Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why I do what I do

People sometimes ask me, "Bigal, why do you spend so much time explaining to people about scams and how they shouldn't send money to someone they don't know who promises to make them rich?" Fuck if I know. This shit is older than white dog shit. I've been doing this shit for, what?, seven years now? Maybe longer. I can't remember. To be honest, I've been on autopilot for the last few years. It's just the same shit over and over again. "Is this a scam?" YES!! It's a fucking scam! Seriously, what is wrong with these people. It's the twenty first fucking century, and people are still confused about this? Unbelievable.

Fortunately I roped a bunch of other idiots into doing most of the work for me so I can concentrate on more important things, like doing battle with people who impersonate me online. That's a full-time job!

Fuck, I just shit myself again.

I just labelled this post "shit", which is a label that should go on every one of these fucking posts.

Welcome to AFI

hdevans Welcome to AFI. If you try to cash it you may be charged with being in POSSESSION of a forged instrument, than can carry a prison term of up to fifteen years in some places in the USA.

It would be best to take it and report it to your local police to protect yourself, and please take along hard copies of any emails you have received.

There is a very good chance that it is either stolen or forged. And YOU could be charged. Many countries take a dim view of anyone who they think is messing with their currency in any way.

If Sapphire's Strike has posted it on here you can be assured it is a scam.

(For fucks sake, what is wrong with these people? Any idiot can see that this isn't real. Why do I even care anymore? The only sites I haven't been banned from are the ones I own. Fuck, I need a drink.)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Ok, yes I posted too much, and yes, I reported posts way more often than I should have, but wtf? JUOT and all its members can suck a dick.

a gift to the world

My literary creations are a gift to the world, . I am honoured, and, to tell the truth, a little flattered when somebody decides to copy them to pass them off has his own.

So whoever copies my words to his own webspace has my blessing, my encouragement even, to continue doing so.

Therefore "filing the DMCA" is out of the question. As soon as I press the "submit" button I renounce any ownership I might have had over those words, and let them go forth and fend for themselves.

The only thing I keep to myself is the ability to produce more of the same, as and when I feel like doing so.  

Soyl as you were complaining that Both I and the imposter "bigal" on CT were pretending to be you.

Will you be posting on CT asking for him to be banned, now that I have offered solid proof that he is an imposter?

Or will you be lodging a DMCA report as you seem keen on this being done?  

He is such a lovable little rascal.
It is a real shame that his mental condition is getting worse now and he is becoming obsessed with me.

On some sites he even keeps sending me friend requests.
He may have the hots for me?  

Interesting. So if some one set up a blog or site and posted copies of your posts out of context with some even altered to make fun of you.

Along with your personal details, address, phone number and Photographs and full details of your employment. Along with a lot of other personal details, then you would agree to this and give your permission?  

Probably all three of us eh?

Hi, Glock some could say this " boils down to a lack of brains"

No Soyl as you very well know it is not me. But I thought you denied any knowledge of these things?

Another mental lapse on your part I take it?

As this links to a place that displays my personal photograph. I would ask that it be removed and yet AGAIN Soyl posts links to the personal information of members.

How many times will he break the rules on JUOT?

Thank you, this is very good of you. It is greatly appreciated and I withdraw my remarks about you. AL

As you are fully aware as you have used it and posted it yourself, before you were forced to remove it, the link goes to a thread that shows my real life Photograph that was stolen from my pc by a hacker.

Indeed you have used variations of it after photo chopping it as your avatar on other forums. As well as posting it unaltered on another forum.
Therefore you cannot deny knowing that it is of me.

Soyl why are you AGAIN posting links to the personnel information of other JUOT members?

Again, you just cannot help yourself. You continue to violate the rules again and again.

After my post, you altered the link, and then you post the name of the twitter thread that has been posted by others and contains my real life photograph as you well know.

Soyl you seem determined to break the JUOT rules at every opportunity.

Soyl I have more information on you than you will ever know, believe me it is extensive.

I do not post it here: AS IT IS AGAINST THE RULES. The same rules that you seem to want to flaunt at every chance you get.

How many breaches of the rules is this Soyl?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

posting my intellectual property and for impersonating me

Yes Dr. Watson it is very interesting and very conclusive. it proves once and for all that the "bigal " posting on Crunk times is the imposter and should be banned for posting my intellectual property and for impersonating me, as is stated in their own rules.

Soyl, if you forget to take your medication your mental illness will not get better.
I think the same has been said to you many times. Probably with more justification.

But we soldier on don't we?
Now calm down Soyl, you know that telling lies will not help in your recovery process.

a mental picture

I just saw this : Baidu Spider Anus Laptops: The Martins Cole Saga.

I had a mental picture of millions of Chinese trying to make sense of it.

What's up with these chinks anyways? They look funny, they can't drive, and they smell funny, like they took some fucking General Tso's chicken and rubbed that shit all over themselves before they walked out the door. No wonder there's always at least a few flies on them. God, why did I ever marry one of them? What the fuck was I thinking?

I made the first post

Anyone notice that the fake "Bigal" above can only post copies of my old posts?

A Google search of these posts will confirm that they are all copies my old posts, this is why many of them are out of context. I re-affirm that the person posting as "Bigal " on CT is an imposter. Big Al.  

Some of you have asked for proof, here it is.

The post above made by the imposter "bigal" on CT is the SAME post that was posted on here recently by another imposter "little al" who has been banned for being an AE. In "Will the real Big Al please take his meds " post number three. DATE Thu 05/26/2011, 09:21 AM

We see now "bigal " 0n CT post it again as HIS idea.

However the ORIGINAL post that can be verified by the date, was made by me. HERE ON JUOT!!!! It is MY reply to Joe when his relative was subject to a scam in "My first scam bait"
post number 10. DATE Mon 02/07/2011, 04:43 PM

I made the first post, then it has been copied and posted by both "little al" AND "bigal" on CT.

Both without my permission, this is stealing my intellectual property A bannable offence according to the rules on CT. IE= "we have
adopted a policy of disabling or terminating, in appropriate
circumstances and at our sole discretion, the account of any Crunk
Times member who infringes the intellectual property rights of you"

We can see the original post made by me at the earlier date and then two copies made at a later date.  

Lotta cares about you

Soyl as you know I am retired and I can spend all day on my computer, it makes no difference to me but you have a family to think about and look after and a job.

Why not take your family out somewhere nice and enjoy the spare time with your family.

I am sure it will help settle you down and make your family happy as well.

Your obsession with stalking me is producing no results for you. Even your eater masters have realised this and assigned others to harass me.

In order to help you I will tell you something.
The guys giving you instructions to "make AL lose his marbles" as they say,
by harassing me are all pissing themselves laughing at you.
The words they use when you are not around to describe you are really racist and vulgar.

They sit back and laugh at you while they do other things and keep out of the limelight.

Soyl after spending all your time and energy stalking me what have you got to show for it?
Around the baiting community you are considered a joke and a lackey who will do anything for a pat on the head from a white master. just like a lapdog.

As a reward ,are you a MOD? Are you privvy to the inner secrets of what the eater guys are up to?

Do you think that Rover is unaware of what slightly is doing? if I have all this knowledge about the inner workings of eater, why are you being kept in the dark?
You are not informed about the other hacking going on as your questions seem to demonstrate.

Do you think Lotta cares about you?

Do you really think that the members of a white supremist group care about a black Indian as an equal? Dream on Soyl.
You have done their dirty work for them for a long time now, why no modship?

