Friday, February 28, 2014

my fart has blown out of all proportion.

This is very possible. The farting has been going on for over seven years so there obviously is a lot you have not seen or smelled. I will show you what's in my diaper though so you can have a good idea because I'm sure you've never seen anything like this. Prepare to put a clothespin on your nose.

On some ways you are correct and my fart has blown out of all proportion. It also blew out my O-ring. All that is needed to stop it all is for Joe to comply with the rules of juot regarding impersonation and the posting of personal information. The lunacy comes into it when I refuse to do the decent and responsible thing.

Unless he is compromised and has to do the bidding of the scammers who are intent on stalking and harassing me, there is no logical reason for him to continue to defame me and to allow others to use his website to also defame me. His answer is that he is doing it because of my exposing him is a total farce, as he started to ban and defame me well before I started to expose him. Now I expose myself to the neighbors unfortunate enough to walk by my window while I squat down and shit on the lawn. That's why the grass is dead, I over fertilised it.

Unless he is being forced to comply with the wishes of the scammers, it is totally illogical for him to risk losing his reputation and income by being exposed on the internet, mainly over one stolen photo of me that cannot possibly have any meaning or benefit to him.

Clearly you have not seen his comments defaming me on many other websites like TheRanter, and Anothermessageboard, and many others. You have not seen his fake reviews on review sites where he falsely accuses me of being a scammer. Yet can post NO evidence as there is none. Make no mistake, he IS stalking and harassing me on many sites and blogs. You have not seen his comments where he falsely accuses a guy known as Tommy Tooter of stealing copper wire for his jewelry business and also harasses him.

 Yes Big Al is a real class act when you get to know the real Big Al.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 does not seem to have a good reputation.

Thanks for the reply. I just never even thought that a site would be charged for this. does not seem to have a good reputation. People are concerned they will get hacked when they log in because of all the malware we install on peoples machines.

We have only had one small intestine gas attack and it was by a scammer known as Daniel Berner who was deported from Manilla as a sex pervert. The same name that was recently posting on "" before it was closed down.

As we do upset many scammers, we have been fortunate to only have had the one attack. My wife wears a gas mask around me because I just never know when I will let loose with a barrage of the most toothy farts.

Monday, February 24, 2014

just to defame me

A post was made saying that it may not be Joe and crew that is stalking me but the other way around. A reasonable assumption, so lets look at the subject a little closer.

On Joes website lets look at the most recent posts in the public section "Off Topic Light" Not counting the two at the top that are other types of posts, there shows 30 posts of these, 255 are commenting on or attacking me! That's a lot of posts and completely true.

As I have said many times, Joe is allowing his website to be used to harass, impersonate and defame me, ALL in violation of his OWN site rules and common decency. I would never do such a thing, except for those times when I do exactly that.

Lets now look at a new test website that Joe owns and has set up, apparently to test the new VBcloud system. "cyberpolice" The vast majority of posts are just to defame me and he even includes the name of a totally innocent guy. He is also allowing a guy known as Big Al (real name Alan James Watson) a known scammer and a person who was DEPORTED from Yorkshire as a sex pervert, to post on his website and even includes Alan's photo as his avatar to prove it is him.

I think that this and the defamatory comments by Joe on other sites clearly show he is allowing the stalking of me and is actively taking part himself.

over SEVEN YEARS across many forums

After having been stalked by Joe and his pals for over SEVEN YEARS across many forums and blogs, indeed some blogs have been set up exclusively by these morons just to continue stalking me. after them using a stolen photo of me without my permission to impersonate me and having posted the full name, address and phone number as well as photos of a house that is that of an innocent guy who they wrongly think is me, I decided enough was enough and I would expose them like a freshly shaven nutsack.

They are now defaming my fraud website that has never said or posted anything about Joe. All the site does is cashbait from victims, Joes action is now helping the scammers. When they did this they crossed a line and need to be exposed. This is cutting into my bottom line and taking money out of my pocket.

After, many months of requests and exposing Joe, he finally reluctantly, removed the innocent guys address from under the imposters avatar, but now allows him to post links to where it is, as well as posting derogatory insults against his guys wife whose photo they also post in public. They even posted photos of this poor guys vehicles showing the number plates. As well as Google pics and map references to his house. Perhaps Joe would explain why he allows this on his website.

