Thursday, May 17, 2012

now reduced to begging for money FROM victims!

So this proves that you are wrong yet again! (yes your apology will be considered) as soon as you give me a dutch rudder

I have quoted MANY times what my goal is, but for those who cannot seem to understand plain English here it is again.

My goal is to expose the alliance admins for lying to their members, and to the members of theRanter and others!

This will I hope, help prevent other innocent members of their sites from being subjected to the same crap, that they have put forth about myself and others, whose only crime was to work hard to the best of their ability to help promote and assist the anti- scam sites to prosper!

But, fell foul of the ego's of the alliance admins and the eater mods and admins! and so were subjected to massive character assassination, if they dared to question why they were so unfairly treated! (sound familiar?)

If honest people, who see the truth about them support my goal, then it will make it easier for many other's to avoid signing up with these cretins and thereby not being subject to the same sort of thing being done to them!

The MASSIVE loss of membership on sites like scambaits,com and the low levels of new members and posts, show that I have been VERY successful, despite some people who do not have the intelligence to admit the truth when it is put in front of them!

This is the first part of my goal and it has nearly come to an end as it has been so successful!

Re the nursery rhymes, that you seem so upset about as you keep on mentioning them!

While you continue to answer many of my posts with negative garbage, Then I will continue to answer yours with the same!

Again as I have stated MANY times! if you treat me as a fool then I will treat you the same! your choice. I really do not mind!

If you want it to stop this is very easy, stop answering my posts with crap! It makes absolutely no difference to me as I will continue whether you or others oppose me or not, all it does is waste your time and mine! so the solution is up to you!

I think ALL the admins are out of the loop!

However yet again I will explain, The alliance is a name that has been given to the original four sites that are run by aldavor (the man of no honour)
they are
scambaits,com. run by a mental cripple, thunderchild.
Internet love scams. now reduced to begging for money FROM victims!
And a site that has closed down due to the incompetence of the admins,called anti419academy.
There is another site now, internet friends run by the same losers
Makdrizzle can tell you more about this, as he is a supermod on there I believe!

The question was asked some time ago as to whether eater was a part, I think that now the answer is yes, they have influence in the alliance as they have an eater admin 'lotta' on the alliance as a mod called calamity jane,

You will see in the next section of the skype chat, that thunderchild admits to this, thereby confirming that what I have said about her is true!