Saturday, February 26, 2011

farting and pooping

Abuse has been sent. Should be down in a couple of days they are investigating now.

I read that farting and pooping one's pants makes you live a long time. Yay I am going to live to be over two hundred years.

Friday, February 25, 2011

It seems that the CRETINS!! have been going into a tailspin ,speculating about where I've been and why I haven't been updating my blog. They say that my house is underwater,and while I have been affected by the floods here, my house is in no way destroyed as many other poor unfortunates have been. As proof, here is my backyard, which you can plainly see is not uder water.

Obviously,if the IDIOTS who think they know me were correct, there would be water up to the fence top, but there isn't. These AL-bashing idiots need something better to do with their time .

Saturday, February 19, 2011

who do we know who is Scottish and opposes all my posts and who claims to have admin knowledge??

Yup I am back and as promised, I posted some very interesting info 3 TIMES and it has been deleted within minutes of being posted on this wonderful FREE expression forum!!
Now I wonder who is so afraid that he would delete these so quickly??
Why are you so afraid of the truth??
Then why does thunderchild also back it up??

It also lends vast credibility that the alliance tools deleted it so quick and so many times! as they do NOT want the truth to come out!!

Well I got some news for you there is a LOT more !!
Your attempts to deny proof when offered are pathetic, but in line with a true alliance lapdog!

You and the other alliance lapdogs just do not like it at all!!! as it shows that what I have been saying all along is true!

One day you MAY wake up, to how you are being used as a fool, by the lying alliance admins!!

Others can see it quite clearly, but you and mak and goodi cannot.

Is it because you are so afraid to stand up to them ? have they got you so under their thumb that you cannot now think for yourself??

Your continued grovelling to them sickens me! Try to be a MAN and stand up for what you know is right!

You are a disgrace to all the genuine honest scotsmen and women that are renowned for their steadfastness!

When are you going to wake up?? rest assured that you will NOT stop me and you only increase my determination to bring the truth to light! no matter what it takes!

Why then are you SO against my every post?? as I said you are a disgrace to genuine Scotsmen everywhere!

AND whats This MY organization?? do YOU own Ranter ???

Your attitude to the truth has been one of the most childish things I have ever witnessed !

You are a disgrace!
As you are probably one of those that took part in this skype chat, I thank you for confirming that it IS a copy of the chat and NOT made up by me as Brucey claims!

On the chat there are two members whose names I have xxxx out both of these names start with the letter N, shortly following one of these guys posts Fungus says "WE are scottish"!! I was under the impression that there was only ONE Scottish guy with access to the admin area on the alliance but it seems there are two! now who do we know who is Scottish and opposes all my posts and who claims to have admin knowledge?? just saying!

If you remember it was Varod/knightly that started to post private messages on here NOT me, I do not remember anyone bringing him to task for this?? bias??? on ranter ?? NEVER !!!!

Indeed I remember the opposite! what is good for the gander is good enough for the geese!

As many of you seem to believe the lies and disregard what I say, then it will always come as a shock to you when I do exactly what I say I will do ! I have stated many times that I will do what ever it takes to expose these liars. so long as it does not harm innocent people! and any one who joins in with the Al bashing is fair game! So do not whine when you get hurt!!

I have something of immense interest to the mods who are concerned about the lack of freedom, it is too long for a pm, but if they are interested they can send me a pm with a spare email addy or if they are not comfortable with this I can pm in two parts ! Just ask and if you are genuine I will forward it to you!
^^^ correct!! he should be given the chance to defend himself and then we can all slag his replies like they have done to me!! However, how can he PROVE that what he writes is not just made up using notepad??

We can let him post the actual copies of what others say and them we can all try and disprove them. goodi idea eh?? because he does not believe any proof that is offered, he does not check them out, just will not believe them!!

And if it sounds true we can always have a mod delete it!! after all freedom of speech on ranter died on the 15 march
WOW thanks for the promotion to GOD !! but I am only a normal person, so SIR will do fine thanks !
This is not good, however you cannot use it to attack me and every post I make! while I have sympathy for this person, why are you using it against me?? I DID NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!

