Monday, November 29, 2010

the "group of seven " are combining my database with theirs and will have plenty of info to act!

        Hi,thanks for your messages they have ment a lot whilst i was ill.
        As you are the only one who has helped me from eater, and you also
        helped me with my mentee when she needed it. i am going to repay the
        favour!  this will make us even!
        I am sticking my neck out on this !
        If eater has in any way got your real name and addresse then i would
        suggest that you do all you can quickly to get them deleted or changed
        (maybe say you have moved addresse or something!)
        This is because the "group of seven " are combining my database with
        theirs and will have plenty of info to act!
        This combined database will have plenty of info on the 'private' area
        and the "dark arts" plus info on the other "super secret area's"
        including names etc!!
        I do not know at this stage if you are connected with any of these
        places but if you are then please cover yourself.
        I have asked them to omit any reference to you if they can!
        One of the reasons i was invited to join the group, was because of my
        leo contacts, one brother in law in the uk is just a plod, but the other
        is so high up he gets verigo just looking down!
        If you doubt any of this then ask n n as he was a member until he got
        kicked out, and i took his place! so he can verify any of this, if you
        think it is needed!
        The group is pissed off as eater banned one of the close relatives of a
        member and it has not gone down well!!
        Please do not pass this onto any one who doe's not deserve it, for
        obviuos reasons!
        " Al "

The seven Dragons awoke!

 "The seven Dragons awoke! and went forth for their time had come"
  i tried to help you but ??

this ludicrous campaign

Looking for a war Alan? Do you really think you can misquote an Admin and get away with it?

    THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY ACCUSATION OF YOU "TALKING TO A VICTIM ABOUT SUICIDE" -- It is in your imagination. It never happened.

    You admitted sending music to a recovering Love Scam Victim whom you stated could have been suicidal. That was the basis of an objection issued to you. You were rightly chastized for doing that, because YOU could have been responsible for pushing a VICIM INTO SUICIDE. You did not like being chastized, so you quit and started this ludicrous campaign of yours.

    There is a huge difference between the TRUTH and your version of events. You can bitch and scream all you want small boy, but the fact remains YOU RESIGNED FROM ILS, then you came back and abused another MODERATOR... THAT IS WHY YOU WERE BANNED --

    Get your facts straight before hurling rocks Alan, because they will hurt like hell when the come back and hit you in the face.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

seemingly a placebic viral teddy bear

A Plebeianic syndrome. A quaker or the Quack.

Soyl, you are seemingly a placebic viral teddy bear and no doubt, from India.

Too bad keralians weren't mentioned amongst the trekkies.

Don't begrudge this keralian his tidings. Christmas is afoot.

His mission is to be a viral teddy for one and all.

personal details about the members

As Soyl cannot be trusted with secrets, but posts them all over the internet (we have seen this by him posting Photographs from the Ranter private section when he promised to keep them secret.) I wonder how his bosses at the Kerala pubic works department feel about him having access to their commercial secrets?

Maybe if they knew what he does they would not be happy with him? just saying.

I am surprised that he is still in tR private, where he can steal and post other personal details about the members there as he has proved he will do it just for laughs.

Friday, November 26, 2010




I am White and represent the unattainable dream for him


Sooo much effort from a Script Kiddy from The Public or should I say The PUBIC WERKS DEPARTMENT in Kerala.

Come on soy, Do get your facts in order and do verify them.

So much for a baiter whose research goes nowhere.

As an aging script kiddy in a low wage economy, no wonder he's going nowhere and has to live his fantasies in the cyber world as a cyber bully.

At Least I am an admin and mod on other forums and he's still having to shine some elses shoes.

Your workplace is known to many and you don't want the guys at the top to see you as a cyber bully and what else..

But he keeps following me around and sending me messages that he wants to be my friend. and he posts saying I am the man?

I think he has the hots for me as I am White and represent the unattainable dream for him.

My My Soyl, You have some game cash you can buy some shoes with if you are that hard up, or are you licking someone elses shoes to get your high/climax?

As far other sites you are a curious wallah. Why would you want to know?
Are you an inquisitive inquisitor conducting an inquisition on behalf of Twinkietown.

Soyl . You are a disgrace to the traderclass/ malayali, stop behaving like a pariah.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How can I get a resonse from Gmail customer sevice

Thank you all for your answers. It is noteworthy to see that no one (as far as I am aware) has answered from Gmail customer support!

I phoned their Sydney office to talk to a customer support person, but was told that Google do not offer live support. 

This raises some questions, as on some of the websites that I admin and moderate were talking about using Google adsense.

 How would we approach this with any degree of confidence that Google would help us if we hit a major problem, when they do not have customer support staff available?
Maybe it is not such a good idea to use this service of Google.

When Google do not reply to a customer,  then what is the point of signing up for any of their other services?

I talked to one of our senior members who is a Google Postini customer and he was quite upset to hear about the lack of customer support. He was going to talk to other business contacts of his to see if they are having problems with Google customer support as well, as it does seem to be widespread.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

you may like to also ask who put an illegal keylogger on my pc?

I would not bait by lying to a fellow baiter or a friend purly for amusement!

Yes I would bait a scammer, but we are NOT scammers! this is what separates us from the scammers. I would not intentionally lie to a friend and I do not think you would, yet gunnar did!

