Monday, May 7, 2012

Where did I say this?

It looks like I have a new fan boy.  :ROFLMAO:


You should fit in well on ranter. If you take drugs as well, then you should qualify as a moderator on ranter.

Not too much representing to be done, as it seems that is down.  :whistle:

Excuse me while I shed a silent tear.   :yes2:

We could set up a special section for the displaced ranters, something like a 'kindergarden' for stressed out PWNDED ranters.  :ROFLMAO:

He gets it pounded a lot these days but has to pay for it.  :studly:

You seem to be correct in this . he does seem to be losing it.
 Maybe the thought of all those FAULTY Samsung units is too much for him.

Where did I say this? I said "Maybe you should try Google, it would stop you from making stupid statements and looking like a fool." 

어쩌면 당신은 Google를 시도해야 한다

 You seem to be getting yourself very confused today.

But Google is your friend.

Poor mr google would be so upset to hear that you do not love him.   :laugh0188:

Squirm Squirm , Wriggle Wriggle , Twist , Twist,  Run Run.

Sorry,  I did not know that a 386 would be too advanced for you.

Maybe you should try Google, it would stop you from making stupid statements and looking like a fool.

Oy DUMFUCK. I am NOT American. You are making a lot of mistakes today perhaps you should go eat some Kimchi.

You may be able to use a faulty heat sink  to cook it.

SSD up to one 1tb is really quite large.

 Good to see you admit that you are the  Dumfuck and that it is possible to run SSD and a HDD in the same pc.

@Saint Lucifer. I have an old 386 you can have cheap.  On one of your good days you may even be able to keep up with it!  :poke:

is this the same as you saying it cannot be done?

If you take the fan out to use as a desk fan, this does happen.

Others disagree. What was that about a Dumfuck again?

@Saint Lucifer.  Engage brain before putting mouth into gear. 

Yeah Riiight!  A bit like operator error eh?

Nice find. and the price is very attractive .  :happy0034:

it is considered polite to ask before putting your hand down the front of my pants and then saying this.  :icon_eek:

May help.

There are quite a few tutorials on the web. This is a link to one of them.

Only you can answer that question, based upon your peace of mind with an extended warranty versus the value of replacing the pc within that time frame.

It is not a long job. I would ask the place where you purchased it if your motherboard has this facility. I think it should as it seems to be  a late model one.  You can ask a repair shop for a quote as well.

If you're pc is new there MAY be instructions in your manual or on the motherboard driver CD, if it has one.

 Once you know your motherboard model number you can google it and you may find it in the online manual, if you do not get one with the pc.

One of my pc's has a HP mobo with one gig of memory,  but it now shows 2 gig.  :yes2:

If you have a new OS already installed then you can also download and install C cleaner from
Code: [Select]
this is very good at removing the crap that they like to bundle with a new OS that you do not want. It is a free program
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You are most welcome. I hope it all works out for you.  :happy0034:

What size CPU? and video card type?

Sounds like you will have a very fast and  good system.

On some HP motherboards you can set the memory  to a type of dual mode,  that fools the Pc into thinking it has double the memory it actually has.   :)

 The other way you could make big difference to its speed is to replace the hard drive with a  SSD (solid state Drive)

They are expensive,  but you can use a small one as your primary HDD and say the 750 as another hard drive, if you have room.   or you can use an external HDD for storing data.

The i7 processor  is very fast.  You should be happy with it.
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