Think on it Soyl. Try to work it out.

Soyl really, you are being played for a fool and will continue to be treated as one by them.

It is impossible to stop me from exposing eater, if anything happens to me others are ready to take my place. So why are you the patsy who cops all the flak?

Seriously Soyl, as a fellow human being spend some time with your wife and daughter and you will be a happier person.

You are achieving nothing by stalking me except ridicule from all those who are laughing at you as they use you.

Soyl has it been worthwhile to achieve nothing and lose so much recently?

Yes I understand exactly what is happening.

Whether Soyl understands anything fully with his mental illness is not for me to say.

My posts make a lot of sense to those who are watching them as guests and are actively involved in trying to cover up the scamming and cashbaiting and stealing that they are engaged in.

When some members of an anti-baiting site go bad and start to use the resources of that site to scam innocent victims, then it is time that some one stood up and exposed them.

Their income from the fake scam sites they set up have been reduced drastically due to them being closed down so they are pissed off.

As they cannot deny the facts, they resort to using lackeys like Soyl to post and harass me in an attempt to silence me, just as they did by posting photo chopped pictures they put on the covers of KP magazines and then spread them all over the internet. of people who exposed them.

In an attempt to silence me they have published the full name, address and phone number, along with a photograph of the house of an innocent man and his family, falsely thinking it is me. Soyl took an active part in this smear campaign against an innocent man and his family. this is the address that Soyl keeps referring to as it is posted on eater under one of their admins avatar.

This is the ethics of Soyl. As I said I cannot comprehend how a Father could harass the children of an innocent man and encourage others to do so.

He also posted a real life picture of me that was stolen from my PC by a hacker. How did he obtain this?

He works closely with another eater admin called slightlyoutofit, who has boasted about taking a soft toy, smearing it with the tissues of some one who he thinks has swine flue fever and then gives it to the child of his
neighbour who he accuses of stealing a carrot from his alottement.

No sorry, I will continue to expose them for the low life's they are.

Talking to people who are not here

Sites and members. (Plural) do try to post after you take the medication then you will remember what was posted earlier.

I could, but it would not be wise to give you information as you have a mental problem and are a liar, so you cannot be trusted with it

As I answered before, ask your white masters on eater, I am sure they tell you everything in the chat area.

You can ask LOTTA , one of the admins there, if you can find her, as I am sure she will reveal the information you seek to you. Maybe you could ask some of her friends if you can find them now.

After all they would surely ban anyone who breaks their rules.
OH this is maybe why you cannot see Lotta posting with her usual name.
Maybe you could find out and let us all know why this is so.

Soyl maybe you do need to have things read to you as you have this mental problem and keep posting to imaginary members, who do not exist.

Can the doctors help with your mental issues, or are they permanent and will get worse? They certainly seem to be.

Talking to people who are not here cannot be helpful to one in your confused state of mind.  

Please post concrete proof that I have lied on JUOT. It is YOU that has lied constantly and even admitted it, ergo you lie again.

Soyl, once some one like you has turned to stealing and scamming then you are beneath contempt. Your constant attempts aided by the other eater morons to discredit me will never succeed. It will have opposite effects as you are finding out.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Big dumb Gal, self confessed mental problem

Folks you will have to excuse Soyl, as due to his self confessed mental problem, he keeps talking to imaginary members.

I can find no members listed with the user name of "Big dumb Gal." I can only assume he is having one of his crazy moments.

To give him his due he did post the sentence below admitting that he is crazy. He deserves our sympathy.

Soyl 10:30 am: "OK. I am brain damaged. Now spell it out."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I was attacked verbally by another member who hurled abuse and THREATS at me for defending myself as anyone has the right to do so.

I lodged an official request to the webmaster a while ago.

So far I have received no reply. I would appreciate a reply as soon as the webmaster is free Or notification if my request was not received by him. Thank you. AL.  

Thank you for your reply I will re do it and pm it.  

I have forwarded a pm to Jesus. I will send it again to the webmaster on contact us.

You lot can post your crap, but I will be following up on this with the correct authorities if needed.

Website crunktimes.com
Domain Hash 687e8f9c2a8d95765741a5efeb817e9f
IP Address [SCAN]
IP Hostname -
IP Country US (United States)
AS Number 19969
AS Name JOESDATACENTER - Joe_s Datacenter, LLC

crunktimes.com a
United States
ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc.
THEPLANET-AS2 ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc.


Crunktimes.com is a domain controlled by two name servers at okihost.com. Both are on the same IP network. The primary name server is ns7.okihost.com. Incoming mail for crunktimes.com is handled by one mail server at crunktimes.com. crunktimes.com has one IP number ( , but the reverse is 62.8b.374a.static.theplanet.com.

Www.crunktimes.com cnames to this hostname. Buckonine.net, studiotaka.net, chubhut.net, buck-o-nine.com, buckonine.com and at least 16 other hosts point to the same IP and also shares name servers. Kandmcomputers.com, winnisquamlakehouse.com, treasuretreats.com, davidwelchphotography.net, jonnine.com and at least 14 other hosts point to the same IP. Crunktimes.com use this as a mail server. Stmartindeporreschurch.org, californiaforecast.com, dirtheadmotorsports.com, cruzz.net, bridalheirlooms.net and at least three other hosts use this as a mail server under another name. Bwdinc.com, chubhut.com, igorandcompany.com, sevencityscions.com, reflectorcollector.com and at least 64 other hosts share name servers with this domain. Standardsglossary.com, bartdart.com and autofinancesolutions.net share mail servers  

@tapout Why do you show in the admin colours yet send me to others? I understand that GLOCK is showing as banned.  

The admin has made it so that I can only alter my posts within a ten minute time frame so I am posting again to add something.

"I posted my request in a polite and proper manner and expect the admin to act in a responsible manner. Is this too much to ask for?"  

Why send me to some who is listed as banned then?

He could say he is busy and will get back to me?  

Thank you for your reply. In the "contact us: section it said that the message would be sent to the webmaster, as it is very hard on here to ascertain who is the owner I went along with the information that this site provided.

You did not say why you sent me to some one who is showing as banned, is he banned or is he also a webmaster?

I will forward my request to you via pm if this is ok with you. I posted the information as I believed I was Being given the run around by the posts of the members here. And to show that my request was serious and not flippant.

On VBulletin the ADMIN can usually see the messages from the Contact us button, at least this is so on the sites that I am an admin on. So I assumed that my request would be accessible by the ADMIN or super admin. If it is ok with you, as I say I will forward the request to your PM. thank you. AL

A copy has now been forwarded for your consideration when you have the time. Thank you. AL  

While you consider and take a vote. I would like to point something out if I may.
I came on here to defend myself, I posted the truth about some one who was using my avatar and a very similar user name and claiming he was me.

This is a clear case of Impersonation.

I posted a disclaimer stating that it was not me and I was immediately called a liar by a senior member with out any proof or presumably any knowledge of me.

When I answered him, I was attacked verbally by another member who hurled abuse and THREATS at me for defending myself as anyone has the right to do so.
Allow me to state very clearly.

I have not initiated any attack on any member here, but I have and will continue to defend myself against those who would try to do me damage.

As I am sure any of you would. AL  

Soyl Why are you calling the members here liars? It is YOU that is the self confessed liar.  

I think you mean Soyl and bigal.

I have registered with my usual email addy and my usual IP. this can be checked by the admins, My IP should point back to Australia where I live.

