Friday, December 31, 2010

what to look for that may clue me to the fact that it was a fake.

Just to be clear. My original post posed the question whether you can spot the diference between a copy Iphone 4 and the original phone. There are many phones for sale and not just from Ebay but from Gumtree or the tradining post. If I were interested in purchasing what I thought was an original phone, what to look for that may clue me to the fact that it was a fake.

The whole intention was to go , view and purchase, not to buy after seeing a couple of photo's.
A3 Australia has been helpful, prior to viewing asking for the IEMI number to confirm with Apple if in fact the item is legit or stolen.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

a much needed break

Hi,I am currently on break from posting for a while and will return soon. I have been admitted to the Brisbane psychiatric hospital and when I get out I will continue exposing the lies that the cretins have been spreading, and closing down many fake eater web sites. Until then, please check back occasionally to see how my medication is working. "AL"

an attempt to embarrass me and stop me from exposing the truth about him and his masters at 419 eater .

It seems that  an indian guy called Chandra Sekhar Sathyadas,  who usually uses the username of " Soyl ent Gren "  and variations there off , has infested this forum to continue his stalking of me . 
He has also started a blog using a picture of me that was stolen from my pc by a hacker. He is an IT engineer with the Kerala public works department.

He trolls forums using variations of my user name and one of my avatars ( the Garfield one) in an attempt to embarrass me . 

He has posted my real life photo and what he thinks is my home address on many forums.
 He is a member of and acting as a spokesperson for a site called   I have no idea why he has chosen to come here. but his modus operandi is to post copies of my old posts from many forums out of context, in an attempt to embarrass me and stop me from exposing the truth about him and his masters at 419 eater .

One of the names I use on the internet is , Alan James,   He has found an innocent guy who has these names as his first and second name and he has started to post this innocent guys name all over the internet,  along with my photo and encouraged others to phone this poor guy at three in the morning to harass him and his children.
 I have supplied an email addy that the admins or mods can contact me on if they so wish and I am happy to answer any questions to prove what I say is the truth.

If you care to check on another site You will be able to see that he is a self confessed and confirmed liar.

Thank you for reading this and although it is Soyls fault,  I am sorry that he has chosen to troll your forum . Thank you. Alan James.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

All these things have been reported and documented.

Strange how the poster there has an INDIAN IP?

Hi Soyl as a tech I would have thought that you would have checked this, remember saying that eternal vigilance was needed?

Soyl I think it is about time you stopped trolling this and other forums.

Hey soyl did you explain to your fellow ranter members why you posted a photograph of a member of the ranter hidden forum?

I was under the impression that admittance to theRanter private area's was subject to the member agreeing to keep things that were posted in there secret?
Indeed I Was informed that this was one thing that would get a member banned on tR

I wonder who's personal details Chandra will be posting next. he has already exposed many things that eater wanted kept quiet.

I wonder what else he will be posting from the so called secret area's of eater and tR?
Maybe things that the members would rather keep hidden?

This is what happens when you allow self confessed mentally unstable people like Soyl into your cleared area's.

Why would Soyl post things that he promised to keep secret in a public forum?
Hypo has not done anything to deserve this. But these things do not matter to Soyl as long as he gets attention he is happy, and bugger the cost to his fellow members.

Is it any wonder the line of disgruntled ex-eater members grows by the day??

There has been quite a lot of mention made regarding the harassment, mistreatment, and smear campaigns waged against past members of Eater TheTruth has documented such notable firsts in the scam baiting world as the first usage of picture of a previous member (J Dog) being used by an eater mod (chrisd234) in order to mock or menace that member, then there was Shiver's lewd photoshop of an innocent when he added a penis on to a picture of a friend of theFAILURE's- just to name a couple.

Eater staff and inner circle have had their fun with members in a myriad of ways. They have used duplicate accounts to torment current members who chose to participate at black-listed sites such as theRanter (a la Master Shake). They have used their members to spy on posters at other sites and to obtain for them personal information and pictures to be used as future ammunition, as they did with Reprob8- and then proceeded to "rat him out", leaving him in a position where no one would trust him again. They have lad-bombed members' place of business phone, and they have phished passwords to email accounts; they have used previous premium members' PayPal information to threaten their privacy. All these things have been reported and documented.

Friday, December 24, 2010

you stopped trolling this

Strange how the poster there has an INDIAN IP?

Soyl I think it is about time you stopped trolling this and other forums. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I would like to quote Varod in full but I do not see the quote button.

Chandy you are a liar and an idiot.
We need a short history lesson:

I would like to quote Varod in full but I do not see the quote button.

Not bad. eater think they already control the internet.

It seems they have indeed ordered Soyl to troll me, in a feeble attempt to divert me away from closing down their fake scamming websites.

This has resulted in me working harder to kill even more of their scam sites.
Soyl= FAIL.

2010 has been a disaster for eater and 2011 will be ten times worse for them, thanks to old Chandy.
2011 will be a VERY interesting year for those who are exposing eater.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

operating with a Chinese email addy.

A not uncommon "recovery scam"
Strange how the Nigerian government is operating with a Chinese email addy.

to hurt lads

@thomaspayne0404. I had a look at your site it seems well put together and quite professional.
What is its purpose, to hurt lads or to bring in some needed income.

How does it operate as a scambaiting website?

Monday, December 20, 2010

dot net rising again

Well said.  

Hey Chandy baby. Why are you apologizing to the scamming scum, (your pals) and not to the members here who you have lied to and deceived?
Soyl after posting a load of lies and other crap you and your dools have gone very quiet.

I hope everything is ok. Your pc working ok? No troubles at work I hope.

Maybe climbing down and checking the sewer system was a little too much shit even for you? 
Soyl will you stop asking me to be your special "friend" I am not gay like you, maybe you should subscribe to some of the gay magazines to get your jollies.

Maybe your special friend Slightlyoutofit may welcome your advances but I do not.
I know you two are very very close.

And you are the one who lies and cannot back any of your many lies up.

