Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is absolutely hilarious. I do not know what the owner is smoking but he could make money selling it.

A little background first. Because I reported Joe from to vbulletin for a breach of confidence, as I have a right to do, he banned me from his site with a piss poor excuse as I had not broken any rules, then he convinced his pals to take action against me including the owner Dee of 8thlegioin who de modded me as a result.

Following several posts where Joe consistently lied, I finally resigned from 8th in disgust.

A few days later a member on 8th posted saying that she was in a possible scam situation. So I posted once more to offer her any assistance I could as it was the correct thing to do as I have a lot of experience in fighting scammers and spammers.

Now here comes the hilarious part that shows that the owner seems to have lost the plot altogether.

He immediately posted a sarcastic post so I replied that I was posting to help his member, this infuriated him so much that he banned me ( forgetting that I was NOT a member as I had resigned a few days earlier) and then he posted this absolute load of crap.

Bigal said: ↑

No. I do not have to lurk, I get an email notification when a post is made.

What is of more concern is why are you trying to score points, when one of your members is in trouble?
Why are you as a tech not helping her? Even though I did not want to post here I decided that it was best to assist her and offer her the resources of my anti-fraud site as this was more important than our dispute.

I consider the safety of a member more important than scoring points. Why don't you?

His answer:

Ha ha you gonna sit there and tell me how to run my site. Toonz did it yesterday in tinychat. He was complaining about the lack of safety on my site and saying I could sell people's info to credit card companies but if he was really so concerned, he wouldn't have gotten banned for harassing moderators like you will be in a minute for getting on my got damn nerves and would instead be helping members out whether I was replying to their threads or not.

If you want to care so much, create your own tech support forum. This ain't a 'Facebook Tech Support' forum. This thread wasn't even created in the Help and FAQs forum. Whenever Vicky really needs help, she always creates threads in the Help and FAQs subforum or pms me directly, not make threads in the The Public Forum. That's because as a moderator, she knows the 3rd site rule, 3. Don’t annoy the moderators and only create threads about site issues in the Help and FAQs subforum.

Now lets look at what happened. He BANNED another member (toonz) yesterday for HELPING one of his members. And to day he banned me for also offering to HELP his member.

I ask you is this the actions of a sane admin?

I did not send DRE a PM

Nor will I ever again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

posting copies of all this on the forums and blogs

YET AGAIN YOU LIE Joe. you just cannot stop yourself.

A request for information about a DMCA report is NOT sueing anyone. As NO sueing could be made with it, then it is NOT a valid reason for banning.

For the information of DRE. Note that the scammer who Joe is actively supporting on his website is posting copies of all this on the forums and blogs where he is impersonating me, so the Google spiders will be caching them for when anyone searches 8thlegion. And he is twisting the copies to discredit you and 8th and me. But this is ok by your good friend Joe who is doing nothing to stop this and is actively encouraging and supoorting him.

DRE, Enjoy your Thirty pieces of silver that you obtained as tech assistance at the cost of staining your imortal soul.

And now I just shit my pants again!!!!! GAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Final Solution

With a title like that, you'd expect this to be a nazi post LOL. Well, 8thlesion has become my own personal Auschwitz!!

JOE, AGAIN you lie! You sent that to me as a REPLY to my report about you posting my confidential information on JUOT. So how on Gods green earth could you have posted a reply BEFORE the report was sent?

Do you want me to check back and quote all the dates? To prove yet again how you are LYING. We can check with vbulletin as it will confirm what I say if you disagree.


Thank you for your directness. I have proven beyond any doubt that bop5 has lied to you and to all his members.
I have ONLY ever spoken the truth to you and your members.this seems to be not enough to only speak the truth it seems you have to be a tech as well and then you can post as many lies as you like.

When an admin lies and abuses his position as Joe has, then he is not fit to have the respect of anyone.
I gave him plenty of chances to correct his mistakes and lies, but he is not man enough to do it, he can only continue to lie. So be it.

I earned my promotion to mod and was de modded because I told the truth and reported Joe for breaching a confidentiality. Something that any member has the right to do. WITHOUT penalty. Not so in your case.