I think that you will find bigal has signed up using a proxy.

Soyl is in India so his IP should point to there but as an IT engineer he has used proxies and is capable of spoofing ip's .

come across as a liar and a coward

So you would advocate banning the innocent along with the guilty.

Why not put in the small amount of effort to find out the truth?

While you are at it, why not ban those who accuse members without any proof, or those who threaten other members when they disagree with them?  

I asked you to perform a couple of easy tasks to prove who I am, but you could not be bothered. As you say you do not care. So there is resulting disharmony on the site.

I take exception to being called a liar by some one with NO proof and NOTHING to back up such a statement. Especially as far as I know we had not talked to each other prior to your false accusation.

No doubt you post some good things, but you come across as a liar and a coward while you allow the false accusation to stand.
Anyone of substance would have the courage to post a retraction of his false accusation or provide positive proof of its veracity. You have done neither.

Although I am also owed an apology I have not asked for one, just a recognition that your accusation was false.

Yes Soyl. How do you know where the IP's will show from?

You admit to being a confirmed LIAR. 

ARE we posting as SOYL ON CT? ????????????????????????

OOPS PRETENDING to be YOU? You are getting mixed up with using one of my user names. This pretty much confirms it is you posting as me, as you have done many times.  

Interesting Soyl. Why not explain about the time you posted far and wide that I was ALL seventy two members of dot net site?

Maybe I am every one on the internet according to your mental state.

Soyl why not tell everyone about your genuine mental issues that you admit to, then they may understand your obsession with posting as me and your long term stalking of me?  


Tell me again about trying to wreck reputations after posting this:

Soyl in the proper scambaiting world you are looked upon as a JOKE, and some one who licks your masters taint for few pats on the head from your masters. You fool no one except yourself.

So much so that you are not even a mod on any baiting type site, only a forum mod on the Ranter, (where they refer to you as the " Filthy lad from the subcontinent" even they are taking the piss out of you. and you are too stupid to realise it. Boy how they laugh at you behind your back, it is some thing to see) and an admin on your own site, where you are an avid fan of Simon Templar (the saint) I hope you know that he was only taking a part as an actor.
Live on in your little dream world where you are the hero fighting the evil Al and trying to stop me from exposing the truth .  
I have only spoken the truth on here and will continue to do so, as long as I am able.

If you choose not to believe me that is your free choice and your problem, but I will not stand idly by while you post false unsubstantiated accusations against me.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

posting as me and then answering yourself

I have posted proof that it is clean. Please back up your post by showing us proper proof that it is viral.
Again you lie to the members on the network soyl.

Copying a part of my post and altering it is not proof as any body can do this. Post a link to the AV program that you received this information from so we can all see the truth.
There was some other information along with the AV scan, how about you post that as well?
Or can you only copy what I posted as you do not have the info?
I will willingly post a copy of the complete scan report to a mod and then you can post yours so they can be compared. lets see who is lying.

As the AV program also lists the name of the type of virus found please post this as well. I am sure that the owners of grapheine.com would be very interested in your proof and defamation.  

Lets see what you got Soyl. Lets see your proof. Send a copy to one of the mods via pm tell me which one and I will send the genuine copy that can be verified.
Or is this impossible for you, as again you post crap using an impersonation of me?

Strange how your post followed mine and then it was altered to suit you, why did you not post this when you first posted your lie, after all you want people to know the truth.  

Soyl why did you not post any proof to back this false claim up?

I posted solid proof that the site was clean at the time it was scanned . Later you posted an altered copy of this, why not just post your proof first, why did you need to wait and copy and alter a post of mine?

Do you think people are so stupid that they cannot see that you are impersonating me and posting crap for the sole purpose of trolling and causing disharmony.

Lets see now, how many sites have you and your pals trolled while pretending to be me? AMB. Juot, CT, Dot net, Ranter, several blogs and sites including the encyclopaedia one. There are others but I think this tells the tale. Quite a few you have been banned from,for impersonating me. have you got the hots for me? or are you just obeying the instructions of your eater masters?  

Soyl why are you posting as me and then answering yourself?

AHH I see, you have done it so many times it has become a habit.  

ODD Lisa, you did not say this when I supported you many times on AMB.

Strange that you should turn and now insult me. especially as you are so vulnerable.
Does this make you feel wanted and one of the gang now?  

Yes "Neil and Dan" on eater tell me more.

You do know that you are a self confessed LIAR don't you.

I never assume the mantle of another, as you evidently do.

The person posting as Bigal is Soyl

Regardless of the lies posted again by Soyl the site is clean.

Soyl why not tell the members how you posted links to viral sites like the encyclopeadia one where you posted the real life details of a fellow baiter called White trash?

Why did you do this soyl?

Why do you constantly post links to sites that contain malware?  

Yes thank you.

The person posting as Bigal is Soyl. I thought dools were not allowed?

Thats ok plenty of people care.:rotflmao:

Are you naturally an idiot or did you have to work on it?

Again you lie Soyl. The link is safe.

It is also quite funny.

Soyl does get pissed off when he is shown as a lowly BHANGI

This is just the start Chandy. You sow a wind you will reap a hurricane.  

confirmed and self admitted liar

Ok then post in the open as De master Yoda on AFI to confirm that it is you?

Unfortunately despite any excuse you come up with you cannot.

Soyl as a confirmed and self admitted liar it is easy to see why you would lie again.

As no such PM has been sent or received on AFI so far, please confirm the username and other details you allegedly did to prove your point.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My username there is "De master Yoda" it is well known that the genuine Big al is an admin on there.

Now you are starting to lose it. I have been posting on JUOT for a long time and have established my bone fides there a long time ago.

You sound remarkably Like Soyl. Tell you what, how about you talk to one of the mods here and get him to ask a question sent to the email you signed up with and then you can answer as Big Al on Juot if you are the original AL?

Or you can ask him to join AFI and send the question to me via the Private message system as I am one of the admins there and see it you can answer it?
My username there is "De master Yoda" it is well known that the genuine Big al is an admin on there.

Lets see the twisting and turning now, as you try to do anything except this simple test.

After all Soyl, you are saying that you are the original Al who is an admin on AFI.

Or even simpler, a mod here can easily establish the truth by sending me an email to the addy I signed up with. and send a test question and I will answer it in public on JUOT or via the PM system if they like.

You seem to want the matter settled so lets do it? easy eh?  

some one has to answer for the unethical low life who is so afraid to admit he made a mistake.

IamDeMan@CT, I think you forgot a few abbreviations.

I am glad to see you admit that what I have stated is the truth and that some of my photo's were indeed stolen from my PC by a hacker.

It is interesting that again some one has to answer for the unethical low life who is so afraid to admit he made a mistake.

I am sorry to see that your vocabulary is so limited that you cannot express yourself without profanity. But we all have our little cross to bear eh?

One of the ways that some one who cannot handle things normally, will be that they always resort to threats. You may like to seek some professional help for this problem of yours. Sadly it is not normal but is often a sign of deeper seated problems.

I have not addressed you before as far as I can recall, yet you seem to feel the need to post utter crap directed at me for whatever reason.
Maybe you have a mental issue or things did not work out for you today?
There there calm down, it is only the internet after all. Can I help? Maybe you would feel better if you talked about your problems. It can help in cases of stress to discuss things with a close and trusted friend.

One of the things that may be confusing you, is that you may actually be falling for the bullshit that Soyl and his pals are posting while pretending to be me.