I could relate many of life's experiences that I have known and it would also be unfair to use them against you! so I do not!!

I can understand your phobia but I will NOT accept responsibility for it!

I have given many times, clear proof of what I say and in many cases using the alliance admins OWN words in an unaltered form! complete with things like the skype chat!!

Apart from an admission by the people concerned themselves, that I think they would NOT do, the proof I have supplied would be quite adequate for any reasonable person to accept!. MANY have!!

If you were not so hung up with your mental phobia and had been reasonable with your comments, then I may have supplied even more proof, but why should I when you are unable to accept the truth and proof already offered??

As you were attacking my every post, I did the same to you with the nursery rhymes and totally pwned you! Your posts so far have NOT been of a reasonable or even fair nature so I slapped you back!! you deserved this!

If you feel you must join in the AL bashing then you will be slapped back!

as will any others!

Many times you have attacked my posts but have NOT offered any proof of any wrong doing on my part!! why is this??

Remember I have given much proof that the admins lie, but no one has offered ANY proof that I have lied (NOT ONE) as I have NOT lied but only posted the truth!! and I take exception to a coward who says different . ok lets see YOUR proof that what I say is not right!!!

Show me the proof that thunderchild did not slap noobs, or that witch did not lie about passing messages on, or that aldavor(the man of no honour) did not lie about looking at pm's like he claimed and then via fungus admitted it ! etc etc etc !! I am calling you out on this as you have much to answer for!

It is easy to ask for proof but hard to supply it, so you do not! I am NOT perfect and have made MANY mistakes but I have NEVER and never will do the things that the alliance admins and the eater crowd have done! to their honest and hardworking members who do not deserve this crap!!

Yet without any proof whatsoever, you take it on yourself to attack me and defend them! why??? are you so stupid that you cannot see the proof even when placed before you??

If you and others want to treat me like your kicking boy then this is up to you and I will take care of you as befits one of this stupidity!!

Your previous statement that you gave me the opportunity to work with you is incorrect, I offered to share info with you, but you declined!! so where do you get off saying that you have offered to work with me??

Your statement about six million is quite irrelevant, as there are VERY few scotts who are admins on the alliance! I would say not more that two!!

You seem very touchy about your id why is this? what are you hiding?? I have had the courtesy to show my real username on ranter yet you try and hide ??

If you want to act as an idiot and carry on attacking my posts without any proof then I will retaliate as much as I can and I will treat YOU as an idiot!
Fire with fire.

Hot off the wire.
Burn goodi burn.
You will never learn.
Why thank you nohope I am sure we all think the same about you!

I recently became aware of

I recently became aware of which is a nice tribute page put together by the CRETINS and IDIOTS from the eater.While most of it is false and rubbish, there are some true bits there which help further expose them for who they really are,a bunch of retards who think attempting to viciously malign an honest baiter is some sort of fun and games. will not be taken seriosuly by any genuine person interested in fighting scammers. serves only to enhance people's already strongly held beliefs that when one person does good, there will always be cretins out here to try and discredit them,and it only discredits the morans who persist in spreading lies and falsehoods.

Nice job,IDIOTS!!

Floods in Brisbane

Many thanks for all the inquiries as to whether the flood affected me, they are appreciated.

As I live near the top of a hill and my house is up on stumps I have been fortunate to avoid any water problems. Apart from water running freely under the house and soggy grass underfoot.

Sadly many others in Queensland have lost everything, even the real Nurse Nasty was flooded out.

It will take a long time for those unfortunate enough to have been affected to get back on their feet. There are some collections for the flood victims and many have been generous, but I fear that the need will far outweigh the available funds.

I was helping a business yesterday that was flooded out, the water came up to shoulder height and the poor guy was devastated. Many have volunteered their time and it is heartening to see the community gather round to assist those in need.

Thanks again for your concerns and kind thoughts. AL.

Unfortunately in such a crisis the best AND the worst comes out in people.

Brock you remind me of those low lifes who are looting in Queensland.

Anything for their own benefit eh?

