Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Many a truth is said in jest !!

This old house

No, I'm not talking about this saggy old bag of brittle bones I inhabit (I'm fucking doomed in that department, this shit ain't getting any better). I mean this dilapidated cat-hair, flea-infested shack with a garage I inhabit. What can I do with that wall, the one I'm standing in front of? I have plenty of money now since I just wrapped up some good cashbaiting, I just don't know what comes next. Any suggestions, readers? Maybe I should just go for the full corrugated steel look and make it look more like the sotrage shed that it is. That way when I'm featured on an episode of "Hoarders" I won't even have to pretend likeI used to live like a normal person.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

cashbating on that site

I have managed to lull Jap ladyboy Amdim and half-a-fag Charlesmignon into thinking I am on their side. These two peckerheads don't know shit about computer security or cash baiting. That ladyboy Amdim was trying to run a cash bait on some old lady and he totally fucked it up. I need to write a new tutorial on cash baiting (with pictures this time) for this dimwit to fully understand. MAKE THE LADS DO THE WORK !!

Just seen a report on it on Aussie TV.

It looks HUGE. I hope all our members are safe. Batten down folks.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

illegal cashbaiting is a subject for a few laughs.

I know one who makes approx $300,000 a year.

How much is your integrity worth?   
Results of cashbaiting.

So Joe, you seem to think that illegal cashbaiting is a subject for a few laughs.

Lets talk about the results of what you are promoting.

Lets discuss the father of five who committed suicide after losing his life savings to scammers who cashbait. Is this funny Joe?

Lets talk about the mother who was turfed out into the street with her children after losing all her money and her house to them and was left destitute. Is this one funny Joe?

Lets talk about the Romanian woman who lost all her money to them and then took out three bank loans and lost that as well, then she was sending her medicine money for her cancer treatment to them. How about this one Joe, good for a few laughs eh?

Lets talk about the mentally impaired single mother in Holland who was scammed into sending her children's food money to the scammer. Is this one funny Joe?

Yes Joe, lets discuss and trivialize cashbaiting. Its good for a laugh eh?

Joe, why do you advocate this and encourage those who do it, are you so short of posts that you have to stoop so low?

Tell me Joe why are you promoting the misery and heartache that cashbaiting brings?
Just to prod good old AL eh?

Some actions are those of the lowest scum on earth and encouraging cashbaiting is among them.

Come Joe, work work alongside me, and we will see how you handle working and helping the victims of the acts you are encouraging, just for a few laughs.

We will work with some victims, and you too can feel like throwing up onto your keyboard in disgust when you see how they suffer when they are scammed by those who you support. We can talk to them via skype and you can rejoice in hearing them weep with sorrow. Maybe you will think this is also good for a laugh and you can post more to encourage those low life scum who cashbait.

You seem to think it is funny to encourage and support those who scam and cheat the victims of these crimes.

How funny would it have been if your mother was actually taken in by those you support? Would you still be encouraging them if she had lost her life's savings and suffered a breakdown as a result?

We see this almost every day and yet you actually encourage these guys. You sicken me and I have only pity for you.

Go on Joe, post encouragement for those who prey on the vulnerable in society.
I am sure they appreciate it. After all in your mind it is all a good laugh eh?

Ignore This Signature
Soyl 10:30 am: "OK. I am brain damaged. Now spell it out."

Wed 10/13/2010 Soyl states: "I do hereby acknowledge that I am a brainwashed eater lackey."

Soyl says "I am a liar and a thief"

Soyl explains the eater philosophy: "There was a period when anyone who posted about cheese was likely to be banned."
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

promoting rape

First of all it is a cartoon, a joke. I think that the indignation is more to do with the fact that is seems to indicate M jackson.

I could post something about how he was charged with multiple accounts of child abuse. Tell me Anna what is funny about that?

Personally, I consider anyone who abuses children to be fair game. You may disagree and this is your choice.

Did you also send in complaints to anyone about him abusing children or did you keep quiet?

Do YOU support him ass raping children?

You are entitled to your biased opinion. There were too many accusations and too many victims. AND why did he pay off some of his victims if he was innocent?

ANNA what is your true agenda on rahstyles?

Anna, I too can follow every one of your posts with criticism this requires little intelligence as you are proving. But how is this helping Rahsyles?

Anna what is your true agenda on this forum. Has the time arrived for you to do what you joined for?

But you do say your favourite movie is one about a tyrant who kills and tortures many of his subjects, is this not worse?

Please post again after you have sobered up.

If they are posting insults against staff members and breaking the rules, then yes, I treat them as they deserve.

If they troll the forum with crap just to cause trouble, then yes I will treat them as trolls.

You have insulted other staff members and myself. This is in breach of the rules. Please read them to avoid further action being taken against your insulting and disrespectful posts.

Anna why are you promoting rape? is this how you get your jollies?

Manchy is the innocent victim and I have again spoken the truth !

My goal has not altered one iota from what I have always stated it was:
To expose the alliance admins for the liars they are!
I have never varied from this and I never will!
I have told you and others this many times, I suppose eventually it will sink in!
Oops no double spacing does this mean I am now someone else and not WT?
Bruce, many of your posts have had a theme, that I have to provide proof, not just a post as you say it could be altered! And that you are concerned with innocents not being hurt via wrong accusations!
Now is the time to test this, I have given you proof of the chat and also asked the admins to verify it, via the chat logs. (Would I do this if it did not happen? )
I have also supplied a copy to a lot of people and you also have my word that it is true , but more so you now have the word of Manchy as well! Manchy has never been my best buddy but he has never as far as I know threatened any one with harm! so he has my respect! You know him of old so I presume you trust his word?? Combined, this is more than adequate proof that the chat did take place as it has been reported!

