Saturday, October 29, 2011

I will send you some voodoo curses

Many ways to start a nice turf war with the niggers.

If you want to go a little advanced, set up another email account as a third lad and then you can send a " ASEM" accidentally sent email" to one or both of the lads thanking him for becoming your new partner and chopping the dollah of the other lad.

Of course a nice little ploy is to mention that the lad is also GAY and does nasty things with goats? This really makes their day.

One of the things that drive lads crazy is if they think they have done the work on a victim and another lad comes along and takes "THEIR" money. If you want to really put the boot in, contact me with a spare email addy and I will send you some voodoo curses that will send him crazy.

ANY time a lad mentions JUJU, then they leave themselves open to our voodoo curses. :thumbup:

Friday, October 28, 2011

having mental issues

You are the one who started posting confidential PM's not I. As for your threats, you have almost nothing about me, while I have a vast amount of your personal information and you know this to be true.

I sent a pm to you as a friend and you deliberately betrayed that confidence, this is a true measure of your character.

You seem a little upset that I did the same thing to you AFTER you betrayed my trust.

I too keep copies of everything, and you have upset quite a few people with your Judas type character and they have been happy to pass along information to me. You are not well liked by your peers.

Your information about me if real is vastly out of date, I sold my business years ago and the name was de-registered. so good luck with that one. However your information that I have is quite up to date.

You seem upset about me posting the name you used in your PM . How about I post your full name, address and other personal details?

You know that once I go after some one I continue, despite any opposition, as I have proved many times, All the opposition from eater and all the members of tR and AMB and Juot have not stopped me.

Do you want to go down that path? Your choice, it makes no difference to me.

Strange I have not mentioned any names of my Pals as you put it, so have not put anyone under the bus as you say.

But you carry on twisting and warping the truth, it matters not.

I have involved no one but you and I.

Why are you so upset anyway, you said you were in it for the laughs, so why are you taking it so serious? maybe it is a different story when some one stands up to your crap eh?

Yes the mentality of the ranter morons is fine for them when they are dogpiling etc, but is a different story when they are under the spotlight.

I saw what you did to Tommy, pretending to be his friend to draw him out and then stab him in the back. Are you proud of yourself for taking advantage of the trust of some one who had admitted to having mental issues? And for WHAT?

Just so you can show your peers on tR that you are one of the boys and will sell your integrity for admittance into their private area as you state in your pm.

I got news for you, their private area is not worth it. It is a load of crap in there.

Yes the word JUDAS fits you very well.

crawling to get back into TR


Lets get this straight, you seem to think it is ok to post my personal pm for the laughs.

So it is only fair that your PM is also published. Good luck with your crawling to get back into TR.

You started this so have fun.

No Al, Im not joining the Al bashers... just a few ribs now and again.
A couple of the ranters are pressuring goodi to un ban my old account, which he doesnt want to do, mostly because he hates me. I don't necessarilly want to go back there. But I thought it would be funny to try and get my account back, then burn them for banning me for no reason and letting soyl use my personal info from private against me here.
I was a member in the private forums over there for over 5 years and posted a lot of of personal stuff in private. I'm still not real happy about that.
I can't undo it. But I can get some pay back, if I'm patient and press the right buttons.
I hope there are no hard feelings.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I feel betrayed by some one who I consider to be a friend. AL.

I sent the following PM to one of the CRETINS at AMB known as hypoxic, who I thought of as a Friend, but now is acting like a FIEND!!

Everytime you bash me it helps soyl. You do not need to praise me, but there is no need to join in with the dogpiling. If it continues I will be forced to defend myself from you as well. I would prefer not to do this but I will with a vengeance if I need to. The defaming of me only aids the scammers to do their evil work. You will see I posted four sites that we closed down. They were producing income of US$300,000 a WEEK EACH.
The scamming by Soyl and eater is not a joke or BS, it is a serious hardship for those innocent victims who lose their life's savings and sometimes their lives, because they were scammed by these bastards, who ranter and the others are supporting. What I have told you is only the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you want to crawl to the ranter morons is up to you but I left there a long time ago as they were acting like sub humans in slapping members just for a few laughs.

On ranter nothing is sacred. I have a load of Photos and information, some real life and I was never in Private. So their security is a farce.

I have a lot of personal information about Soyl and so have LEO. He has lost some of his ISP's lately and a lot of other things as well. There are better ways to sort out Soyl than posting on ranter where any post you make can and will be removed or altered to ridicule you.