I would possibly answer your other questions, if you were not some one who is a self confessed and proven liar. As such you do not deserve to be taken seriously and so you will not be.
@randommosaic. Thank you for clearing this up. Soyl has admitted to cashbaiting and I have never done cashbaiting. And I never will.

I enjoyed your post but this part is inaccurate I believe:
the war between Big Al and Soyl will rage on. After the interweb is no more, they

will do battle man to man with only swords and their razor sharp wits. "There can be

only one

Soyl will ultimately fail, as he is working for liars and scammers who will be stopped. His base is already shaky and it will eventually dawn on his backers that he is causing massive damage to eater, out of all proportion to his aid for them.

His continued stalking of me has already resulted in more eater guys joining me in exposing their activities. And has again resulted in dot net rising again as more and more people are seeing the bad side of eater due to his actions.

While he is a member of eater and is speaking on their behalf, the damage to eater seems likely to increase.

2011 will be year to remember.

^^^^^^^OH, I thought that for a moment I heard a liar spout forth his crap. Or maybe it was just a fart in the ether.
@Dr. Watson. The answer is very simple, I do not want the eater hackers like Soyl to be aware of the programs we have available to counteract their KL's and hacking.

I offered to assist you in this matter, if you do not want any help then this is your free choice. the offer was made in good faith and has been rejected, so I will not offer it again.

The eater retards are naturally keen to find out information about anything that can stop their attacks on peoples computers.
They are frustrated that many of their illegal hacking attempts have failed.

If I intended harm as Chandy suggests, why would I have given you the name of a good AV program? I see NO suggestions from Soyl to aid you in your PC security and after all, HE is an IT tech not I.

Regarding Chandy's rubbish, the people who you are most likely to receive a virus from are eater and their lackeys, especially those who are self confessed and confirmed liars.

Remember Chandy is an IT engineer and so has the ability to easily do hacking.  
Soyl again you lie. As a self confessed and confirmed liar anything you post will probably be a lie and so it is again with your post above.

Again you parrot off the lies that have been fed to you by your eater masters without checking.

Chandy not only are you a liar, you are very stupid and gullible to continue to fall for their lies.

Hey Chandy, tell us all AGAIN how you say I am ALL 72 members of the original Dot net.
Chandy yet again you post lies. strange that I do not remember any of this and very strange how this invisible identity is not prepared to back you up.
Chandy you are a liar and a fraud. and as such are beneath contempt.

Post your proof IF you have any. Many times I have called you out and EVERY time you scurry away like the foul lying rat you are.

I really pity you Chandy, to sell your integrity so that you can get a few pats on the back from your white supremist masters is a sign of a true coward.
You are a LIAR Soyl and as such you are not fit to be in the presence of decent baiters.
This is why you have been banned from sites where decent baiters post.  
Chandy again you talk crap and lies.

... and so on ad infinitum. You claim you are none of them.

Incorrect, I have neither admitted nor denied these are me. So again you LIE in saying i have made any claim about them.
What has the admission or denial of these so called duals got to do with:
The fact is that you were tricked (the fancy term for that is "social engineering") in to exposing your password and photo by a baiter who sent you voluptuos photos of some female (shemale?) from the net.

And you were so besotted with it that you fell for it head over heels.

And yet you strenuously deny that such a thing took place. It is good for you that the baiter in question is more interested in baiting than in publishing his baits.

This is the matter that I challenged you to prove and again you lie and avoid posting proof.
The proof is that you jump around like a scalded cat when any of this gets mentioned.

If you check back you will find that I have already mentioned and answered this. However as there are three people using your password and answering for you, it may have escaped one or two of them.

Soyl you are a self confessed and confirmed LIAR and so are not to be trusted in anything you say. Again you prove how you lie in most of your posts, in your feeble attempt to ingratiate your self with your eater /broederbond masters who are playing you like a puppet.
It is a shame that the others are doing it for their share of the big money, but you are doing it solely for recognition . What a fool you are!! they are using you as their dummy. now say after me Chandy-"Yessir masta sir"
How they are laughing at you for copping all the flack, while they sit back and count the money rolling in and you are doing it for nothing.

Chandy as you are a liar and a low life, you will probably never know.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I was the owner of Dot net.

Tell me Chandy is "at least one of them" equal to all 72 members as you stated many times?

As for the rest Chandy, as an eater lackey you only hear what they want to feed you, check your facts and then you can speak with some credibility.

Chandy baby . For many months you were telling everyone that I was the owner of Dot net.

Oh you were SURE that it was me , Positive in fact, absolutely positive, there could be NO mistake, as you had been fed the lies by your easter/ broederbond masters and they are NEVER wrong are they Chandy?

Remember you shouting about it all over the internet , telling anyone who would listen that it was me who owned Dot net.

In exactly the same way that you are saying mr x is me.

Soyl do your lies ever stop? 

Got it Chandy baby YOU said that bigal was the real OWNER.

Bigal was the real owner

Chandy you can shout as much as you like, but you are still lying and you are still a self confessed and proven liar. 
Poor Chandy, Run boy run.

Make up your mind Chandy, first you say that the other guy is a "STOOGE" of bigal, now you say he "ORDERED" bigal to do things.
The trouble is Chandy, you have told that many lies you have totally lost the plot,

We can clearly see that you have lied repeatedly and told people that I was the owner of Dot net, despite me telling you many times that I was NOT the owner of dot net.

Yet the eater retards and you have stalked me and harassed me for this "Crime" of being the owner of DOT net, despite it being totally untrue. As I have stated all along.

Soyl, you just post lie after lie, in your obsession to be accepted by the eater seniors, but they too are now seeing that having some one like you to follow their orders, is working against them.

The damage your lies and stupidity have caused them is awesome. Remember Soyl and eater "You sow a wind and reap a hurricane"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

your lackey pal TBAKL

Hey Chandy baby, why did you cut off the bottom bit, where it shows that it was altered by your lackey pal TBAKL ?

those who you are supporting as they try to hide from people who are exposing them.

Interesting post on the Ranter talking about a good friend of Soyls.
I wonder if Soyl will post this in his blog?