Therefore Manchy is the innocent victim and I have again spoken the truth ! So stick by your principles and support, either an investigation by the admins or the removal of the mod who did this disgusting thing!

Unless you can give me evidence that this is a big 'prank' or some other reason, I expect you to do the right thing, if as you say, you are a man of integrity!

What difference does it make if anyone lied about anything or not?

It makes a lot of difference to those who have been victimized by these lies and are not in a position to defend themselves!
Like noobs or people who have families and have been threatened with lies and twisting of their words! (there is a perfect example posted on Ranter!) or innocent members whose only crime was to work hard to build the sites, but fell foul of the ego's of those in positions of power just like goodi is doing here!
If the people who are doing this are shown that they cannot get away with it scott free then they may think twice about hurting other innocent members!

Why don't you put your considerable efforts into starting a website of your own to rival theirs?

I have and it is so far ahead of these guys sites it is not funny!

I hope that this answers your questions! as you see if reasonable questions are asked without the abuse etc by reasonable members, then they will reciece reasonable answers! If people treat others as fools when asking, then they will be treated as fools in return!

you have NOT won anything, asshole

@nabeel1394 Hi and welcome to AFI. please read the good advice in the link below blah blah blah.

Sorry but you have NOT won anything, asshole. It is very easy to make up fake documents and certificates and the scammers are doing this and sending them out.

Please stop all contact with these scammers and do not send any more money for any reason, as you will lose it as well.

You may like to report it to your local police, but research has not shown any specific police section that deals with these matters in Saudi Arabia.

The country has implemented all the forty recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) for combating money laundering and all the eight recommendations of the FATF regarding terror financing. A Financial Intelligence Unit is also set up for the purpose of monitoring flows of funds.
I do not know if this department handles these sorts of matters. You may have to ask. Although if you are there as an
"imported" worker then your rights may be different to locals. I think you understand what I am saying.

One thing is certain, as Techmaster says this IS a scam, and you will never receive any money as it does not exist.

Another thing that is certain is that you are a complete idiot. Just the fact that you had to ask if this is a scam reveals a complete lack of intellectual ability that most children possess. Who the FUCK could believe this bullshit?

If you thought this was real for even a second, you should turn off your computer and go stick your head in the over because there is no hope for you AT ALL !!

Friday, August 26, 2011

a photo and other personal details

"Many a true word is spoken in jest." Look it up Chandy baby.

By the way Chandy why are your ISP's kicking you off their systems?

Soyl, how many of your friends have you hacked?

I wonder how they would react, if they really knew what you intend to do with their personal information and that of their families.

I see that some of the private members on ranter, were less than impressed with you, when you posted a photo and other personal details IN PUBLIC that you took from the ranter private area. I thought that the private members were not allowed to do this.

Shows how much your pals can trust you, and puts a question mark on what you are doing with their private information from the hacking you are doing on your pals PC's.

Soyl how is the hacking into your friends websites going, Laughing at them are you?

Not a bad little system you have there, but it is no match for the forces arrayed against you now.

Soyl remember me saying about you being similar to Col Gaddafi? Well many of his supporters also left him, even some of his generals, and they brought with them a lot of information. Remember me talking about some admins leaving eater recently. How much information do they have and how much are they bringing to the eater opposition? LOL.

The year is already beginning to change. I managed to shit in the toilet today and not in my pants. is a gay jap dating site

Sponsored Post.

If you like jap ladyboys, go to for all your ladyboy needs. Mike Raineri knows how to tuck a peen.

At rahstyles, we love you long time.

Jap ladyboys!!

Why then are you posting from Pakistan? On vacation are you? Or are you SPAMMING by stealing others bandwidth to promote your website?

Why is your website viral?

If there's one thing I love more than rap battles, it's Jap ladyboys!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

ran over a darkie last night

Soyl thanks for yet AGAIN backing up that what I have posted is true.

So why did your ISP kick you off, or is it two of them who have done this now?

It has not ended well? The year has not ended yet.

I almost ran over a darkie last night. If he hadn't smiled at the last minute, I would have been dragging him under my car all the way home. He would have definitely stunk up the garage.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cashbaiting is wrong. I love cashbaiting!!

Well done Japan I am glad to see his scamming stopped.

"Sending the stuff" - it's all VIRTUAL.
However this was posted earlier.
Even if they use stolen bank accounts to pay for that stuff,
Please explain about using money from stolen bank accounts to send presents and how this using of what could be victims money is justified. Thank you.

The wasting of a lads time is good, but much of your posts disturbs me.

Anything that involves what could be classed as cashbaiting is wrong. As has been explained in your welcome message.

Have you baited from another site before?

When I cashbait, I always put the money to good use. I paid Mike Raineri, aka Rahstyles, for a dutch rudder.

Monday, August 22, 2011


"How can I be safe on the internet"?


I could write volumes about how the Internet is NOT safe. but I will just hit some of the highlights.

The first thing is to accept that the internet is neither a safe nor secure environment. Continue from this premise.

When on the internet, do not post anything of a personal of confidential nature, this includes your bank or credit card details.

(If you do not publish your credit card details on the internet then they cannot be stolen from the internet. )

A rule of thumb is NEVER publish your real life details and never send your bank account details to anyone.
Some scammers even ask for power of attorney over you. NEVER EVER DO THIS.

