Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big Al was the owner of dot net

Goodi I am going to talk to you as though you were a normal human.

A while ago there was a site we called dot net for short. your eater pals posted that Big al was the owner.

I repeatedly informed them I was NOT the owner, nor was I an admin on there as they also claimed.

But oh no, they were 110 % convinced that I was the owner and so all their little lackeys like soyl posted all over the internet that Big Al was the owner of dot net. They were sure. absolutely convinced, however they could never produce any proof of their claims.

As the dot net site was embarrassing them by telling the truth about them, they got a lawsuit to obtain the server logs.

Armed with the logs they then posted real life information on the eater site, showing the REAL owner of dot net, an American.
You understand that I am in Australia right? So all the eater guys and their lackeys were lying when they stated that I was the owner of dot net. Not too bright eh, after I told them repeatedly that I was not the owner.

You can check the posts on eater to confirm that this is true. They even posted a photograph of the AMERICAN owner of dot net.

Now we have a similar situation with you being misled into thinking that I was involved with cashbaiting.

Let me make it clear. I was not involved with and never have done any cashbaiting. Nor have I ever served time as you put it, for any crime.
Ergo your libellous and defamatory posts about this are absolutely incorrect. I have repeatedly asked you to provide proper proof, but you are unable to as I was never involved in any illegal cashbaiting.

You talk about me being fed wrong information, I would put it to you that you are being duped into posting false information and are being used as a patsy.

Now you will excuse me as I have to get back to cashbaiting and then go pick up a westy.