'the BIG "AL" keylogger' Is an evil ****er.
He arranged for his cousin V JANSSENS in Amsterdam to ship over two 12 year old SPARROWS to his friend in Manchester. also known as TWINKIES in the pedo trade!
He sent them by P and O ferries from Rotterdam to Hull in exchange for $3000 pounds each! They were purchased from his contact just behind this building in Amsterdam. Oudezijos Achterburgwai 78 1012 DR Amsterdam.

Hey Chandy we can all necro old posts. Maybe you can post more about the eater guys who were arrested in Holland for KP. You know the ones, those who you are supporting as they try to hide from people who are exposing them.

Hey Chandy this necroing is easy, lets do some more. This was posted by "Lottawhoring"

Hola. This was posted in a public section of a now defunct baiter site so was intended to be seen by the public as Shivermetimbrers posted it out in the open for all to see.

The bullshit post by Shivers was followed by some comments here are a few.


Oh I see, is this like your many statements that bigal is ALL 72 posters on the original Dot net?

TBAKL integrity is gone.

TBAKL could NOT provide any proof of his claims so he must leave permanently as he agreed.
Soyl Banned for trolling. TBAKL integrity is gone.

Any foul creature that welshes on its word is to be pitied, for it is indeed one of gods lowest creatures.


It seems that this thread is infected with TBAKL one of the lowest forms of life in the universe. A pile of fail who cannot keep his word but welshes on it.

Let us pity this poor creature, who is destined to crawl among the cockroaches of the eater forum, despised by normal decent humans who keep Their word.
While this loathsome sub human can only look up from the gutter and wish that it too was respected.

Alas it has shown its true colours and proven that it is not worthy to be among men of integrity and honesty.
Any foul creature that welshes on its word is to be pitied, for it is indeed one of gods lowest creatures.

stop 'the big AL keylogger'

Then stick by your word and remove the avatar. If as you state he is a banned member then surely this is easily justified?

Insults will not remove the stigma that you lie to your members.
And you are NOT a man of your word.

Piss weak excuses for breaking your word will not wash, You are either a man of honour or a weak willed lying cretin. which is it?

Lets look at one of these so called "LONG bitch-session" pm's

"Hi, I reported a post by " the big AL keylogger"
I notice that you have removed the personal details of a member from view.
I would like to ask that you remove and stop 'the big AL keylogger'
from posting a stolen picture of me in his avatar.

This picture was stolen from my PC by a fellow baiter who put a
keylogger on my pc in retaliation for me telling the truth about some

This real life picture of me WAS not put on the web by me nor
authorized by me in any way. It was STOLEN by a low life. I would be
grateful if it was permanently removed from use by him. Thank you. AL

As anyone can see it is a reasonably SHORT pm!!!! but explains the situation quite adequately. As max seems to be unable to grasp what I was asking in this clear pm I did explain it again in similar words, these then are the LONG winded explanations that he finds so hard to read, yet he seems to be able to read my posts ok on here?

My request was polite and reasonable as well as fair, yet Max chose to make a big issue out of it and lie to the members. One wonders why?

It has been unfortunate that I had to take these actions to protect my reputation, from some one who was using a stolen picture of me to attempt to defame me.

I have not initiated any actions, but I feel justified in taking action to protect myself from these attacks by the eater lackeys. And I will continue to do whatever it takes to defend myself, as is the right of everyone to do so.

I hope we can now put this behind us and help AMB to grow with truth and fairness to ALL the members.

Soyl as a Little brown man, how did it feel to find out that the eater you support is being run by a white supremist group and that you are now working for them?

Did they inform you of this when you joined?

Did they tell you that you would be actively working for

The Afrikaner Broederbond, as one of their slaves?

Yes it was amazing how Makizzle could never answer this question? But ran away everytime. Just like Soyl is too afraid to answer any question about the Broederbond!
And Fb is too afraid to answer why he is persecuting an innocent man and his family! yet just like you, they are only too eager to slap people without knowing the facts!.

illegal hacking of a members computer

Max why are you lying to your members? I put in a fair reasonable and polite request for my real life photo to be removed from your site and you refused.
Instead replying with crap excuses.
YET you openly state that ANY personal info posted on AMB will be removed?

I thought that you were a man of your word, but it seems this word only apply 's to your "friends" and other members are treated with disdain. VERY eaterish.

Will you now follow the eater modality and ban me for telling the truth? There are many sites where the truth can be posted freely. Big AL

I tend to agree. Yet in this case there is no Dual. Max has indeed lied to the members and is not acting as a person of integrity would.

As an administrator, it is reasonable to expect him to stick to his word, This he has not done.

The allowing of a members real life, photo chopped picture, to be displayed on this forum after it was stolen from my pc by a hacker is also not funny.

Max seems to want to allow this, after stating publicly that he would NOT allow it.

I am astounded that he see's fit to condone this action by refusing to stick to his word.

Does he then agree with the illegal hacking of a members computer?

I would have thought it not unreasonable to ask him to stick to his word?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

butthurt loser

You sound a little butthurt loser.

I represent an un obtainable dream for him, a successful white man


Soyl has again copied others work. All the three pics were posted by others ( I think it was spunkychick) this is why they have been posted out of context, so do not make much sense.

Old Chandy baby, has no initiative so is reduced to continuously copying and posting others messages and Pics.

He has copied and posted so many of my posts, that some are asking if his self confessed mental problem is getting worse, or if he really has the hots for me.

I think I represent an un obtainable dream for him, a successful white man


He has even set up a complete blog where he posts copy after copy of my posts. Please take note, those cretins who talk about me being obsessed. this is true obsession at its worse.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

exposing members personal details

Chandy, believe me, you do not want to go down the path of exposing members personal details in an eater type attempt at keeping them quiet.

It has backfired badly on those eater lackeys who have done it in the past.

Monday, December 13, 2010

what is your eater user name ?

As Soyl has admitted many times to lying to the members here and you are a member, then only a retard would state that he does not recall him ever lying to him.
Sounds like you eh?

By the way what is your eater user name ?

I was ALL 72 members on Dot net

Yet again Soyls shows what an idiot he is. Hey Chandy, remember when you said that I was ALL 72 members on Dot net?