Keep your anti virus up to date, there are many good free ones available from download on the Internet, download and install them. Do not think you are immune to malware (Malware, short for malicious software) as you are not.

Some good free ones are as follows and can be searched for by using Google.







I have read that the average time that an unprotected computer lasts before being infected is approx twelve seconds.

I have no idea if this is true, but it does show that we need to be aware and keep our anti virus programs up to date. So if it's not true, which it's clearly not, you have twelce seconds before your computer will be hacked or otherwise infected. I'm a fucking genius.

A final note relates to your passwords. CHANGE them regularly! Do not use your date of birth or "qwerty" or "123456" or "419eater" as many hackers do know about these. When I talk about secure passwords, I know from that of which I speak. I have been hacked so many times that chickens laugh at me.


Is Mike Rotchburns really as stupid as he seems?


More stupid. He comes across as an idiot online, but in real life he is entirely worse. I can't even describe it. I've been punched in the nuts and found it more pleasant than talking to this inbred jagoff.

What if I feel someone has libeled me online? What can I do?


Bitch and complain about it as much as possible. Sure it will make you look like a girl whose lollipop has been stolen, but people will respect you more for standing up for yourself. Don't ever let anything slide. Keep drawring attention to it as long as there is breath in your lungs.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rahstyles is a "shitty Forum" and I am a supermod there. I wear a cape and tight panties!!

The butcher seems reluctant to discuss this in public, so I am bringing it here as the members have a right to know what is going on. He did not seem so reluctant to post the false defamatory and libelous comments in public.

Using one of his other internet user names of IMGreat101 he posted on the Rantr an untrue and extremely offensive post accusing me of disgusting things and also insulting the ADMIN as well as stating that Rahstyles was a "shitty Forum" which it certainly is.

Coming from someone who has been given the privilege of being made a moderator on Rahstyles, this stab in the back is totally over the top. And is totally unacceptable behaviour from one of Rahstyles mods.

I have sent him a Pm and I understand he has been informed about this matter by admin's. he has been given the opportunity to apologise and set the matter right but has only posted saying he considers the matter closed.

I have received no apology, nor has he removed the offending post and set the record straight, ergo he still stands by his original post that insulted the ADMIN, myself and Rahstyles. I therefore request that he be de modded, as he is obviously not working in the interests of Rahstyles and is unfit to hold this respected position any longer.

I would also like him to explain why he recommended Anna-falactic, one of his pals from rantr to join Rahstyles, when that person only came to troll and is he aware that she/he is implicated in scamming? what was his motive for this stupid act. This type of member we can well do without.

As NO apology nor retraction has been offered I ask that the admins consider removing him as a mod.

I do not care who joins, as long as they respect the rules and are here as a genuine member, but this type of behaviour is abhorrent and should not be tolerated.

@The Butcher. Thank you for removing the offending post however you have cleverly posted the insulting and defamatory part about me by quoting the post above yours obviously in an attempt to post it in public again. Knowing that the allegation is unfounded and untrue why, when supposedly offering an olive branch have you done this? Intent is the operative word here.

I have seen NO apology nor retraction of your disgusting post. This needs to be done.

On a site like rantr that has so few members, most of the seniors have many duals, it seems most unusual for anyone to have to be reduced to sharing your password with another as you claim. The need for this escapes me.

IF it is true then you need to expose them and what they have done in your public retraction. If your intent is to do the right thing then you will do this.

I would also ask that you remove the quoted insulting part of your new post as it is not necessary nor needed to be posted again, and can only have been done to continue your unsubstantiated attack on me.

Quite correctly you state that it is a heinous post. So it is unnecessary for you to repeat it in your post as a quote.

[QUOTE I will post an olive branch thread on both sites to apologize for the heinous post.][/QUOTE]

I am answering this issue and will continue to do so until it is resolved in the proper manner.

Personal attacks and defamatory and totally untrue false allegations, like the ones posted under your user name will not just go away and will actively be pursued until the matter is corrected.

Thank you for your input. Obviously all is not seen in the short time you have seen this. he does know me so is not a stranger.

When you have been dogpiled and defamed on for nearly five years and had YOUR personal details posted in a derogatory manner all over the internet, as well as being accused falsely of being a pedo then maybe you will eventually say enough is enough and take action to prevent it.

When you have had YOUR PC hacked into and your personal information stolen and used against you on the internet by these guys then maybe you will see things in a different light?

Maybe when YOU have had your relatives threatened with physical harm as well as yourself, then maybe things will look a little different to you.

Maybe after you have had 172 hacking attempts against you in under two months then things will appear differently.

Maybe after having YOUR real life Photo posted all over the internet along with YOUR user name being used to portray you as crazy you will be a little miffed.

Maybe after having multiple websites and blogs set up impersonating you for the sole aim of posting derogatory remarks then you will appreciate that enough is enough and also take action to stop it.

Maybe after YOUR user name is used to set up a twitter account and blog accounts to defame you then you will think differently?

Insults and attacks on me are ongoing and continuous this is not of much importance. however the line is overstepped when I am falsely accused without ANY evidence of being a pedo. I will take whatever action I need to, including legal action against those unwise enough to post Libel like this.

You may disagree, that is your free choice but I wonder how you would act if it was you that was being falsely accused of being a pedo?

The butcher has posted this allegation IN PUBLIC this is LIBEL. knowing full that it is false and derogatory. I will never stop until he has apologised and set things right.

Last edited by Alan James; Today at 05:16 PM.