Brock, I am sure those who were unfortunate enough to lose everything, even the lives of their loved ones in this disaster will appreciate your attitude. I certainly do not.

I do a serious post and you use it to to make smartarse comments. SAD.

your members are decent people

Exactly. Check his reply to my post.

Why the insult and derogatory comments to a sincere and serious post about the tragedy that many have suffered through.
His reply was totally uncalled for and inappropriate. As a senior poster I would have expected more from him.

Thank you. The businessman has about two million dollars worth of machinery under water.
He has been informed by the insurance company that they will not be covering anyone in that area as it was under water in the 1974 floods. ??

So he is uncertain if he will continue, If he decides to carry on It will involve a few of us working for probably three months or so to see if we can save and re-condition the machinery.

Fortunately there are many willing volunteers to help sweep out and water blast the mud that is covering everything.
Once they have finished, we can go and start on the equipment if he decides to re- start.
I have worked many years on these types of machines so all being well I can assist him to fix them cheaply.

Many air pistons and hydraulic rams and valves will have to be stripped down and repaired. if the pistons and shafts etc become pitted due to rust it tends to damage the seals, so they need to be fixed. There are some hot melt glue machines as well and they usually require new cartridge elements and sensors etc, a time consuming job.

@Joe a surprising post, Most of your members are decent people, so why the surprise that they would express concern? I have had messages of concern and support from many of the forums I am a member on. The news about the floods is broadcast to many nations so many members are aware of it.

the "group of seven " are combining my database with theirs and will have plenty of info to act!

        Hi,thanks for your messages they have ment a lot whilst i was ill.

        As you are the only one who has helped me from eater, and you also
        helped me with my mentee when she needed it. i am going to repay the
        favour!  this will make us even!
        I am sticking my neck out on this !
        If eater has in any way got your real name and addresse then i would
        suggest that you do all you can quickly to get them deleted or changed
        (maybe say you have moved addresse or something!)
        This is because the "group of seven " are combining my database with
        theirs and will have plenty of info to act!
        This combined database will have plenty of info on the 'private' area
        and the "dark arts" plus info on the other "super secret area's"
        including names etc!!
        I do not know at this stage if you are connected with any of these
        places but if you are then please cover yourself.
        I have asked them to omit any reference to you if they can!
        One of the reasons i was invited to join the group, was because of my
        leo contacts, one brother in law in the uk is just a plod, but the other
        is so high up he gets verigo just looking down!
        If you doubt any of this then ask n n as he was a member until he got
        kicked out, and i took his place! so he can verify any of this, if you
        think it is needed!
        The group is pissed off as eater banned one of the close relatives of a
        member and it has not gone down well!!
        Please do not pass this onto any one who doe's not deserve it, for
        obviuos reasons!
        " Al "

Monday, February 14, 2011

I installed Ubuntu and fucked it up bigtime

Dirty or damaged disc?Stuffed or dirty optical drive?Too much fapping?You can try dual boot mode or just Ubuntu and see if it makes any difference.I think you will probably find your optical drive is not up to the job.
Windows is a resource hog, And linux is a different OS.

On a friends pc I installed Ubuntu and fucked it up bigtime,and after someone came in and fixed it, it starts up quicker, about 22 seconds and closes down in about 3,5 seconds.
Unlike windows that takes a long time. It also seems a lot more efficient in use.I know that makes me sound like I know what the fuck I'm talking about, but I don't really. A very astute observation. A search shows Juot clean at the moment.

Warnings could be initiated by malware LINKS on Juot, past or present, as we have seen posted by one of the members, also as we are linked to AMB, the same links on there may also trigger an alert.
The Juot security features are quite good, but they could be fooled by malicious links in some cases. Even tracking links could initiate an alert. I think you still have undesirable links on Juot.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

ladies who fill out

A Happy Valentines Day to all our ladies who fill out lives with wonder.