WOW, did we ever have another good laugh at you then as well.

Word of the week for Soyl is DUH.

Now don't forget Chandy when you accuse me of being ALL the members on here as well, there are 938 members. ROTFLMAO.

A Soyl pictured below, is commonly known as a Slightlysoylofit.
A creature who is known to try to deceive its fellows.
It can be found crawling around the eater site gratefully picking up the crumbs that its master leave for it.

Mentally unstable it lives to cause mischief. Habitat= the sewers of Kerala and crawling after the eater mods. It deserves our pity as it cannot think for its self. 

he MAY like that type of music

I have heard that a call around two or three in the morning and playing LOUD heavy metal music for them seems to grab their attention.

Followed by more about half an hour later as they have got back to sleep again.

You could justify it in your mind as he MAY like that type of music, so you are sharing the mood with him.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am becoming stronger

Soyl, your statement is a load of crap. If you READ what I posted I said
Nah I am laughing at Soyl. You remember him, he is the one who lies to people like you.

I said that SOYL is the one who is lying TO people like Python.

Soyl as you have admitted in public that you have a mental problem, and it is becoming worse, you may be wise to give up trying to post lies about me across the internet and go and attend to your flowers.

As your obsession is based upon lies and mis-truths, then it will be impossible for you to accomplish anything. I am becoming stronger, while eater is slowly disintegrating from within.

So Far your ramblings have caused massive damage to eater, and helped some members there to realize how they use lackeys like you to spread their lies. and as a result, they have now joined with some groups and myself to help expose eater.

One of the goals of eater is to use lackeys like you to waste my time, so that I do not have time to close down more of the eater scamming fake websites. Unfortunately for them this will not work either, as there are many who are working on closing down the sites now.
More have been assigned to this task as a direct result of your actions as an eater lackey.

Wees sterk Chandy.

Hey Chandy BABY. If you had any ethics and were not a self confessed and proven LIAR then I would maybe consider your request.

Shame about all the members leaving eater and joining other more ethical forums eh Chandy?

Oh Chandy BABY, why are Lotta and Nurse Nasty not posting under those names recently? 

blind hatred of the truth

Soyl, AGAIN, you bring up the name of a fellow member. You have been informed by the administrator that this person is NOT me nor has any connection to me.

In your blind hatred of the truth, you are now involving even more innocents in your obsession.
I would respectfully ask that the mods or admins remove the name of the innocent member from view as it is unethical for you to drag her into this.

openly ADMITTED to cashbaiting

Max why are you afraid to let the members decide ? Hey Chandy why not tell everyone that ALL the members on AMB are me? You do this a lot, remember when you said that I was ALL 72 members of dot net,Despite you also posting on there? I take it your medication is not working again. :rotflmao:
But Chandy, you are a known, confirmed and self confessed liar, why should anyone answer you?
You are a creature of no ethics, so you are as shit on the sole of ones shoe.
Did I mention that you stated with certainty that I was all 72 members of dot net? How long have you had these delusions Chandy? Hey Chandy, BAAABY LOL. Why not tell us all why Lotta has gone very quiet recently and why the other eater members are pissed off with her?Is this the berrymike you refer to?
berrymike Registered: May 14, 2009 Posts: 38 Posted: Thu May 14, 2009 4:35 am quote: WallyWW WallyWW. it is interesting, that you follow the eater moderators line and start your posts with lies. I can see the person you refer to as lottawhoring however he/she is NOT an administrator on Or does NOT show as one.It is strange that you say I lie, yet the last owner and current admin of 419eater Shiver metimbers, has on numerous occasions openly ADMITTED to cashbaiting. Are you then calling him a liar as well?I would be VERY happy for people to read BOTH sites and then they will see for themselves the truth. Please be my guest.It is strange is it not, that on the eater site, they have NOT posted ANY rebuttals of the truth that has been openly posted on Why is this? could it ALL be true? I can assure you it is.I understand the owner has NEVER even been a member of your site and has NO interest in becoming one. Another lie from you?Again it is VERY clear that your site is built on lies and misinformation. Why are more posts locked or deleted on there that any other site I know? Why have you lost more moderators and members who left in disgust, than any other site I know?Re trolls, it is a well known fact that most of the trolls on eater are their own mods using different names, is that right Franky or is it Radden?
Also HOW can someone be accused of being a troll on another site that is NOT connected to yours?
You say my entire post is a lie from beginning to end and yet I posted this,"There are many honest members on 419eater who do a good job." So are you now also saying that there are NOT many honest baiters there? I would disagree with you on this as well.If you want to play at being the critic, please get your facts right, it would help.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How did you find ScamBaits?

Whitch did it

Da Witch got me!! it was either join or be turned into a frog!! tough choice, but with no fairy princesse's around to kiss me, i just had to join!--Thanks witch!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

not really relevent to anyone.

Chandy you really are stupid, Where did I say that was the screenshot that was chopped?
I said
I see some typical Nurse nasty photochopping going on. quite distinctive really.

Where is it mentioned about any screenshot?

SOYL you are a liar, so your posts are not really relevent to anyone.

By the way Chandy I think rover is not happy about it being mentioned that eater is the [B]SECOND B] largest site of its kind. I wonder why so many members have left eater?

quod erat demonstrandum. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A totally useless and failed campaign

Hi Chandy how is ya? Most people have a distinctive style of posting and are easy to spot.

So tell us Soyl. why are you allowing Nurse nasty to use your password to post with?

I see some typical Nures nasty photochopping going on. quite distinctive really.

Hi Nurse nasty, as we are not allowed to use surnames on here lets just pick a name at random. Lets just call you Brad eh.

How has your year been Brad? I hear that eater has had a terrible year!! Many experienced members leaving in disgust and joining other sites, this kinda makes it hard for you to increase the membership, despite having run an advertising and new banner campaign in a feeble attempt to reverse the falling membership.

A totally useless and failed campaign to try to silence me by posting your crap all over the internet, keep it up guys, it is helping me tremendously, as more and more ex eater members ( and current ones) are now joining me in exposing you, the information they are bringing with them is fantastic. And very revealing.

