Friday, July 27, 2012

an unusual technical problem

Dear members and guests. We encountered an unusual technical problem that stopped the site from working.

The admin team, along with some helpers are working non stop to fix the problem and get AFI up and running asap.

We thank you for your patience and can assure you that we will be back as soon as possible. Thank you. DMY

I didn't do anything because I am an innocent man. Thank you. 

It was that jap bint's fault, she pressed the wrong button, squinty eyed cunt. Thank you. 

I am a fucking idiot so no surprise really. Thank you. 

I shit my pants again so no surprise really. Thank you. 

Dre I sent you a BM. Thank you. 

a real pre op tranny

One way to hurt him is to report any and all of his posts advertising himself.  

It will hurt him if he loses some potential victims.   

NICE WORK! I like the way you changed the message from lad number two! A good modality.

Yes there was a shortage. All the tourists were covering themselves with Vegemite for some reason?

That's it toper, your dastardly plot is uncovered.

Only one reply to that!   

With one post toper01 sets back tourism in Australia by 50%.

My Eee is set to 800x600 and this seems to work fine.

I think you got him.


Ok who has lost a lad recently?

(Any of the pinks missing)?

Another year has come and gone;
The sands of time keep trickling away.
Your birthday reminds us to let you know
we are thankful for you each and every day.

Another cop out by Hostgator. Instead of doing their job they come up with rubbish. 

It maybe time to take it further to force them to do their job.

Asus also has a good reputation. I have small one I use for travelling and I am very happy with it. A Eee model.

One to avoid is ACER, lots of features and looks good but in Australia, the support if you have a faulty one is woeful.
A google search shows nothing but complaints about their after sales support.

I am unsure as to what is available near you. However if you can get it supplied with a SSD ( depending on the size you need) then this will make a vast difference to your speed. And will run cooler as well as not use as much power with the battery.

I would agree with tF. Toshiba seems the way to go.

Another option if you like is to look at going to a mac laptop. Safer for the type of nasty places we venture into.
Or you could load with UBUNTU.

For a price no doubt.

@lalachka. Welcome to TSB. You have the free choice as to whether you bait or not, it is one way to help stop the scammers and aid their victims.

You have been given many reasons why we oppose the scamming of innocent victims and stopping the lads in many different ways helps to stop the fraud. 

All the genuine baiters I know are honest people who care, why else would they give of their own time to help others?

Re the African scammers, there are many millions of good honest Africans who also find life can be hard,but they do not resort to cheating and stealing from others to feed their families. In many cases they too become victims of their fellow Africans who are scammers. 

Lets put the race issue clearly in focus. we do not care where a scammer is from or what race, if he is scamming, then he deserves to be stopped. 
I have dealt with scammers from many different countries including many from Europe. ANY one who decides to cheat others by scamming deserve to be brought to account for their actions.

Lets quickly look at the actions of some scammers. lets look at some African scammers who cheat their fellow African orphans out of their food just so they can live a good life based upon the misery of innocent children how about feeling sorry for these children as they beg for food that was stolen from their mouths by these "misunderstood" scamming scum.

Lets look at the scammers from Amsterdam who scam victims out of their lives savings and cause untold misery to their victims.

I could go on for a long time and reveal many instances of the humiliation and heartache innocent victims are put through by these lads.

Who will stand up for these victims? Who will help them when they are at their wits end?

Many times we are the last opportunity for the victims to get their lives back to normal.

If the fight against the scammers involve a little humiliation then so be it.

Nice work guys! As I was reading I suddenly thought about trying to come onto them on the phone saying things like "hey you sound kind of sexy, do you have a special friend?"
and then start to ask his advice as to whether you should go ahead and have the operation so you could be a proper female.ETC.

I am sure it would make the lads day to have a real pre op tranny come onto him.