I can understand that this could be confusing for you. I did offer to post evidence of what I say but unfortunately evildave101 does not seem to have the courage to do this, as it will show that he lied and made a bad mistake. One he is too afraid to admit.

Maybe you could use your limited but sincere vocabulary to discuss this with him and gently lead him to the light.  

Hi Tom I presume you are talking to me and not the person that is pretending to be me to mislead you?

I hear congratulations are in order for your daughter, for winning the spelling competition with the word " Spaghetti" Well done, I hope you and S are well pleased. :clapping:

Life in OZ is great thanks, every time I shit  my pants my nurse comes by and changes my nappy and sometimes I hold some back so she has to do it a second time ,a little game I play just so I can get her to wipe my ass a second time, and how is life these days in B?

expecting a large sum of money from an inheritance

 Tell him how desirable you are and that you are expecting a large sum of money from an inheritance and then just keep asking questions, even ask another question about any of his answers.

Keep asking questions as star struck lovers do, so he is occupied in spending HIS time in explaining things to you.

You can occasionally answer him with just "OK" Then he has to come back to you with things that will take up more of his time

In total disregard for the rules and common decency.

This fits in with your reputation now, of some one of no integrity, who posts fake accusations and does not have the courage or guts to admit it. but instead posts crap in an attempt to deflect the justifiable criticism of how low you have sunk as a human being.

You really are a loser. And a low creature of no ethics.

Sounds like he needs to see you as big oga and him as a small boi.

You can tell him you will take all his maga and chop his dolla . this always goes down well with them.

Maybe ask him how he manages to make any money as he is such a small boi and his mother is a two bit whore. I think it may get a response from him.

@evildave101. As a person of no ethics and someone who is too small
minded to admit his mistake, your feelings are of little consequence.

I am only sorry that you were representing and so embarrass a site that
can well do without members like you who are unethical.

You are one of the lowest types of creature there is, a person of no honour.

Yet again Soyl despite many warnings, you post a link to yet ANOTHER site with malware on it.

Why do you constantly endanger the members on these forums by posting links to sites with Malware? You are an IT engineer so you MUST be aware of what you are doing. and so are doing it intentionally.
I hope the members who went there have the correct AV programs to delete it.

Website xxxxxxx xxxxxx Soyls link goes to it.
I have deleted the name, so no one gets a virus by clicking on it.

Yes Soyl, it is clear that in your obsession with stalking me and posting as me on many forums, you totally disregard the danger to other members, by again pointing out the site for them to go to that is viral.
In total disregard for the rules and common decency.

I may be wrong but I was under the impression that you had been asked NOT to post viral links. yet you not only post another one, you then post the name after being informed that it was viral
This is one reason why you have been banned from quite a few websites.

It really is time for you to go.

Monday, May 23, 2011

copies of my old posts and pretend to be me in yet another feeble attempt to avoid the truth coming out?

But of course it does not make sense. When you and your moronic friends post copies of my old posts by pretending to be me and post them out of context, what do you expect?

It is one of the few options open to you and eater, in a feeble attempt to muddy the waters so to speak, as you and the eater cretins have no other defence against the truth of being exposed,so you try to ridicule the person who is exposing you and cause massive confusion as to what he is doing.

Eater have consistently done this for many years now. Remember the changing of the avatars and signatures that eater did to any one who left and posted any of the truth about them, so that they would be the object of scorn, remember how they did this to Kleindoofy and "The false Italian" two of their oldest and most supportive MODS, after many years of dedicated service? are you next?

Remember the seniors of eater photo chopping real life photographs of those who oppose them and then posting the photos on the cover of KP magazines, before posting copies all over the internet and sending copies to the ex members employer? Copies about this are still available for the public to see.

Now you and your moronic pals, post copies of my old posts and pretend to be me in yet another feeble attempt to avoid the truth coming out? The posts on CT are only the latest of many blogs and forums you have either set up or posted copies of my old posts on.

Not too long ago you lot again registered fake Bigal's and variations on JUOT and it was only after my having proven it to the owner that he banned the fake Bigal . I thank him for being smart enough to check it out and do the right thing.

I am surprised that the admins of the sites you and your pals are trolling now allow it. The inevitable disruption it brings has already started, to the detriment of those sites that allow it to continue.

It could very easily get out of control. Indeed some sites like "alex's forum" were trolled out of existence by some people that eater supported in the past, like the guy known as " Biz Troll" you can ask " Nurse nasty" about this.

You can also ask about the demise of quite a few other sites where your type of trolling resulted in them having to close down.

I do not live at that house, that you posted in an attempt to harass an innocent man and his family

AHH so your mental affliction that causes you to refer to me with another name is now fixed. :rotflmao:

And for once you have mentioned the truth. (A strange incident indeed) and that is that I do not live at that house, that you posted in an attempt to harass an innocent man and his family. I am sure he was not impressed by you guys phoning him up at three in the morning and scaring his children. Did you and your pals get your jollies by doing this to an innocent man and his family?

But this is the depths that you and your pals have sunk to. And YOU expect me to answer your questions, HO HO get a life lackey.

Lets see the person you addressed your question to first, the impostor, answer your question.

Almost every post you have made about me since you first started to stalk me has been to attempt to defame me or to cause me trouble, now you expect me to answer a question from you? I think an appropriate response would be " GET STUFFED LACKEY"

Now as you seem to support the eater cretins, who you suck up to and treat as your masters, Why not ask them to give you the information, after all they are YOUR pals and would naturally keep you informed about what is going on there.

Or do they keep you around as a little lapdog and feed you what they want you to hear and treat you as a useful idiot the rest of the time.

How they laugh at you following their instructions to try to get me to waste my time answering you, so that I do not have any spare time to concentrate on closing down their fake scamming sites. Sadly for them this is not working, even though they have assigned even more members to aid you.

Try asking Lotta, I am sure she knows a lot of things that would interest you and Lone wolf. Of course as a trusted lackey they naturally tell you everything.

By the way why is she not posting under her own name these days, after all she is an admin there? Who is she deathly afraid of?

As you both seem to think eater management are good people

there will be no reluctance from them to tell you the information you seek, will there?

I am sure that as you seem to think they are ok, they will give you all the information that you ask for. or are things as I say. and they are keeping you in the dark. And continue to feed you bullshit, as they have done so often and for so long in the past.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

beneath contempt. And a proven liar and coward.

As I strongly suspected, You are too afraid of exposing the truth and that is that you made a bad mistake. You are a person of no honour or integrity. I am surprised that you show as Green on CT.

It is easy for a small boy such as you to post false accusations, but it takes a man to own up to and admit he made a mistake, You are obviously not any one of any worth.
With no integrity as a human being. You are therefore of little consequence on this or any other forum.

A total loser and a low life scumbag in fact, who is scared stiff of admitting that you made a mistake and falsely accused me.

The internet is full of such losers in life. Now I can understand why another member had to speak up for you, as you are beneath contempt. And a proven liar and coward.

You are not fit to be in the presence of honest members.  

As I said you are too afraid to face the truth.

A person of no integrity is not worth anything.

You have proven yourself to be such a low life.

You can laugh and post infantile responses as much as you like but it will not alter the fact that you were found wanting.

And that you are a person of no integrity who is too afraid to admit the truth.

I feel great pity for you, as it is not pleasant to come across a low life like you who has lost any vestige of respect. and is a liar.  

Is the medication wearing off? I never called my self " hooligan" but maybe you need something to hang onto while you pretend to be a hard case.