It as interesting to be able to ban some of the moles you sent out to join other sites. This will continue. Say hi to your mentee Calvin for me Brad, as I am sure he was not too happy about being found out. Quite Butthurt I believe.

I hear that quite a few of the members who are on the take, are not too happy with the massive decrease in money that has occurred, as a result of the closing down of so many of the fake websites that eater were running to scam victims with.
Things not too good eh Brad?

Maybe you would like to explain to us why Lotta is scared to post on her own forum? could it be that so many of the senior members are upset with her. Please do tell us why Brad.

Just think next year will be twice as bad for eater. They just do not learn, and attacking me and others only increases our determination to expose eater more.

Now you have a good Christmas Brad and I am sure you will be hearing from me a lot next year as the disintegration of eater continues.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

proof that I am mr x as you have stated many times on many forums

But Soyl as you are a self confessed and proven liar how can we believe you? maybe Big Al was never banned and this is another of your lies. Soyl where is your proof that I am mr x as you have stated many times on many forums? If you cannot back up your statement with solid proof, then it is time for you to go as you are a disgrace to your fellow Indians. Who are you at TSB, THE LARGEST ANTI SCAM FORUM ON THE PLANET? OOPS sorry, you have been banned from there it seems. Soyl where is your proof that mr x is berrymike as you claim. Where is your proof that I am mr x as you have stated many times on many forums? But Soyl you are a proven and self confessed liar, how do we know it is you at eater as you lie all the time? Soyl where is your proof to back up your claims that mr x is me and that he is berrymike as you claim so many times? I do not believe you Soyl, as you are now a proven liar, it is likely that you are lying to us all again.

solid proof

I have no doubt that the surname of the owner of a property would be recorded.
What I want proof of, is how is this surname supposed to be connected to me?
Yes I use, as a made up baiting name, the same first name and middle name of mr x as I have clearly stated many times, but I do not know how his surname has been connected to me This you have been unable to provide as it does not exist.
You have made great mileage out of accusing me of being mr x without any proof, so I am calling you out on this soyl put up or shut up. You claim many times that this mr x is me. Again I ask, provide solid proof or stand condemned for all time as a liar and a troll and a coward. Who is a disgrace to the good name of Indians everywhere. The surname of mr x is NOT my surname nor is it connected to me in any way that I am aware of. Come on Soyl post your solid evidence and prove me wrong, like you told everyone that I was the person who set up the original dot net. and how you were CERTAIN it was me, but when eater publicly stated that it was an American guy you went strangely quiet. Come on Soyl, post your proof instead of admitting yet again that you are a lier, we already know this. I rest my case. It is time for Soyl to go. @BirdOPrey5. Please honor his request and remove him from the sight of decent honest people. And close his account as he has publicly resigned thanks. At long last you get the message. It took a while but I think you are waking up to reality. I am still waiting Soyl to see your proof. I am still waiting Soyl to see your proof. The owner gave us the opportunity to put our respective points of view. We did so and you made some statements that I dispute and you did not qualify your claims. So please post the proof of your claims.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

no ones PC was keylogged

Soyl I believe that earlier you said that no ones PC was keylogged. Please do try to keep your lies consistent, theres a good lackey.

Soyl, Provide proof to back up yet another of your lies, as you attempt to deceive the members of this forum yet again.

To answer the question of whether mr x is berrymike, as far as I am aware, mr x is not a baiter, nor has he posted on any scam type site to the best of my knowledge.
Remember I have never met him nor spoken to him.

There is a possibility of course that he has posted using another username, but all my searches have failed to find any evidence of this.

Soyl you are a useless wanker.

Easy answer, let soyl post his proof that mr x IS berrymike AND ALL members of dot net as he claims;
Berrymike is mr X. He is all the users on dot net. He is the one whose PC was keylogged.

Such a simple thing for him to do If he is telling the truth. Strange how he says that mr x is ALL members of dot net, yet eater proved publicly that the owner was not me, yet I also posted on there. and so did Soyl could this possibly be another lie by soyl?

Soyl you are useless lying wanker.

Let soyl post his proof to back up his statements, or forever be known as a lying brainwashed lackey and a person of no ethics.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I checked on the internet and saw

I have never spoken to Mr x. The first knowledge I had about him was when an eater admin Slightlyoutofit started to post his details on another forum and stated that he was positive it was me?

I checked on the internet and saw that mr x had some posts on an aussie site called Whirlpool. His real life name has the first and middle name that I use as one of my made up baiting names, I have absolutely no idea where his surname comes into the picture.
Even Slightlyoutofit when questioned could only say "I saw it somewhere" But then again no one has ever posted any proof that mr x is me. As there is none.

Slightlyoutofit an eater admin, boasted that he had phoned this guy up at three in the morning and woke up and scared his children ( I have no children by the way, a simple fact that seems to have escaped the logic of the eater retards)

This is the same admin who also boasted that he wiped a soft toy with what he thought was swine flue infected tissues, from a fellow worker and then gave the soft toy to his neighbors child hoping to infect the whole family, this is the type of person that soyl is supporting. nice guy eh and after this he was promoted to admin on eater.

Some of the eater lackeys including soyl have since encouraged people to phone mr x and have posted his full name, address and PHONE number on some sites in an attempt to encourage others to harass him.
Recently mr x's home Photo with his car and bike rego highlighted was posted in public by these same eater lackeys.

I had never heard of mr x until the eater lackeys started to post his name and another eater admin Lotta started to post his address under her avatar and associated his address with my baiting name in direct breach of their own rules.

As soyl has been keen to promote mr x across many forums as me, let him now provide us with positive proof that mr x is, as he claims me.
I will be very interested in seeing how they can fabricate evidence to prove the unprovable.

And Al has raged impotently - his highest threat has been sic-ing his dawg on to me - a certain guy with criminal records in the US who he says "has connections in India".

