Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Sounds like the mewling of a seriously PWNDED ranter. :thpopcornrc0:

Not too much representing to be done, as it seems that theranter.com is down.  :whistle:

Excuse me while I shed a silent tear.   :yes2:

We could set up a special section for the displaced ranters, something like a 'kindergarden' for stressed out PWNDED ranters.  :ROFLMAO:

Why are you advertising  for a strong gay Pakistani guy as your lover?  :studly:

And the ranters continue to be PWNDED on a daily basis by noobs .

Why they even have the hots for Thor and consider it a great honor to post as me.  :clap2:

Meanwhile goodi is again PWNDED by Big Al.   :lmao2:

And the ranters are being PWNDED as we speak by such stalwarts as Shizz, Brooce, Kilroy, Not a troll and others.

I have found out that goodi is not too happy these days and that his drug addled mind can't see through his delusions to achieve any idea of what is happening.