On a less personal note, the position of Moderator is one of trust and responsibility. Posting remarks AS a moderator on Rahstyles, IN PUBLIC against the ADMIN, Rahstyles and myself is a betrayal of this trust. And needs to be corrected.

The Butcher is now saying that he had a shared password and did not post those things. given his bad responses to my questions about this so far it makes it very hard to believe. Be that as it may.

IF it is true, then it is incumbent upon him to set things right and explain why this was allowed to happen and expose those responsible.
If he is NOT responsible for the post as he claims then he will have no problem condemning it and the person who did post it in public. As it is HE who has so far had to bear the brunt of the results of this defamatory post.

If he allowed others to use his password, then he must bear some responsibility for the subsequent actions that follow on from this unintelligent act.
It cannot be used as a cop out.

@ Strange 1. I am in Australia he is in the USA. So hitting him is probably not an option.

The 172 attempts to hack me were unsuccessful as I now have excellent security.

I notice that you said in your profile that your family was important to you and my loved ones are important to me.
When they are threatened, then I will take action as I am doing now.

I have taken action recently against a forum that threatened my relatives and myself, and after contacting their host and the attorney general in their area the abusers were evicted by their host. The cost in money to me was nil.
I am also looking at this aspect for another site that is posting defamatory things about me.

As an admin on an anti -fraud site I have good links to the authorities and a lot has already been reported to them.

Re the troll part. Acting on the advice of someone involved in law enforcement, I stopped responding to the morons for a three month trial period , guess what happened? The attacks on me INCREASED. and More forums were set up to post crap about me.

If a dog is attacking you and you back off or show fear it will go for you in a more vigorous way if you give it a hard kick and it hurt it, then it will think twice about going for you again, so it is with cowards and bullies.

I may be wrong, but I think that The butcher will think twice about attacking me again for no reason other than to look good in front of his peers. It puts a different light on things when some one fights back.


Not real bright are you? You say it is all BS so why was soyl BANNED from AMB so many times for posting links to personal information and malware. Are you now calling the AMB staff members liars and saying it is all BS what they did?

There is a LOT of evidence on the network to back up what I say, you as a mod (sic) can easily check it. Did you even bother to do some advanced scans to check on the viral links to protect the forum you moderate? or is it easier to pretend it does not happen and just pass it off as BS? If you had the intelligence to check, you too would have seen the malware. I even posted the names of the Kl's that existed on the links. Maybe this was too hard for you to comprehend?

Last edited by soyl; Today at 09:45 AM. Reason: Edited to remove link
to blog as per moderator directive
This is just ONE of the many times that soyl was outed for posting links that were in violation of the forums rules. LINKS TO PERSONAL INFORMATION AND MALWARE.

Yet you being an idiot would say this is all BS? Are you fully awake, or are you on some mind altering drugs most of the time?

Can you not see the times on Juot that the owner has to chastise Soyl for the same links that you call BS? Are you saying that he is a liar as well? Were his pm's to Soyl also BS?

Is it so hard for you to actually read what has been going on, on the forum that you moderate?

Why did Soyl lose his access from his ISP? You have no idea.

Why is he now out of action on his home PC. You have no idea.

Why is he running scared now? You have no idea.

When you are clued up on these things then maybe you will be qualified to talk, or maybe you will try to justify your stupidity by calling anything you do not know about as BS?

The Libel against me needs to be adressed.

Welcome back Sky. Good to see you active again.

Good to see you say you will help, I look forward to seeing your post denouncing him and his insulting post on Rantr, as you are a member there. I am not as I resigned a long time ago from there.

The Libel against me needs to be adressed.  

@The Butcher, I have recieved no PM from you. I am waiting for your public apology and retraction.

This too will pass.

What he posted is too vile to post on a civilised forum in public as he did.

@The Butcher I am still waiting for my apology and your retraction. If you want to dispute it then please post in the beef section.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strange how I am proven correct again

Thank you. This is yet more evidence to be documented about Soyl's illegal hacking, I wonder how many of his "friends" on here has he hacked?

How many are supporting him while he is stealing their personal information from their computers?

What will he do with this personal and confidential information he is stealing.

I wonder if Joe asked his good pal Soyl about the suspicious activity he detected on Juot?

Strange how I am proven correct again when I warn others and report about the viral links Soyl was posting. And about his hacking.

Thanks Mike for confirming that what I posted and reported about Soyl and hacking is correct.

work out who to dogpile on just for laughs.

That is the correct thing to do as to attack me personally without any evidence whatsoever is not the act of anyone who I would want as a member let alone a mod.

I had never done anything wrong to him when he decided to join in and attack me, along with the other rantr's who are in their hidden forums, that work out who to dogpile on just for laughs.

Steve you attacked me with vile untrue accusations in public, now it is time for you to apologise and set the record straight also in the same public forums.

No ADMIN. Steve needs to apologise publically to me on here and rantr for calling me a disgusting and defamatory name without any proof whatsoever

To call someone that when it is obviously untrue and he knows it is untrue, is the act of a low life. And definitely unworthy of a mod on ANY forum.

He needs to apologise and set the record straight, THEN we will talk
Cool cake. Nice one dude.

Got it in one bro. LOL.

Moving your bowels in the toilet is not a big accomplisment for most people, but for me it is. I am basically welded to the toilet seat now, monitoring websites from there with my iPad.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I will pass this along to the twitter legal department.

Soyl you are a self confessed and confirmed LIAR. You are a disgrace to your fellow Indians.