I have no idea what or who soyl is referring to, maybe he could enlighten me as to my imaginary friend? probably more crap fed him by his eater masters, I have no idea about this.

now falsely accusing me of scamming it seems,

Off you go Soyl here is your chance to have your say, you started the attacks so you can have first say.

Yes BirdOPrey5. Soyl was banned from AMB for a while, again. So he came on Juot to continue his lies about me and to get some payback for AMB banning him, by posting here as he knew it would be seen on AMB, check his posts to see for yourself.

My main grievance with soyl and the two others who are using his password to post here is that about 98% of what he posts are lies.

Ok if he wants to say I was banned from eater for defending my female mentee from an eater member who was sending death threats to female fellow members, and one group called the alliance who were being controlled by eater, that is fine as it did happen.

To post all over the internet that I was banned from EVERY site is a total lie, I am currently a member in good standing on over ten sites and I am admin and mod on some of them.

I joined this forum to counter the false accusations that were being posted by soyl and his fellow eater lackeys, by them using variations of my user name (like Bi gal ) and my picture and avatar. I will maintain my Right to defend myself from their lies on every forum I can.

Lets look at what Soyl has been up to. Despite me never having met him, he started a smear campaign against me, that he continues to this day on many forums. On the ranter he states:
12 November 2010, 06:19 by Soy lent Green. "When 90% of the posts
are by Bi Gal, Soyl and tbakl and their dools you can be pretty sure
it is a dead place."

Yes MANY of the dools are soyl who is joining sites solely to attack me.

He has even started a blog where he continues to quote me out of context and falsely attributes every post to an innocent man, but uses my photograph that he stole from my hacked pc

His recent post on the Ranter quantifies that it is him or that he is closely connected to it as he in reply to a post states:
17 November 2010, 18:12 By Soy lent Green. "This goes into the blog."

As most of soyls posts are downright lies it come as no surprise to see that he will not and cannot answer questions about them. We have seen time and time again that he avoids answering questions about his false claims.
If the members here want a confirmed and self admitted liar to be a member this is up to them. But he has been banned temporarily a few times from AMB, He has been banned permanently on TSB. and 419 legal and is currently suspended posting as Bi Gal on the new Juot/dot net site. and he is not welcome on AFI.

He states;
"I admit to making what I believe to be his RL details public. And if some Advance Fee fraudster in australia gets frustrated when his deals do not pan out, and his great payout is stolen by a baiter, and he resolves to talk about his disappointments in person - I shall be glad.

Apart from now falsely accusing me of scamming it seems,
why has he posted what he believes to be my real life details ? Why after being told many times and without any solid proof as there is none, does he continue to post the name and address of a totally innocent man and contribute to his and his families harassment?
You could ask why this concerns me as I am not that person. The answer is that my photograph that he stole from my pc, is being used with this innocent mans name.

Why in the name of all that is holy, does he persist in persecuting a totally innocent man just because he happens to have the similar name to one of my baiter names chosen at random? and posting his real life details and photo's of his house all over the internet.

Yes I have my faults and I am not mr almighty and super clean, I have my faults like everyone else but I would NEVER in a million years knowingly harass a totally innocent man and his children, this is the act of a coward and a sub human being.
He has at long last ADMITTED that he is doing this.

If anyone here is thinking of banning anyone, then this alone qualifies for a ban as it clearly breaks the rules of common decency and humanity.

@Chevtech. Thank you for your interesting reply. It may have escaped your notice but Soyl is trolling THIS forum that you are a member of, not a person.

I was answering a request by the site owner to air my grievance's.

It is revealing to see you support a member who is harassing an innocent man and his family, and encouraging others to harass and phone him at three in the morning and scare his children. I would call this child abuse, how about you?

Maybe this is acceptable behavior to you, maybe your morals and ethics allow you to idly stand by or even to encourage this type of behavior. Your post would suggest this is true. If so, you have my pity.

This is your free choice, but my conscience does not allow me to stand idly by, while this behavior is perpetrated upon an innocent man and his family.
This I believe differentiates us from ignorant animals and shows us as human beings.

I am sure you are a wonderful warm human being, to condone and encourage this type of behavior against a fellow internet user, who has not been involved in any of this, nor indeed is not even a baiter as far as I am aware. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This raises some questions

Thank you all for your answers. It is noteworthy to see that no one (as far as I am aware) has answered from Gmail customer support!

I phoned their Sydney office to talk to a customer support person, but was told that Google do not offer live support. 

This raises some questions, as on some of the websites that I admin and moderate were talking about using Google adsense.

 How would we approach this with any degree of confidence that Google would help us if we hit a major problem, when they do not have customer support staff available?
Maybe it is not such a good idea to use this service of Google.

When Google do not reply to a customer,  then what is the point of signing up for any of their other services?

I talked to one of our senior members who is a Google Postini customer and he was quite upset to hear about the lack of customer support. He was going to talk to other business contacts of his to see if they are having problems with Google customer support as well, as it does seem to be widespread.

Now people can clearly see what the idiots are trying to do, this idiot says he has had this email for a long time, yet a Google search shows this place as the sole appearance of this email. It is obvious that this is the same person who is using Gmail accounts in clear breach of their TOS.

Friday, December 3, 2010

i sent a MOTIVATIONAL song to a victim , NOT music, not love songs, not poetry as has been said, it was a MOTIVATIONAL song and having been a main trainer of sales people for seven years i think i know when to use some motivation

Hi here is one of the acuusations i will send some others when i find them as i have put all this on a disc and there is a lot to go through , this is from witch: We had no idea that members and mods were communicating off the board, ie: pms and emails about dangerous subjects like possible suicidal thoughts. clear evidence of what i say!
Lets get one thing right i sent a MOTIVATIONAL song to a victim , NOT music, not love songs, not poetry as has been said, it was a MOTIVATIONAL song and having been a main trainer of sales people for seven years i think i know when to use some motivation ,.
I also sent this motivational song to witch who was very glad to get it !! and said so !!
Please do not use tc’s words of toys and prams against me as i am sure you can make up your own mind rather than use words from someone else, who has sent a message to me saying that he has emotional problems with victims, and cannot work with them any more and yet you make him an admin on ils , and talk to me about advising victims safely !! get real!
I can send you his message if you do not beleive this or have not read it, as it was sent in regard to this matter and you have said that you have seen all this? . I limited my conversation to the issue at hand and just asked for proof , again it has not been answered and again i am accussed of going round again . could this be because i cannot get an answer to the accussation??
For the record i am a 60 year old businessman in rl and will not accept being treated like a child by you or anybody else , if the admins cannot see or do not want to see that they have made a mistake and correct it then the transformation to an eater clone site is complete . I will not be brow beaten by you or anybody else , if you really want to help us all then talk sensibly, not parrot phrase what Tc has said . ” Big Al”

your secret mole!