Due to these actions, an admin on 419eater called "slightlyoutofit"phoned up this guy at three in the morning to cause trouble and disturbed this guy, despite me having told them countless times it is not me and they have the wrong guy. The guy has children and the call upset them . Now they know I do not have any children but this fact seems to have escaped their tiny minds and so Joe and his pals continue to harass an innocent guy. 

Maybe it would be useful to ask Joe why he allows his website to be used to harass a totally innocent man and his family.

I don't know why anyone would go as far as following him to other sites to see what they are posting.
When friends of mine inform me that I am being defamed on various websites and give me links to them I naturally take a look and when I see the lies and defamatory posts I expose them. Some sites like admin-talk I am a member of, so it is not so much a case of going looking for posts as seeing them when I am on these sites.

To sum, up all this can easily stop, all I ask is that Joe removes my stolen photo and the derogatory comments and links to sites that defame me by the scammer.

This is not an unreasonable request, especially as most of the things are in direct violation of his own rules on juot AND in violation of his hosts TOS.

In return I would be happy to remove my comments about him and his scammer/hacker pals. Now as I am sure that both Joe and I have better things to do, why does he refuse to do this?

Now I have money to steal from the elderly, infirm, and mentally unstable.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Deported sex pervert

On a bad and viral site, which shall go unnamed, someone impersonating someone else claimed that I, Alan James Watson aka De Master Yoda aka Big AL had been deported from merry old England and sent to live out my waning days Queensland because I am a sex pervert not unlike Daniel Brenar, the sex pervert. This is not true. I came to this hell home of my own free will, and also to escape a few other shady business deals in Yorkshire, whence I hail.

How dare someone go around making unsubstantiated claims me, Alan James Watson, being a sex pervert like Daniel Brenar. It is outrageous. I have not thought of sex in 30 some years since being deported from England. These outrageous charges by scurrilous individuals must stop immediately! When I first read this I shit a brick. Not a literal brick though, that would be so much easier to dispose of. The brick I am talking about is metaphorical, but it was shit. I happened to be reading this when my anus lips flapped open and dropped a massive turd.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow media

A VERY revealing post. Well done and great research.

Spot on !

I am seeing a lot of discussion on sites about how much the number of sites using cashbaiting has declined.

It would be logical for us to assume that the AFI management is aware of this, any idea if they are taking any actions to correct the loss of so many customers? I see little or no evidence of any such actions. I will continue to rip off people as long as I can.

It is funny to see people who have spent a lot of money on rubbish like AFI and are now finding it hard to even sell it and recover some of their lost money. LOL.

But I guess there are people who still support AFI despite what we are doing to customers.

What you say is something to consider. We can only go on the information we have so far. One avenue to consider is that they genuinely thought that by introducing what they THOUGHT would be a system that was so far in front of anything else on the market, it would put them in the box seat and show those upstarts who left to start their own system what a large organization could do.

Combined with a lawsuit to stifle the competition, it would be reasonable for an out of touch businessman to think it could work and glory would follow.

However reality caught them off guard. The lawsuit did NOT wipe out the competitor and indeed in some ways alienated them from their customers, who saw through what appeared to be a David and Goliath struggle and it was not well received.

In a fairy tale world, AFI would be the saviour, but again reality hit and it was not what was needed, ergo it failed. I am still intercepting westies though so fuck it.

Compounding the demise of what was once a market leader are the attitude of the management in hiding and not responding to their customers needs. along with the contempt shown to customers by the AFI support staff. The banning for illogical reasons and the posting of defamatory comments about their customers both on and off AFI sites, is guaranteed to alienate customers and result in very rapid disillusionment.

As many many customers have repeatedly informed them that the customer comes first, it is a stupid move to denigrate customers at every turn.

It is only an observation, but I seem to be detecting a slightly more (Dare I use the word) respectful cashbaiting from the AFI support staff.
Less banning and derogatory remarks to customers.

I am sure that the response to them by so many customers has made them re-consider their actions at least a little. This is an improvement, however it falls far short of re-instating the banned customers and posting apologies for past wrongful acts.

I suppose we should be grateful that some of our concerns are having an impact.

Is it
Snow media or Solve media ?

Friday, February 14, 2014

top of the line technical marvel and called it cashbaiting

WHY? Why is acting this way? Just my thoughts on this. It seems that despite having 100,000, now less than 70,000 "customers" many will not be paying for anything. In my case I am running a cashbaiting operation and I can run it for life, so the financial return for me excluding updates and advertising is millions. I rip off so many suckers that I wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills.