You do seem a little agitated by me exposing the truth about a low life lying toe rag who falsely accuses people without any evidence.

For the record I have not ordered anyone around, but I have expressed my disgust with a low life lying moron who has no integrity, as I am sure you will agree.

You do seem to be a little excited and it is causing you to mess up your words.

Why is this?

By the way, threats from childish imbeciles do not impress me one bit, when your balls drop come and talk to me again.  

a man of no integrity or morals

@evildave101. thank you for the screen shot. However I fail to see anything there that says it is me that has joined CT.

It is obvious that some one is pretending to be me as they have done on many occasions. It does not take too much intelligence to see this is the case here.

I take exception to you posting that I am lying and I ask that you post a retraction.
Your post was in error and was posted without any evidence at all.
As well as being totally incorrect.

If you are a person of ethics and morality you will post a retraction, as you were wrong.

If the Ip shown is from the poster, then it shows as coming from-

OrgName: Joe's Datacenter, LLC
Address: 324 E. 11th st.
Address: 26th Floor
City: Kansas City
StateProv: MO
PostalCode: 64106
Country: US

Now it could be a proxy, but my IP would show as coming from Australia where I live, not the USA.

@evildave101. I have now joined CT as Big Al and it will be easy for you to compare the IP and email of myself and the imposer.

I can easily provide proof of who I am, by you sending me an email to the email I registered with using a test question and I will answer it on JUOT with my JUOT user name.

Of course you have the option of avoiding this simple test if you are a man of no integrity or morals, As I suspect is the case. It is easy to prove your integrity by doing the test and then posting a retraction for your false accusation.

If you are a mod on CT, then it would be reasonable for you to want to help the members and the site, to expose the truth and not to bring the site and members into disrepute by posting false accusations that you cannot back up with any sort of proof, indicating that your modship may have been a mistake.

A person of integrity would be only too happy to find out the truth and act accordingly.  

I am the managing Director of Bonded Exports Group Corporation

Please send me the details via the Private Message system. I know some one who may be able to help.

@N.L.GREEFF Why did you maintain that there was NO connection between the companies and why is BONDED EXPORTS GROUP CORPN receiving payments on behalf of HYUNDAI INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPN S.A When you clearly state they have NO connection to each other? 

Is this now incorrect as well?

This has changed from NO connection whatever to admitting they have the same director? Is this statement to be taken in the same light as your prior statement that was incorrect?

@N.L.GREEFF. Please explain why you say there is NO CONNECTION between the companies
You stated "I am the managing Director of Bonded Exports Group Corporation. This company is in no way connected to Hyundai International Trading Corp. Pty.Ltd."

I was ALL 72 members of a site

The person posting as Bigal@CT has no connection to me. I am NOT a registered member of CT.
Any copy of any of my posts on there is done without my permission.

Sadly the eater cretins get very pissed off with me when I closed down some of the fake scamming sites that lead back to them, and so think they can embarrass me into stopping by these infantile tactics. They were particularly pissed off when several of their members were indicted for hacking recently. (lets see if they post this on CT as well)

There is ample evidence showing eater members photo-chopping ex members real life photographs onto the cover's of KP magazines and posting them all over the internet. in a similar fashion to how they are now posting copies and altered copies of many of my posts, in a futile attempt to embarrass ex members to keep quiet.

Several times morons like Soyl and other eater brainwashed idiots have set up blogs, forums and many user names similar to mine. Some were even banned from JUOT when they attempted to do this.

I have to laugh at how scared they are and can assure them that these childish methods will result in even more of their fake sites being closed down.  

Bugger and everyone thought it was you.

BigAl = TommyTooter = soyl = Manchy = BirdOPrey5 = Max.

You forgot one.

Kinda reminds me of the time that Soyl and his pals were insisting that I was ALL 72 members of a site.

And the even funnier one was when they insisted I had been banned from EVERY site on the web while talking to me ON A SITE

They really are that stupid. I may be off for a while as I am training some new fake site killers now. Have fun. AL  

Oh I see, it is ok if they happen to others, but you get all sulky and bitter if it happens to you, maybe this is because you are a toady and a lapdog and expect to receive special treatment in return for your taint licking ? you sure have whined enough about being banned from AMB and continuously badmouth a mod there for doing the right thing.

maybe it is because you are a self confessed LIAR and thief who is happy to post malware links on the sites you infest.

Sadly this is not me posting on CT. I am not a registered member of CT.  

eater brainwashed idiots have set up blogs, forums and many user names similar to mine

In case you missed my large disclaimer post here it is again. Thanks for allowing me to post it again.

The person posting as Bigal@CT has no connection to me. I am NOT a registered member of CT.
Any copy of any of my posts on there is done without my permission.

Sadly the eater cretins get very pissed off with me when I closed down some of the fake scamming sites that lead back to them, and so think they can embarrass me into stopping by these infantile tactics. They were particularly pissed off when several of their members were indicted for hacking recently. (lets see if they post this on CT as well)

There is ample evidence showing eater members photo-chopping ex members real life photographs onto the cover's of KP magazines and posting them all over the internet. in a similar fashion to how they are now posting copies and altered copies of many of my posts, in a futile attempt to embarrass ex members to keep quiet.

Several times morons like Soyl and other eater brainwashed idiots have set up blogs, forums and many user names similar to mine. Some were even banned from JUOT when they attempted to do this.

I have to laugh at how scared they are and can assure them that these childish methods will result in even more of their fake sites being closed down.

@evildave101@CT. I have not lied. And I am surprised that you would say this without any proof. or do you normally post crap without thinking or any FACTS. I hope you are not a senior on CT. As this would be a very irresponsible attitude if you were.

One has to be a member to see the results of the link you posted and as I am not a member I cannot see its contents.

Maybe as you are so sure you would post a copy of what it says ?  

AHH we now hear from Bucket, another confirmed LIAR.

Why is it Bucket that you have to lie to get anyone to take notice of you, are you such a low life that you have to continuously lie and ridicule people when they tell the truth.

Are you so insecure and feel so inferior? That your existence consists of sucking up to the ranter idiots and perpetuating their lies, just so you can actually feel some thing in life,
Some small feeling of being accepted? I feel great pity for you.

AHH of course this is the way that those on ranter operate, defame people just for the laughs especially if they are friends. Do you feel like one of the IN crowd when you do this?

Strange how a few weeks back you were practically begging me to come back to ranter. This is kind of at odds with what you say now. Maybe it is time for you to re evaluate your life and get medical help.  

Hi Chandy. trying to lick your masters taint again I see. I hear that some of your masters on eater are not too happy with you at the moment. maybe you are the reason why their security is no good.

Oh dear you seem to forget that I posted about you posting links containing malware well before bucket and crew decided to play their childish game.

My source as you call it, comes from respectable malware detecting programs not some one like Bucket, who as you say is a liar.  

If he is that strong why do you have to answer for him?

I have no fear of some one who cannot get his facts right and accuses me of lying without any proof.
To me this does not denote a strong person but a weak one.

Perhaps he will not be able to "handle that shit" from me and instead needs others to speak for him?

It is a shame that you seem to want to attempt to frighten or intimidate me, I am not a child who is scared of the big bad bogey man, maybe you are, and you are impressed by him, this is your problem not mine. perhaps this is why you are called junior?

IF he has the guts, I can join CT and speak to him man to man and sort his misconceptions out with proof. Unless he is too busy hiding behind others.  

I just had a look as a guest on CT, I cannot log in as I am not a member.

It seems that "evildave" is a mod, as he is showing in a green colour. so depending on how his permissions have been set by the owner or superadmin, he should be able to see the IP 's of the members, if so I can easily join and prove to him that the IP of the person posting as "Bigal" is not me. I can also provide him with my email addy so he can confirm it. Then he can post a retraction.

That is if he is man enough to want to do the right thing?  

Chandy yet again you post crap and lies. If you care to check the date from approximately when I started to mention that you were posting links to malware, you will see it was 12/23/2010, 08:09 PM. That is WELL before the childish post by Bucket as quoted by you that was dated wed 01-12-2011. how about YOU get your facts right liar? You will also note that the FACTS were backed up by me from a detection program that I posted the results of. NOT some delusional ravings by yet another LIAR like you and your pal Bucket.

Very likely one of your delusions. You do have many.

As far as I can remember, the last time I did a scan of JUOT it came up clean and I posted this result on JUOT.

Currently it is showing clean.  

Friday, May 20, 2011

not on my watch!!

As a proud White Asutralian, I am getting sick and tired of the whole facist "multicultural ' mindset amongst certain people. It appear to be a crime in Australia to be white these days. Let's lay out a few facts:

1. It is niggers who commit the most crime in our country. It is part of their nature to be violent animals when confronted with civilised society. They can't be a part of it, so they must attempt to tear it down.

2. Crime rates have spiked every year that we allow our immigration policy to bring in thousands of Indians, Africans, Asians, Muslims, etc. We need to close out borders at once so these animals don't destroy what little civilised way of life we have going for us.

3. They are diseased, uneducated, lazy, stupid, and won't learn proper English. They mainly suck off hard working members of socity.

Now I know there are some good ones out there, but the majority are just animals plain and simple. Don't get me started on the muslims with there sharia law crap. They are trying to take over our citys and make a caliphate, well it's not going to happen.

These niggers and chinks have destroyed every place on earth they inhibit. I heard a gang of them on the street say to me "it's our country now white man," as I walked buy. Well guess what,it's not and it never will be.

They destroy every place they live and now they come to our country to do the same thing. Well not on my watch.!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

viral you need to do some virus scans.

@ JaysonGoh . The website Is viral you need to do some virus scans.

These scammers are after your money please stop all contact with them, you will NOT receive any money from them, you will only lose your money if you continue dealing with them. They're a bunch of dirty lazy porch monkeys who have nothing better to do than steal from hard working whites. They can't get jobs because there to stupid, and it is just their culture to be deceptive and thieving.

Hello Cathy and welcome to AFI. I am glad that you did not lose any money and thank you for posting to alert others.

As many scammers and spammers surf the internet looking for personal information to steal and use, it is best if you keep this information out of public sight. Thank you.

Our fight against the porch monkeys will continue. Just remember,these suasage lipped rugheads will never be civilised. We must be on guard constantly , otherwise we'll be over run with ubangi hoards. Stay strong.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am not to be taken lightly dear sir as I am only an uneducated BHANGI.

Oh goodness gracious me Sahib, what for you be picking on a poor shit BHANGI like me who be working in shit at the Ranter and eater websites?

O most exalted one, why you be taking the liberty dear sir, to be deleting my posts sir, oh woe is me. I am not to be taken lightly dear sir as I am only an uneducated BHANGI.

Please not to be taking the piss out of this lowly BHANGI, your excellence.  

a staunch supporter and brainwashed lackey of eater and ranter

Soyl for some one who made such a big deal about me being banned from eater for asking reasonable questions, you seem to be very butt hurt about being banned from AMB and quite a few other sites. For being a brainwashed idiot.

As a staunch supporter and brainwashed lackey of eater and ranter you should be used to seeing posts deleted for no reason.

Oh I see, it is ok if they happen to others, but you get all sulky and bitter if it happens to you, maybe this is because you are a toady and a lapdog and expect to receive special treatment in return for your taint licking ? you sure have whined enough about being banned from AMB and continuously badmouth a mod there for doing the right thing.
Why does the survivalist over there
[at AMB] keep on [deleting my posts? Does it have anything to do] with my avatar showing a sweet kid?

ERR no, maybe it is because you are a self confessed LIAR and thief who is happy to post malware links on the sites you infest.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Readers' questions

First of all, I want to thank all the good people who read what I write here and say a big THANK YOU .I appreciate your kind words. But I also get lots of emails from faithful readers of my blog and I will attempt to answer the legitimate questions and ignore the CRETINS ! who see fit to harass me rather than spending their time baiting lads or shutting down fake sites.
Bi-gal, why do you constantly criticise mods and admins of other sites for being fascists with their policies,yet you do the same thing? You complain that they reveal personal information, but you do the same thing. Why are you such a hypocrite?
First of all,I don't know who you're addressing, and secondly, I am not a hypocrite. When mods and admins on certain other sites reveal personal information about me, it is a loathsome, despicable act of treachery intended to expose me to the lads who I have hurt by closing down their fake sites , but however, when I reveal personal information about people, it is only to get revenge on them for being CRETINS ,so I am perfectly justified in doing so. Now run back to your masters and tell them that I answered your question !!

Another reader writes:
You appear to be racist with your frequent references to monkeys, yet you decry racism elsewhere. Why are you such a hypocrite?
HA! That shows how much you know. I am not a racist at all and I only call certain people "brown monkeys" because that's what they are , and there is no racial intent in it whatsoever. If you read it as racist then I would say it is really YOU who are the racist.
Big AL, how did it go in Nigeria? Did you get your money back?
I have already stated that I was never in Nigeria!! nor would I ever go there , it is full of scammers and weird smells and smelly people who would make me vomit. Those people are vile,and they're all scammers,all of them. I have yet to meet one non white person who is not after money. That's just a fact.
Hey Al, do you still live at 2 Speckled Cct ?
I do not live there nor have never lived there ,it is the home of an innocent man who is not me so please stop associating my name with that address. I have said many time that this is not my house and I want everyone to stop saying that I live there because I do not and it is wrong to give out the personal RL information about someone on the internet.

If you have an honest question,feel free to post it in the comment section or email me and I will do my level best to provide an answer. I get so many emails that I cannot answer them all personally, but I will choose a few and post them here anonymously ,of course

Sunday, May 15, 2011

If you mean me, I have never been to Nigeria

Yet again you post crap. If you mean me, I have never been to Nigeria. More crap fed to you by your white supremist masters on eater?

Hey Chandy tell us again about how you say that the Indians are superior to the Americans and will take over their finances soon.

First of all that sounds like a threat, getting desperate are you?

In some ways this statement is correct, some of the people whose fake scam sites have been closed down are so incensed that they have set up fake blogs and sites where they can post lies and derogatory remarks about me. (Some that you contribute to by your own admission.)

They have even assigned some of their members to step up the stalking, after it was determined that your attempts were inadequate and so they assigned others to assist you in doing what they called " Make Al lose his marbles" their words not mine.

Quite amazing the information I have from your chats on eater isn't it?

Yet the total result of their efforts is to increase the closing of the fake sites that THEY set up.

The obvious tactic of setting up fake sites and blogs to harass me has in fact convinced some of their members to join forces with me and they have brought along a lot of information with them. So the result of all your lies and ridicule across many forums has badly backfired on you and increased the attention of many who you would not want to be looking too closely at your activities.

