Sunday, November 23, 2014

A new day, a new blog

Questions are being asked, and an invitation issued here:

The world waits anxiously, said no one.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Facebook terms of service bit you in yours

So, Dr. Jones, we meet again.....bwa ha ha. I guess the law is busy byting itself in the ass but it looks like the Facebook terms of service bit you in yours, Chandra. Real hard. But go ahead, put up another fake FB profile. I love killing those. Ha ha ha ha!

Big Al aka De Master Yoda needing professional help.

We may have to type slowly for Big Al green and use small words as he has admitted to having mental issues.

    Here is what he says in his own words:
    [Big Al] 10:30 am: OK. I am brain damaged. Now spell it out. I crapped my pants too so get my nurse over here to clean me up, but let me enjoy the warm squishy feel for a while longer.

A little note from our friends:

Per your request, we have reviewed the materials you have forwarded.

After a brief review by a few criminal psychologists in the department, the veiled threats indicate that this person’s vendetta against real or imagined ‘wrongs’ is one of an imbalanced and immature individual. As the internet is filled with such individuals, our recommendation is to simply ignore them. Reading that 24,000 active members were ‘going to war’ caused us some amusement. We wish we had that type of manpower.
Your organization has provided valuable information that has led to numerous arrests and convictions, specifically because you followed procedures and understood that everything had to be verified by different means. Therefore, your reputation is secured and your assistance was and is very much appreciated. No one can take away your successes.
Please keep us informed should any actual action be taken. 

The hacking and phishing you have been doing is completely legal and ok in everyone's opinion because it is being done by decent white men and not a bunch of ivory black nignogs in Africa. When they break into someone's email account it is a crime, when you and that slant-eyed bint do it, it's A-OK.

When someone exposes the true nature of AFI though, here is what we threaten:

(A) a fine under this title or imprisonment for not more than 5 years, or both, in the case of a first offense under this subparagraph;

This is very serious prison time. One wonders why some one would do such a thing and coupled with allegations of, Defamation, Harassment, Stalking, an admission of hacking and impersonation and a whole host of other provable illegal activities, it seems very foolish to do such things.

I am sure that even in India there are similar laws, and if one were to be involved in such activities and lived somewhere like say Philadelphia or Florida in the USA, then it could be even easier to find and charge someone.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A message from Gbenga Jones

Gbenga Jones Hi it is me, Big Al, De Master Yoda, De King of Shitty Pants, Big Pantload Al, Mr Hypocrite, Mr Phish, etc. Please stop reporting this Facebook page, it is getting harder and harder to connect with lads now that we shut down our cashbaiting forum because someone exposed our illegal acts. I need Facebook to lash out at the lads and call them homos because that really makes them mad. It's all I got ok so just leave it,thanks. 

me so solly

Please do refresh my memory, dear Miyuki. My mind is clouded by memories of your own misdeeds, when you and De Massa Yoda ran your own illegal phishing site behind the scenes there at

Sorry you had to delete it all, but it is for the best, wouldn't want anyone to catch wind of reality, in this case reality being something other than Big Al's full diaper.

Now please to quote more legalese and talk of lawsuits like a certain hobo you remind me of.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

a toady, a stooge, a lackey, or a flunky

I get very upset when you suggest that I am a toady, a stooge, a lackey, or a flunky.

Remember how I used to rant at that other website about cashbaiting? You know, the one that got closed down? I wonder if I'd like some of that stuff posted. I'd probably deny it though. Why do I remind you so much of Danny B? 

It is quite amazing the lengths that some people will go to in order to harass others on the internet.