And I would not set them up using friendship for a few laughs like gunnar was a part of!

In the same way I would never cashbait as some baiters do, this would also make them the same as the scammers! It is the same principle!

Some members of the group known as 'death star' were trained in hacking and are involved in cashbaiting! there are over sixty members of this group, you may like to ask gunnar about some names of the members?

you may like to also ask who put an illegal keylogger on my pc?

The people who did this to me were successful, as they deceived me AS A FRIEND!. And so I trusted them as FRIENDS!! and they betrayed this trust for a few laughs! ergo they are scum!

Thank you for your post Manchy, yet the lie by mak was deliberate and done with malice, based upon nothing but his distorted view of me !

His continued refusal to answer the question and his obvious twisting and turning to avoid having to apologize or even admit he made a lie proves beyond doubt that it was a deliberate lie!

The lie was quite clear in the choice of words and is NOT open to misinterpretation he said clearly EVERY website!

In the past he has run away from answering many of my questions, as he is a coward and this only shows that he is unfit to be a mod on here as he is a liar as well.

He has not even had the common decency to admit it when caught out in a lie!

Much has been said about a leak from here! maybe after seeing how mak has lied to the members, we should be looking in his direction? he shows as a supermod/admin so has access to just about everything and he is even by your own admission here an alliance lackey! and as the alliance now supports and aproves of the eater methods, by default he is then also a lackey to eater as well! Maybe time for mak to come clean?

So tell me nomad , when they asked you to go after Big al did they also tell you that he would fight back and you would be left looking like the pratt?

Did they also tell you they would back you up? I do not see much of this . as they do their usual thing and leave you out to dry while they piss themselves laughing at having conned yet another fool into going out on a limb?

They have set you up as the patsy! and you are falling for it ! .

They are all pissing themselves at YOU.

more rubbish from the alliance

Yes, she led you around by the nose and still you fall for it!!!
And still you are being sniop'ed!

Many times I have provided proof by using the actual words of the people involved and as it goes against the lies you are trying to perpetrate you either ignore it or twist it to suit! It does not matter! as the truth will come out!

You can lie as much as you like but I will not stop me telling the truth about you!
I will go to my grave protesting my innocence as it is the absolute truth and you know it!

You can dogpile, lie twist the truth, discredit me, ask for me to be removed etc, but it will not stop me! as I am speaking the truth and one day you may have the intelligence to see this!

If needed I will open another blog, and if this is stopped by illegal hacking then I will open more and also free sites but the message WILL get out!

The only way for it to stop is if you admit you made a mistake and make amemds! as I cannot see you lot having the intelligence to do this then you will know no peace! I will protest my innocence! as it is the absolute truth!

The alliance has suffered massive damage and it will only get worse while you continue to lie! All the posts I have made are the truth and I beleive that others can see this as well, only the alliance cannot!

Time for aldavor (the man of no honour) to put up or shut up!

By aldavor (the man with no honour)
and if anything should be found by some to be over the top, in whatever format or method, then any of us should be free to express that opinion without any fear of reprisal or ridicule."
just do not try it! on this free and democratic site !

We can ALL see what happens when you try to state the truth on the Alliance!

Yet more !!

"Let's put it this way... if that environment, that community feeling of cooperation and mutual trust ever started to wane in here, then that would be the time to pull the plug on this site. I'm sure that will never happen"

Due to the following, I think it is time for aldavor (the man of no honour) to pull the plug, as he says he will do! It is patently obvious that the mutual trust and cooperation has finished! look at the following:

Admins slapping noobs (the same as eater)

Introducing RSS feeds as the post count has almost stopped! due to the incompetence of the admins.

Bringing academy business into sb, into the green room! in the vain hope of getting more recruits to bolter the almost total failure of the academy to man all the things that need members to do! due to the lack of experienced members! a lot of them have left or do not bother posting anymore!

Noobs having to complain about waiting weeks to get mentors as there are so few left now!

Making false accusations against members!

Alliance mods asking what has gone is even obvious to their own mods !

Mods (witch resigning.) and others .

Admins booted out of ils for being a danger to victims.

Asking victims for money!!! (cashbaiting) on ils and fraudwatchers BOTH support sites!

Mods appointed on ils who are suicidal and run away when victims need their help!

A lot of admins on ils mentally unstable or have alcohol and delusional problems!

The owner lying and deceiving the members about reading pm's.! another admin lying to the members about passing on messages! and lying by denying the truth about the 'thermite' incident!

Admins bringing the alliance into disrepute via trolling etc

Appointing mentally unstable members to admin positions.

Ils mod bringing ils into disrepute (a breach of the rules on the alliance now!) by causing the biggest disruption in the history of ils! by her incompetence!

The admins lying and twisting the truth on many occasions to discredit a member and a member who had RESIGNED, yet was banned anyway!

Failure to take advantage of the 'the truth blog' as the members leaving eater would not go to the alliance, why leave eater to go to an eater clone site?

Lying about not supporting tT yet just about all the comments were by alliance admins ! and their duals! anyone notice how tT has stopped posting now that this has been exposed? and the eater members have NOT flocked to the alliance as they hoped for!

The massive trolling and posting of lies and misinformation on ranter,
thereby bringing the alliance into disrepute yet again ! ETC, ETC, ETC.

Time to pull the plug.

stop the truth coming out!!

Due to the fact that some people have gone over to the dark side and are now very concerned about more truth coming out, I understand that they are now working on a whole heap of false things to try and discredit me again so that I will not be believed!

So it will be interesting to see what drivel they come up with, so watch this space for some very interesting lies and twisting of the truth from them.
This only confirms that what I have said is true of course but let them have their fun !

However just before they start I would like to deny the rumour that I drink the blood of 80 year old virgins at midnight in the cemetery!! (They were all under 60)

You can type anything you like guys but it will NOT stop the truth coming out!!

since the clacton meet we have seen the hassling of members who have leo connections

The alliance now seems to be in disarray.
sb has got so few posts that they have introduced rss feeds to try and make it look like something is going on! They have noobs waiting weeks for mentors as they now have so few. To show how serious things are now, I actually saw where thunderchild was nice to someone who asked about things!

Has he been told?

The last time I was in anti 419 academy even their own mods were asking what had gone wrong!

Fraudwatchers has closed down with aldavor (the man of no honour) saying that it has been under ddos attack?? I am unsure about this as he has been shown to lie to the members in the past!
He has put the words 'man of no honour' under his avatar the same as mike did with his bad comments! (clone) however it is good that he agrees with me!

The most despicable act I have ever seen has taken place on internet love scams: they are now asking for money from VICTIMS!!

So after preaching about taking the high moral ground, they are now trying to get money from victims who are in some cases emotionally distraught, and vulnerable! and in many cases may also feel OBLIGATED to anyone who has helped them with what could be the most terrible experience of their lives!!

This I find totally reprehensible! and marks a new low from the very people who profess to be helping the victims!!
I told Witch that ils had ceased to exist, as the site that a lot of us had worked so hard for and this proves it !

I now have good evidence that there is yet another long time member of the alliance who has access to the eater admin quarter! As well as to 'Death star"
So who is now actually running the alliance??

Why are the alliance admins keeping quiet about these eater admins on their sites Despite repeated requests to explain ?
This person is also scamming and actually running a team of scammers, so it makes him an oga! This asks the question "where are his victims coming from" ?? There are a steady stream of victims going through the alliance and eater sites for these parasites to pick from!

Maybe it would be an idea for the admins to deal with the genuine crooks instead of persecuting and banning members who have only ever worked hard to assist and build up the alliance sites! but have the failing of wanting to stand up to them when falsely accused! However since the clacton meet we have seen the hassling of members who have leo connections or who would stand up to these sorts of things! Exactly the same as on eater! WHY??

You do not control me

I will reveal things when and how I want to, not to your order as I have said many times!

You do not control me in any way.

Also how can she be a noob when she is a mod on the alliance?? more lies eh??

I would not have the technical ability to work with keyloggers etc

Fortunately you are not me!
I have been threatened by eater and the alliance ever since I started to tell the truth about them so why worry about you?

I am not the one who is accused of sending threatening pm's, nor under suspicion for using the phone, neither is Manchy! YOU are!

I have found that People like Manchy and N Mature have only spoken the truth while you have spoken only lies and half truths! who then are we to believe??

As has been said a lot of this came to light when I came here and started to let people know what is going on!

I find it very curious that both obas and you are so against me when I have not spoken to either of you in the past except to maybe answer each others posts! so would not have upset either of you!

Why the venom and vitriol? what have you both got to hide or lose? that you attack me at every opportunity? surely you would welcome and support the truth being exposed? unless you have a lot to hide!

It is not I who is under investigation! I would not have the technical ability to work with keyloggers etc however as a member of the
'Death star' group who trained in these methods you would have the ability!

I welcome any investigation into myself or any one involved in these matters as I have nothing to hide! If any admin wants to ask me any question they know where I am !

@Sillietillie, thanks for posting with such honesty, however I would say that it is NOT a good idea to give your personal details to anyone on ANY site!

If Gunnar was a true friend he would I am sure, ask that you do not give him your details, to protect you as a friend! If as he is now trying to claim that others are keylogging, then he would insist on it!

As it seems from your posts that you have been harassed in the past it would be wise to not reveal this type of info, especially to one who is accused of sending threatening pm's etc!

I cannot see any reason to give your details to anyone, as there is no reason to do so, if your details are never published they can never be used to harass you!

It does not matter who is right in this fight but I would ask that you do not put yourself in jeopardy by revealing your personal details to ANYONE! this is just common sense! and it is not necessary to do so! your safety is more important than politics! please consider this!

@ Ashley, re
Honestly, NM, don't you think it's strange that all this stuff didn't start happening to you until Big Al showed up? I'm not saying it is him,

Almost right, but it started to happen AFTER N mature started to support me, if It was me, why do it to someone who is supporting me?? this would make no sense at all! however it would make sense for some one who is being hurt by this support to do this!

can you answer a simple question for me?

-Are you a member of the group known as 'Death star' or any other spook group? Thanks

Why not answer?? just a simple question!