I have since PROVEN beyond any doubt that the reason stated for my demotion was false.
I am saddened by your actions DRE, as I thought you were a better man than this and would do the correct thing by your loyal members but it seems to not be so.

You said that you demodded me because I tried to get Joe fired. I have provided proof that this was not so, even JOE has said that I did NOT ask or mention this. therefor the reason you demodded me does not exist.
Any man of integrity would then correct the mistake. You did not. This saddens me.

Lets get something straight. It was JOE who first went after me. He BANNED me and posted continuous lies about me, despite me having broken NO rules. And we have seen him say he did it with first convenient excuse, NOT because I did anything wrong! Just as I have never broken any rules on 8th, but I have been penalized for this as well.
Is this the right thing to do? I had never done anything to him. how many times do I have to PROVE he lied to everyone, including you?

I have explained this to you and PROVEN that Joe is at fault. It is up to you as an admin to do the right thing by your members.

As 8th is now shown to be run by some one who cannot be trusted to do the correct thing by his members, but only penalize them for NOT breaking any rules nor doing what I have been accused of, I cannot in good concience stay as a member, I hereby resign. I will remove any links to here, as I cannot now in good conscience recommend 8th to anyone. And I will discuss the joining here by those who are looking for a new home from another site I am a global mod on with those members.

What admins forget is that once a member is banned for no good reason, then they lose any control over the actions of that member. and he is free to post anywhere he likes. What are they going to do to him? ban him?

I will continue to expose Joe for the LIES he is posting. Until the injustice is settled and he does the right thing, I will never stop. Now I am motivated by yet another injustice he has caused by his confirmed lies.You have helped me to decide to increase the exposure of a liar like Joe, so that others will not be falsely accused and penalized.

I am sorry that it has come to this, I genuinely believed that you would do the right thing and reverse the wrongful demod action, but you seem to put technical advice above the truth, and cannot do the correct thing.
But it is your conscience that you will have to live with. You KNOW you are doing the wrong thing. It is a sad thing to see in a man the decline into doing the wrong thing for momentary gain . Yet it could all have been different if you had believed the truth that has been PROVEN to you. And done what you KNOW is the right thing.

You have the beginnings of a great site, as you have some tremendous members, they deserve better than the possibility of being victimized by false accusations like I have been. I wish the members well and it is a shame to see them subject to possible penalties for any presumed wrong. whether true or false.

Time will decide the fate of a site run by some who does the wrong thing by his members.

As I say, I will continue to expose Joe as he has done the wrong thing and then lied about it. This is very wrong and needs to be addressed. I do not care about being banned, but I take great offense to being lied about.

Sorry DRE but your actions will not help Joe, but increase my determination to expose him for what he is, a confirmed LIAR.
There are thousands of sites that can be posted on to educate people about how unethical people operate.

Here you had some control but on other sites you have none.

You have my email addy if you come to your senses. AL.    

I do a lot of searching

Research . as a scambaiter I do a lot of searching. The guy I am looking at now has over 106,000 hits on Google.
but I am finding a lot of information about him.    

Did I mention how I phish passwords from Nigerians? Funny story--I have absolutely zero skillz when it comes to the computer, but I have been lucky enough to dupe a couple of guys to come to my piece of shit forum and share with me a couple of their tools that snag passwords from the lads. Then it's the usual story of getting into their boxes and looking for victims. When I find someone who has sent some money by western union or moneygram, I get the number and run to the shop where I collect the money ahead of the lad.

This is called cashbaiting.

I know what you're thinking. Hey Big AL, isn't that wrong? Well fuck you. I got bills to pay, bitch. You think my pool cleans itself? I have to pay a Filipino lady to come in and skim it and add the chlorine and clean the hair out of the filter. I'm not doing that. I'm fucking retired. Sometimes if I'm horny I'll get a handjob too, but that costs extra. You can't get this kind of service on a pensioners salary. She has a face like a clenched fist, but she has a clenched fist like an angel.

Monday, November 28, 2011

so busy some admins

Since when is seeking the truth unhealthy? Joe I do not give rats arse about being banned from a site where the owner is a LIAR. But when you start to post lies about me I will defend myself as best I can. As long as it is needed and nothing will stop me from doing the right thing.
Note I am not harrassing you, I am answering your posts about me and defending myself from your lies.    

