Monday, July 26, 2010

You may have noticed that I usually do not bother to answer the bullshit that brainwashed cretins like you tend to post.
So I will not be entering into discussions with you when you are just too stupid to work out the truth, and instead you just post the crap that you are fed by the eater retards. I will however explain some FACTS for the benefit of the members.

First of all WHERE did I say that Rover had been arrested? Why do you post unsubstantiated crap? Do you get your arse patted for doing it, whilst making yourself look a total wanker to those who are aware of what is really going on?

Maybe the interview is why xxx came back from his recent trip to a certain Spanish speaking country along with xxxx who met him there?

For the record, I have not "abandoned' the previous owner of dot net as you falsely claim.
I will not post anything about the support I am affording anyone who stand up to the lies from eater but it is there.
Oh WAIT! I was under the impression that despite NO proof and many denials from me, that I was falsely accused of being the owner of Dot net?
WOW could this be PROOF that eater lied about me along with many of their lackeys? Even you now admit that I was NOT the owner of dot net as was claimed many times by the cretins.

Yes, I bet you would Love to find out some of my sources, but this will not happen.
The information that I and many others now have has been passed along to leo NOT to eater lackeys, who are so afraid that they post by hiding behind anonymous nicknames on AMB and other forums.

If you support the eater retards by your actions, as you are doing, then either you are incredibly stupid or one of them, and will go down with the others.

The stupidity of the retards in continuing ineffectively, to try to ridicule any one who exposes them, has only increased the determination of those so dog-piled on and has brought many others who are pissed off with the crap that has been fed them, on board.

These others also bring along with them more and more information that is very useful.

If I am wrong and eater is right then that forum would be enjoying an increase in membership and viewings, Right!
But if I am right and they are wrong, then they would be experiencing things like a 47% drop in viewings and the stepping down of many Mods and the leaving of members for other sites. Right!

OOPS: did we see FIVE mods step down in ONE day, have we seen more mods resign as well as an admin resign?
Have we seen many members leave? have we seen the seniors take action to hide the truth from their members?

The infantile posting of crap by those retards who can only follow what they have been told, instead of opening their eyes and finding the truth for themselves only serves to show how much they are to be pitied.

Thank you for posting such crap, as it allows me and those in the know to have a good laugh at you and the other lackeys who are so keen on showing how brainwashed they are.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

dot net

Remember the BS that was posted as FACT that I was the owner of dot net? remember all the little brainwashed lackeys jumping on the bandwagon and spouting forth their crap? how many have had the courage to apologise and admit they were WRONG? Cowards all.

Are you now saying that they are liars and I have again be proved to be telling the truth?

Why would it concern you what I posted on any site? Unless you are one of the brainwashed lackeys who is being exposed, in such a case your input is irrelevant to any honest person.

The end game has begun and there have been two arrests, I am sure more will follow. Maybe you would like to ask these two if I have been speaking the truth?
It is a little too late for you to try to support the cretins by opposing me, as it will have no influence on what is to come.

The number of people and groups both LE and non Le who are against the illegal actions of the cretins are growing almost daily. I am aware of FIVE groups at present. So you can see I am not mounting a lone campaign, many are seeing the truth and joining in the exposing of the cretins.

If you had the slightest shred of decency you would open your eyes and check what is really going down, and then you would support any person who was involved, in exposing the horrific things that the cretins are doing.
or maybe you support cashbaiting of serial victims. or KP? It makes no difference to me what you say, things are in motion that will take care of all those who are involved in the illegal and disgusting acts that the cretins are involved in.

retard !

Yo the eater retard who is pretending to be Daniel Brenar. (It is Daniel Berner by the way.)
Strange how Danny is in Japan and you are in the UK! using many lads use this as well. HMMMM.

Maybe you have come on here to stir, as your masters from eater are having such a bad time of things lately. ROTFLMAO

I hear they are going to have a lot more problems soon. LOL.

an innocent man !!

To any person of intelligence, it would be obvious that there is a difference between posting the photograph of a well known scammer and listed sex pervert like Daniel Berner, who voluntarily posted all the photo's we have of him on the internet himself, And the photograph that was stolen from my Pc by a hacker in an illegal act from a cafe in Rotterdam. (Yes it is still being investigated ) and who then posted it on my blog, after stealing the password and so denied me the use of the said blog.
As you are well aware because I have said it many times.

Only a retard would even consider that there is a similarity, but then you seem to fit right into that bracket.

Also why did you post the photograph of an innocent mans house in your signature?

Why did YOU post the photograph of a fellow baiter that was stolen from his pc?

Why do you support the victimizing of an innocent man and his children?

Why do you support the phoning up of this man at three in the morning and scaring his children? is this the mark of your character?

Why do you support the harassment of a totally innocent man and his family?

Why do you support the eater senior guys who are into cashbaiting, and setting up of fake sites to scam innocent victims?
Are you one of those who do this?

OH yes, I see that you have admitted cashbaiting and so are among the despicable scammers who infest this planet.

Are you one of the Afrikanerbroderbond guys who now run eater and some of their allied sites?

Why did you post a fake screenshot in a feeble attempt to protect the scum who cashbait ?

Why do you disgrace your fellow Indians by these sorts of acts?

Before you start to criticize me for doing the right thing and exposing scammers, sex perverts and thieves like Daniel Berner, you would be well advised to put your own house in order first and then you would not come across as a brainwashed fool and a lackey for those who steal from the innocent.

Tell me Soyl, how you feel about supporting the crooks who steal from the mouths of innocents, how do you justify the stealing of money from people and leaving them destitute? Why do you support the scammers who do these things?
Are you so bereft of any conscience that you feel that slagging off at me is more important than helping people who could lose everything to the people who you support by your actions? how would you feel attending the funeral of a father of five who committed suicide as a result of the actions of those who you support?

Your race and colour do not concern me, but the blackness in your soul is to be pitied.