Diverting things and twisting of the truth and eventually falsified messages

@Throbbo, During this entire episode I have proven that I am telling the truth many times, some proof has even been the actual words of the liars involved!
I have proved conclusively, IN THEIR OWN WORDS that aldavor and Witch, two alliance admins have lied to members, so it would make sense to think that they would lie again to Ranters!
What more proof can I offer apart from a signed statement by the other parties?
The admins have provided lots of lies, Diverting things and twisting of the truth and eventually falsified messages, in an attempt to 'prove' their point which seems to consist solely of character assassination, but they have given very little, if any proof of their statements! This has become more apparent as things progressed!

You have seen how they twist and turn but do not answer direct questions like the ones about 'Lotta'. Why is this? Surely the members on here and the alliance have a right to know why an eater admin is a mod on the alliance?

I am very sure that due to the many alliance members who have had the opportunity to have their say, that if they had any real proof of any bad things that I had done they would have produced it by now! with great glee!
The fact that by now they have not done so can only mean that they do not have any!

All I have seen is the same old eater tactic of character assassination, so that the truth will not be believed, as this is their only defense against the truth!
I was at first treated with suspicion by many members as you have seen by the posts.
One person who treated me with suspicion was 'Manchy' and he asked me many questions that I answered truthfully!

I do not know what other checks he carried out, but he did ask some searching questions and I presume based his opinions on the answers and things he found out!
As far as I can see he is not a person to be easily misled and I believe he does check on things before he ventures an opinion!
I am sure that he would not say things until he had checked them out throughly first!

my health has not been very good

From : bigal
To : Aldavor
Date : 2006-10-18 03:33
Title : for your info
1. I have a lot of respect for the admin and mods and would
not even consider that they would read our pm's.

2. I said "like monitoring our pm's" to one person as a test
to see if things I said to one person were being passed to
other people.

3. within hours someone else pm'd me with the same words
back to me ,so I now know despite assurances that it was not
so ,things I said were being passed to others.without my
permission! this was a big dissapointment to me .

4. This why i have not posted this out on the forum as it
would only result in the admin/mods losing more credability
,this has never been my intention!

5. I was suprised to see this brought out on sb as it was
from another forum altogether , and i cannot see where the
connection is to sb ?

6. During this whole fiasco i have only wanted to clear my
name, as i have been accused of doing something that is not
true, and i have posted proof of this, despite many requests
i have not received any evidence from anyone to prove what I
have been accused of!

7. I would not like it to go to open forum as it would
result in damage to the alliance and this has never been my
intention, i would not like to be responsible for the
members being affected in any way. So if you can let me know
if we can settle this in a civilised manner then i would be

8. As you have now put on ils a lot of admins and
experienced people who can handle the victims, them i see
that you have it all under control, and so i will just
become a standard member of ILS, and leave it to you, I
have a lot of respect for what witch is trying to do on ils
and do not want to interfere with this, therefore i will not
question you admins any more.

9. I feel the whole sitation was mis-understanding ,a lack
of comminucation then things got blown out of proposrtion. I
was accused of things that i did not do and this made me
angry, I may not have reacted in the best way but feel that
I am justified in defending myself against false accusations.

10. If I upset anyone by my reaction, I am sorry as this
ewas not my intention. Big Al"

================================================== ==============================
From : bigal
To : Aldavor
Date : 2006-10-25 04:55
Title : HI
I did not mean to imply that anyone was reading P M's and i
am sorry if anyone got that impression! re the future i am
going to have to cut back on my time on the sites as my
health has not been very good, I would like to remain a
member on scambaits and help where i can as i still enjoy
the site! " Big Al" 

talking to a suicidal victim WITHOUT telling the admins!

@ knightly, yet again you mention the name of an innocent member! I could refute your claims easily and show yet again that you are lying by posting some of the answers that this member sent to the admins, but I will not do this without her permission! so I will post something that I put on another forum where you have never had access.

The debacle then progressed to the main accusation, that xxxx and I had -1- discussed suicide with a victim! and -2- that we had done so without notifying any of the others!! the second charge was nullified by xxxxx finding my posts where I had sent to the management, my concerns as outlined above!!
Re the first charge, I have repeatedly asked them for any proof or evidence, that they may have to back up this allegation!!
All I have got in reply is insults, more accusations and other things not relevant to any proof!!
They cannot give me any, as there is none!! as WE DID NOT TALK TO ANY VICTIM ABOUT SUICIDE AT ANY STAGE .
Contrary to what is being said, I resigned my moderator title as a protest !! it was accepted but I was NOT demodded as witch is now trying to say!
I also resigned from fraudwatchers at the same time, for the same reason!! however not only was nothing said, but as well as my account being closed, my ip was BANNED !! (banning by stealth??) so until I changed my ip I could not even look at the site as a member of the public!!
So summing up ---We have NEVER at any stage talked to any victim about suicide!! and so have not put the sites in any danger as is being used as an excuse by the admins!!
This has been pointed out MANY times to the admins to no avail!! so there can be only one reason!! they do not want to believe the facts!!
It is obvious then, that the conversion by the admins to an eater clone type of site is now complete!! as they are mimicking them in a lot of ways !!
This explains the reason for my resignation! and also the original false accusation! That we had put the site in danger by talking to a suicidal victim WITHOUT telling the admins! As has been shown the admins were informed that we had concerns about this victim and we not only informed the admins about this, but were congratulated by them for the way we were handling the matter!

The sending of a motivational song was admitted by me but was not part of the original accusation but was made into an issue as the admins could NOT provide any proof of the original claim as it did not exist!

Despite MANY requests from me to provide proof none was ever produced!
I fully expect the admins to try and dispute this as it shows them in a bad light.
I can produce many posts about this to back up my claims , as there is a lot! I am reluctant to subject the members here to it all as there is a lot to read but I will post any relevent ones if they become necessary!

bad things about me

As your previous posts have only been made to attack me and this sudden turnaround is most unusual to say the least, I can only assume that the admins are planning to alter any messages I sent or to make up false ones!
Therefore any posts that now depict any sort of bad things about me will obviously be garbage and posted just to get some sort of revenge on me for telling the truth!
As I am sure you know, I resigned from ils, and Fw , and as a mod on ils in protest at the deplorable way that the admins had treated a fellow mod who was a frail older lady and was seriously ill .
To this day they have not apologized nor made any amends for this terrible behavior !

This is a copy of the message I sent resigning from the sites

This is NOT on!! i have just been talking to one of our best mods who has been crying over the luducrous garbage that is being posted about us here !!
READ the bloody posts !! and you will see that it WAS posted and you all congratulated us on a job well done!!
Get this into your minds we did NOT decide to deal with this matter on our own !! can you read!! or are you becoming so eater like that you are choosing to ignore this ??
As a result i have tended my resignation as a mod and member here , and will be resigning from all the alliance sites ! when we as members are not believed and denounced as is being done to xxxxxxxx it is time to go.
I ask that you leave her alone! you can have my hide if it makes you feel better but i will not stand by and let you crucify her for not doing anything wrong " Big AL '

ANY alteration from this message that I sent to the alliance management is a forgery and would only be posted to cause trouble!

So far three different user names have been used on some of the same posts on here! I have received a pm saying that the admins are altering things!
This is I believe to be garbage as I trust the admins on here and It shows that some one has in all probability hacked into another account!
I would strongly suggest that every one checks their pc security as a matter of urgency! 

sending a motivational song to a victim that was VERY successful.

It seems to be a standard practice for some sites to attempt massive character assassination when any one is banned for telling the truth!
This seems to be done to try and make sure that the person who has been banned will not be believed and any truth they post will then be suspect! This has been the case by both eater and the alliance in my case and to others who say the truth.

It is now spilling over to the people who support me, re some recent comments on here!

As the admins on the alliance have seen fit to try to portray me as crazy, it is only fair that I defend myself, remember they started this attack!

First of all I have never seen any doctor nor taken any medicine for any type of mental disorder and as far as I know no relatives of mine have either!

However, lets look at some of the people who are making these false allegations!

As I have also been falsely accused on internet love scams as well, I will talk about this group, remember this is the group that are dealing with emotional and sometimes suicidal victims. They have the following as ADMINS on ILS. I call this:

'The comedy of errors'

They have the following!

A male admin who is an alcoholic.

A female admin who is a self confessed 'bi polar' sufferer.

A female admin who also has a drink problem and has presided over the most destructive episode in the scambaiting history by telling lies about cop cars coming around to investigate and the 'rolling over' of a completely innocent colleague!

A male admin who has confessed that he cannot handle victims, and that he has emotional problems, he has since been removed as a liability!

A male admin who has also said that he cannot handle victims and is an admin, yet he has never posted on there.

A male admin who has lied to the members on his sites about reading pm's.

A female mod who has attempted suicide and runs away when confronted with one who needs help on ils.

A female mod who has massive problems with her parents, who are involved with a type of religious cult, and are against her using computers.

A female mod who is an admin on eater! enough said!!

The sickest of all, they have allowed 'Vinnie' who has issued sick death threats against fellow baiters to be a member, using three different names, one female and two male and then promoted him to a mod position!

AND THEY SLAP ME!! for sending a motivational song to a victim that was VERY successful.
And they try and say that I am a danger to victims!! BULLSHIT!!

Then they wonder why I expose them and their lies!

They also have people who have hounded victims to try and get them to bait their scammers, a VERY dangerous thing to do!

So now you can make up your own minds as to who is crazy!

Please remember that they started this attack on my character, I did not want to go down this road, but I will defend myself!

So they only have them selves to blame when I do defend myself!

I also said that I would discuss things about the 'clacton meet'!

 As it seems to worry some folk that they may be missing out on a jucy story and to prove once again that I am only telling the truth and will stick to what I say, I have decided to tell about the seven Dragons!
I posted asking for the loonies who have tried to use this story against me to come forth and validate their comments!
With the exception of an alliance admin using the name of Captain chaos, who knew he was on ignore, not one of the people using the dragons has had the guts to come up with why they were using them against me!
This is because they could not, as they did NOT know the true story behind them! as I stated!
The seven Dragons story just so that mak can sleep in peace!
Sometime after leaving eater I was contacted by Nurse
nasty, pretending to be my pal and find out why I was against them!

In effect he was trying to bait me! so I decided to backbait him and the
eater mods! I went along with his B S and then told him about 7 ex
members of alex's old board, who had joined together and were known as
the group of seven! and were against eater! this became known later on
as the 7 dragons!

This was just a name that I used similar to many
names that have been and are being used to describe various groups of
people, like the names = 'Death star" Alpha delta bravo' Fraudstars,
host 2000 etc.