I thank you and I am sorry that you have to see all this. I offered to discuss this in private, but Joe would not do so.

As he banned me from his website and will not answer me I have no opportunity to discuss this matter with him, so I am forced to post about it on other forums that he can see, so he has the chance to defend himself if he can, this is only fair.

I am only asking for him to tell the truth and do the right thing.

Action has been taken against me as a result of his lies, so this must be corrected. exposure is one way of bringing change.

@Menem. I understand that it can be annoying, however when a member, any member, who is doing the right thing by 8th is victimized and penalized for something that never happened, then I will go to bat for them as long as it takes to set right the injustice. I proved this recently by going to bat for a mod who was demodded unjustly, until the injustice was corrected.

Why should I not do this for myself?

Some times as they are so busy some admins need a reminder, that in many aspects they work on behalf of the members who are doing the right thing and helping a site to grow, for without good members a site will die or become inconsequential, therefor it is beholding upon an admin to do the right thing by their members and correct any injustice that may have occurred, due to false or misleading information. This is a true test of the character of an admin.    

And I meant incumbent rather than beholding, but who the fuck cares? These niggers are pissing me the fuck off.

I brand you a coward and a proven and confirmed LIAR. and some one of no integrity.

Joe I like the part where you say you banned me for what seemed convenient at the time as I have stated all along THERE was no rule broken so there was NO genuine reason for the ban. just a vindictiive admin who cannot explain truthfully why he banned a member who did no wrong.

Nice try at hinting at things that you cannot prove. I give you full permission to post any of my messages to vbulletin that shows where I asked for you to be fired, so in this case there will be NO breach of confidentiality.

Come on Joe, put your money where your lying mouth is and prove me wrong.

No evading of the issue, no hinting at things that did not take place. I am calling you out. POST the messages where I asked for you to be fired. And we can confirm it with the other staff members of vbulletin to verify its authenticity.
As you cannot, then I brand you a coward and a proven and confirmed LIAR. and some one of no integrity.

Very simple to prove me wrong Joe, POST copies of any of my messages to vbulletin where I ask for you to be fired as you claim.

I KNOW you have. you gave as the reason for the ban that I threatened you when I ASKED a question there was NO threat, I even said in my message that I was NOT threatening you but ASKING for information. this is one of your LIES.

You then told the members I was banned for reporting the scammer who was posting links viral sites and to my real life
photograph after I had asked you to remove the links.

Now you say it was because you felt I was not a productive member, despite many viewings of my posts. So which of these three are lies JOE? ALL of them?

As the owner of your website you are correct in that you can take whatever action you feel like, but when you do the wrong thing and then post lies about me to justify your malicious actions, then you will be held accountable. If not here then on other forums, it makes no difference, you are a low life LIAR who has no integrity left. When you support scammers and fraudsters then you will be held accountable by your own actions.

I want to destroy Rahstyles.

This is bulldust. the information regarding western union is incorrect .

Wu do not have an ID number they use a ten digit number that is called a MTCN, which is the Money Transfer Control Number.

This can be used to track the payment. usually the sender gives the receiver a test question and answer to enable them to pick up the money.

There are many places that handle WU but not all post offices do.

Usually you do NOT have to register with WU, just produce ID and the test question and answer to pick up the money.

This could possibly be a phishing attempt. it certainly is very suspicious. I would most certainly never give my personal details to anyone posting this on the internet.

Anyone who joins to vote will be giving his or her IP to the webmaster . Not a good thing to do.

I shudder to think what information he will collect if you go for the pay pal option.    

I want to destroy Rahstyles. I deleted the chatbox messages and the forums. Ban me ADMIN.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I was trying to get you fired

Thank you for at last in a small way discussing things. You do not mention whether you discussed things with your good pal Max on AMB as he also banned me without any reason and took action against me on the SAME DAY as you responded. again I had broken NO RULE on there. So the question is, did you discuss with either of them your reasons for banning me, IE that I reported you for a breach of confidentiality as you are a staff member on VBulletin and posted a defamatory post linking me to a CONFIDENTIAL message I had with vbulletin support? ON your website. ( I have copies) If so then this is ANOTHER breach of confidentiality that you have done.

