Thursday, May 10, 2012

display your genitals to everyone

YAY Thor FTW.  :clap2:

I think that as they are so PWNED they are too embarrassed to admit that they find us irresistible.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Here lyos boy here. come to daddy. Here boy.  :ROFLMAO:

I know we should not post real life photos, but I think it important to give recognition to Lyos's new boyfriend.
They are very close and love each other very much.

Not a good day for Soyl AKA Lyos.

 One of the websites that he set up to stalk and harass Big Al by posting altered copies of Big al's old posts out of context,  has just been closed down.

Code: [Select] 
was removed for a terms of service violation
Reason: Harassment.

For more information please contact our abuse department. "

Soyl is poasting on here as lyos.  He is a moderator on ranter and an lackey for some scammers.

So you are happy to display your genitals to everyone? How GHEY is that?  :studly:

Understandable, it takes a lot of courage to actually admit one is a member of ranter and admit in public that as a ranter one is  brain dead.

weezie is outed as a ranter lackey now.  by the way moron my username is THOR.

So you actually agree with harrassing an innocent man and his children?  Your true character is despicable.

I think they just want to see photographs of dressed females to get some fashion tips for their cross dressing parties.   :lmao2:

They love it. And they say they will copy it as soon as they learn how to pull their tights on.  :doh:

Without a doubt they are representing theRanter as total fools.  :thpopcornrc0: