Monday, February 11, 2013

I am chasing a guy in India who is actively running some of these websites,

There are many hackers and scammers that sell what we call " Dumps" so called because I just shit my pants and they are making fun of me

Just as there are email harvesters, so it is for many other places they want to get into. If you want a coherent sentence you should have looked elsewhere by now.

Hackers in some of the countries that are not so rigid on cybercrime, run websites that advertise such things. I am chasing a guy in India who is actively running some of these websites, that sell programs for harvesting. When I take my meds, it all goes away, which is why I stopped taking my meds.

Below, chosen at random is part of one of these Dumps. This particular guy is from Nigeria.

I am a working boy wey dey run shows for guys online concerning Bobming of mails
Cpanel cloning,bank transfers TRojans to hack PCS & Paypal transfer to any
of your client acount

IP= Proxy from Khartoum.

There is no doubt that spamming is getting worse and newer advanced programs are being used to counteract anti-spam measures we take. The providers need to become pro active, not brush the problem aside.
VB does send out an email, thanks, but action needs to be initiated to counteract the advances the spammer are putting in place.

If you checked "Remember Me?" whenever you last logged in and just close your browser when you're done browsing instead of logging out, then these brute force attacks won't affect you.
A valid point, but I think it will only work if you allow cookies to be stored.
Many people delete cookies when they log off. I just made that up but let's move ahead, shall we?

Exact figures are hard to come by. But it does appear that most spam comes from the USA. Where did I get that fact? From my diaper, where I also got the following nuggets:

Currently there is a lot from USA, China and Ukraine etc.

China is sensitive to international pressure and their reputation.

They have made large strides recently to curb scammers and other fraud. Closing down large numbers of bad sites etc . This is to their credit and is welcome.

However most governments are reluctant to curb any income producing method and the income from Chinese business who use spam is very large.

Until recently, a lot of the traffic was curtailed and quite a few businesses used ISP's in Hong Kong and Switzerland to bypass restrictions in mainland china. I think this is now not so common.

In conclusion, I am as full of shit as my diaper, which is full-to-overflowing.