Joe lets get this straight, a message by a vbulletin customer to vbulletin support is CONFIDENTIAL and should NOT be discussed with anyone who is not on vbulletin staff. for it to be known and used against me is a gross wrong, especially as what I am accused of never took place. But then the truth does not seem to matter to you Joe does it?

What I say to Vbsupport should not be discussed with DRE or Max or your mods or anyone else, as this is a breach of your trust as a staff member .

Joe your second big mistake was to misquote a REQUEST for information from me to you as a threat, and use it as a reason to ban me. And then start a smear and lies campaign to cover your mistake.You then reversed the ban, but never explained why you made such a stupid mistake and you continue to LIE about it.

Joe why is it that you have NEVER answered this and continue to lie to your members about it, first telling them I was banned for a supposed unproven threat and then you changed the story and told them it was because I was reporting a scammer to you via the report button too many times? Which one is the truth and which one is a LIE Joe?

Joe Want to know why I would like to talk to you? I want you to explain what dreadful deed I did that caused you to start a smear and lie campaign against me when I had NOT BROKEN any rules on your website, how then can you justify banning me and talking to others to do the same?

Why are you afraid to answer my reasonable questions JOE?

Joe I call you out on this and call you a coward and a liar and I have proven it. If you consider me to be wrong, then post your proof.
I have a lot more to post, and I am proving that you do lie to and deceive and mislead your members and friends.
Prove me wrong Joe, or forever stand as a liar and a person of no integrity.

Why has a friend of yours demodded me for exercising my right to report an abuse and a breach of confidentiality by you to vbulletin ? Why have you both stated that I tried to get you fired. Joe you have seen and have access to EVERY message I sent to vbulletin, please show me the one where I asked or even mentioned about you being fired?

Come on JOE I am again calling you out on this PUT UP OR SHUT UP. POST the message or messages where you claim I was trying to get you fired . I NEVER asked this at any time. Post the messages to back up your claim and we can confirm them with Vbulletin. Come on Joe you say you are "professional" then back up what you say

If you cannot then admit you lied and set things straight. Joe I have only ever stated the clear plain truth to you while you have constantly twisted the truth and lied, is this the actions of a staff member on vbulletin?

PROVE me wrong Joe, post the messages where I asked for you to be fired!!

True LATER on I said that as an honorable "proffesional" the right thing would be for you to step down until this matter was settled. but I NEVER mentioned you being fired at any stage .

Joe as you can see ALL my messages to VBulletin it is incumbent on you as a "professional" as you claim, to confirm with DRE that I NEVER asked for or mentioned anything about you being fired.

It is wrong for Dre to demod anyone based upon something that NEVER happened.

Joe after you banned me yet again for breaking no rule, but because I reported you for breaching confidentiality . You said this ;
 Joe please point out in your rules where a supposed lack of professionalism is a bannable offense, I cannot seem to find it. or is this what you call being a "professional?"

Sounds remarkably like a THREAT to me Joe. It contains a threat and a demand and possible blackmail as to the action you will take if I do not meet your demands.

^^ :LOL: The only trouble is that he is too scared to even discuss things with me, let alone meet me in a fair fight where he does not have the ban button.

A lot if the facts are posted here

But Joe will not post there as he is too afraid and does not have the ban button to back him up.

I am quite happy to take it to private, but Joe will not reply. And is too afraid to discuss it like a man.    
I agree, it is easy to stop all Joe has to do is set things straight and do the right thing.

I have better things to do than play with a confirmed LIAR, but I will not allow him to get away with posting continuous lies about me or other members.    

Which two words were too many? I will remove them. :oops:

I am NOT Australian I am English, as I have said many times.

More lies Joe? You are allowing scammers to post on Juot as I have informed you many times. You are allowing them to post viral links and links to the personal information of other members who fight scammers. And you support the scammers by banning some one who reports them for these actions to you.

You allow scammers to use user names that they believe are the names of other members who fight scammers, ergo you are supporting scammers. The fact that the user name belongs to an innocent man and is used by the scammes to harass and intimidate him and to scare his children WITH YOUR BLESSING seems not to bother you at all, just some more "fun" as you say.