However, you have just admitted to having sites and blogs that display my image as I have stated. This confirms everything I posted above.

Soyl why do you post my photo along side the name and address of a completely innocent man and so place his family in danger?

Thank you soyl you have confirmed that YOU set up the twitter account, I will pass this along to the twitter legal department.

Soyl, if you want to continue this then take it to the dot net site where you have multiple registrations including one of Bi Gal that you set up.

I am sure the members here are not interested in your rants. Please post things that will help this site, NOT things that will bring it into disrepute.

@Soyl you advised me to contact the admin as you were posting as "Big Al" on rahstyles .

I did that, and you will not be able to post as Big Al and impersonate me on there now. ow:

Are you so ashamed of your heritage that you have to post as me all over the internet.

Is it that bad that you have to bring your fellow Indians into disrepute, I always thought well of the Indian nation but you are letting them down very badly?

As you are also posting on there as "Panayeri" Why do I keep posting this


It will be very hard as you are basically an honest person .

Sorry, you fail the first test.

Hey Soyl, good to see you have registered under your usual name on rahstyles.

See it was not all that hard was it?

Glad to see you admit they are CRETINS.

Today I pooped in the toilet. I'm a big boy !!

it is a bit like a forum that they CONTROL called Rantr, Who deleted over 50 of my posts as their eate.r masters did not like them

Hi juduth. I am glad you condemn 419e ter for deleting so much. it is a bit like a forum that they CONTROL called Rantr, Who deleted over 50 of my posts as their eate.r masters did not like them. Yet they still say that no topic is taboo. does this make them liars as well?

Of course tR,. tell the members of their secret forums all about being told what to do by eate r , so that their members will not be deceived.

It is quite amazing some of their members even deny being a member there as they are so ashamed of it

Trolls do deserve to be kicked off. I take it you agree with this?

It produces trolls

I think it may have to do with too much inbreeding on the ranting site. It produces trolls from the lower end of the gene pool.

Thanks. His identity and motives have been known for quite a long time. Allow them enough rope to hang themselves and they invariably do it.

I almost hung myself once when I was beating my meat with a belt around my neck to choke off the air right before I jizzed. Got a little brain damage but had a right crackin orgasm. My wife found me passed out with jizz all over the place, I told her someone broke in and assaulted me. She looked like she didn't believe me, but we never talked about it again.

posting crap

Stop trying to cause trouble. Posting in large red letters and ordering members to get out of your thread when they are in order, is not the right thing to do.

This thread is about user names so it is correct to post ABOUT user names in here.

The post is NOT defamatory nor against you in ANY way. If you persist in posting crap it will be deleted.

Well with the talent in there already, I think I will have a lot of competition.

In olden days, I liked to have a finger up my ass. Nowadays my sphincter is so worn out I shit myself every time I sneeze.

post like a troll and violate the rules

@Norm. When you post as a normal member you get thanks and your posts are shown appreciation. I have said nice things about you and even posted a "Like" message.

If you post like a troll and violate the rules that are clearly shown, then you will receive infractions and warnings.

The choice is yours. To rant about people not answering your posts immediately is wrong, as the members are not always online at the exact moment you have posted. Also the staff members are working in the background to sort out the obvious trolls that are trying to cause problems and do get busy at times.

If you continue to insult staff members then you are free to leave if you wish, no one is forcing you to stay.

You are welcome to post as a member as long as you do NOT violate the rules. Your free choice.

No, I really don't have anything better to do with my time. Kinda sad eh? Poor Soyl. It kinda brings a tear to ones eye.

Oh dear me how sad. never mind eh.

Well Soyl who is posting as AJW has been very quiet the last few days. LOL

I seem to remember some one saying " This will not end well" or similar.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

there is a virus on Rahstyles

You are making claims that there is a virus on Rahstyles. Please provide details of it so we can take care of it and the person who was foolish enough to lodge it.

You may also like to check out why your ranting sites has malware on it.

You should read some PMs the way I do. It makes you feel powerful and then you know people's secrets, oh yeah.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Reading PMs at

It's no secret that I am SUPERMOD at, "the illest forum on the net, Your Source for VIP Off-Topic Discussions, Whatever the Fuck That Means." I enjoy the power there, it gives me a little bit of a boner, but not the company as it is filled with TROLLS and CRETINS, and the little tranny jap guy who owns the thing doesn't know dick about how to run a forum. I've tried to teach him a bit, but he's a little slow in the head (he's a jap so...) and he doesn't quite grasp the concepts I am trying to impart. The one thing this slant-eyed cocksucker understood, though, was when I told him he should read PMs.

Now PMs are not to be confused with BMs, or even PMS. PMs are Private Messages, this is what users send to each other on a forum like, "the illest forum on the net, Your Source for VIP Off-Topic Discussions Whatever the Fuck That Means." I told that goddamn chinaman that the only way to keep an eye on users is to read these PMs, and he said "naw, thas ok yo, nomesayn" whatever the fuck that means, and I just went ahead and peeked at a few. Well, I'm glad I did!!

It turns out that one of these little ungrateful fucks was calling me a NAZI !! ME!! WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK?????

As  you know, dear reader, I am a veteran of the Second World War, known as the Good War to End All Good Wars. I fought against the Nazis in Gallipoli after they bombed Pearl Harbour with the atomic bomb. For anyone, especially some IDIOT at, "the illest forum on the net, Your Source for VIP Off-Topic Discussions Whatever the Fuck That Means," to call me a NAZI is so beyond the pale that I could round these fuckers up and put them all in a fucking gas chamber, that's how mad it makes me.