Yes Chandy they like to see OTHER scammers fake sites close down, BUT they are severely PISSED OFF that THEIR fake sites are now being closed down.

How many have YOU and your little Indian group lost Chandy? Do the others know about YOUR little group operating outside THEIR influence but using their resources? Are they missing out on their cut?

Have fun. I will not post as much in the next few days as I will be busy helping train some new fake site killers. So you will have to play with yourself for a while. LOL

Where did I say that the authorities had not been contacted?

This is as much as I will reveal to you at this stage, so your future questions will probably go unanswered. There is a hell of a lot of information that I have but you are unworthy to see it.

You may not feel like sending a copy of my post to your masters as normal, but they will see it anyway. They even check on what you are doing. VERY closely I may add.

Now crawl back to your eater masters for further instructions lackey.

You just continue as you have been doing. digging yourself a bigger hole. There's a good lackey.

Maybe you could ask all innocent like, if he likes boys? as you have heard that a lot of the football players are gay. (all that stripping off in the changing rooms etc) And this has stopped them from being able to go overseas to play with the big clubs (Every Cameroonian players dream )

Then of course after he denies it, you need to see some photos of him showing his manhood. After all, as a REAL woman you need a real man not a whimpy little boy.

Once you start you can work on this side of things.

@Tara, It would be a safe bet to say it is a scam.

She will send you either a stolen or forged cheque and then ask you to pay the shipping company etc. If you continue you will lose your money.

It is best to stop all contact with her/him.

I find it amusing that they state "USAGREENCARDLOTTERY.ORG takes privacy seriously," and yet they have a tracking virus on their website=

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Infractions on tR are meaningless

Infractions on tR are meaningless. In the same vein as the claim that nothing is taboo on there. Yeah Right!!!

Play your cards right there and you are in with a chance.

AHA!! The REAL MR X revealed for all to see.

Maybe you could ask all innocent like, if he likes boys? as you have heard that a lot of the football players are gay. (all that stripping off in the changing rooms etc) And this has stopped them from being able to go overseas to play with the big clubs (Every Cameroonian players dream )

Then of course after he denies it, you need to see some photos of him showing his manhood. After all, as a REAL woman you need a real man not a whimpy little boy.

Once you start you can work on this side of things.

The inner group on tR would like TT to be a continuing member, so they can have some one else to dogpile on and have a good laugh about. This is the way they operate.

This is why it was a one day ban instead of a full ban so they can wind TT up and have a few more laughs at his expense.
It is possible that he will be invited back if he leaves, with lavish promises that also mean nothing. so the humiliation and joviality can continue.

In their so called private area, they discuss who they can humiliate and whose turn it is to do it this week.

If TT is smart enough to realize this and not post on tR then this would be to his benefit.  

I rest my case.  

Friday, May 13, 2011

A note of thanks

To all those who have asked about my safety, I will say that I am fine now and back home again after another arduous journey. I do not like taking long plane trips due to my artificial hip and incontinence, but I felt like I had to go one more time to Nigeria. I don't want to talk about what happened there. I will only thank those who inquired, and give an especially warm thanks to those who sent me funds when I was in desperate need. I will repay you all in a few weeks. Other than that, please stop asking me what happened. I don't want to discuss it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I am in Lagos again,and I don't have much time. I need someone to send me money immediately, I will explain later.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I want to let all my loyal readers know that I will be away from blogging for a while as I am going back to Nigeria. As you may remember, I was swindled out of my life savings by scammers in Lagos who beat and humiliated me, but since then I have been in contact with the authorities in Lagos who say they caught the criminals! and have invited me back there for the trial. Justice will be done !

I will try to update the blog from Nigeria , but it is likely that I won't have time or internet access there, so stay tuned for the conclusion of this story. 2011 is turning out be an interesting year!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a little sweetener for you

Hi Soyl how do you know about this if you are not working with these morons?

Hi soyl yet more bullshit from you. I guess that as you posted my Photograph in public saying it was me no one would have noticed this?

AHH yes the mysterious person who drove past what you falsely claim to be my house and took photographs. Thank you for yet again supporting what I say about you and your eater masters stalking and harassing people. Yet more proof of what they are doing and your involvement in stalking.

Now lets see if we know who this "mysterious" person is shall we? The person who actually takes the time to drive around and look for and photograph the house of a totally innocent man so that he and his family can be harassed, as you all think it is me.

WOW the mysterious man actually admitted he did it, could it be -- 'Nurse Nasty' an administrator at 419 eater. This in direct violation of the eater rules about harassing other scambaiters.

He states that he took the photographs of the person living there and they resemble me, however he also says that it was nearly dark and so he could not see the person clearly but he is sure it was me. Unfortunately he is dead wrong. and should be chastised for allowing the photo's of the garage, house and license plates of an innocent man to be released.

If he claims it to be me why did he not introduce himself and come in for a cuppa?
Is he that afraid of who he thinks is me? He is a coward and can only stalk people from afar.
He would have been surprised to see that it was not me and then he could have put everyones mind at rest and admit publicly that he and all the other eater lackeys had made a massive mistake . ( yeah fat chance of him coming clean on that ) LOL

I am sure that he will be very happy to be exposed by your posts.
Why did you not mention his name and give him the credit for actively stalking someone from the internet?

Guess what other information I have.

Just a little sweetener for you. Every time a copy of one of my posts appear on the blog, I ask one of our scam site killers to kill another fake site and guess which fake scam sites come at the top of my list?

I am sure the scammers who put up these fake scam sites to steal from innocent victims will be happy to hear that you are personally responsible for so many of their sites being closed down.
While ever you and your masters continue with things like the fake blog, then the closing of fake sites will escalate. Have a nice day explaining your actions to your pals Soyl.

I may be a little quiet online in the next few days, as I organize some more fake scam site killers. have fun. Al.  

You angling for a threesome?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a blog that is using a stolen photo of me

Strange I did not see you commenting about the ADMITTED lies posted by Soyl. Even after I proved he was lying. remember when Joe stated that it has been proved that he was lying to members? He even admitted to being a liar and a thief. Where was your indignation then ?

Is this righteous indignation from you selective then, is it only directed against those whose mental capabilities preclude them from mounting an adequate defense?

Surely if you considered they were outrageous lies about others, then a simple request to the mods or admin would more than likely result in the offending lies being removed.
Problem solved.
Apart from a few not thought out remarks, I have found in general the mods and admins fair and reasonable on here.

Sorry if I do not agree with you and join you in dogpiling on some one with admitted mental issues like TT, this is not my style. You may be happy doing it but I am not.

To post against a troll or some one of normal mental capabilities, who is trolling is one thing, but to post against some one who is not capable is not on.  

Lets see what Soyl posted previously shall we. The first part is my
answer to another member.

"He has even started a blog where he continues to quote me out of
context and falsely attributes every post to an innocent man but uses
my photograph that he stole from my hacked pc

His recent post on the Ranter quantifies that it is him or that he is
closely connected to it as he in reply to a post states? 17
November 2010, 18:12 By Soy lent Green. "This goes into the
blog." Here we see Soyl admitting that at the very least he
CONTRIBUTES to this blog. so he is actively harassing me by his own

Another excerpt from my answer to another member. And an admission by
Him clearly stating that he posted what he thought was my personal
details in PUBLIC. As I mentioned in an earlier post. He also falsely
accuses me of scamming, when he is the one that has admitted to
cashbaiting on his own site.