I hope you have a special day, filled with words of endearment and lots of CHOCOLATE. Like my diaper right now.
Fuck, I wish I could go a full day without pooping myself. It probably looks like I sat on a chocolate cake back there.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

this is how these scams work

@TheDane. Thanks for letting us know. Go get em

Sounds like you got the lads on the run. LOL

I can just imagine the junior customs guy saying to his superior-
" You want me to search WHERE sir?" GULP!
Hi,as very well said by Frazzle this is a scam! yes we all could do with a few million!! but we can well do without sending a lot of our money for fees and getting nothing back!! as this is how these scams work, well done in contacting us as you have worked out that no one will send this amount of money to a stranger!! thanks for your inquiry! regards "BIG AL "

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ok we have the answer now

Happy birthday dude. Its almost worth being a year older to see the pics that Lizzy posts.
46 eh? yeah right!!

Have a good one.
I would tend to agree, this is why I have, to the best of my ability posted my suggestions to help the victims and offered the full resources of AFI to assist if needed.
Potential or actual victims come first and if I can help them I will.

Ok we have the answer now, it is "I hate those meeces to pieces" as postulated by the experts on mice, Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks.
Ergo "MEECES" is correct.

Normal service can now be resumed.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

send him the MTCN number if he asks for it

You can send him a fake question and answer, so he hotfoots it down to his local western union outlet and makes a fool of himself.

Then you can act all surprised when he complains and then say you were told the wrong answer so here is the correct one. so off he goes again to westy, who will be getting a little fed up of him by now and maybe call security. Rinse and repeat.

Do not send him the MTCN number if he asks for it as he can check the movements online so he will see there is no money.

You friend may need to do some scans as her PC security may be compromised.

You can ask them to download and run "Sophos' and "malwarebytes" to detect and remove any KL's. They need to download the " anti root kit" part.
Both programs are free and very good. They can also use "threatfire" this is also a good free AV.

@Joe. If you have a keylogger on your PC they can read everything you type, including passwords and bank details. It is as if they are sat in front of your PC.

Your Mum and friend also need to contact everyone in their address books as the nasty bits could be passed along.

The av programs I gave you should detect and remove most of the earlier type of KL's if you still have problems please PM me and I will give you some more advanced ones to use.

The Root kit is a kind of delivery system for the KL's You need to remove all trojans and every thing else you find and refrain from contacting any in your address book from your PC until they are cleaned as well.

It would be wise to continue to change passwords regularly until all this has been cleared.

If those affected need help they can go to AFI and we have teams available who can assist them.

Soyl you know better than that, stop trying to deflect the issue.

@Joe this explains about TROJANS:

"Trojan horses may allow a hacker remote access to a target computer system. Once a Trojan horse has been installed on a target computer system, a hacker may have access to the computer remotely and perform various operations, limited by user privileges on the target computer system and the design of the Trojan horse.

Operations that could be performed by a hacker on a target computer system include:

* Use of the machine as part of a botnet (e.g. to perform automated spamming or to distribute Denial-of-service attacks)

* Data theft (e.g. retrieving passwords or credit card information)

* Installation of software, including third-party malware

* Downloading or uploading of files on the user's computer

* Modification or deletion of files

* Keystroke logging

* Watching the user's screen

* Crashing the computer

Trojan horses in this way require interaction with a hacker to fulfill their purpose, though the hacker need not be the individual responsible for distributing the Trojan horse. It is possible for individual hackers to scan computers on a network using a port scanner in the hope of finding one with a malicious Trojan horse installed, which the hacker can then use to control the target computer.[3]

As mentioned earlier on, the term "Trojan horse" was taken from a clever Greek plan described by Homer in the Iliad. After seemingly abandoning the siege of Troy, the Greeks placed armed men inside a huge wooden horse. The horse was welcomed into the city by the Trojans, who believed it was a symbol of peace; they slept while the Greeks exited the horse and opened the gates allowing the Greek army into Troy, conquering the city."

Please note this part= * Keystroke logging
* Watching the user's screen"

If I lived in Sydney,I would surely have been accused of this.

But I don't live in Sydney. I am thinking of using this tactic though. I certainly use it enough on the internet.

A restaurateur installed CCTV outside his establishment in an attempt to catch the person who had been leaving a dirty calling card on the pavement outside his establishment every night for the last four years.

