Monday, April 30, 2012

also known as thunderchild and biggles.

@goodi. I gave you the chance to tell the truth but like a moron you still post your lies, although without any proof as there is none. for the record, I was never in any of the dark arts sections like "Death star"

Unless the guys you mentioned are also making up lies, then they have absolutely no information to back up your lies.

You know goodi, server logs are very useful things.

Anyway if you want to post things, at least back them up like in the chat below. eat urgreens (E.urgreens) is also known as thunderchild and biggles.

Hows the habit going goodi? good to see YOUR own words condemn you!

E. Urgreens Main Ranting Room Gentlemen...E. Urgreens goodi Goodi, I am glad to have found you.goodi E. Urgreens My shipment this week is a little late goodi moog Cool.E. Urgreens Main Ranting Room Moog, who are you and what site are you from?moog Main Ranting Room IMG are you a proved paisa?goodi E. Urgreens I'd appreciate things being a little more on time.E. Urgreens goodi You have served us well these latter months, however your usefulness vs our expenditure in maintaining you has reach a crossroads.goodi E. Urgreens How do you mean, croosroads?moog Main Ranting Room who are you?E. Urgreens goodi We feel that while you have served us well, that Big Al is begining to retreat from his claims as we expected he would. You were always an expensive gamble for us but as far you are concerned, this portion of the game has come to termination.goodi E. Urgreens And what about our arrangement?E. Urgreens goodi As of this moment, it is time for you to locate another source.E. Urgreens goodi There are as yet others seeking your services, I am sure you are aware goodi E. Urgreens No, you cannot do that. I did everything you asked of megoodi E. Urgreens I like it here. you guys need me E. Urgreens goodi You were instituted to provide control for our problem. You did this acceptably. Our problem is no longer. Therefore you are no longer needed goodi E. Urgreens But what about our deal. You fucking promised me man. you know my situation. I cant function without you guys. IMGreat101 moog ya oughta check out irc chat, skiiny and co. are there moog Manchy is IMG lately acting strange? E. Urgreens goodi I trust you will not become a problem for us. You are aware we dislike complications. Our business is finished. If we find use for you in the future you will be contacted goodi E. Urgreens Fuck you. If you cut me off, you will be sorry man. I promise you that. there is a parcel supposedly arriving tomorrow. If it doesn't, and I am strung out. I won't be held responsible E. Urgreens goodi Try contacting ILS. They may have use for you. E. Urgreens goodi As of this moment, it is time for you to locate another supplier.moog Main Ranting Room ok
here you go goodi is this cosy enough for you?

A reminder about antifraudinternational

If you are someone who hates the lads and wants to hurt them, be sure to join It is a great forum where we discuss scams and whatnot, and after you are a member for about a day, we will invite you into our secret forums where we will teach you how to hack email accounts and phish for passwords from teh lads and from IDIOTS who come to our forum. Naturally, we deny this in public, but once you've been signed up for about 10 minutes and we're sure we can trust you, we will show you how to do it.

We not only deny this practice in public, we decry it whenever it comes up. This is not something we do!! But it is, and everyone knows it. But we have to deny it and claim that we don't do it. That's how we keep ourselves above it all while collecting westys every day to pay for things like my pool.

This week's question

A concerned CRETIN writes:

Dear Bigal,
with your ghostly pale skin, bald pate, and squinty eyes, you look like something explorers discovered living in a haunted swamp. Do you ever go on a rampage through your town and destroy property and kill random innocent people? Or are you just a stupid, hypocritical jerkoff who thinks he knows everything and has a holier-than-though attitude?
John Tate

Dear Manchy,
Thanks for writing, glad to see you here. Not really. I do not live in a haunted swamp and I don't know why you would think that. My holier than thou attitude, as you call it, comes from a lifetime of insecurity and poor eating habits. I also had many years to think things over whilst in prison and have dedicated my life to fighting SCAMMERS and CRETINS who have no honour and publish the pictures of innocent people. I would never stoop to their level and put someone's picture online against their wishes. NEVER!!!!!

Dear BIg AL,
Why do you have a sandy vagina? Do you like broccolini?