No Joe, I do NOT think it is a joke for an admin to post and support the use of illegal cashbaiting on his site. You do not have to spend days supporting the victims of these scams as I and other decent human beings do.

Especially on a site where you support scammers who openly admit to cashbaiting. A decent reasonable admin and an honest person would post against such illegal practices that injure innocent victims.

More twisting of the truth Joe? You post on a whole load of sites like, The and Carecure forums, as well as on AMB via the network, and on many operating system forums, as well as on your own os website. In fact a search shows you post on many many sites.

Yet MORE lies Joe? you say you do not give a sh*t about what I
think about you, yet you have influenced the admins of other sites to take action against me for breaking NO RULES on their sites, but by you again twisting the truth and openly lying about me. You are a proven and confirmed LIAR and just about every statement you make about me is a lie that I have been able to prove. See how many more LIES you have made in just this last post of yours.
I think the only time I saw you tell the truth was when you posted that others were impersonating me and that you considered that I was NOT crazy as it was happening.

More twisting of the facts Joe. Have you made any attempt to discuss things with me? I have offered many times and said that I am available on skype and Gmail to talk to you but every time you have failed to reply.

What are you so afraid of Joe? can you only talk to me while protected by your admin powers or the powers of another admin ? Why are you so afraid to talk to me man to man and sort this out to our mutual benefit?

Joe why are you SO AFRAID to discuss things between just us two?
I take it that as you announced that you were in Hospital that you are now feeling better and I can continue to expose you for the liar that you are. I have refrained form doing so out of consideration for your illness.
Now I hope you are feeling better and I can continue. Rest assured Joe, that when some one supports scammers and lies to everyone about me then I will never rest until things are put right.

You know that I never stop, so again I ask that you be a man and have the courage to discuss this matter so we can settle it and both get on with our lives. Your choice Joe, it makes no difference to me. I have been fighting scammers and corrupt admins for over five years, one more will not make much difference.

PS-Get your facts right Joe, I am NOT Australian I am English, as I have said many times.    

Yes Dre he is a joke and cannot tell the truth if he tried. Strange how people are drawn in by his proven LIES.    

Strange how things happen. I was just answering a query by a potential victim and here is part of my answer, I thought it appropriate and explained things rather well about scammers and their supporters.

I want to destroy Rahstyles. I deleted the chatbox messages and the forums. Ban me ADMIN.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

another fake site set up by the scammer who bop supports

There ya go DRE here is another fake site set up by the scammer who bop supports. I think you will find the link on bops site.
They slap 8th and post racist remarks on there about 8th. For the record I HAVE NEVER POSTED THERE. All is impersonation and altering copies of posts etc it would be stupid for anyone to think I would set up and post on a site just to defame myself.

The scammers do use a lot of virus on their links like:
Win 32 virus.
WoWMatrix keylogger / data stealer

But it is ok, your good friend bop and his mods all say these virus do not exist and it is safe to visit the links, despite them being picked up by very sophisticated AV programs that bop cannot afford to run.
So go ahead ! After all bop is trustworthy isn't he?

Posted on there by the scammer pretending to be me. AGAIN I STATE THAT I HAVE NEVER POSTED ON THERE.

Nice eh? and this is the guy who bop is supporting. Why not ask BOP why he is supporting such a scammer low life and promoting him on his website and allowing links to such racist crap where he is also defaming your website? Who knows, if you report this scammer, then you too could be banned for reporting as I was. And then bop could tell the members lies as to why you were banned. This is his way.

defaming me on another forum

Many people were just too decent to believe that things like genocide and the concentration camps could possibly exist in a civilized society. And the Nazi's were good at propaganda and spreading distorted facts and lies to every one.

We still see traces of this in life today and on the internet, with politicians lying to their electorates and admins lying to their members. When some people gain a little power they lose all sense of propriety and integrity.

When backed by a little authority it can be easy to mislead people even "smart" people are taken in. I see it all the time with scammers, who use fake documents to convince innocent victims that they are really bank managers or government officials.
To the victims they are all close friends, who are helping them, while they are working against them to steal from them.
The damage inflicted upon these innocent victims can be horrendous, and all because good people allow the LIARS to do their work.

All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing when they see it.    