He states; "I admit to making what I believe to be his RL
details public. And if some Advance Fee fraudster in australia gets
frustrated when his deals do not pan out, and his great payout is
stolen by a baiter, and he resolves to talk about his disappointments
in person - I shall be glad."

Why has he posted what he believes to be my real life details ? Why
after being told many times and without any solid proof as there is
none, does he continue to post the name and address of a totally
innocent man and contribute to his and his families harassment?
You could ask why this concerns me as I am not that person. The answer
is that my photograph that he stole from my pc, is being used with
this innocent mans name.

Why in the name of all that is holy, does he persist in persecuting a
totally innocent man just because he happens to have the similar name
to one of my baiter names chosen at random? posting his real life
details and photo's of his house all over the internet.

In a recent post I was accused of following him around and I posted
that he was harassing me by posting in a blog and forums on the
interment details of what he thinks are my personal details.

Here in his own words is proof of my claims.
I have yet to see any proof of anything from him as he either runs
away from answering any questions or answers with a stupid remark, as
he is so afraid of the truth being revealed.  

Well I care, and as per your instructions I have reported a bad link that soyl posted on JUOT.

You asked me to do this and you stated that the mods would sort it out. It links to a blog that is using a stolen photo of me that is being linked to from Juot and is being used without my permission.

Thank you. I am making this request as a member of Juot.  

Thank you, it is appreciated.  

Again you post crap. the link was in another thread so your statement that it was the sole link is incorrect.

This was one that I missed, however regarding this statement-

Shows that the mods were doing their jobs diligently and for this I thank them.  

Monday, May 2, 2011

my real life name, address AND phone number

Whats the matter Soyl? Are you butthurt because you just had some more of your fake electronic scamming sites closed down?

Your income from scamming must be going down as a result.

By the way thanks for highlighting the name SOYL as this helps to drive it further up in the search engines so more people can see what you and your eater masters are up to.

Hey Soyl Stop trying to get me to be your friend I know you have the hots for me, you may be gay but I am not. LOL

You are correct in that TT is not showing as a member here and for that I apologize, However you are dogpilng on some one who is showing on here and has openly confessed to having issues. Calling him an idiot and moronic when he has mental issues is not what I would have expected from you.

This I find quite amazing, to be a mod and NOT be concerned about a member posting links to keyloggers and openly trolling this forum as well as lying to you and all the members here is hard to believe. It is noteworthy to see that you did not comment on the other parts of my signature where Soyl admits other things. You have seen for yourself the lies he has posted and the attempts to deceive you and the other members.

What you perceive to be nonsensical questions are relevant ones that he is afraid to answer as they would be detrimental to him and show the truth. When faced with having to answer a reasonable question he runs or lies.  

You say you do not care, yet you seem to care enough to look at my posts and comment on them. You seem to be more concerned about me mentioning the name Soyl than about him posting viral links that could be dangerous to the members here who you moderate.
Let me mention your erroneous post about me following him. Have you seen the blogs and websites that he and his eater friends have set up and are currently running, where he posts copies of just about all of my posts on various sites? and has done so for a while? you want to talk about following people around? then check these out first. How about you check out the hundreds of posts all over the internet that Soyl and friends have posted, many of them derogatory outright lies. I can supply links if you like but some may be viral as well, a favorite trick of Soyls.

Why not ask him why Soyl and friends have made a particular point in posting details of where they think I live, including posts of what they think are my vehicles with the license plates enlarged to show the numbers. How about asking him why he and his eater masters has followed me around and posted what they thought was my real life name, address AND phone number asking for people to phone me in the early hours of the morning? Fortunately for me but not so for an innocent man and his family the details are not of me. I have repeatedly told them this, but they have even harassed this innocent guy by phoning him at three in the morning and scaring his children. Why did soyl post a photo of what he thought is my house including Google satellite image co-ordinates in his signature.

Why not ask Soyl why he is used my real life photograph that was stolen from my PC by a hacker who also stole the password to my blog that he is now using to post copies of my various posts from elsewhere on. And how is it that he is in possession of a stolen photograph and has access to the password on my hacked blog?

This is the type of member you are allowing to post viral links yet you are more concerned about me mentioning his name on a few posts.

Whether you are being very word specific is irrelevant. Unless you are blind or exercising "selective vision" you as a mod cannot be unaware of the many posts about him linking to malware.


Just Some of the posts, there are more. = Default Soyl: A cautionary tale
Be advised all you members of the network. Soyl, who was recently promoted to mod at The Ranter (theRanter), was caught posting malware links. The crack admin staff found him out in short order, but there's no telling what could have happened to unsuspecting members.


Soyl, just letting people know that you are a high risk member of internet forums and members, mods, and admins should be aware of your unsavory activities. post number 10 .

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Attention Members
Please advise me if you receive any inappropriate PMs from S0yl, particularly anything that contains malware or links to suspicious sites. There's not many rules on this forum, but that sort of behavior will NOT be tolerated. post number 12

If the site does have a keylogger on it then it most certainly does count. The responsible thing to do would be to check and take sever action against any member who is doing this. Suggesting that I would lie about this matter by so called "claiming" it to be true without checking is an insult. It is Soyl that has been proven to be a liar not I.

If you took the time to check before insinuating things, then you would see that I actually listed the names of the keyloggers found. As a mod did you check this out in order to protect the members? Or is it easier to just shrug and say "he posts the word Soyl a lot so just ignore him"?

"quod erat demonstratum"  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

While Linus will not contact some of the windows virus, Linus is not immune

While technically speaking this is a website not a message board, I think we can take it as having the same meaning here.

Lets ask Soyl a member here and a mod on TR, about him trolling and posting viral links that lead to keyloggers etc. IE win 32 and others. so much so that even his pals on The ranter had to post warnings about his activities.

Even The Ranter has a tracking nasty on it and Soyl has repeatedly posted links to it.

Lets ask Soyl about all the hacking attempts made on members PC's Numbering in the hundreds. in the last few months.  

Ignoring your obscene hard-on for dogpiling on a member who has mental problems just so you will look good to your peers. As a mod I would have expected better from you, and an inquiry into why Soyl is allowed to troll this forum so blatantly in violation of the rules. How many times has he been warned?

Tricking some one into giving you their password is obviously not the same as hacking intentionally by putting a keylogger on his PC.

Tricking anyone into downloading a tool or program that allows you to hack into their PC by deception is hacking and is illegal, as opposed to social engineering whereby you trick someone into giving you their password. this is what I presume you were talking about. These are different issues. The operative word here is "INTENT" if you clearly set out to do harm by Hacking then this is illegal and tricking a fellow member into putting a KL on their PC should result in sever action being taken against the perpetrator.

In some ways true, but my response was to this statement:

The question was whether someone believed that a person from these boards was actively hacking a members PC and my post was to prove this was possible and indeed was being attempted by another member. Many of the members here I would assume are running windows and they are at risk from the viral links posted by a member.

While Linus will not contact some of the windows virus, Linus is not immune, as is proven by the availability of anti virus programs for Linux like clamAV.
Even Mac systems are not completely safe, indeed some virus targeted specifically towards Mac systems are being developed currently.  

your real photo

So many opportunities. Let him fall madly in love with a sexy pic of you and lead him on. Offer to be the girl of his dreams and let him woo you like crazy.

Tell him you will do everything for him and when he thinks he has you all to himself make a confession and send him your real photo.


You can ask him not to show it to all his pals as you want him all to yourself.