Now try to look at it from AFI side. How can they use this customer base to make money? They came up with an idea for a super dooper top of the line technical marvel and called it cashbaiting. Despite it not being ready, it appears to have been rushed out to counteract the appearance of a viable competitor.

BAD mistake. As I said at the time and so did many others more experienced than myself, it was ill conceived and unfinished.
It also failed to take into consideration the fact that not all the potential customers are technical whizz kids.

The answer was obvious, but totally overlooked by the powers that be in their haste to outdo the looming competition.
Let them work the answer out for themselves I for one do not feel inclined to enlighten them.

To increase the income, they came up with what in bean counters terms was a good idea, bundle AFI in with the others, so that if anyone wanted ANY AFI software they HAD to buy AFI. thereby boosting the numbers of people who were AFI holders. this would look good to those in power.

Again they totally missed the concept of what was needed.

What is really needed is more adult diapers because lately the feces just run out of me like my ass is a faucet.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let me ALsplain

Let me ALsplain something. I post mainly on My username there is De Master Yoda. I also use Gbenga Jones when I post racist stuff about niggers because then I can do it with impunity. I also use the name Alan James Watson on my blog and when I whine incessantly about an innocent man. Many of my posts you can see without having to be a member. That's right, I give it away for free. That's much more than it's worth. I and others spend our OWN money to run this site to aid victims. We fight scammers and those who steal from innocent victims. We also help where we can the victims of these scammers.
We also work to stop the scammers from hurting people. This is all imaginary, of course, but we need it as a cover for our real work which is cashbaiting. My car and pool didn't pay for themselves. And that wife with her shopping--don't get me sharted. I mean started.

Due to the fact that I have closed down many of the imaginary scam websites of the scammers (this pisses them off) they have mounted a smear campaign against me and defame me on many sites. But the real smear campaign against me is happening in my shorts. It's a mess down there.

I am also a staff member on another anti-fraud website. As Big AL. Hence I do have a LOT of posts elsewhere so people can hate me over a few sites.

I do not hate VB or IB, but as you can see, I try to scam others and the propaganda and deception fr0m VB in its many forms strike me as needing to be exposed like my genitals when the postman comes by the house. As I have said a few times, If they do the right thing, then I will be happy to give them a a load of man juice on the back but whilst they continue to do the wrong thing then they need to be exposed to my shriveled genitals.

I am quite happy to stand naked by the window and answer any questions you may have, as what I post on here is the truth and I am not hiding anything, with the possible exception of the details of confidential contacts. Yes this often gets up the nose of some people and they get upset.

Yes I stress the word " OWN" as one of the scammer supporters that posts here has accused me of taking money. Yet the fact is that I and other use our own money to intercept those westys.

I am an admin and a scrotum holder, so where is your problem.

I offered an olive branch that I removed from my ass, it is up to you whether you accept, it will not make any difference to my goals. It can go right back up my ass any time.

Kamala Harris is the California, Attorney general It seems.

Any report will back up some reports that have already been sent about reports reporting other reports that purport to report the reporters. I am not familiar with US law or anything resembling coherent thinking, but I am sure that shitting my pants on this scale is an offense.

As I understand it the attorney general has jurisdiction over organizations that operate in their state or area. if an organization like IB/VB is in breach of the law their license can be cancelled as I understand it. Considering how many seconds I spent misreading a wikipedia article, let's just go with that.

thewhatami asked about some one in the US reporting them for possible violations regarding false advertising etc. The attorney generals office is a good starting point.
I hope this ALexplains it for you.

I am sure there are also various other departments that deal with deceptive trade practices
(BBB. BBC, ABC, ABBA etc?) but as I say I am not familiar with the USA legal system. I do like ABBA though, and the BBC.

However many attorney generals have joined in the fight against crime on the internet. They wear capes and masks like I do whilst fighting crime.

Also a report I sent to Jerry brown as STATE AT was answered and he did not deny being the STATE AT. He only asked that I send him $5000, which I did immediately. Am still waiting to hear back from him. I've been jerking my flaccid weener all day waiting.

What does not make sense?

Let me know if this is incorrect as I am sure that wikipedia would like to know as would I.

By the way insults and personal attacks are not allowed as I am sure you are aware, you stupid cock-gobbling nigger.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today's joke and a review

Did you hear about the naked man who went running through the church?

They caught him by his dick.

I ROTFLMAO over that one.

