Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stand by, 2001 Will Be a Year in Review

As I have said on many occasions, stand by, 2011 will be a year of change. And what a year it was! There was nothing but change!! And I'm not just talking about my diapers (although I went through my fair share of those LOL).

To begin with, I closed thousands of easter fake scamming sites, got banned from dozens of forums for telling the TRUTH!!, and brought several hundred Nigerian scammers to justice for their scammy scamming ways. Literally hundreds of people went to jail thanks to me and my team's efforts!

I traveled to Nigeria several times in order to testify in court cases where these CRETINS were punished. A few were sentenced to DEATH!! which all scammers deserve. I was allowed to kick one in the nuts. It was gratifying to see him squirm in pain right before they stretched his neck!!

Then I got home and I returned the lost moneys to various victims, who were grateful, and for the ones I was unable to find, I kept the money to build this nice swimming pool which no one would deny me because of all the hard work I do for victims of scammers.

In addition to all that, I joined, a new website run by some Jap ladyboy because I wanted to help his site grow. There are currently two users and two posts on the site. We're growing !

And let's not forget, where Dr. Dre the Admin acted like a typical dumb nigger and didn't appreciate all the funny pictures I posted there. Fuck him. He can go suck a big nigger dick with those Ubangi lips of his for all I care.

Monday, December 26, 2011

I love banning people.

Dec 1, 2011 1:49 AM - DRE: I love banning people.

Hey people, now you too can join and get banned for no reason.

This is how DRE gets his jollies now.

I get my jollies by rewriting posts by the dumbasses who used to bother to post at new juot, and also by making transparent duals at ragstyles. It's sad but what else am I going to do? Shit my pants? Oh I just did that. Oh well.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

my ragstyles duals

Anyone got suggestions for better duals? I made a couple at but I can't really be fucking botherd to put too much effort into them. If someone can give me a decent script, I'd appreciate it.

Friday, December 23, 2011

my new dual at ragstyles

Luckey Gal:   Hello peeps it is good to be with you.

I know, completely lame, but what the fuck else can I do? It's either this or revive Alex, Cute Karen, Jake, SET.

I need to post some more at theranter too where I am a longstanding senior member.

Hey, there's an idea for a new ragstyles dual--- Señore Member.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stand by, 2011 can still be a year of change

Hi welcome. Scammers come from many countries, but they all have one thing in common They want your money!

Let's face it, this is the only contribution I make to any forum. I just repeat the same shit over and over again.

If anyone asks you for money on the internet especially for fee's, then you can be sure they are scammers.

Some romance scammers will drag it out for a while to build trust, but will ultimately also ask for money usually for visa's or airfares etc.

The bottom line will be a request for money or gifts by various means.

This will tell you that they are scammers.

I think it will have some other "modifications " that will not be openly revealed.

"There aint no free lunch"

Totally believable, the dog confessed and told all.

Time is running out for 2011. If you were holding your breath waiting for this to be a year of change, I am sorry to inform you that you wasted your time, as I did mine.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bigal, Spunkychick, Cute Karen, and many others

Odd how some of the morons on the Ranter are so desperate for members, that they are reduced to impersonating me and my shitty duals so they can post crap in a feeble effort to bolster their infantile site.

I am a member on there, as i signed up there many many months ago and I HAVE posted on there under several user names since. Names like Bigal, Spunkychick, Cute Karen, and many others. Ther eis no need for them to impersonate me. I can spam forums without their help. Right now, rahstyles is just me and some jackoff name raineri, whoever the fuck that is.

A new start. A new fart.

Hello and welcome to Rahstyles. The dumbass chink owner has been kind enough to trust me with an admin position. I will do my best to deserve this trust. I've been pestering the little slopehead for weeks while he's been spending all his men's room money on making some ridiculous rap songs. I finally wore the bastard down.
We have been through a rough patch due to the actions of some trolls, This has come to an end and it is time to rebuild the site. That bastard butcher deleted all my funny pictures. I will fuck him in the neck if I ever meet up with him.

If I can be of help to any member please feel free to contact me.
If you see any trolls,scammers or spammers, please let me know and I will take strong action against them. In fact, for the first few months I will just ban every new member to make sure they're not trolls.

Please feel free to post and enjoy your time on Rahstyles. together we will make it into a terrific site. Thank you. And have fun. AL

Monday, December 19, 2011

posting at the

I took a little break, but I will be posting there again very soon.