Footage from the surveillance camera set up outside the business in North Ryde, Sydney finally enabled police to charge 71-year-old millionaire property owner Salvatore 'Sam' Cerreto with 'wilful and obscene exposure and offensive behaviour'.

Cerreto was allegedly captured on camera walking to the tenant's restaurant on Coxs Road with a ream of toilet paper, pulling his trousers down, and squatting in front of the restaurant.
For four years, food outlets along Coxs Road in North Ryde had complained to police of similar discoveries.

Deposits included human excrement wrapped in paper, which was left on door handles or in flower beds or near outdoor seating.

Mr Cerreto's property portfolio along Coxs Road, North Ryde, includes a building that is home to 13 street-front businesses.

But the reason for the alleged night-time offerings are unclear.

Detective Inspector Doug Revette from Gladesville police said officers had received complaints from cafe owners and restaurateurs in the commercial centre about someone defecating intermittently on their doorsteps, or on the pavement outside their premises.

Revette said, 'It is alleged that at 4.30am on January 13, a surveillance camera recorded a 71-year-old man defecating on the footpath outside one of two adjoining restaurants.

'The owners recognised the person and called police. We don't know what gripe he has with the two businesses. He would only say he had a good reason to do it but wouldn't tell us.'

The affected tenants include operators of restaurants, cafes, delis, a hairdressing salon and a pathology centre.

They are said to be relieved at the arrest.

Read more:

Monday, February 7, 2011

I am good I am a guyman

Hi, here are a few of the terms that the scammers and we use.


Mugu=sucker or fool used by the lads to describe a victim, but turned around by us and used against them (we call them mugu's)

Magga or Maga =victim

Mugun=Yaruba slang for a silly person.

Guyman= a name the lads like to call themselves, as though they are someone special: as in (I am good I am a guyman)

W U =western union, a lads preferred way of receiving money as they can track the money by internet.

Westy=Western union as above.

Joker= a new term used by the lads to describe people who bait them

G mail joker same as above.

Baiters=a group of people who waste the time and resources of the lads to decrease their effectiveness.


419 Scam = a type of scam, referring to the Nigerian law, That outlaws scamming :section 419.

Oga= A boss!

Chairman= A big boss.

Bombing= ladspeak for spamming.

Catcher=the lowest lad -the one who sends out all the e-mails and "catches" the victims and then passes them along up the line to his boss.

AYY or advanced yahoo, yahoo,= some lads who have either had technical training or are more IT savvy. Can also describe scammers who use JUJU or voodoo in their scams.

Vlad=A scammer usually from the Ukraine or Russia. Many are part of criminal gangs.

'Oluwole' an area in Lagos where documents like passports, money orders, certificates, company letter-headed papers are creatively doctored.

Asem=accidentally sent email.

Asim=accidentally sent instant message.

Op= original poster , usually the person who started the thread or post.

Azza or AZA= bank account.

EBE = cheque

Here are a couple of new of words that are now becoming common usage - "Yahoo Boys" this is generally applied to the new scammers, some are the younger generation, who have taken over from the old 419 lads.

Yahoo Yahoo boys, Yahoo boi's , Yahoo boyz. All names for scammers as above.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

please feel free

Ask and ye shall receive. I think there may be another one on TSB so please feel free to use either one.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stand by, 2011 will be known as the year of change.

It would follow a natural progression that any admin or mod with a modicum of decency would resign, after seeing some of the things that have been coming from their site!

The recent happenings like keylogging fellow baiters and posting fellow baiters pictures (photoshopped ) or not and the disgusting photoshopping of kids and relatives of other baiters who have a different point of view, can only show what low depths they will resort to in their lust to retain what they see as power.

This could also explain the sudden drop off of their trolls from The ranter site! as it must be obvious even to the cretins posting, that it is counterproductive to have your members prove to the whole communities what idiots they are !

The attempts to ridicule people who have the guts to stand up to the jackboot mob can be readily seen to be the acts of desperation and fear that they are! fear drips from them like a pus!