So you see there was nothing sinister or 'crazy' about them at all!
And the admins on the alliance knew this all along!

I told quite a a few members of the alliance, including aldavor( the man
with no honour) who had a good laugh about how stupid the eater folk were!

At that time no one tried to use this as an attack on me like they are trying to do now!

As the alliance are now desperate to try and justify their attacks on me
and have been proven to be liars, They are now looking for any excuse to
discredit me as they can prove nothing bad about me as there is nothing
to prove!
Therefore their only way of trying to save their reputation is to continue to try and prove that I am crazy!so that I will not be
beleived by anyone!
this is why they attack anything I say, when they can
and keep relatively quiet about the truth when used against them !

At about the same time as I said that I would explain about the
dragons, after hearing from those that were using them against me! I
also said that I would discuss things about the 'clacton meet'!
Now we have all seen the extraordinary amount of pushing to talk about
the dragons, when they thought that it could be used against me by
their dogpiling! And twisting of the truth,etc. but we have heard just
about NOTHING regarding my mentioning the clacton meet! I wonder why??

Despite trying to take the moral ground and saying that he hates trolls ! and also displaying rank racism, the site is NOT a 'Jap' site but an INTERNATIONAL site note the difference you racist bigot!!
The following was sent to me by eatyo as an indication of his true self. You will note the mentally disturbing emotional out burst yet again showing that he is mentally unstable!

HIS OWN WORDS again showing what he is!


You are not working hard enough

Is this the best you can do?

All you have left it to LIE? All you have left it to LIE? All you have left it to LIE? All you have left it to LIE? All you have left it to LIE? All you have left it to LIE?


Have you found my account on yet.



You are a foolish old hag. Drop this pretence and come out into the light.

Vinnie is coming for Bi-Gal and his twinkie string pullers.

We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter.

I suppose that the admins on The alliance, will eventually realize that using duals and trying the old Al bashing tricks will not work! and every time they try it they lose even more credibility!
Both aldavor (the man of no honour) and eatyo/thunderchild have now removed the derogatory comments on their signatures both here and on SB.
As this was only showing them to be idiots and has resulted in even more members leaving! this is a good start for them but it is only a small gesture!

So here are more posts showing eatyo to be a liar yet again!
He posted on sb saying that he would not be renewing a post office box due to the COST!! and when another member kindly offered to help in paying this ENORMOUS cost, he back peddled like mad and said it was suddenly not possible due to PHYSICAL difficulties. This was NOT mentioned in his original excuse!
It is now obvious that the whole Alliance is now being run on lies and deceit! as the many points I have proven to be true clearly show!

note this-" Due to other financial obligations" NOTHING about physical at all.

And note this-"
, and once I am in a position to afford another,"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the mole who was sending information from eater to the alliance admins and back again,

Hi SOYL thanks for posting as Bi Gal on the other forum and posting that scamwarners was setup so that the eater retards can scam serial victims.

I am sure the eater guys are impressed with you and thanks for the tip off that enabled me to close down some more of the fake scamming sites that Rover just set up.

I think he should thank you for all your assistance you have given me.

Nice one Soyl. You know where to send any more tips along to me
. I do think it is smart of you to be covering your rear like this, as your future with eater is to say the least, not real good. 

As usual you have your facts wrong. I was banned from eater as bigal once and as a female username once.

This was used to find the mole who was sending information from eater to the alliance admins and back again, it was Lotta aka calamity Jane. so my use of the second username was justified. As you have trouble counting, that makes TWO, not five as you claim.

I must say that it is a smart move by you and your pal slightlyoutofit to slap and criticize eater by posting my old posts using the name of Bi Gal.
Not a bad move to make it look like me doing all the exposure of eater, while you and slightly slap eater mercilessly and you can then push the blame onto me.

I know that you both want disunity on eater and this is quite a good way for you two to achieve this. you must be really pissed off with eater to do this.

A good way of posting a lot of criticism of eater and not be associated with doing so.
many more people will now become aware of the things I post about eater and so I thank you for helping me to expose them.

And to top it all off you set up fake blog and forums using my name again, to help you push the anti eater platform.
And to make sure, you are under a different name, feeding me all the information that helps me to close down many of the eater fake scamming sites, some before they even become active.
Not bad for an unintelligent self confessed mentally unstable guy. Was it your plan or slightly's?

 I was under the impression that admittance to theRanter private area's was subject to the member agreeing to keep things that were posted in there secret?
Indeed I Was informed that this was one thing that would get a member banned on tR

I wonder who's personal details Chandra will be posting next. he has already exposed many things that eater wanted kept quiet.

I wonder what else he will be posting from the so called secret area's of eater and tR?
Maybe things that the members would rather keep hidden?

This is what happens when you allow self confessed mentally unstable people like Soyl into your cleared area's.

Why would Soyl post things that he promised to keep secret in a public forum?
Hypo has not done anything to deserve this. But these things do not matter to Soyl as long as he gets attention he is happy, and bugger the cost to his fellow members.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

one of the brainwashed lackeys who is being exposed

As for the rest, I was under the impression, as was posted many times by many brainwashed lackeys that I was banned from all the sites on the internet? (Tell me again about who is posting such rambling,incoherent bullshit) Remember the BS that was posted as FACT that I was the owner of dot net? remember all the little brainwashed lackeys jumping on the bandwagon and spouting forth their crap? how many have had the courage to apologise and admit they were WRONG? Cowards all.

