Friday, July 26, 2013

low life's can get more money

I like martial arts. As well as keeping fit you have the added advantage of being capable of defending yourself. I still wear the white robe, although it has shit stains on the back of it lol.

I hold degrees in Shotokan, Wado Ryu and Shukokai, karate. But I have not done them for some time now because I am old as fucking Methuselah with a bad hip.

Trolls are bad but the worst are scammers and those who support them.

As a support member on an anti-fraud website I assist the victims of these lowlifes. Some of the devastation they leave behind them can be heartbreaking, and all so the low life's can get more money. Sure, I've gotten plenty of money out of people through cashbaiting, but fuck them. They gave it to me.

Having been an employer for many years I was always interested in potential employees who want to work and were keen to do the job and help the company grow.

If a potential employee was keen, even though he/she may not have had the right degrees I would give them a go especially if they were young and attractive. I got so many blowjobs in the back room after I promised promotions lol.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

the time I gave out my password

As I was a victim of a keylogger by some low life hacker who stole my photograph to use when he impersonated me and who also stole the password to my blog.
I am now using Sophos on any pc I use. Yes there some lowlife hackers and scammers who will steal from you if they can.
They will even post lies saying the password was given out, a total load of crap of course but there are those who believe them. Like the time I gave out my password and got fucked--did not expect that. The fact that there was never a keylogger on my computer is irrelevant. I had to make up that story to cover up my utter stupidity. It hasn't worked yet, but maybe one day people will forget that I willingly gave out my name, address, photograph, and password to somebody and then got royally fucked. Rather than admit that, I will continue on with the story of being hacked.
Now, who wants my password?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Any link with in it is to be avoided like the plague.

I usually get slapped if I post about viral sites, but just about all the latest "love posts" on are so viral it is unbelievable.

Any link with in it is to be avoided like the plague. Some of the links are to "Omsk dating " It is posted in Russian.

There are many Russian dating or romance scammers. Many times "naughty but nice Natasha " is in fact big hairy Boris and his scammer pals. Sometimes it is me though. 

Of course some MAY be false positives, but I for one will not be clicking on any of them with an unprotected PC. Sure, I don't know that Twitter uses, but I do know how to swindle people out of their hard earned money.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A new type of blog emerges!!

Hello and welcome! This blog has been setup to discuss the art of "scambaiting"and the scambaiting world!
All members of the scambaiting communites are welcome to comment freely, without fear of their comments being deleted for speaking the truth!

Sadly this is happenning on some of the "baiting and support" forums!

I would like to thank the many baiters from all the forums, who do such a great job, and save many people the heartache that comes with finding out that they have just been scammed!
Sadly a lot of this work is being hampered by some mods and admins who have gone on a power trip!! and up until now have used the "Ban " button to silence any just critism of the actions of some of these "little hitlers"

There are some good mods and admins, but most are rapidly falling into the trap and being brainwashed by the "badge worshippers" above them !

Now there is a place where you can comment freely and put your opinions good or bad!
You can use your own name or a made up one, it does not matter, all i ask is that you tell the truth! and have backup for it if you can !

The main thing is that others CANNOT remove any comments on here ! so they will be a permanant record of the actions of the people concerned!

I will be putting comments and messages from many people in the baiting world on here.
We will be discussing many subjects, and your input is welcome.
please contact me if you have any questions! Thank you all

As I  have posted before, my account has been hacked!!   The second
email I set up has also been hacked ! so I have had to set up a third
to be able to post here !
This is getting beyond a joke, as the hacker is posting things on my
blog that I cannot access, and seems to be still hacking any Gmail
account I set up !
I can be contacted on [email address] as I seem to be unable
to access any Gmail account I  set up!
My many reports to Gmail have all gone unheeded as far as I know not
one reply!
Can someone from Gmail help me please??