I am a retired businessman. I do NOT need this shit in my life. If I didn't have a fake hip, bad knees, fallen arches, sciatica, a ruptured spleen, and backne, I would hunt these fuckers down and DESTROY THEM !!

One of the things we have to watch out for is a Keylogger

Yes AVG has had a good name for awhile but may be overtaken by some of the other AV programs now. Malwarebytes seems to be a good one.

Good point. It is always wise to ignore any AV site that contacts you first. If you go to their genuine site then you are a lot safer.

As an example I posted this warning earlier on another forum. "If any one gets a pop up for an Adobe update to Adobe 10 do NOT click on it as it is a fake update and is viral.

ONLY update from an official Adobe site or the Adobe home site."

The best thing to do with any pop-up offering you an update is NOT to click on the pop-up, just close everything down immediately. You can use use Ctrl-W to close down all Browser windows and tabs. A re-boot to clear out anything suspicious that may be still running would be a very good idea at this point.

It would be wise to always keep your AV 's up to date and change your passwords on a regular basis.

The online malware is evolving all the time so we have to try to be one step ahead of the bad guys.

One of the things we have to watch out for is a Keylogger. this allows the hacker to take control of your PC. And to see ANYTHING you type including passwords and credit card details.

Some AV programs may not detect a keylogger so we need to install and run a program called an anti -root kit. Fortunately there is a very good free one available called SOPHOS Have a look on their site for the free version.

Antivirus, Malware Removal, Disk Encryption and Data Security | Sophos

Be very careful about clicking on any attachments or images unless you know and can trust the sender.

But that link I posted is ok, you can trust me. I've never had a virus or keylogger on my machine EVER.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

streamed horse racing from overseas via Skye channel type services

Hi apologies if this has been covered before, is there any way of watching adob type programs on the IPAD?


I hard a Radio report this morning stating that Springfield lakes will begin in Oct but take 12 months to complete.

Maybe Goodna won out cause Aldermann Tully Lives in Goodna?? Only timeI have heard Goodna mentioned in all of the NBN talk is just now.

I Downloaded an ap called Iswifter, it works okay. I use it to watch streamed horse racing from overseas via Skye channel type services – that must be flash supported.

Sorry yes I meant flash programs

You think, I will be willing to bet against you. I reckon they will offer channels only available to Telstra as another reason to take up the Tbox and Bigpond offers.

Now I am constipated from all the bananas I ate.

Friday, August 12, 2011

a vast knowledge of the English language. LOL.

It could very well be. His user name does not show a vast knowledge of the English language. LOL.

He also

Ip= Delaware (Last year)?
He was using the email at the same time.

Birth name New York Nickname Edumson

Location New York Country United States of America

Age 58 Company Dana Petroleum, Aberdeen

Homepage Profession Director = Location: Nigeria (high) [City: Lagos, Lagos]

Dr Durex I would check the source of this.

It seems like a put on email. You may have to CONDOM it . LOL.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I also have money from all the cashbaiting I did over the years and continue to do.

After running a successful business for many years I am now retired after selling the business for a nice figure. I also have money from all the cashbaiting I did over the years and continue to do it because I love scamming dumbasses out of their savings.

So I can spend a lot of time on the internet with the many websites I am still a member on. Sure I have been banned by most, but a few years ago I bought my own license and started a shitty forum where I can't be banned because I'm in charge now. No, I don't know the first thing about how to run a forum, so I got some people to do it for me and they promised they wouldn't ban me. We shall see. So far, so good.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Porn" can be seen by gusts

The new section can be seen by guests. Of concern is the fact that the word "Porn" can be seen by gusts and search engines.
As posting some types of porn are illegal it would be smart to replace the word with " Hot" or similar.

Law enforcement can pick the word up as a kind of trigger to enable them to go after sex offenders. you will see that many people will use the word PRON instead to avoid this, not that it works but at least they have made an attempt.

In a member section it is still risky but not so easily found, but in a pubic section it is inviting problems.

I think you would be amazed at how much there is of the "Hello Titty" merchandise.

There are some shops that sell it in Australia and there is a lot of choice.
In Japan I would imagine there to be a wide range to choose from.

I like to have a finger up my ass now and again. It feels as good going in as it does coming out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a go ahead type of place

Please post your travel idea's, suggestions or general information about travel.

One of my favourite places is Singapore, I find it very clean and civilised and a go ahead type of place. I paid a hooker to shit in my mouth and sodomise me with a durian.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

criticize people without having the facts.

Hey soyl what happened to Lotta the general ADMIN on eater? Did she go the same way as Shivermetimbers? Another admin who is too much of an embarrassment to have showing as an admin? ROTFLMAO.

Remember that I said she was a liability to eater? now she is no longer showing on the forums as an admin. Was I correct?

I find this hilarious and if any mods think this is "unsubstantiated " then they can go to eater and check for themselves. It is easy to criticize people without having the facts. but they do tend to appear as idiots.

Hi lone wolf, remember that when you asked about the eater folk who were indicted, I said to ask Lotta? I guess this explains a lot, the fact that she is no longer showing on eater as an admin for the various forums.
Why is this lone wolf? As I stated awhile back she was afraid to post on eater under her own name.

Why are some indicted members wanting her to post so they can have their say?

Amazing how many times I am proven to be telling the truth. yet some idiots tend to support proven liars and posters of malware on the sites they moderate. One wonders at their agenda and mentality.

Incorrect. It is YOU and some others on eater like shiver that have ADMITTED to cash-baiting not I.