Repeating what I said before, I am most definitely posting at That is 100% me. Don't be fooled by what some others are saying.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

I am currently a member and posting on

For the record. I am currently a member and posting on and at this stage I have every intention of posting always there.

Anyone who is using the name Big Al on there is most definitely me and not an imposter, despite what others might say.

Friday, December 16, 2011

You are sending a lad some money

Kingston now sell a 128 GB thumb drive it costs over $1,000.

Beware there are fake copies around. The fakes do not have a bar code on the package and no writing on the metal part of the USN connection. They read as 128 GB but usually only have 8Gb of actual storage.

It seems inevitable that SSD will be the norm soon. In the quest for computer speed the mechanical hard drive is in the dinosaur age.

Now that most SSDs use NAND-based flash memory, which retains memory even without power their usefulness is growing.

I think that once they have developed large SSD's And the price comes down, then the day of the electromechanical hard drive will fade away. Does that sound like I know what I'm talking about? I hope so, but it's just shit I made up LOL.

Just cos tha comes from up north lad, tha still hasta read't stickies tha knows.
Theres nobbut easy like.

Only start to bait when you have read and understand how to bait
safely then go at em.

Us northerners make better baiters than those forriners down south.

Set up a Gmail addy using a nickname, then rip into them like a ferret up a trouser leg.

"From a Yorkshireman from the West Riding"

It seems your "hitman" is in- Location: Nigeria (high) [City: Lagos, Lagos]

A long way from Spain it would seem.

A great opportunity for some GREAT pics. After all you have to see what is on offer.

It is possible that there is no mule.

A lad will often pretend to be someone else. Many times they use one name to scam with and another (their real name? or one that they have fake ID for.) to pick up the money.

As what they are doing is illegal, they tend to involve their real name as little as possible. in this case, he could be trying to cover himself if anything gos wrong, as in:

"Oh no officer I am only picking up some money for a friend I never scammed anyone"
Stupid niggers.

I would never do anything illegal, like phish a lad's password and break into his account. Never in a million years would I do that because it is illegal and unethical. Oh wait, I've already done it a hundred times and there's no one to stop me because it's just some darkie in Africa and who the fuck is going to stop me? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

You are sending a lad some money??

AHH thanks MT X.

defamatory comments

Incorrect. jessielynch 25 shows lots of spam entries in "Stop Forum Spam" So is a confirmed spammer and to ban him/her was the correct thing to do. It's probably some dumb nigger anyway.

Also jessielynch 25 posted a spam advertisement in the signature as spammers do. Ergo he/she is a spammer.

Steve, instead of trying to cause trouble, why not explain why, when you were a supermod on Rahstyles you banned all the members and deleted all the posts?

Why did you invite two trolls to be members here?

Why did you post defamatory comments against Rahstyles and the owner on another site?

Why did you post lies about them and me?

They did a good job though.

Here is one that is in Dutch. ( I hope)

Ooops, there I go shitting my pants again. FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!

I and many others who ranter has defamed do

Threats on the

You may think you know who we are but let me tell you something, you motherfucker, we KNOW who you are pal. And if you keep this shit up you are going to have a big fucking problem on your hands.

Slartibartfast, no one likes threats. (Except for me, that is.)

As you say he may not know who you all are, but I and many others who ranter has defamed do.

For the record. I am not currently a member of or posting on and at this stage I have no intention of posting there.

Anyone who is using the name Big Al on there is an imposter.

Just kidding, I post on the ranter frequently, using either the name Bigal or Tommy Tooter. I change the conspiracy to fit the name.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sieg Heil

WTF! More stupidity from that dumb nigger DRE who seems to have completely lost the plot.
Hey folks join his site, work hard, become a mod and then he will de mod you on a whim. Or act like an asshole, have a short fuse, and just be a general dickhead about everything and he will de mod you on a whim, which is not really a whim but completely justified shut up.

DRE the word POWERDRUNK NIGGER  springs to mind.

You STILL don't get it. When I'm annoyed, that's all it takes for me to ban or demote someone. Even if you weren't annoying the other mods I'm annoyed just because you looked like you were annoying em. In other words, don't get even get caught looking like your annoying the mods. You could say 'Oh God that rule is retarded' and that I'm being harsh, over-bearing and over-protective. I agree but dem da rules.

Sieg Heil

More words of wisdom from DRE. Dude WHAT are you smoking?

Complaining about bannings belongs in technical support because it falls under site issues and annoying the moderators.
YEAH SURE IT DOES ! :lol: :roll:

What a dumb fucking nigger.

delete all the posts and ban all the members

Another DRE classic. How to win friends and attract people to your website. LOL.