I own the vb license for a website that deals with the scammers and assists their victims, we have over twenty thousand fantastic members and we operate in fourteen different languages. Check it out and see if I am telling the truth. Click on any of the flags on the left side and it will take you to that countries language room.

I am also a member in good standing on another anti fraud site that has over 74,000 members.

I am a global mod on yet another anti fraud site. You know about that one as I posted a link to 8th for you.

I am a mod on yet another smaller anti fraud site.

We have saved victims many millions of dollars, but more important, we have managed to help the victims, some who were in dire and distressed states.
Why do you think I am fighting those who support scammers on their websites? When a webmaster lies, as he supports scammers and cheats on his website and then denigrates those who assist victims, then I will not stand by and idly let him do this.

DRE check the FACTS, and see for yourself. You have access to those sites as you are a member, do some searching and see what they are doing. See the members ADMIT they are cashbaiting (Ilegal) see the admin state that he agrees with this practice.

When you have worked alongside an elderly female victim who has sent her lifes savings to the scammers, and was lying in bed terrified that the FBI were coming to arrest her if she did not send more money to the scammers and whose life was made a total misery, then you will understand why I hate LIARS and conmen.
I do not care if they are in Nigeria or are admins of websites in the USA, they will be brought to account if I can do it.

I can tell you many more true stories, some will make you want to vomit on your keyboard with disgust.
A Mother with five children pushed out on the street after losing all her money AND her house, AFRICAN orphans starving, after having the money that was to feed them stolen by scammers that was meant for the orphanage (Orphanage scams) . Need I go on?

Sadly, some web masters on some sites we both know, actually support scammers and their evil work and lie about anyone who tries to stop the scammers from hurting victims.

The sad part, is that some people actually believe their lies and take action against those who are telling the truth.    

DRE lets look at one of the low life scammers that we fight. he is called . "Valley Valentine Fombe" He steals money from African orphanages leaving his fellow African and Cameroonian children to starve. If you have any trouble connecting, Google his name.

Check out his lavish lifestyle and flash cars, all paid for with the suffering of innocent children. Are you aware that some children are sold to be cut up and their body parts used in JUJU rituals in the belief that this magic will help scammers? guess where many of these poor souls come from? This is NOT a game DRE this is life and death for many victims, let alone the massive suffering the scammers cause them.

Tell me DRE why I should not be fighting such scammers, and why I am wrong in working against those admins on other websites who support the scammers in any way. I do not give a toss who they have helped, I care about the victims who are suffering. They will not discuss things with me as you have seen as they are as guilty as hell.

Tell me why you see fit to demod me for reporting one of them to vbulletin, for posting defamatory remarks against someone who is fighting these scammers, while he is on the support staff of vbulletin. And breaking a confidentiality agreement. If one victim commits suicide because of his support of the scammers, will you be able to live with yourself?

DRE, tell me who will stand up for and help the starving innocent children of these scammers and all their other victims. Who will speak for them as they cannot speak for themselves?
Will you help them? or will you accept the lies fed to you by such evil people who only want to stop people from working against the scammers.

These are AFRICAN children. I am white. This does not matter, what matters is that the scammers are stopped by any lawful means we can. We sometimes are the last hope for these victims. We will not be stopped, the stakes are too high.

It is not desirable, but it will not stop me from fighting them if you de mod me or even ban me for telling the truth, It will not slow me down or stop me.

My membership of these types of sites is irrelevant when it comes to stopping the scammers and assisting their victims. If by my actions I save the life of one starving child then all the sites like this become irrelevant.

It would help me if you did the right thing by one of your members, who only speaks the truth, but in the long run it matters not. The victims are my first priority.    

Check out his lifestyle paid for with unbearable misery and the starvation of innocent black children.
Why am I fighting these scammers and others are supporting them ?

Why am I as a white man aiding black children, while some black men are helping the scammers ?

DRE. I do not and never will stop fighting those who support scammers in any form, no matter what lies they tell to hide their crimes. It is up to you now to decide who is telling the truth and act accordingly, I can back up everything I have said, while the other member can not provide any proof of what he says. AL.    