Are you now saying that they are liars and I have again be proved to be telling the truth?

Why would it concern you what I posted on any site? Unless you are one of the brainwashed lackeys who is being exposed, in such a case your input is irrelevant to any honest person.

The end game has begun and there have been two arrests, I am sure more will follow. Maybe you would like to ask these two if I have been speaking the truth?
It is a little too late for you to try to support the cretins by opposing me, as it will have no influence on what is to come.

The number of people and groups both LE and non Le who are against the illegal actions of the cretins are growing almost daily. I am aware of FIVE groups at present. So you can see I am not mounting a lone campaign, many are seeing the truth and joining in the exposing of the cretins.

If you had the slightest shred of decency you would open your eyes and check what is really going down, and then you would support any person who was involved, in exposing the horrific things that the cretins are doing.
or maybe you support cashbaiting of serial victims. or KP? It makes no difference to me what you say, things are in motion that will take care of all those who are involved in the illegal and disgusting acts that the cretins are involved in.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Trial

Someone must have been telling lies about Alan James W., he knew he had
done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested.  Every day at
eight in the morning he was brought his breakfast by  Mrs. Grubach's
cook - Mrs. Grubach was his landlady - but today she didn't come.  That
had never happened before.  W. waited a little while, looked from his
pillow at the old woman who lived opposite and who was watching him with
an inquisitiveness quite unusual for her, and finally, both hungry and
disconcerted, rang the bell.  There was immediately a knock at the door
and a man entered.  He had never seen the man in this house before.  He
was slim but firmly built, his clothes were black and close-fitting,
with many folds and pockets, buckles and buttons and a belt, all of
which gave the impression of being very practical but without making it
very clear what they were actually for.  "Who are you?" asked W.,
sitting half upright in his bed.  The man, however, ignored the question
as if his arrival simply had to be accepted, and merely replied, "You
rang?"  "Anna should have brought me my breakfast," said W.  He tried to
work out who the man actually was, first in silence, just through
observation and by thinking about it, but the man didn't stay still to
be looked at for very long.  Instead he went over to the door, opened it
slightly, and said to someone who was clearly standing immediately
behind it, "He wants Anna to bring him his breakfast."  There was a
little laughter in the neighbouring room, it was not clear from the
sound of it whether there were several people laughing.  The strange man
could not have learned anything from it that he hadn't known already,
but now he said to W., as if making his report, "It is not possible."
"It would be the first time that's happened," said W., as he jumped out
of bed and quickly pulled on his trousers.  "I want to see who that is
in the next room, and why it is that Mrs. Grubach has let me be
disturbed in this way."  It immediately occurred to him that he needn't
have said this out loud, and that he must to some extent have
acknowledged their authority by doing so, but that didn't seem important
to him at the time.  That, at least, is how the stranger took it, as he
said, "Don't you think you'd better stay where you are?"  "I want
neither to stay here nor to be spoken to by you until you've introduced
yourself."  "I meant it for your own good," said the stranger and opened
the door, this time without being asked.  The next room, which W.
entered more slowly than he had intended, looked at first glance exactly
the same as it had the previous evening.  It was Mrs. Grubach's living
room, over-filled with furniture, tablecloths, porcelain and
photographs.  Perhaps there was a little more space in there than usual
today, but if so it was not immediately obvious, especially as the main
difference was the presence of a man sitting by the open window with a
book from which he now looked up.  "You should have stayed in your room!
Didn't Franz tell you?"  "And what is it you want, then?" said W.,
looking back and forth between this new acquaintance and the one named
Franz, who had remained in the doorway.  Through the open window he
noticed the old woman again, who had come close to the window opposite
so that she could continue to see everything.  She was showing an
inquisitiveness that really made it seem like she was going senile. "I
want to see Mrs. Grubach ...," said W., making a movement as if tearing
himself away from the two men - even though they were standing well away
from him - and wanted to go.  "No," said the man at the window, who
threw his book down on a coffee table and stood up.  "You can't go away
when you're under arrest."  "That's how it seems," said W.  "And why am
I under arrest?" he then asked.  "That's something we're not allowed to
tell you.  Go into your room and wait there.  Proceedings are underway
and you'll learn about everything all in good time.  It's not really
part of my job to be friendly towards you like this, but I hope no-one,
apart from Franz, will hear about it, and he's been more friendly
towards you than he should have been, under the rules, himself.  If you
carry on having as much good luck as you have been with your arresting
officers then you can reckon on things going well with you."  W. wanted
to sit down, but then he saw that, apart from the chair by the window,
there was nowhere anywhere in the room where he could sit.  "You'll get
the chance to see for yourself how true all this is," said Franz and
both men then walked up to W.  They were significantly bigger than him,
especially the second man, who frequently slapped him on the shoulder.
The two of them felt W.'s nightshirt, and said he would now have to wear
one that was of much lower quality, but that they would keep the
nightshirt along with his other underclothes and return them to him if
his case turned out well.  "It's better for you if you give us the
things than if you leave them in the storeroom," they said.  "Things
have a tendency to go missing in the storeroom, and after a certain
amount of time they sell things off, whether the case involved has come
to an end or not.  And cases like this can last a long time, especially
the ones that have been coming up lately.  They'd give you the money
they got for them, but it wouldn't be very much as it's not what they're
offered for them when they sell them that counts, it's how much they get
slipped on the side, and things like that lose their value anyway when
they get passed on from hand to hand, year after year."  W. paid hardly
any attention to what they were saying, he did not place much value on
what he may have still possessed or on who decided what happened to
them.  It was much more important to him to get a clear understanding of
his position, but he could not think clearly while these people were
here, the second policeman's belly - and they could only be policemen -
looked friendly enough, sticking out towards him, but when W. looked up
and saw his dry, boney face it did not seem to fit with the body.   His
strong nose twisted to one side as if ignoring W. and sharing an
understanding with the other policeman.  What sort of people were these?
What were they talking about?  What office did they belong to?  W. was
living in a free country, after all, everywhere was at peace, all laws
were decent and were upheld, who was it who dared accost him in his own
home?  He was always inclined to take life as lightly as he could, to
cross bridges when he came to them, pay no heed for the future, even
when everything seemed under threat.  But here that did not seem the
right thing to do.  He could have taken it all as a joke, a big joke set
up by his colleagues at the bank for some unknown reason, or also
perhaps because today was his sixty-eighth birthday, it was all possible of
course, maybe all he had to do was laugh in the policemen's face in some
way and they would laugh with him, maybe they were tradesmen from the
corner of the street, they looked like they might be - but he was
nonetheless determined, ever since he first caught sight of the one
called Franz, not to lose any slight advantage he might have had over
these people.  There was a very slight risk that people would later say
he couldn't understand a joke, but - although he wasn't normally in the
habit of learning from experience - he might also have had a few
unimportant occasions in mind when, unlike his more cautious friends, he
had acted with no thought at all for what might follow and had been made
to suffer for it. He didn't want that to happen again, not this time at
least; if they were play-acting he would act along with them.