Do NOT do it in my got damn profile page. Do NOT do it in the Chatbox that is the quickest way to get your account jacked up. I am a NEW administrator. I am new to this webmaster sh*t. I do not like having to administrate people because I DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE. You could even say I'm anti-social. That's what the support forums and MODERATORS are here for. Go to them with your complaints because I am not nice like them.

What ARE you smoking?

Yes. but I think it has been fixed now.
My messages are not being altered now.
@The Butcher. As a supermod why have you banned all the members?
The bannings all show YOUR name alongside them as the person who banned them. I think this is specific enough.
Since your demodding, no more of my messages have been altered in the chatbox and no more posts have been deleted (oh wait, there are 0 posts in all forums but the guest forum--FUCK!!!!!!!!!). I think this is quite specific as well.
So I ask you again why did you ban the members?
Stop trying to pass the blame. I do not have your password and I do not think anyone else has or you would have mentioned it and changed it.
As it is YOUR name showing as the 0ne who banned the members, it seems you made a mistake and forgot it would show.
or are you going to use the same feeble excuse you tried before that your password is shared by others ? If so then you have been incredibly stupid to allow it to happen again..
Sorry steve you blew it big time. you thought you could delete all the posts and ban all the members, but you left a clear trail behind you that implicates you very clearly.
only a supermod or admin could do this and no one else has any reason to do it except you. Did you get a pat on the back from the inner circle of the R-anter for almost closing Rahstyles down??
I say again"The bannings all show YOUR name alongside them as the person who banned them. I think this is specific enough" End of case I think. .

I still haven't figured out how to unlock these forums though, which is why I'm posting in the chatbox. FUCK!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Here's me pretending to be someone else.

Listen up all you stupid fucking sheep. Stop asking questions on 419eater.
WE will tell you what to think and I will fucking lock any thread where any of you wankers gets close to the truth.

Some inquisitive bastards have been banned already, do you lot want some of the same.

I fucking told you stupid twats that the vlads are hurting more than us, this is why we will not allow any discussion about this in case you cunts find out the truth and this is not what we want.

Just pay the premium members fees so we can rip more money off you, like the good little stupid sheep you all are.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

DRE I sent you a BM.

I just tried to log into 419 eater and got this-

"This Account Has Been Suspended"

DRE I sent you a BM.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

things that decent people feel DRE

Part of a post by DRE
I mean like wtf why I even bother? Who are these people? I have to sit there and think about it. Has their social interaction with people in real life been so limited that they can't tell when someone genuinely wants to help?

What goes around comes around DRE.
Quite amazing that you complain about exactly the behavior that you yourself exhibit.
I helped 8th legion to grow to the best of my ability and was demodded for it.

I Posted links to your site, encouraged your members and helped them whenever I could. I posted helpful threads and for all this help I was treated like shit. SHAME ON YOU DRE for pretending to be decent

I resigned in disgust and then posted to HELP one of your members who was in a scam situation, so you Banned me for this act of kindness.

Don't talk about things that decent people feel DRE, as you are not one of those.

Has their social interaction with people in real life been so limited that they can't tell when someone genuinely wants to help?

I ask YOU the same question DRE.

I just tried to log into 419 eater and got this-

"This Account Has Been Suspended"

Friday, December 9, 2011

debatable whether it has been exposed but

I just tried to log into 419 eater and got this-

"This Account Has Been Suspended"

It is debatable whether it has been exposed but it has now been suspended. Oh dear me how sad.

Dre posted this.

I was thinking a couple days ago about how my drive changed. When I first started the site I was depressed after we broke up. I partially created this site as a distraction to keep from thinking about her. She said I was lazy in one of our last arguments so out of a sense of wounded pride I worked way harder on the site than I normally would've in any other circumstance. I hoped to impress her with the pathetic off chance she'd take me back some day. I was working so hard trying to learn how to be a webmaster that I made several crucial mistakes. I can look back at my mistakes and laugh at em now but back then I was insane.

but back then I was insane.
I can go along with that assessment and apply it today. :lol:

that I made several crucial mistakes

Yes you did and you will make many more as you do not learn from your mistakes.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What the hell is that Jap ladyboi thinking???

I would consider it wise to check if you have upset anyone unjustly recently.

Which part of OFF TOPIC did you fail to understand. 
Post again about it in here and you will get suspended from the site.