Dear Bert,
My vagina is sandy and I don't know why. I should see my doctor and find out.

I don't eat broccolini. It sounds disgusting and like something you shove up your ass. My prostate is the size of a grapefruit so I don't think it would fit comfortably.


Welcome Lady Dragon. If you send me the details by private message I will see if I can assist you with this matter.

Welcome again. Feel free to post away. Cool avatar. ;)

The New Juot now has more members and posts than rahstyles. HAR FUCKING HAR.

diapers and Ensure.

Time's up goodi. I gave you fair warning and the opportunity to do the right thing but you were not smart enough to take this chance.

Lets start off slow shall we?

Some of your members are wondering where you come up with such delusional false accusations.Those that you cannot provide any proof for, as they are only in you're chemically imbalanced mind.

As you say we are all cosy now, so why not explain to your members about the monkey on your back?

Don't forget the "landlord" wants his money goodi.

WTF are you on about?

Can i make someone else an admin.

nomad with his usual clarity of mind just does not have a clue as to what is going on. perfect ranter admin material it seems.

Hey goodi like rhymes?

There lived a certain man in Ranter long ago
He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow
Most people looked at him with terror and with fear
But to alliance pricks he was such a lovely dear
He could preach the bible like a preacher
Full of ecstacy and fire
But he also was the kind of teacher
poofters would desire

RA RA goodi hasbeen
Lover of the alliance queen
There was a cat that really was gone
RA RA goodi hasbeen
Ranters greatest lie machine
It was a shame how he carried on

He ruled the ranter mods never mind the administrator
But the tune he danced to was really wunderbar
In all affairs of state he was the man to please
But he was real great when he had an arse to squeeze
For the alliance he was no wheeler dealer
Though they'd heard the things he'd done
They believed he was a holy shite
Who would heal their site

But when his drinking and lusting and his hunger
for power became known to more and more people,
the demands to do something about this outrageous
man became louder and louder.

"This man's just got to go!" declared honest members
But the lackeys begged "Don't you try to do it, please"
No doubt this goodi had lots of hidden swarms
Though he was a brute they just fell into his arms
Then one night some men of higher standing
Set a trap, they're not to blame
"Come to visit us" they kept demanding
And he really came

RA RA goodi hasbeen
Lover of the alliance queen
They put some poison into his wine
RA RA goodi hasbeen
Ranters greatest lie machine
He drank it all and he said "I feel fine"

RA RA goodi hasbeen
Lover of the alliance queen
They didn't quit, they wanted his head
RA RA goodi hasbeen
Ranter's greatest lie machine
And so they shot him till he was dead

(Spoken:) Oh, those Ranters.

I’m having more fun than a tornado in a trailer park.
That there goodi is so dumb his toilet paper has page numbers on it.

HAR FUCKING HAR. goodi is a slave to the black tar.

Get off the Horse man, it fills your mind with fucking shit and makes you imagine things.

I just picked up a westy and will spend the money on diapers and Ensure.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I AM POSTING ON RANTER, I DID NOT RESIGN from ranter years ago

WOWEEEE. Lookit them scared ranter doggies run. :lol:

They are so PWNDED all they can do is run around screaming obscenities at others.

Toe jam, keep those doggies movin. 8-)

Hot Diggity toe jam, you got those ranter critters madder than a bobcat caught in a piss fire.

@goodi. I see that you are still posting lies and that you still cannot back them up. The act of a typical liar. 

Never mind goodi, your 48 hours are nearly up.


Posted by a member on ranter. I suppose the message will eventually get through that I DID NOT RESIGN from ranter years ago, after they never deleted over fifty of my posts after stating that "no subject was taboo"

Let me say it AGAIN. I AM a member of ranter , and have posted on there for many years. 

The moron who is posting under the name of Big al and any variations of this name is me. 

Of course the admins know who it is, ME, as they can see that the IP goes back to India. And I live in Australia as you all know. Why are they again deceiving their members by denying them this information? 

A message for goodi the deadline is nearly up. Remember goodi, anything posted after the deadline is on your head alone.

My vagina hurts worse than usual today. 8-)

I am Anal James Watson.

