong.
Surely when attacked in this way I have a right to defend myself. He is now publicly accusing me of being a scammer. He posts proof as there is alot. This is another line crossed.

At one stage, after he banned Chandra for impersonating me on juot, I thanked him and praised him for it. Then after he suddenly got out of a financial hole he was in, everything suddenly changed and he started to support the defamation of me on his site. And to support the scammers.
I know that these scammers have in the past blackmailed and bribed people to do their will. 2+2 =4. x^2 \frac{d^2 y}{dx^2} + x \frac{dy}{dx} + (x^2 - \alpha^2)y = 0

There is as far as I am aware NO other reason for Joe to allow the use of my stolen photo on his site, as he cannot possibly have any personal goal in doing this as it was there BEFORE I started to expose him.. The photo was stolen from my PC by a hacker, it is interesting to know how Joe and his hacker friends have it, until my post on here I had NEVER posted it on the internet.

After Joe and his scammer pals started to call me a paedophile and to try to damage my website that is non political and ONLY helps people, then it was time to expose my withered genitals.

Sorry but to call me a stalker for defending myself against someone who has stalked me for over seven years is wrong. All I did was post a bunch of reviews of his site where I pretended to be aggrieved. No biggie.

I value your freedom to post what you think and you are of course entitled to post what you think, but I would appreciate checking out who is in fact the stalker first.
Any responsible admin would at the very least adhere to their own rules and do the right and honourable thing and remove any personal information including stolen photos. Forget that I go around defaming him under different aliases. Joe refuses to do the right thing. Thanks. AL.