I wonder how long before the inmates abuse it, by sending thousands of requests for the guards each day and so destroy the whole viability of the present robots?

They only use small pistols and whips now.

I am not a tech and so would not presume to advise on that side of things, but have you considered why some one would go to the trouble of hacking you

Have you alienated some one recently? A pissed off ex or current member could do many things to a site.
Did you stupidly give your password away to someone like I did? If so, you can just claim your computer was hacked with a keylogger, which is the dead horse I have been beating for the past few years

Improving security may not be as effective, if the hacker is motivated by past grievances.

And this issue, if there, may need to be resolved in a reasonable manner as well. 

The defacing of a site has to have a reason.
You ask if there is anything else you could do. 
I would consider it wise to check if you have upset anyone unjustly recently.

In some ways I agree with you both when referring to what is generally termed script kiddies.

There are several levels of "hacking" and "hackers" if I may use those as generic terms.

While the "script kiddies may do this for the street cred as has been pointed out, I feel that the same could not be said for those 'hackers" who operate on a much higher technical level.

Some of the ex members of certain government groups who began to offer their services in the market place, after the end of the cold war, are literally "Guns for hire" and have been known to deface and attack sites that had offended some people. 

In some ways even though it could not technically be called hacking, the DDOS attacks on several sites because some one is upset with either their policies or the direction that an owner or admin is taking it 
shows that action can and has been taken against sites for some form of "payback" 

While it could be argued that such groups as "Team poison" and " Anonymous" may indeed go after some large organizations, they are a lot more advanced in their abilities than the street creed script kiddies and it could be argued that they are going after an admin or his policies rather than just going after street cred. 

There are many "attacks" done on sites for many reasons. I perhaps did not make myself clear. I was not referring to basic "script kiddies" but those who have a lot more ability.

Yes people do hire "hackers" to attack sites. I never said anything about "chump change:" As you put it. 
( I am not really sure what this means, it may be an Americanism I am unfamiliar with? I take it to mean small change but I may be wrong) I am not American. 
In fact some of the scammers for example, who hire techs or hackers to launch the attacks on sites have available a lot of money. 

When they are raking in millions of dollars weekly, a few thousand dollars to pay for the services of some hackers is not a lot of money to them if it protects their income. 
Hence the quite large numbers of DDOS attacks on some anti-fraud sites a while back. 

Your reference to hanging out a shingle is obviously facetious. however I am sure that anyone who is determined, could hire some hackers to do this type of work. 

Many scammers and or people who are using the internet fraudulently, would have a high chance of knowing others who could assist them if they wanted to attack a site. or even belong to a gang or gangs who derive their income from internet fraud. And could already have several contacts who do phishing or hacking regularly. 

The defacing of a site has to have a reason.
Yes you are correct I did say the above. even if a site was defaced to enable a script kiddy to gain some street cred then that is also a reason. So my statement seems to be correct.

I have no wish to argue with you and disturb the harmony of this forum and I would appreciate you also bearing this in mind. If I am wrong then I can accept some one pointing this out, but I think you would agree that sarcastic comments are not in the best interest of anyone. Thanks . AL.

gazza2008 has a valid point.

One possibility is that the hacker has hacked your PC with a keylogger and now has all your passwords etc. 

The first thing to do is to check.

Download SOPHOS from the web and install the free "anti-root kit" and run it.
It will find and remove certain keyloggers. 

A good free AV to run is "Malwarebytes" Many have reported very good results by using it.

As far as your site is concerned, I am sure that some of the more techy people here could offer you assistance.

It is a shame, but some hackers are the lowest of the low and so are those that support them for their own benefit. Some webmasters and support staff actually support them, hard as it is to believe. 

It would be prudent to change your passwords on a very regular basis and especially now that you are having security concerns. 

I hope that you can fix the problem easily. AL

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am retired I can devote a lot of time to posting.

Hi I have five posts in here but my post count seems to be stuck showing two only.

Has this problem been noticed before or is it confined to me?

Thank you for any answers you may give. Alan.

Six with this post and now it has jumped to three?

Thank you for your speedy reply it is appreciated. AL
I would be grateful for some advice from one of the techs/legal members please.

If following a lawsuit for say defamation and slander of a member against a website, where the court grants access to the sever logs, who physically gets the logs to hand over.
Is it the staff members of vbulletin or is it a tech from somewhere else?

Does the member gain access to the server logs for the entire website or are just the logs in question sent to him?

I would be grateful for information regarding this, thank you.