I have never cash baited nor hacked, can you make the same claim?

Soyl, tell us about your self confessed mental issues and how you seem to find solace in impersonating me.
And how you have ADMITTED doing this, thereby proving what I say is true. OOPS there is yet another hot air theory blown away.

Soyl tell us about the eater guys who posted, admitting they REMOVED some of my baits on eater and how my post count went from over a thousand down to a few hundred.
Easily substantiated by checking.

Lone Wolf, it is easy to check my claims, ask Lotta about them as I said before. Surely on what you consider to be an honest forum, she would have no problem with discussing some bad hackers from there. or if she has had the boot, as the eater security has been so badly compromised, then Rover would allow you access to the logs, to prove that they have taken action against anyone on eater who had broken the law, after all it says that in their rules on their front page.

If they are as pure as they make out, then it would be a pleasure for them to show you how they have removed those responsible for the hacking.
Why not ask and see what response you get, or are you afraid that you will be banned for asking questions that any member has a right to know?

Read the eater rules and ask why she has been allowed to post the details of someone who she THINKS is another baiter for MANY months, when it CLEARLY states that anyone doing so will be banned.

You ask for proof all the time, there it is staring you in the face. Lotta is and has been in breach of the EATER rules by posting what she considers the personal details and derogatory comments about another baiter for MANY months.

Why has she been allowed to post and break one of the main baiting rules to NOT involve innocent third parties?

Even soyl on many of his posts has mentioned the name and that it is shown under Lotta's avatar. OOPs more substantiating.

As I have stated many times the AJW guy is not me and has no connection to me apart from us both using his first two names (me as a baiting name)

NO proof has been offered by anyone making these false claims as it does not exist.
A hard to see photo taken by Nurse nasty in a dark setting is definitely NOT proof.
Also as I do NOT have any children please explain how a harassing phone call to this guy at three in the morning by slightlyoutofit an eater admin, woke up and scared his children. Do YOU condone this type of behavior Lone Wolf?

I know that soyl does, as he makes ever effort he can to get people to harass this poor guy and his family.

If they are as pure as they make out then it would be a pleasure for them to show you how they have removed those responsible for the hacking.
Why not ask and see what response you get, or are you afraid that you will be banned for asking questions that any member has a right to know?

@ Lone wolf. Re the dot net forum. remember how many of the eater guys were posting that it was I who had set up and owned that site? Remember how I said MANY times that it was not I involved. but OH NO!, I was blamed all over the internet for setting it up as all the eater guys were ABSOLUTELY 100% SURE it was me. BUT AGAIN I AM PROVED CORRECT IN WHAT I POST. By your OWN words.
They are now sure that AJW is me, but again they and anyone who supports them in this will also be shown to be fools.

You keep asking for proof, now you have openly stated that it was another guy NOT I, thereby vindicating me. Yet AGAIN. This is positive PROOF from your own words that I was stating the truth. As well as the publicly posting of the guys photo and personal details on eater, after they agreed not to, in exchange for being given the domain name.

Strange, after being maligned for all that time I do not remember seeing any apology for them lying about me so often.
But you seem to think they are good people, if so where is my public apology, as they defamed me in public so many times on many forums. And they were 100% WRONG.?

For the record, as I have stated before, it was some weeks before I even knew the site existed, so how can I be blamed for his legal problems, when he set it up on his own without my knowledge?

I am actually helping out in ways that are none of your concern.

I totally agree, however some lads hide behind websites and need to be exposed for what they really are.

The so called "pile of fail" helped in having the altered and derogatory avatars and signatures on eater removed, so it was actually successful, as this had never been achieved before.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

All is forgiven now. LOL.

Well I clicked on it loads of times hoping to extend it but I think ADMIN has done something to it to frustrate the rest of us. LOL

I am great just been quiet as I have re loaded my pc and with even more security.

Hot. Hotter and WOW.

I was joking about you chopping the last bit off the clip.

All is forgiven now. LOL.

the chance of a lad actually doing anything against you is remote

I have been sitting in my own filth all day and my Malaysian nurse doesn't fucking care.

Nice one. Sounds like it may be time to set up another user name and bait him all over again while winding him up with your present name.

He may like to explain to you what he is talking about and so waste more of his time.

You could always tell him that your PC has been hacked and you noticed some bad emails being sent in your name, has he received any of them ?

@Rocketeh. Welcome to TSB. While the chance of a lad actually doing anything against you is remote, we never deal with any lad who has any of our real details.

It is best to drop him if he has any of your details. and it would also be wise to change your passwords regularly and run some AV scans.

Not many lads are savvy enough to gain access to your pc and many will threaten without any teeth to back them up, but again why take the risk.

Set up a spare Gmail account with a nick name and remain anonymous, then you can wind the lads up to your hearts content.

The idea of wasting a lads time and resources is a sound one. So bait safe and give them hell.

She is a busy little scammer. here is a link to some of her scams, it will be interesting to see if you get the same photo's from "Her"

As lizzy says just take it slow and you can keep asking her questions to get her off script.

Bubba says Happy Birthday and thanks for sending him all the fresh meat.

One of the lads got quite excited to hear about your Birthday.

Congratulations. J women ROCK.

Kit Kat is correct and both sites are down.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

172 failed hacking attempts

So did you find out why soyl lost his ISP, or is that all hot air? even Soyl has NOT denied this but got very pissed off when it was revealed. More Hot air?