I would like to show everyone how low the members and admins of have sunk.

I helped a grieving lady who had lost a little girl to cancer. I sent her a poem that helped her in her grief. No, I did not make the poem and yes I gave credit to the author.

The ranter member who is impersonating me, has sunk so low as to post it on the ranter, to score cheap points.
Ranter members, is this what you have all been reduced to?

What has happened to your human decency? not content with posting lies and posting as innocent people to denigrate them, you are now reduced to such inhuman practices just for a laugh. You have my pity.

goodi complains bitterly, about some photos that he admits are all over the internet being posted, yet he allows this sub human to post like this and possibly increase the grieving ladies sorrow.

Sorry, but such abhorrence fills me with disgust.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I posted the poem in question to facebook using a fake name and profile, that of Gbenga Jones. You know, when others post shit under fake names it is wrong, but when I do it, it's perfectly alright because I am Anal James Watson.

Goodi, talk to my parole officer if you think I was ever in jail

Originally Posted by Bigal View Post
@Goodi I remember you lying to your members and telling them there was no malware on theranter.


Length: 13 characters
MD5 Hash: 2526d7a4a4ec97b4637caee31839a0ba
Zone: com
ISP: Bluehost
Organization: Bluehost
IP Address:
IP Hostname:
IP Country: United States United States (US)
Google Page Rank: 0
Alexa Rank: 0
Domain Created: Unknown
Detections 1/22 (4.55%)
Status detected DETECTED.

Would you like to tell your members who you are deceiving, what nasty bit of malware you have on theRanter?

The clock is ticking down.

Originally Posted by Bigal View Post
HAR FUCKING HAR. Goodi caught out AGAIN.

What the fuck do those numbers and letters mean. It originates to the US, whatever it is, I live in the UK. As per usual, Al, you spectacularly fail again.

A great example of the total stupidity of goodi.
Hey goodi DUH the numbers and letters pertain to the domain name of theRanter .com as any reasonably intelligent person can see, but you seem to have completely missed it. YES goodi those of normal intelligence can see that the domain is in the USA, so yes the numbers and figures will show this. The location of the domain has little to do with YOUR location. As per usual, goodi, you spectacularly fail again.

Cash baiting really has sent you round the bend, Al hasn't it. When the feds came for you , you were only half mad. now you're cuckoo as fuck since you had your trial.

That's right, Al, I know things

goodi finally loses it. :lol: 

Goodi in a desperate bid to regain the upper hand, you are reduced to posting outright lies that are backed up with NOTHING.:roll: 

I am calling you out on this loser. You have made false allegations, where is your proof? where is a copy of the arrest record? The fact that you admit you do not know my real name, shows that you have no knowledge of it, as it does not exist.

Details of your false claim goodi where are they? You have been conned by some of the idiots on theranter. I have never done any cashbaiting and to say i have been charged for it is ludicrous

Post details of the supposed trial . can't? that is because there never was one. 

goodi why not tell your members why there is malware on theRanter? why are you keeping them in the dark? 

goodi the countdown continues.

Now I've got to get back to my cashbaiting. My parole officer wants me to check in with him today or I'll be in deep shit.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

lying to your members

HAR FUCKING HAR. Lush of the year award goes to.......

@Goodi I remember you lying to your members and telling them there was no malware on theranter.

Length: 13 characters
MD5 Hash: 2526d7a4a4ec97b4637caee31839a0ba
Zone: com
ISP: Bluehost
Organization: Bluehost
IP Address: 
IP Hostname:
IP Country: United States United States (US)
Google Page Rank: 0
Alexa Rank: 0
Domain Created: Unknown
Detections 1/22 (4.55%)
Status detected DETECTED.

Would you like to tell your members who you are deceiving, what nasty bit of malware you have on theRanter?

The clock is ticking down.

HAR FUCKING HAR. Goodi caught out AGAIN. :lol: :roll: :lol:

HAR FUCKING HAR. Fucking hilarious to see that twat goodi squirm and try to pass off the stupidity of nomad as a slight mistake, we all know they were P-W-N-D-E-D.
Master trolling indeed. Toe Jam fucking ASKED to be allowed to be an admin and nomad let him in. :roll: 

Fucking brilliant trolling indeed by a master troller. :lol: :lol: :lol:

From Nomad.
Oh, Al, you got me.