It is not a smart move to join ANY site where the admins and mods are idiots and will mess with your posts at will.

They removed over fifty of my posts yet claim that no subject is taboo.

I will leave it up to you, but I feel betrayed by some one who I consider to be a friend. AL.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

new idea's and innovative methods

On the advice of a lawyer friend of mine, I've been keeping a low profile lately in hopes that the CRETINS!! would back off, but as I said before, when I post less online, the attacks INCREASE! I don't understand this. Why do people hate me so much?

@theweave. Welcome to TSB. If I read this correctly it would be set up to obtain lads email addresses, is this right?

We do not have any problem with getting lads emails. I personally have a catcher account that regularly gets a thousand emails at any one time.

However your idea has merit in other ways. Please have a good look around and if possible donate and you will see a lot more. If you can of course.

We need new idea's and innovative methods to help in sorting out the lads. So please keep coming up with idea's. I don't come up with any myself, I leave it to others who aren't feeble and idiotic like me.

After you have had time to become more familiar with the way we work, I am sure that other idea's will become obvious and the website idea could be of great use. The way I work is that I post random photos that appear on other websites. That's about it these days. It's my way of fighting the CRETINS! and LIARS !!

Maybe some of the other members will also come up with ideas to implement this website into their plans.

It is possible that the lad/ladette does not know you are a baiter, but is just interested in why you are "playing" Most lads cannot comprehend that anyone would spend time on the internet if they are not making money from it. I can't comprehend why anyone would find me pointless, annoying, idiotic, and generally worthless, so what do I know?

There are many ways you can go with this. I would probably continue confusing the lad and maybe try to get information from him.

I am playing and asking me for details.
Ask him what he means and see what he comes back with. You can always expand the tale of woe after you know what he is thinking.  You should take my advice because I have so many wonderfully funny successful baits online. Oh wait, no I don't. God I suck.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a load of idiots whose only entertainment in life is to defame and dogpile on other members

I get pissed off with scammers and people who lie so they can cheat others.

This is why I am a scambaiter, as we stop a lot of the scammers from stealing and hurting innocent victims.

Many years ago we installed a solar hot water system, I have saved so much on electricity it is awesome.

Shortly after we installed it, an inspector from the electricity board came to inspect our premises, the bill had dropped so much they thought I had bypassed the meter.

(The old heater was leaking and using vast amounts of electricity.)

@MercerReport. Well done indeed. It is brilliant to close down a fake site, as it stops a lot of victims losing their money and denies the lads some income.

On top of this it costs the lad more money if he wants to set up another site.

Our resident specialist will probably contact you this weekend. He is trustworthy and very knowledgeable about the uni scams.

Well done. I will ask a member who specialises in diploma mills and fake uni's etc to contact you.

I am sure you will be a big help to each other.

Good work in getting it closed down.

How can I moderate when I do not have any permissions set? I have asked you several times for them via Pm, but I get no reply from you? You ask the mods to help you and we can, but you do not reply to us.

At the moment I can edit only a few threads, how can I moderate if you do not give me the tools to do it?

If I remember correct it was Calvin Huckle AKA Suncrafter.

8th has some excellent members across a wide age range and this is fantastic, Dropping the network is a good decision, they are a load of idiots whose only entertainment in life is to defame and dogpile on other members 8th is a lot better than that.

You ask several times for the mods to assist you and this is part of their obligation as mods, but it is rather pointless if you do not communicate with them when they ask you for advice or information.

You have a site that is unique, but it needs us all to work together to help it grow.

Part of a mods work is to communicate and work with the owner to help the site grow in the way that is beneficial for us all, how can we do this if you do not talk to us?

Mods please step it up or i'll have to close the forum
I have tried to do this, but it is rather pointless if I do not have mod permissions set.
Vicky will make a good mod and is a regular poster. She should never have been allowed to step down just because of a troll.

I request that she be asked to be a mod again.

@DRE . Forget the black smilies, and the modifications, lets concentrate on the good people you have and get this suckker running and growing like it can.

Forget the crap you are being fed by the LIARS who operate the other network forums, they are working to their own agenda, and will lead you astray.
8th is unique in the world and it can become so much more that it is. Some of the members are awesome and are just terrific people lets give them the opportunity to grow. AND ANSWER YOUR BLOODY PM'S DUDE.

Vicky it is the simple truth and needed to be said.