Thank you Paul M. This is the answer I was seeking. Who actually does it.

I would be grateful for some advice from other members who have experience with adsense.

I am involved with many sites and some are interested in using adsense .

My questions are these, does it matter what size the site is to gain access to the adsense program?

How do adsense react to any reports of abuse, regarding complaints about their TOS, are they very strict or are they slack about keeping their rules? Any one had any experience with this?

Economically is it really worth while to use it? Can anyone post about their experiences of using this program and any problems they came upon.

Thank you in advance for any replies, as I am at this stage unfamiliar with using this program.
Thanks. AL

Thank you. So it seems it is economically viable for a site with this number of posts and or members.

Thanks for your input. I do make many thousands of posts.

I am fortunate in that as I am retired I can devote a lot of time to posting.

Some of the sites are small and some quite large. Your input was helpful, thanks. Al
Thanks for your reply. I remember reading about you discussing that your income was down.

Now I thought you were supposed to be having surgery today? Give the internet away for awhile and get some rest.

Your internet problems will still be here when you recover, so rest and recover while you have the chance.
Your health is more important.
@Princeton. Thank you for a very informative post.

Your points are well taken. Nice one. AL.
Two very informative posts, thank you both for your input.
I can see how that would upset some members . Thanks.
They only use small pistols and whips now.
I wonder how long before the inmates abuse it, by sending thousands of requests for the guards each day and so destroy the whole viability of the present robots?
Surprising, in Australia I just purchased a 2T external " Iomega' for $89. they seem to be selling all drives on special at the moment. This may alter dramatically soon though.
Surprising, in Australia I just purchased a 2T external " Iomega' for $89. they seem to be selling all drives on special at the moment. This may alter dramatically soon though.
I hope you make a quick recovery. AL.
I hope the surgery goes well and that you make a quick recovery.

You will be in my prayers for a rapid return to health. AL.

Last edited by Big Al : 30 Nov 2011 at 22:40.

on a power trip

One of the things is establishing a reputation for being fair and RESPECTING the members.

It is amazing what one disgruntled member can achieve especially if his grievance is justified. And how much he can affect the membership of one site.

Many site owners/admins and mods act in a manner that is detrimental to growth.

An overbearing admin or mod, will drive away good members never to return, as will treating a member unfairly. Treat your members right and they will treat you and your site right.

If respect is shown to your members, then you will keep them and they will bring in their friends and help you build up a strong membership.

If you adopt an attitude that instead of "showing their power" for their own gratification, your staff assume an attitude that in effect they work for and are there to assist the members, then your members will be loyal to you and help your site to grow in a good way.

All this must come from the top. If the owner or admin is on a power trip, ( As many are) then it will be hard for the site to grow with decent honest loyal members.

Good luck and thank you for being considerate and asking. AL.

@extreme-gaming. Thank you for a very informative link.

I like the part about reporting cyber bullying to TOS.
A very good idea for when an admin goes off the rails.

Your post is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Good netiquette will win you more friends than insults and make your time here more enjoyable. Thank you.

As there is a tendency for PC users and Mac users to disparage each other. ( jokingly) The image plays on this theme, by indicating that if you use a mac then you are gay. It is saying that as a test to see if you are gay, then the Mac will appeal to you over the PC. So therefore it is indicating that if you prefer the Mac then it is bad news as you are gay.

It is a joke.

As you are new here I would like to draw your attention to the simple rules. Good netiquette will win you more friends than insults and make your time here more enjoyable. Thank you.

"The 8th Legion Forums. Please do not spam, harass members or post Not-Safe-For-Work material."    
Thank you for the message. However you seem to find a joke offensive? Do you wish to hide homosexuality away out of site and never talk about or discuss it?

Your sensitivity to this issue seems to indicate that you are gay yourself. (This is only a question NOT an accusation and of course you are under no obligation to answer it)
If so and my post it offends you then I will remove it.

A persons sexual preferences do not matter to me as long as he or she keeps it legal.

I do not care what consenting adults do to each other. This is their choice.

The joke was more about the Mac /PC theme although it did mention gay.
IF this concerned you, then the right thing would have been to contact me with your concerns and I would have removed it. But to insult me directly is not a good way to win my co-operation.

I could mention and go on about your insult, and how you are being prejudiced against me for various reasons,. I could rave on about how you are picking on me as I am white or older than you, or a different nationality etc, but I will not, as these things happen and are not to be taken seriously.

