Monday, May 27, 2013

stalking and harassing me

People may wonder why I shit my pants, or why a team of scammers are spending so much time in stalking and harassing me and investing time and money into corrupting admins on certain websites, so they will post lies and derogatory comments about me like the dirty niggers they are.

The answer is quite simple, approx 80 to 90 percent of their income was stopped by the simple act of closing down their scam websites. So the group who is controlling everything has to subsidize the pay offs, and this they do not like.

So what sort of money are we talking about? Here is a list of just FIVE sites that link back to Joes scammer pals.A hell of a lot more than five sites have been closed.
This does tend to PISS them off.

For more proof, here are just five sites that were pulling in over $300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 a WEEK EACH. This was a result of them using an automated system that was sending out Millions of emails a week.

Yes if my maths is correct that is 15876.5 MILLION dollars a WEEK just from five of their scam websites.

Joe, I hope you were compensated adequately and not on the cheap.    

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can some one please answer a question please.

Can some one please answer a question please. Regarding adsense, I see posts quoting vastly different amounts of how much one receives per click.
What would be the average payment per click?

I am admin, super-mod, and shitbag-in-chief at

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After repeating the same thing to idiots year after year, my pal Miyuki and I started making real money on our site by getting scam victims to send us money they would otherwise send to scammers. This works out well for me as I get a large cut of whatever the others bring in too. With adsense, do you think I could cover my tracks by falsifying records to show that's where the money comes from?

why am I an admin, supermod and mod on so many anti-fraud websites?

Joe why are lying again? Joe the image is of a woman and you well know this. Joe I have a copy of it if anyone disbelieves me. An actual woman !!
Joe I have given you a lot of thought. Joe you started out ok and then you changed and started to post lies about me BEFORE I ever started to expose you.

Why was this Joe? Joe?

Joe. Now apart from the utter crap and lies you allow to be posted about me, the main issue is you allowing a known scammer to violate your own TOS and use a stolen photograph of me as his avatar. Even though it wasn't stolen and I sent it to a woman who I then turned on and she shared it with everyone. But it was stolen. Or I should say "stolen".

Joe, all this aggravation and exposure because you will not remove my photo. Joe it is not logical for an admin to risk losing his employment Joe ( especially in your case as you would find it hard to obtain employment outside your home) and to risk losing his reputation as I have, and to lose the respect of his peers and colleagues, over what is a Joe simple act of decency and to do the right thing and remove what has been proven to be my photo which I lied about and then backtracked when I couldn't get what I wanted.
Joe why is it SO important that you risk all this Joe instead of simply removing the photo? Joe it cannot possibly be of Chandra, as he is a dark skinned Indian, while I am an idiotic light skinned Englishman. Joe?

Joe so the main question Joe is WHY? Joe No, you cannot say it is because I have done anything to you, as you REFUSED many polite requests to do the right thing well before I had to find other ways to get you to do the right thing.

Joe iF I am as bad as your lies say why am I an admin, supermod and mod on so many anti-fraud websites? Joe that's an actual question since I can't figure out why anyone puts up with my shit. No Joe, I am nothing special, but I try to do the right thing and I am only posting the truth, while you are being proven to post lies Joe.

Joe there is only ONE reason I can think of, it is that you are being forced to obey the scammers.
Joe what is is Joe, have they threatened you, blackmailed you are otherwise compromised you?
Joe did they threaten to post copies of YOUR photograph on the cover of magazines and send them to YOUR employer, just like the chopped photo of the WOMAN I sent you? Joe?

Joe are you actually protecting your fellow scammers?
Joe you are good at techy stuff, I am good at searching and finding out about the scammers.
Joe would you like to explain your connection to cell phones and just like scammers, why you are storing pages of adds for them ?

Joe why do you constantly lie and avoid facing me to settle this man to man. What is it you are so afraid of?

Joe tell us again about how professional you were to falsely accuse Tommy of stealing copper wire. Joe? Are you there Joe? Joe? Joe? Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's happening at

Nothing much, just my old brand of fucknuttery.

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    Copy of my post asking for help regarding Joe from the administrators.

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    And so the impersonation of me by the scammers continues. One of my user names is Gbenga Jones and I use the avatar that the new member is using. And Joe wants me to give him my real name.:rolleyes:

    You might wonder why I use the name Gbenga Jones. It's simple: enough people associate total fucknuttery with the name Big Al or Alan James, so I needed to reestablish myself with a new persona, one that is fresh and sassy, and one that every Nigerian on the planet didn't associate with me. Of course, I am a flaming racist so I went to racist route and used this picture:

    And now nobody knows it's me because I do such a good job of concealing my identity and I can harass all the niggers I want. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

I have made millions of dollars from cashbaiting

To the mods and admins who have overstepped their authority and behaved like little hitlers and abused their powers, Remember, the very people who you are maligning may be the same people who in the future could be in a position to aid YOU if you lose YOUR jobs and positions, as is happening to others who were employed by IB. Just like Hitler.

I stated that some of them are BEHAVING like little hitlers and I believe that when censorship and concentration camps ares used to stop valid and genuine complaints that are offered to help and assist the management of VB to improve, then this reminds me of the actions of Hitler and others to stifle dissent and then lock up and gas jews as they have done.

Like you I try to be word specific and I called NO one Hitler, I stated that some are acting like him.And the censorship to quell dissent is just like him, as is the pogram. The facts will never alter. It is in no way ridiculous to compare someone who instigated the murder of millions of people to being told to STFU online. They are the same thing.

This is not the place for me to post about the actions that have been taken against me by a staff member there, for speaking the absolute truth. As this would disrupt the harmony of this site, and I have no wish to do this.

However In my choice of words I have been kind. Believe me. I was singled out and then murdered just like the jews in Germany.

If people act in a bad way then they will be held accountable for it, I would much rather be praising some good actions than exposing bad ones. Haha, not really.
Indeed I have posted a few times about the efforts put in by some dedicated people on VB who have put in a lot of hard work to fix VB5. and I have even posted a public thank you recently to one of the VB staff members who assisted me with a techy problem. Thanks to them, I was able to find the ON switch and get my computer working again.

I have read your posts with interest and enjoyed them. The truth is always a joy to read. Unlike this bullshit.

If you do not fully understand this, please contact me privately and I will do my best to explain.

Thank you again for your comments, they are appreciated.

Joe ever heard of the word HYPOCRISY? I'm all about that How about INCONTINENT DOLT?

Yes Joe after nearly seven years of being stalked and harassed I did tell a lie and said the photo was not mine. I ( have since admitted this and publicly apologized for it.) I also lied about bot living at 2 Speckled Cct, Brisbane, because that's my address as everybody knows.

You actually post this, yet allow my real life photo to be posted on your website to defame me AND allow the name and personal details of an innocent guy to be posted and linked to on your forum AND you support and allow a self confessed hacker and scammer to do so.

I have made millions of dollars from cashbaiting and dont you forget it, bitch.

By the way, this violates YOUR own rules, yet when you are called out on it and I report the matter as requested to in your OWN rules, you ban me for reporting it, then you post lies and make up stories to tell your members, Like the three separate stories you posted about why I was banned.

Sorry Joe. I can understand you wanting to post on here and be the big hero who is defending VB against the nasty customers who have the gall to complain about the misrepresentation of VB5 and its staff.

But as your own integrity is shot due to the many lies you have posted, ( I have copies) then I feel your quest will not work.

Enjoy your vacation from the respect of your peers. I've certainly enjoyed mine.

"Ego faecem mea Braccae."

"I shit my pants"