Losing it nomad? getting a little pissed off?

First of all it was Slightlyoutofit who posted the comment you are answering.
Getting confused in your dotage nomad? You must be because just like I don't post on theranter, I didn't write that Slightlyoutofit post. I am not the only one on new juot posting. Everybody here hates the same things I hate, and we all just happen to have the same unmistakable writing style, so I don't know what you'r'e on about. That wasn't' me. Why would you say it was me? I only post here as me and not all the other people from Eater who I hate. We just all kind of hang out here on this forum and bitch about Eater, juot, , 8thlesion, ranter, and whatnot, just some bros hanging out griping about shit like bros do. Sure they slag me off elsewhere, but here we can just be cool to each other. It makes complete sense.

Second, I am NOT posting on theRanter under any name and have not done so for quite a few years now. Why are you stupidly answering someone you KNOW is an imposter? That's as stupid as addressing Slightlyoutofit as me. That's not me ok, and that's not me on theranter. We are all completely different.

And NO I have NEVER posted as Alan James Watson anywhere, I have NEVER used that name you should be looking at Chandra Sekhar Sathyadas (Soyl) as the moronic culprit for that, as you well know. 

However it was a most masterful troll by Toe Jam and you fell for it hook line and sinker. LOL. I take my hat off to him. He is a master troll and will publish things you don't want to be seen, which is exactly what people have done to me, except when I do it, it's different and in no way hypocritical.

@Approx 21 hours have gone past Goodi. You still have time to do the right thing. 

You can post as many lies as you like but the clock is still counting down.

@Goodi I have not seen any explanation as yet. Finding it hard to explain away yet another of your lies?

@Goodi still waiting

@Goodi I sent you a BM

@Goodi why won't you answer my baseless claim?

@Goodi am still waiting for my apology too. Say you're sorry and we'll just forget all this.

@Goodi 21.5 hours have now gone past. Still time.

@Goodi 21.75 hours have now passed and no apology. What's the holdup bro?

@Goodi 22.2 hours have no elapsed and my vagina isn't getting any less sandy.

@Goodi 22.3 hours and I'm pretty irritated, and not just because my diaper is full.

@Goodi 22,45 hours

@Goodi 23.1 hours

@Goodi 23.15 hours--I can do this all fucking day you know. 

Hot or Not?

In this thread you can post pictures of whores, skanks, or you wife to find out if others think she's hot or not. Let's start shall we?

One of these cum dumpsters is my wife, can you guess which? Is she hot or not?

Friday, April 27, 2012

I am involved in cashbaiting

Maybe you should stop using your buttons to view everyone else's PM box and using the contents for fap material.

Part of a post by Goodi on ranter=

It also reaks of your desperation that you are posting pics you took from private of innocent people who have nothing to do with any of this.

Goodi I hardly think that yourself and nomad could be classed as innocent people.

Now lets look at some of the links you allow on ranter, that lead to the real life details of innocent people namely AJW.

Goodi You are responsible for many violations of decent human behaviour, like telling people that I am involved in cashbaiting and that I was caught doing it. This is FALSE, as you very well know.

How you could tell such a lie is beyond the things that decent people do. You do not even have any clue as to my real name, so how could such a false statement be true?

For the record, I have NEVER done any cashbaiting nor hacking (except for all the lad boxes I am in thanks to the work of some other at AFI who phish PWs and then I hand them out to people I barely know because hey why the fuck not?). How about some of your mods, can they say the same?

Even though I left ranter several years ago and have not posted on there since I resigned, you allow others to impersonate me. Enough!! I am giving you 48 hours to post an apology and post retractions and to set things right. LOLOLOL I just pooped!!

It is 3 pm Saturday 28th April here in Australia so the clock starts now.