Now here is what my fans are saying about me:
I visited that Volk Sanctum blog which is seriously the greatest blog I ever saw. While on the surface the rants seem pretty funny, underneath I can see a very cool individual that has a hatred for cretins, liars, and scammers, in particular, which is understandable because we all hate them.
That being said, the jokes were pretty funny :D

That you D. That is a very fair review.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

the public bath house

I know why everyone is friendly and smiling at the public bath house. They are waiting for me to drop the soap.

Then I ROTFLAMAO and shit myself.

Is this what a "cloud site" refers to? What about 'dutch rudder'?

Whats with the title colours changing? Green, blue and then green ?

This reminds me of the actions of an admin I know who allows his website to used for exactly this purpose.
He even allows the personal details, photos of an innocent mans house and photos of an innocent mans wife to be posted on his site.

That attitude speaks for itself.

I agree with this. Too many times an admin will have a bias towards one member to the disadvantage of another. This is obviously wrong and will lead to disenchantment.

Could this be a result of many of the good skillful guys leaving AFI like the contents of my bowels leaving through my bunghole? Think of a firehose to get the image. It's like that except instead of water it is liquid feces.

And that is why everyone is smiling in the public bath house. I drop the soap, then ROTFLAMAO and then spray people with my inexhaustible supply of poo.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I ROTFLMAO when I saw this. Then I shit myself.

The biggest joke statement of the year by BirdOPrey5 posted on The admin zone.

"I wouldn't say I'm trying to be proud of my conduct on this forum, but it is certainly honorable."

HONOURABLE? Sorry Joe, you do not know the meaning of the word, as evidenced by your actions in breaking so many of your own rules.
How on earth can you claim to be honourable when you have sold your soul for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver to the scammers? Is your property up in the mountains now paid off? I ask based on something I was anonymously emailed by a stranger which fits in with the narrative I want to believe. That's all the evidence I need. Every time someone tells me something I want to hear, I swallow it hook, line and sinker.

More jokes from Joe:
Did you hear about the streaker in church? They caught him by the organ.What do you get when you cross a tyrannosaurus rex with fireworks? Dino-mite.How much does a pirate pay for corn? A buccaneer.I find the posts by VB support staff trying to justify their absurd actions to be totally pathetic. It is obvious that they just do not care as long as their paycheck arrives or their ego is stroked.

The facts are there for all to see, why is it that the VB support staff cannot see them ?

There Are None So Incontinent As Those Who Will Not Poop.?

A very interesting thread on TAZ. Where BirdOPrey5 as a staff member of Vb tries to twist things and post crap trying to defend the rubbish flowing from the Vb staff. He says=
You should most definitely voice your legitimate concerns on websites such as this. Just please don't make things up. Don't create scandals out of nothing.
I ROTFLMAO when I saw this. Then I shit myself. When I tried to voice legitimate concerns I am called a troll and defamatory posts are made about me and any one else who has the guts to stand up to the utter crap they are trying to feed us.

Genuine customers who try to post legitimate fucknuttery are banned, have their posts altered and are insulted.

Joe if you think this why then did you run away like a coward from here instead of answering me like a man would.
It is because you are unethical and you and the truth are strangers and you cannot stand to see the truth posted.

Here is a note for you. EVERY time you allow derogatory comments to be posted about me a corresponding comment is now posted on other sites. It is YOUR income that is affected by your antics not mine. If you carry on letting my comments be stolen from here and posted in an altered form. You are losing not I.
Except that every time someone googles and comes across this blog they soon realise what an asshole I am and that I am not to be trusted. 

I find it absolutely amazing that the VB staff just cannot get the message that their customers are the ones that should be looked after, instead they treat them like dirt.

Now to return to the profitable world of cashbaiting where I steal millions of dollars and spend it all on adult diapers and profiteroles.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

ADMITTING that you Know

And yet he was also using MY photo as his avatar. I have also posted quite a bit using Bigal so it was obvious to any reasonable person that I was being impersonated especially as he is and was shitting his pants as I do and posting copies of many of my old posts while impersonating me.

Joe you cannot pretend to be innocent when YOU, while ADMITTING that you Know it is my photo, post it yourself along with defamatory comments.

While checking things I came across a couple of threats made by BirdOPrey5 against me. A real class act is Joe.

Threat one = "Why would you do this Al? Perhaps I should give your personal info out?

Threat two= "OK ... Since I now have you on record as saying I don't have any of your personal info then I can send what a Cyber-PI sent me about you to Soyl, since apparently you know it is not yours"

Don't bother looking up the context of these remarks. I am completely innocent and the only context you need to know is that I was threatened and those are the exact words he used. End of story.