No. If you remember back, I came here because one of the scammers who Bop5 is supporting came here to impersonate me. And I came to defend myself, as is my right. He is even allowing the scammer to use what he thinks is my real name and address and posting links to my real photo that he KNOWS was stolen from my PC by a hacker. Are these the actions of a decent admin?
He is actively supporting the persecution of an innocent man and his family and the harassment of his family. The facts are all there for you to see.

And yet you are tolerating that behavior by Bop?

Sorry DRE the facts cannot be altered. He may have helped you, but he is a proven and confirmed liar and is supporting scammers on his website. And nothing you can do or say will alter the truth.

You do not want to find out the truth but that will never alter it. Before you make up your mind why not check ?

I have given you links to where the true facts are, and you can check for yourself as a member of Juot and AMB or are you afraid that you will find out that what I say is the real FACTS.

Why is bop so afraid to talk to me? Surely if he is as you say he would at least try to do the right thing, but no, he is afraid as he cannot defend his lies and disreputable actions. A decent honorable person as you portray him to be would try to settle things in a reasonable manner, but he cannot, as he is lying and cannot back his lies up.

A year in hospital puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the financial recourses of anyone, the temptation to use ones technical abilities to produce income by ANY means becomes very strong. And using that ability to produce income from cell phone sites could be an easy way out. Maybe some people would fall for the temptation I do not know who but think upon it.

Why has bop suddenly turned and is hell bent on defaming and harrassing me as I fight scammers?

Why would it bother him if I close down some cell phone scam sites? Or even other scam sites, surely as a responsible admin he would be applauding me, after all he is a decent guy according to you. Yet strangely we see him do the opposite why is that DRE?    

Let me tell you about another scammer, the type that bop is supporting.

This scammer is a tech guy the name he uses is "Pastor Jerry" he is no more a pastor than I am.

He helps other scammers with his tech ability and they all think he is a great guy.
His real life is different, he trains romance scammers to go after lonely ladies WITH young children.

He sends the victim a web cam or even a laptop with a cam to show his love for them, paid for by stolen credit cards and coerces them to pose for him, then he blackmails them to come to Lagos WITH THE CHILDREN.

After robbing the victim and sexually abusing her AND THE CHILDREN he then onsells them first to the underground NOLLYWOOD film producers, White folk are in demand there, then as sex slaves to his contacts in Hong Kong. They are never heard from again.
This is a scammer and NO one should be supporting them let alone a staff member on vbulletin.

Yet all who know him on the surface say what a great helpful guy he is, as he helps them with their tech problems.

But you go ahead DRE and stick up for bop, who SUPPORTS scammers on his website, and is taking action against those who fight scammers. Go ahead, do not check the facts, make a decision based on what a confirmed liar tells you.
I am sure the innocent victims who suffer so much, will appreciate all the help you can give anyone who supports scammers.    

DRE you took action against me for reporting a confidentiality breach ON ANOTHER FORUM as is my right. NOTHING to do with 8th.

What action will you be taking against Bop for defaming me on another forum? That is, if the same rules apply to everyone equally.

I am only asking for a fair go for all your members on an equal basis.    

Friday, November 25, 2011

give a liar a promotion

I do not think That I will ever understand people. On another site I warned the admin about a troll member, so he promoted him to supermod, the troll lied to the admin and he believed him.
Then suddenly ALL the posts on that site were deleted. Some admins just cannot see the wood for the trees.Why give a liar a promotion?

Now the funny thing is that despite there being absolutely NO posts at all on the site we are still getting new people join? :wtf: I just don't understand this internet thing. Like when do I call it the internet, and when do I call it the web? What's up with that?

Come back Menen all is forgiven. :LOL:
Menen is great, so come back and post.    

Ella es CALIENTE.    

My colon just had a good workout. I squeezed out a nice solid bowl-winder today. I feel light as a cloud.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

bad actions that hurt others

I try not to lie. It is amazing how many times liars get caught out.
I have a dislike for those who lie to cover up their bad actions that hurt others. When they are fully aware that they are lying.    

Because of my accent I get mistaken for other nationalities. I was told by one taxi driver that I was Bulgarian. :eek:

He was a liar. I sound nothing like a Bulgarian. As punishment for his lying, I sharted in his taxi with the windows rolled up and I refused to get out until I was sure the stench of my full diaper reached his nostrils.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why was I banned from AMB???