a lot of e-mails etc being sent to bad lads on behalf of our members

Hi all as there are a lot of e-mails etc being sent to bad lads on behalf of our members can someone give me a mugu talk script saying that a fellow mugu is responsible? as i think it would be a good idea to send to some lads whilst they are wondering why they are suddenly getting all this bad mail and with a bit of luck we will cause them to fight between themselves i think this will only be to our advantage , please reply with comments both good and bad (if bad i promise not to send you any curses but of course you do not share in my ten million i am getting) thanks Big Al

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey nurse nasty has reached 419 posts!!

Hey nurse nasty has reached 419 posts!! congrats mate!! hope you have many more ! to celebrate i have been checking on your acheivements since you joined the results are- lads pissed off =20- mods pissed off =25- trolls pissed off =8 -,fellow baiters pissed off 3.000 -friends made 3,000- baiters who have fallen in love with those legs =2,998 - two of them are not that way inclined -future prospects =dodgy! Laughing  well done ,thanks for all the laughs and help i tried to get some other baiters to contribute but they were all suddenly busy,good on ya, ya plonker Big Al

we pay their wages dont we?

Hi all if you want to use up your lads money but not waste your time talking to him give him the phone number of one of the public sevice departments you know the ones every country has them where you call up and spend ten minutes listening to a recorded message and have to select buttons to press so that you can wait another ten minutes and then waste more time whilst they page mr x who of course is not there so they helpfully put you through to another dept all the while the o/seas phone bill is going up and when your lad contacts you complaining you can apologise and give him another number of another p/s or utility ,you get to piss off your lad and get your own back on a p/s dept as well -well we pay their wages dont we? Big Al

i have sent him a new laptop

Hi I am new to this forum but i am very impressed by what i have seen ,over the last few months i have been baiting several scammers by myself and it is with great joy that i now have access to others who have done it better than i have and i can learn from them i have taken a brilliant idea from here and told one of my scammers ( a barrister) in joburg that i have sent him a new laptop but i said that i sent it to the south african law society addressed to BARRISTER STEVE ALEXANDRA AND ASSOCCIATES as being a barrister he would be in contact with them on a regular basis .however he does not seem pleased with my gift as he cannot get hold of it and it seems to upset him when i constantly remind him of it. so thanks for a great forum ,Big al

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Do you like cats Soyl?

Thank you Soyl for at last admitting that your eater masters are retards and that eater was the one who illegally hacked my pc.

Soyl, why is Lotta posting the address of an innocent man under her avatar in breach of eaters own rules? And why did you post a pic of his house in your signature?

I am sure eater are very happy to see a lot more exposure due soley to your efforts.

Soyl I have always sated that I am not a tech, so I would not be qualified to advise the members here about such things, You however, being a IT security tech for the public works department would be, so why don't you post some details about keyloggers, like those you have used ?

Do you like cats Soyl? Oh and,do you like Cheese?

Nah he is just so easy to bait and he makes a nice little toy as he disgraces eater for me.
I mean just look at the crap he has posted and excuses it by revealing eater seniors as nutters for banning some one for mentioning Cheese.

Soyl why do you keep posting crap? Is your admitted mental problem greater that we thought?

How long will you continue to be stupid enough to believe the lies that were fed to you by the eater retards.
Maybe you actually do lack the ability to work it out or think for yourself.