Please let me know if this does in fact upset you and I will be happy to remove it, after all it is only one of Billions of jokes about one section of our community, in the same way there are also many jokes about all the different groups.

We are here to enjoy the site and to work with each other, so I am more than happy to remove my post if it concerns you but please do not trey to flame myself or any other member.    

I have influence on some sites

An extremely good point. If one admin takes a personal dislike to a member, it should not necessarily influence the admin of another site that the member belongs to. However sadly, this is happening.

And as the said member is banned, it is hard for him to debate the ban by either party, despite breaking no rules on either forum. and may have to post on other forums to refute the ban that the admins have no influence over. 

One would think that an admin would not do such a thing, but it sadly is not the case. 

Thank you RobbieZ for your enlightened post. AL.

--------------- Added 29 Nov 2011 at 10:24 ---------------

Originally Posted by Octavius. View Post
I'm satisfied with BOP's network. I don't need all that extra stuff.

I wish more sites would join the network though. I feel like the odd man out.
Perhaps if the reputation was not so bad then more sites would show a willingness to join the "network" but when the admins on the network abuse it, then people will not be so keen to join.

The basic concept seems like a good idea and it seems to work, but cross banning of members who have broken no rules by the various admins as a "favour" to the other admins actually destroys the creditability of the network. And of the admins concerned.

I have influence on some sites that have shown interest in joining, but I cannot in good conscience recommend the network as it currently exists to any one.

Last edited by Big Al : 30 Nov 2011 at 00:01.
Thank you. It is appreciated.

Monday, December 5, 2011


It's been a a long since rahstyles has had any posts. For the past few weeks every forum there has had 0 posts! LOL. I trolled the shit out of the jap ladyboi and managed to blame it all on somebody else. That place is totally FUCKED!!

I thought by now he would have reset everything and started over but he has been busy at the casino handing out towels in the men's toilet.

My only regret is that I didn't manage to take over the8thlegion from that asshole Dre or Dee or whatever he's called. He and the LIAR Joe from JUOT will go down eventually though. Stand by, 2012 is going to be a year of change!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I think NOT Joe. You are a proven LIAR and one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met.

MORE lies from JOE. Joe is again lying on other forums. The guy cannot lay straight in bed.

Following my banning from Juot, despite me having broken no rules, he started telling his members lies to cover up the real reason for the ban.
First of all he said it was because I had sent him a message ASKING for information, this he twisted and said it was a threat but how on Gods green earth a reasonable question could be construed as a threat is beyond my understanding. Lie number ONE from JOE.

Second excuse he used. He then told the members that I was banned for reporting a scammer who was posting viral links and links to personal information about other members too many times as he was not taking any action to protect his members. LIE number two from JOE.

Now his latest lie. he now says that he banned me for not being a productive member and used the first convenient excuse to do so.
LIE number three from JOE, the owner of Juot.

Lets look at what some others have to say about Joe. I do not know these people so cannot have influenced them.

Their comments show how unsuitable Joe is to be a staff member on vbulletin. or be in charge of a website.


"I have no history of posting alongside you but have read your posts over the last few hours.

Here is what I have found:

Your appear to be Egotistical, narrow minded and deluded."


"He needs to work on his reading comprehension skills and knowledge of statistics if he's going to try to keep up with some of these threads. So far, no good in either of those areas."


"This is just plain wrong on so many levels
I have no reason to trust bop's fairness and impartiality at this time "


"I have no desire to be a mod but his logic is a bit skewed. I have no issue with new members. I take issue with a bunch of loyal members getting fucked over and having a massive joke played on them and no one understands why half of them are pissed? Your an ass to members and you get made mod. Hardly fair to those who played fairly. In two weeks, this will be a wonderful hillbilly site. Enjoy. I'm done."


Then Joe finishes it off with yet another LIE!

"I am a highly respected member of the vBulletin community.'
I think NOT Joe. You are a proven LIAR and one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met.

low life unethical SPAMMER

Dre, do people know that you are a low life unethical SPAMMER? Who steals others bandwidth for your own benefit?


Intent DreDay2008 isn't seeking a relationship or any kind of commitment.

Relationship History The longest relationship DreDay2008 has been in was under 1 year.



About Me
YesI'm from here. Really just here to browse. Join my site blah blah blah blah blah blah whatever Join my site blah blah blah blah blah blah whatever Join my site blah blah blah blah blah blah whatever Join my site blah blah blah blah blah blah whatever Join my site blah blah blah blah blah blah whatever Join my site blah blah blah blah blah blah whatever


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