A site is only as good as its members and on 8th we have some of the best people I have ever seen on a site like this. Our good members need to be nurtured.

Hi good to see you. Lets get posting and move 8th along. AL.

Thank you. I have moved the two threads into the Asylum. Over the next few days I have some interesting new threads to start. Lets all start to promote and help 8th grow.

Online security

The internet is not safe and so we need to keep an eye on our security.

One area to look at is our password security. Obviously we would not use insecure passwords like "123456' or "qwerty" etc.
A "safe" password is usually at least 15 characters long,

A 15-character password composed only of random letters and numbers is about 33,000 times stronger than an 8-character password composed of characters from the entire keyboard.

The safest way is to use a combination of letters AND numbers.

One of the best ways to help protect ourselves is to REGULARLY change our passwords. yes it is a pain in the butt, however we need to be ahead of the lads as far as we can.

Contrary to popular opinion it is ok to write down our passwords so we can remember them, PROVIDED this information is kept safe and secure.

Instructions on how to change the password in windows XP:

Instructions on how to change the password in windows VISTA:

Instructions on how to change the password in Windows 7:

One thing's for sure, a good password is anything but 419eter. That does NOT make a good password EVER!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Not really.
I was sure they were related to you, as you are the one known around the internet as

"THE LITTLE BROWN MONKEY" probably because of your silly chatter and preoccupation with shit that you seem obsessed with.  

Yes I can see how he has a wonderful cohesive affect.

Of course with him posting mainly derogatory comments after most of my posts, he could be described exactly the way you described me.
Maybe you should read and check out who exactly is obsessed with who?

Check out the blogs and forums that soyl has admitted to posting on, where the sole aim is to stalk and harass me with lies and innuendo, maybe you would see things a little clearer then?

Ask yourself why he is so insistent on posting links to these forums and places where he and his pal's have taken many hours to set up with the sole intention of harassing me.

Why does he constantly post links that lead to malware sites?

Why does he constantly post derogatory variations of my user name (Example above ) while as a fellow member I at least do him the courtesy of using his proper user name?

Tell me again who you think is obsessive with who.

Please explain to me why after many here say that they would be happier if I posted other things than something about Soyl. When I post an amusing video about animals in a sincere attempt to entertain the other members, the first response is from your pal Soyl and is a derogatory and insulting post. (Relatives of yours, Big dumbo Gal?) And you were accusing me of being obsessed.  

Nice one I actually believed you were an idiot there for a while.

There you go again Soyl talking to imaginary members.

I am quite sure we do not have a member with this user name.

Is your admitted mental problem making you talk to imaginary members again?

It is ok Soyl we all know you are crazy and post many lies and assorted drivel but we make allowances for your craziness.

We understand that you have a real life mental problem (Self admitted ) and should be locked away for your own protection, meanwhile do try to ask questions of current member's, not those who live only in your crazy mind.

Sorry little BHANGI but these members do not exist except in your delusions.

I do think that imaginary members who exist only in your unbalanced mind are not capable of answering you, or maybe you do see them talking to you? sorry this would be an illusion brought on by your warped mental state.

In the past I have answered you, even though you have been addressing people who do not exist, to help settle you down but I think it is now time for you to face reality on your own. Who knows it may help you come to terms with reality.  

Soyl take your medication for crying out loud.
Look back on your OWN posts, to where you said something like- ANOTHER ONE FOR THE BLOG" I have done with wasting my time checking back to placate a LIAR and mental case like you.

You can check back if you are incapable mentally of remembering What you posted.

The problem with you lying so much Soyl is that you tend to forget things and get confused.

Seriously Soyl, I mean this, get professional help for your mental problems and then you can lead a normal happy life like others do.  

It will make no difference asking, unlike you I will not knowingly post links to sites that are viral.

Please get help Soyl, It really would be the best thing for you.

Nice post Canadian_gal. Very cute.