Regarding T f, Even though I disagree with some of the ways that he does things, I have respect for him. I have seen that he has never lied to anyone that I know of and has always helped others when asked to do so! whilst the owner of the other site and the cretins he calls mods have lied and cheated and deceived anyone they have come into contact with!

The realization of all the antiscam sites working in harmony, is an ideal that at the moment seems doomed whilst the present management is in power, on their site!

The question has been asked why so many good and honest baiters are so against eater?? and why is their site the butt of so much ridicule from other sites! The real question is NOT why all the other sites are like this but why is there a NEED to be like this??

Why have some of the most talented and dedicated baiters been banned or just left in disgust?? the numbers who this applies to are many, not just a few malcontents! but hundreds of good and honest men and women! who have only worked hard to help build up the scambaiting community!

The simple answer is that they are reacting to the absolute garbage and unethical practices that are coming from the site in question!!

This now also applies to the eater clone sites (not here)who are now showing their true colours, banning on the flimsiest of excuses and making life hard for those not in the clique or who dares to speak out and express their own opinion!

Leveling false accusations and slamming everything the unfortunate happens to post. ask yourself why the postings have gone down to almost non existent levels?? why is this so?? maybe the members can see what is happening? and how people who have only worked hard to help the site have been crucified !

It has been said "That for evil to flourish all it takes is for good men to do nothing"!! We are fortunate that we have the people of integrity who are willing to stand up and be counted, even though they know they will be held up to ridicule and defamation!

A question for all the mods and admins from all the scambaiting sites: Where do you stand??

Stand by, 2011 will be known as the year of change.

I am unaware of a name for a female Guyman

Hi generally speaking a victim is called a "MAGA:" and a fool is called a " MUGU"

Quite a few lads call their victims a " MUGU" in a derogatory term, so we twist this around and call the lads "MUGU" as an insult to them.

I am unaware of a name for a female Guyman, we tend to call them "ladettes"

Of course many times that we are talking to a ladette we are in fact talking to a male lad who is pretending to be female, hence the shock when many victims think they are talking to "naughty Natasha" from Russia, when in fact they are talking to " Big hairy Boris"

Welcome back indeed. Awesome work by Miyuki and those who volunteered their time so freely to help

Hi, As has been said try on another drive first, to find out if it is the disk or the drive.

Another possibility is that you may have stored the disk near a magnetic field, like putting it on top of speakers? this they do not like!

Hope you can recover the data.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I did not shit my pants today, so let's call it ANOTHER GREAT DAY !! Forget the floods and rain and cyclones for now. A day without a full diaper is a great day!

I have been awfully gassy though. Yes, I still prepare for a full diaper every time I feel my sphinter pucker and get ready to float an air biscuit, but I think I have it under control. I don't know what's making me so gasssy though, maybe my medication. They should really prepare you for that when they give you this medicine. People think that I did shit my pants even though I didn't. Not today anyway. But that's not my problem. When bitches wrinkle their noses at me, I just throw them a squinty side-eye and they shut up.

Now off to hur the lads some more and close down more fake eater sites.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

illegal HACKING

Does this also apply to illegal HACKING Biggles, When are you going to turn yourself in?

I think it is a soup kitchen for down and outs who crave senior positions at any cost.

  Hi we are doing some maintenance and it is taking longer than we thought.

We are working hard to get the site back up and hope to have it back soon.

Please just keep trying. It will be returning better that ever. Thank you.Welcome back indeed. Awesome work by Miyuki and those who volunteered their time so freely to help
Please try this link:

It may be picking up an old link from your cache or prefetch. If it works ok you can do another bookmark from the site.

There should not be any problem now with logging in. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble. AL.
YAY!! Good to hear.

There are a few little bugs to iron out but there should not be any problem with logging in.

If anyone cannot log in please let me know, thanks for your support.

Now we are back we can get stuck into the lads.
Nice pics Lizzy, they remind me of where I grew up in the UK.

Many a morning I had to use a sweeping brush to sweep the snow off the car so I could drive it.

I miss the beauty of the snow but not the cold!

I think it is a soup kitchen for down and outs who crave senior positions at any cost.