Did you check out the scans of the viral links soyl posted?
Why was soyl forced to remove viral links, if it was all unsubstantiated claims? or are the actual scans all hot air?

As a responsible mod, did you do some advanced scans yourself to protect the forum you moderate? And ascertain the facts, or is your modship all hot air?

And for the record I have NEVER said that I have put a keylogger on anyone. I would not even know how to do this. Remember I am NOT an IT engineer like soyl.
soyl while impersonating me has probably made such false claims.

As for unsubstantiated claims, remember the post where Soyl ADMITS to impersonating me?

Like I say, you are posting derogatory things that are UNSUBSTANTIATED and being posted without you knowing the FACTS.

Perhaps you would like to ask soyls ISP why they removed him.

You can ask them about the log that shows 172 failed hacking attempts on my PC over a two month period that link back to a certain Indian guy.
Why not check your facts before posting a lot of unsubstantiated hot air?

Perhaps as a mod you should check out the real facts before making yourself look like an idiot.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

funny, then evolved into being hilarious.

Can you recommend to the members any image adjusting programs that are easy for new people to use?

Gimp for example is good but needs time to learn.

Thanks, the youtube tutorial seems like the way to go.

One of the duties of a moderator is to help the site, NOT to insult members for no reason.
It seems to me that you are a poor choice for the position.

And by doing so you show yourself to be an idiot.

There are ample posts to show what Soyl is up to, yet you seem to form an opinion and insult members based on a lack of knowledge.

Why not ask Soyl why his ISP dropped him?
Why not ask him how a site we know had their securirty compromised despite having multiple firewalls.

No Joe I was NOT involved. Look elswhere.

Does he usually have a problem answering for himself, or do you do it for him all the time?

There are some hilarious videos posted on rahstyles including this one. Soyl seems to be pissed about having this one posted. I think it is hilarious.

I find this hilarious, The fact that he lost his ISP due to hacking, strikes me as quite amusing even hilarious, even a little bit of justice, however due to your closed idea's maybe it started off being mildly amusing and then progressed to being funny, then evolved into being hilarious.

As usual you are wrong, many documentaries are funny. Humour is not the same for everyone, so it is correct for me to think something is hilarious while you may think differently.

I even find it amusing, that you and some others are unaware of how you are being used and actually encourage those who hack into your pc's and websites. Even to the extent of criticizing and posting against anyone who alerts you to this. Truly this is comedy at its sickest.

Monday, August 1, 2011

As well as Harley Davidson motor bikes.

I think the main export is minerals. Australia has a lot of minerals, iron ore, copper, uranium, geriatric assholes, etc.

Australia imports a lot of products including tools, machinery, and industrial sewing machines and leather working tools etc From The USA. As well as Harley Davidson motor bikes. Mostly we're just a bunch of drunken asssholes who ride motorcycles and go online to lecture people about scams and the like.

It affects Australia in many ways. A lot of our import and export is done in US dollars and so we are connected to the US dollar. When I send money to Nigeria, it's always in US dollars.

As the financial state of the USA affects many countries including Australia what is happening there? And where is my walking stick? I like to have it nearby for when I try to stand up and take a shit in my diaper.

the most despised and hated site of its kind in the history of anti scam sites

Says Nurse Nasty, who as an admin presided over the largest drop in membership ever seen on the Twinkie site, helping reduce it from the largest of its type to a poor second and turning it into the most despised and hated site of its kind in the history of anti scam sites. Tell us again why we should listen to you.

You are in luck, I have some more. It is one cool train.

New Japanese trains. Cool.

Good funny post Alex. Thanks for a good laugh.

Sorry, we do not have any member here with that user name.

Again we do not have any one here with that title
super duper moderator
nor anyone called adimin.

You do seem to get confused a lot.

However Soyl you may like to explain why your last ISP evicted you.

Maybe they do not like hackers as customers?

Incorrect I do not hate anyone. for you I just feel great pity. Why were you pushed out of twinkie town? Your last visit=Tuesday june 21st 2011 @4.57 AM

Why did you step down twice as admin on there? or were you pushed out.

Or did the commissions dry up?

Even as a mod you were allowed into the admin room

If you are who you state, then you were an admin on there.      

Why did you leave after the hostile take over by rover?

Incorrect i have answered many questions but of course you and the other lackeys choose to ignore them . it makes no difference, i will continue to expose you and your site for the scamming they do

As the financial state of the USA affects many countries including Australia what is happening there?

the facts before you put your mouth in gear?

After admitting you do not understand things, you still make an assumption, this indicates that you are an idiot.

Why not find out the facts before you put your mouth in gear?

It does not alter the fact that you are still an idiot.

Hey soyl why are the eater admins leaving?

Awhile back a whole load of mods stepped down, now it is the admins leaving.

Where is Lotta ? Why is she afraid to post under her own user name?

Nurse nasty, another eater admin = Last visit= Tuesday June 21st 20111. @4.57.AM.

Where is nurse nasty?
Why did he step down as admin and is afraid to post under his own name now?

For such a good site (SIC) it seems they are stabbing their long time members in the back. Do YOU feel safe Soyl?

Soyl, why has eater gone from being the largest site of its kind on the internet to being a poor second? And regarding active members, probably a poor third or fourth.

Rover has done a good job of losing so many members including mods and admins.

Seems to me that your years long stalking and harassing of me has failed badly for you and eater, resulting in lots more exposure for eater, hence the people leaving. :booya:

Thanks for playing my game and helping me to expose more eater activities.ow:

Soyl why did your ISP kick you out, maybe they do not like hackers.