I pooped in my pants just now and that slant-eyed nurse of mine has left for the day. She won't be pleased when she shows up tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

violation of that felony criminal statute.

thanks for posting this and adding your lying (do you see my hands anywhere but on the horn?) misguided hateful comment once more showing the world what a cretin you are.

nazified hateful pricks call regularly. you're an asshole. the police who respond to calls complaining about me playing on the corner tell me that they think people like you who abuse the 9-1-1 system to make complaints like that are assholes and that they'd tase and beat the crap out of you for calling like that.

whatever you say nazified yuppie scum tool of the fascist multi-national industrialist banker gangsters.

only bad cops enjoy stomping anybody, mr. hateful tool of the military industrial complex.

yuppie scum

you see the color of the sky? 6th street isn't good for the kind of income i get during the rush hour until after 10pm.

i happen to even be meeting with city council member aides on the new busker law in discussion.

what are you doing in the political arena besides talking shit on forums?

did you notice that there were no quotation marks around that statement? i never said anything like that and the statement was made up by the person who wrote that block of text.

i make $20-30/hr in the slot between 4-7pm. what do you make being a troll for white supremacist criminals?

go look this up: USC Title 18 § 1030

this thread is in violation of that felony criminal statute.

I've made so much money from cashbaiting

That looks like a good movie, I may try and see it, Thanks for the post.

The driver was WRONG. Yes babies cry, Yes their crying is designed to attract attention . but it is totally wrong to penalise a mother for her baby crying.

It would have been better to try to assist the mother.

I've made so much money from cashbaiting that it's obscene. The fact that I am broke and in bankruptcy makes no sense to me.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

fake scamming websites recently

Hope you find a good job soon Dude. One that pays more money
Well make sure you get a window seat so you can watch the hot chicks walk by.

Interesting false accusation posted by Soyl.

You forgot to mention that Aldavor was caught out with his hand in the cookie jar to the tune of $70,000 discussing it with one of the admins on 419eater, before he ran to Panama. After abandoning his four websites.
It would not do to make it easy for the police to be able to track him down, eh Soyl.

I never made any such requests of Aldavor or any one else, As Aldavor and I were bitter enemies why would I make such a stupid request? Especially as I already had all the information on the member he was talking about.

By the way Soyl, did you make a collection yet to help pay for Lotta's legal fee's?

Hey Soyl tell us why so many of the posts on eater have been recently deleted? The last time this happened was when Witch and Thunderchild AKA Biggles told them the police were investigating eater and they deleted over 500 posts in about one hour.
What were they afraid of ?

Lost any fake scamming websites recently soyl. Every time you lose some you start the defamatory posts against me again.

This encourages me to close more down. Tell me Soyl why are so many members now leaving eater? They just lost another very experienced guy. When they find out the truth, they are often eager to pass along information. Thanks Soyl for helping me in your own way to expose eater, I am sure they appreciate it.

Let me make this absolutely clear to you once and for all: I will *not* read any PM's on SB or any of the other sites for ANY REASON whatsoever!! I told you this on ILS and I'll tell you now - this ain't gonna happen,
Oh you forgot that Aldavor also ADMITTED to Fungus and others that he HAD looked at PM's, after denying he would ever do this.
He was very taken aback when copies and proof of this were produced.

Time will tell Soyl.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I felch Tommy Tooter's dirty bunghole with my lying geriatric tongue

Nurse nasty why are you posting crap as a guest?

even down to using the same words as Nurse Nasty used, not so way off then am I?

Or to put it so that it is easier to understand, Tommy has PWNDED the lot of you. On a scale hitherto unknown. :roflbow:

Nice one Tommy. Masterfully done dude. :salut:

You know the kicker is that they still cannot fathom it.:willy:

You are welcome. You seem to have been PWNDED more than most judging from your responses.

That was not stated. Soyl I understand that English is not your first language but do try to get your facts right.

I would have thought that you would be out collecting money to help Lotta with her legal expenses? :roll2:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Witch and Thunderchild told them this.

Hey Soyl, maybe you would enjoy all the frantic post deleting going on with eater recently?. The last time I saw this was when they thought the cops were after them, when Witch and Thunderchild told them this.

WOW!! They deleted hundreds of posts in approx one hour. I wonder what they were hiding? Maybe you can tell us why the sudden deleting is going on currently? :rofl:

If he is making and selling jewellery or playing music for a living then he is surely working?

So will Soyl. He even has appointed a pimp to act for him and he will negotiate, he went from a Million dollars down to ten thousand. :rofl:

Thank you Bucket.

Or hungry.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

to put your point of view

For crying out loud it is a GAME, LET IT GO!! You big crybaby. or is it ok for you to voice your opinion but not for others to do so?

For crying out loud let it GO!! You big cry baby. or is it ok for you to say things but not for others?

For crying out loud LET IT GO!! You big cry baby. Or is it ok for you to put your point of view but not others?

DRE I sent you a PM. x100