Hi Fungus, glad to see you put the bottle aside long enough to post, remember “one is too many and then a thousand is not enough!
Some news for you, I do not need your permission to post or do anything! you do not have any control over me anymore! Tough!

I will post what I want when I want where I want.

I see another admin has come out to defend an eater mod!
Do not be in such a hurry to implement your plans to get T C’s job, he is losing it, as displayed by his last outburst above, so how relaxed is that? and I do not think he will survive the things that are coming, so you will not have to wait long!
Too many people are now seeing the lies, twisting of the truth, threats, abuse and the sarcastic comments of a seriously disturbed admin, to take you or the medically diagnosed mentally ill admins there seriously anymore!

This blog as stated by the owners is about the truth, not what you or the other admins who seem to have hijacked it want them to say!
An eater mod is fair game and I will keep on asking about any who interest me!
The sensitivity of the secrets that she is passing to you from eater is proved by the extraordinary amount of admins
leaping to her defence and the time that they have devoted to this!
She is perfectly capable of coming here and defending herself, I know she is around as she sent me an email recently!
Unless of course she has been told to keep a low profile as you do not want more people to know about your secret mole!

AS you have clearly stated that you are not influenced by anyone else why not answer?

Thank you the tT for posting the truth at last about eater.
I feel quite vindicated as it proves beyond doubt that all that I have said is true! and that I was right in my (lone vendetta, sic) even though many have believed the BS from eater and others in their attempts to portray me as an object of ridicule so that I would not be believed!
When the lies are exposed they can only resort to more lies and attempts to shut up the one who is revealing the truth! by underhand methods such as this!
I have posted here using my usual name, so that the following can be seen regarding “polski lady” and myself.
1. wrong spelling mistakes.
2 wrong gender.
3. sweetie?? I have NEVER used this word on the web.
4. And the cruncher: as I am sure you are using a tracking program you can verify that the IP is also different!

Talk about paranoia! do the scambaits folk look under their bed at night to see if the bogyman Big Al is hiding there?

I am now also asking about lotta. and the other mods. Including “spill the beans” this makes four people asking so are you going to spill the beans??
As she is a mod on eater then she is of course fair game!
You have posted some amazing things and a lot of them seem to have come from the mod room at eater.
Now who is a mod in there that is passing sensitive information to eaters enemies?
If I was a mod on eater I would be very pissed off at the mod who is doing this!
The problem is that one can only serve one master so who is this mod really serving?

The question was put to tT, why do alliance admins keep on answering? and trying to deflect the question away and onto Al bashing?
Several people have asked for info about a mod on eater, as this blog is supposed to be about the truth then why do you tT not answer the requests?
tT I am asking YOU a question NOT the admins on the alliance!
AS you have clearly stated that you are not influenced by anyone else why not answer?
I know your identity and you are not a shy person at all so why the silence?
This is a simple request about another mod on eater!
so an answer would be appreciated!

insensitive, uncaring, egotistical misogynist

This is for you, Bigal… I see that you’re still a bitter, vindictive old man that cannot face rejection by everyone around you. When will you realise that you have been alienated by your own actions? You were given a huge opportunity to empower trust amongst your peers, after everyone fell for your sob story regarding your eater banning. You were made a mod on ILS because we were taken in by your apparent care for the victims, and were made aware, through trust and (what was naively considered at the time) friendship, of personal matters that were entrusted to you, believing that these would stay personal.

Obviously not the case… you have done your utmost to publish those personal details anywhere that you could gain a platform. You have no concept of discretion; you don’t care about anyone except yourself. You have betrayed everyone – even those for whom you say are your friends. You have named names, and (mis)quoted personal correspondence to and from you with these people. And you have the gall to use a completely out-of-context quote for your Ranter sig line. Think about it: you have betrayed everyone’s trust. Do you honestly believe that your current actions are going to remove anyone’s suspicions about you? How long will it take your remaining friends to wonder when it’s their turn for their personal information to be released to the public domain?

You have apologised to me more than once for accusing me of reading PMs, retracting your accusation each time, and yet you continue to argue the fact. You have again taken the issue posted on theranter out of context, because I refused your demand from me to read PMs on ILS when you wanted to know what certain members were saying to others. I rejected your demand out of hand, as I did your request to read what EK had PMd people about you on Scambaits. You were very annoyed at this, and obviously now are looking for some sort of revenge.

As Fungus told you, his reference was to a site that was no longer in existence… a board that had been dismantled, taken apart. And the PMs that were viewed were of people that are no longer (since the site closure) active on any of the alliance sites. And there were just two that were viewed, with the full knowledge and approval of one of the parties involved. And you, Bigal, you were aware of this. All of these facts are known to you, but instead you choose to selectively use the bits of the issue that suit your personal agenda.

And that agenda? To be honest, Bigal, it’s escaped me. Your credibility is shot to hell because of your paranoia. You have said lots about a variety of subjects, but actually given nothing in terms of solid evidence. You misquote PMs and emails, deliberately taking them out of context to suit your own purposes.

And for what? Do you think that people will think better of you because of it? Does it somehow vindicate you for being the insensitive, uncaring, egotistical misogynist that you are?

You post about lotta – what proof do you have that she ever did what you have accused her of? None. You post about Witch leaving SB – what proof do you have that she has left? What proof do you have as to why? None. You do what you always do, Bigal – you blow a lot of hot air, hoping that people will side with you. It doesn’t happen that way, and it’s time you realised it. People always see through what you really are, Bigal. And it’s not pretty.