Yet again we see how low a human can go. max the coward has yet again banned me with NO explanation or valid reason. Again I have BROKEN NO RULE on amb.

Why are you so AFRAID of the truth being posted on your ranter clone site Max?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

these are not the posts you are looking for.

Move along there, these are not the posts you are looking for.

Well if you did not do it and I did not do it who else has access to the edit buttons? Have you promoted any trolls recently?

Hey Steve, remember when your lot moved all the posts on another site called ASB?

Yes A.S.B short for the full name. 

Daniel Berner, It looks as though he is posting under his new name all over the internet.

This add shows him using a Photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ( I think)

Please feel free to report him and post comments about him. If we can reduced the effectiveness of his adds then this would be good.
Particularly effective is a reminder that he was DEPORTED as a sex pervert from the Philippines.

He seems to have a follow up routine where he contacts his old "victims' to see if they can be scammed now.

He may be short of money, so tries to see if he can re kindle old potential victims.
The email seems to be a re hash of some of his older ones.

He is using some early pics as he is now looking a lot more haggard.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The internet is not safe,

To protect yourself it would be a good idea to inform the passport issuing authorities, just in case.

The internet is not safe, so it is always wise to never give any details over the internet, especially to some one who you have never met. UNLIKE ME, WHO GAVE AWAY THE STORE MORE THAN ONCE BECAUSE I THOUGHT I COULD GET SOME PUSSY OUT OF IT LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

You may like to do an identity theft check via the link below if you are concerned that they may want to steal your ID.

@ldow. Welcome to AFI. If you have given them any bank or credit card details then you need to cancel those accounts asap.

Please stop all contact with them. If they have your details then they have them, you cannot get them back.

If you have lost money then please report this to your local police as a crime (fraud) has been committed and ask them if they have a cybercrime section.

It may help if you take along hard copies of the emails and give them to the police.

vendetta against one of his members coming soon.

BUMP. More disturbing information about how JOE lies and betrays confidences, in his vendetta against one of his members coming soon.

2011 is going to be a year of change !!

Monday, November 14, 2011

there will literally be blood on the streets


smallfish. Do you do a lot of spamming, You know stealing others bandwidth for your own benefit? Looks like you are a low down thief to me.

The lads were probably moonlighting as bouncers/security guards to earn extra cash. After all, they're trained to subdue and firearms, and have great contacts with the local PD... I can see them being quite in demand!

If the threat is acted on, there will literally be blood on the streets - the Zetas have been hit hard by the Mexican government this year, but are still highly dangerous, as are their rival cartels, who would doubtless be interested to know who's been working against them.
So both those 'outed' and those doing the outing will be endangered - the Zetas have acquired the services of hackers in the past, after all, and have absolutely no restraint when it comes to removing those who annoy them.

Personal keychains are a great idea... now, who's got the solution to being able to slurp data from them, spread viruses to all your devices through them, and so on...?

Monday, November 7, 2011

I am a Yorkshireman. Known to Aussies as a dreaded pom. ;)

The fastest I got out of my motorbike was 106 miles per hour. At least that is what the speedo showed.    

That was when I was a young tearaway. :cool:

Now I use a car. When I came to Australia they would not accept my license that qualified me to drive both a car and a motorbike. I re took my driving test for the car but never re-newed my bike one.    

I am a Yorkshireman. Known to Aussies as a dreaded pom. ;)I'm also known as a complete knob, and sensitive as a freshly shaven nutsack.

Hmmm tall, blonde? how about we settle for the accent I got lots of that. :cool:

AHH. If only we lived closer to each other.:cool:

That is some speed.    

Heaven is finding the lid is off.


Aww Mom do I have to go to bed right now?

How can I become a cute kitten?

Friday, November 4, 2011

not even a member let alone a super mod.

Soyl why are you posting crap again? Are you pissed off that you got banned for impersonating people again? 

Soyl you are not even a member let alone a super mod. 

Strange how you are pretending to be some one in Brisbane yet your IP shows =

Location: India [City: Trivandrum, Kerala. Not real smart are you Chandra.

If you wish to engage me, go to the new new dot net where I post sometimes and I will gladly discuss ragstyles and antifraudinternational with you.