It’s just a shame that some of us were generous enough to give you a second, a third and a fourth chance, believing that you deserved it. Just goes to show how wrong some people can be, and how their judgment can be clouded by that trait of humanity that will always remain alien to you: “compassion”.
aldavor (email) - 11 07 07 - 12:12

nothing to do except fubar all scambait sites.

message for bigal

Bigal i am a busy person in real life right now.  my business is busy in the summer as this is were i make my main income for the year.

quote bigal: Several people have asked for info about a mod on eater, as this blog is supposed to be about the truth then why do you tT not answer the requests?

 i said i will blog when i can not on your demands to answer question of mods like lotta - calamty jane.  i write this blog to show all how shiver really is and to tell the story of how good members like witch have been treatd unfairly. i do not write this blog to validate you.  you had good idea to blog the eater abuse and you fubar it.  ranter posts how shiver caught in huge lies and you fubar the thread with attacks on scambaits admins.  this blog has expose shiver and some light of stories and now you are fubar it your comments. wunderful you have done to take the attention from shiver and put you in spotlight. bloody brilliant work!

quote bigal: tT I am asking YOU a question NOT the admins on the alliance! AS you have clearly stated that you are not influenced by anyone else why not answer? I know your identity and you are not a shy person at all so why the silence? This is a simple request about another mod on eater! so an answer would be appreciated!
i am the one who took risk to write this blog and you comment demands and threats to answer your questions? this was answer by eatyo.  i do not have any dirt on lotta -clamity jane. i have not hear about any dirt on lotta - calamity jane so what you want me to make up lies like shiver and his shiners do about their enemies?  for long time you have the vendeta against shiver to expose him but now you want to expose the mod who is a mole aginst shiver and that tells eaters secrets? i read your comments and now i think you want nothing to do except fubar all scambait sites. 

varod, eatyo, fungus, theprophe, witch and more have added great amounts of comments for the blog and they are very respected people who will be listened to by anybody who doe not have the closed mind. i do not care what site they are from but i know who they are as people while you have added comments that take spotlight off shiver and put on to you. the baiters that come here for reading do not want to read bigal boohoo about being ban from other sites. if you have real dirt to share on eater then you make comment here and will be welcome.  if not then please do every one a favour and stop.

there is a lot more.

Why then did 5 mods resign in ONE day?

Why has Nurse nasty left?

What happened to Frank Ireland another long time eater mod?

Why has the membership dropped so much?

Why were long serving mods like Kleindoofy and the false Italian,banned?

Why Did Scampatroller resign as both Mod AND admin?

Why is Lotta afraid to post?

Why are the mods and admins so afraid that their security has been breached so often?

Why is eater afraid to ban Lotta for clear breaches of their own rules as posted on the eater front page?

Why did Rover recently run a competition to find a banner to promote eater and try to get the membership back as it has dropped so much?

Why has the membership dropped so much that eater went from being the largest site to second by a large margin while another site that started long after eater has over double the membership?

Why are so many experienced members leaving eater in droves and joining other sites?

Shall I go on? there is a lot more.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a forced holiday

bigal's Avatar

Hi everybody, just to let you all know that i will be offline for about a week, from the 10th july as i am having a hip replacement done (if my cold clears up in time ) so i have not gone to lagos to pick up the trunk full of money nor been seduced by the dark side,
Just think, seven whole days of nothing to do but think up nasty things for the lads when i return?? hmmm could be interesting after all !! have fun BIg AL "

ta muchly

Thank you everbody for your well wish's it is apprecciated!! i will see if i can come up with some idea's to fill the lads day with joy and happiness!!and see if i can spread a little sunshine in their day!! that is if there are many lads to work on?? as i have heard that lagos is a little bit quieter these days?? thanks again " Big AL "

not yet but soon

Hi jan, i am fine, i go into hospital on the 10th (tomorrow ) so i will be offline for about a week as the internet site in the hospital is quite a walk away, and i will not be walking far for a few days.
so all i can do for a few days is to think of new ways to annoy the lads and mutter and mumble about not being online!! thanks for your concern , see you all in about a week



I live in Springfield Lakes these days

CAN'T it be in the morning I have a nanna nap at that time.

Is it possible to have an evening get together, this means that some of us that have to work may/will be available for the meeting. Gibay apparently makes a damn good coffee ;P

Free wireless availability you may be right but To say that only Orion and maccas can get ADSL is incorrect. If you read the other forum about Sprinfield lakes Lack of Ports you will see that there may be approx. 200 People who access DSL. I am not arguing the fact its horrendous the fact is DSL is available.
In total there were 5 of us at Maccas last night, lots of information about teh backhaul and some information pertaining to how/when this will get up and running.
I suggested some ways to distribute the information to residents of Springfield Lakes so most of the residents could be informed about the wireless mesh, I am sure Sparki or Cameron can when they get time write a reply to this.
I think the next month will provide a service to our community that has been sadly lacking.

Hi Dan any news on the next meeting?

You can supply the Coffee

i Am pretty sure that Brookwater has had access to fiber for quite a number of years.
If you read some of the previous threads you will see that some of the old Springfield suburb being cabled in the mid to late 90's and yes we were told that it was Optus, as far as I know I know no resident in Springfield that has access to that cable via Optus.

I live in Springfield Lakes these days and as such have no access this cable. Oh yes I was a resident when the area was cabled and the mess created in the older area and the promises of what it was going to bring.

I am on the northside of the first lake. I built here 8-1/2 years ago, so Orion was not even a dream back then let alone the shops we have at the lake now.

We are all very sceptical of the estate managers planning for something that hasn't been done here before.
If true typical really.
We (Who have built here) have been ripped once to the tune of $300, not much many would say. But I ain't gunna give $300 to anyone for nothing, sorry we did get something some conduit.
Angry you bet. But hey look at the otehr estates managed by them, no doubt you will see the same.
Mawson Lakes in Adelaide is another disaster.

1996 we built in the older part of Springfield and yes your right we were going to get this and get that............We got nothing.