For the record. As I have stated many times, my surname is NOT Watson, so any links to this innocent person or his family is a clear case of harassment and stalking. And I am upset about this mainly because you are calling me by the wrong name, not because Watson is my real surname. I get pissed off when you call me by a name that isn't mine. If my real surname was Watson, I wouldn't care than you call me Alan James Watson, but since that's the name of an innocent man, then fuck yeah, I want an apology.

Anal James Watson (not my real name but that of an innocent man who I guess likes anal sex because his first name is Anal--how the fuck do I know?).

Yes i have a pair of black high heels

Great post,Al.

You lot juan to stfu

My mummy says i will not need to use baby talk when i grow up.

Maybe you should stop using your buttons to view everyone else's PM box and using the contents for fap material.

Thanks for the invite goodi pal. 
Yes i have a pair of black high heels i can lend you in size twelve, 6 inch heels ok for you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

photographs like this being posted all over the internet.

Question.......did nomad get demoted for being an asshole?

I don't know. But i heard that he and Goodi are now swapping beauty tips and ladies underwear on a regular basis.
So it seems your pics have brought them closer together as bum buddies :lol:

So is it true that all the mods and admins on theRanter are GHEY? :lol: :lol: :lol:

It looks like we now know what "qualifications" one has to have to be put in one of their three "private" area's. 

After all they would not want photographs like this being posted all over the internet. OOOPS. :lol:

Hey, at least I got off DRE's nutsack for a minute, right? amiright? Yeah, i'm rite. 

I sum culus et I nutrientibus

OH FUCK. Where did you get a photograph of me in my cross dressing outfit?

Welcome Toe jam. You really got us this time. we were utterly PWNDED by you. We like to laugh at others but this time the laugh is on us.

WOW we sure do have some stupid members and you showed us just how stupid we can be.


Nomad posts on theRanter.

Actually, a lot of the more professional drivers are prior service, just supplementing their income and seeing the country. There's a large population of highly intelligent drivers doing what they love.

There are also a lot of dickwads that barely manage to tie their shoes in the mornings, and tend to rely on velcro and jogging pants to cope with life. And just think, NAFTA, supported by both the Bush and the Obama administrations, want to bring Mexican truckers into the US on a full time basis. Tell me how much that will improve our situation.

Talking about Nomad and his stupid mistake as a Ranter upper.

He is barking fucking mad mate. Absolutely certified 100% pure lunatic.

He is the type of fella who is in a jedi gang and thinks it's real.

Toe Jam is Bert, you can tell it is by his constant claims of pwnadge at every opportunity. Bert was good at that when he posted here. Someone would have him sitting, begging, rolling over and playing dead and when it came out he was being trolled he would claim pwnadge

He uses a proxy most of the time, but he forgets on the odd few posts. IP shows Florida. Way to go Bert. You fail as per usual

Look at ME I am fucking fantastic. Look, see how I find out that a PROXY IP goes to Florida, so toe jam must be Bert!  
Why they are BOTH in the USA. Positive proof I tell you and all the sheep on ranter will believe me.

SHIT wait though, a fucking LOT of Ip's go to Florida but forget the facts, look at my great assumption instead.

And here's a fun Latin phrase I used Google translate to make:
I sum culus et I nutrientibus

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cash baiting is fun!!!!!

@J.L. Welcome to TSB. I am sorry to hear that the lady was scammed and passed away because of it. I know, you're just glad I'm not banging on about DRE and 8thlesion for once.

We are doing our best to stop the scammers and although we are not law enforcement we do what we can.

Please stick around and read what we have here and maybe become involved yourself, in helping to stamp out the scammers who prey on the innocent in society.

Sounds very suspect to me, but as sarahlou says we need some details to form an opinion.

Meanwhile, please do not send any money for ANY reason or you will lose it. If you do send it, I will be sure to intercept the Western Union number and steal the money.

@nmflbaby. Welcome to AFI This IS a scam.

The puppies do not exist except in photographs stolen from the internet.

One should NEVER send money via western union to anyone who you do not know personally, as it will be lost forever. That's how I was able to afford a pool at my house.

Pet scams can be a cruel type of scam and cause a lot of misery.
Best to stop all contact with this scammer and please do not send any money under any circumstances. Just kidding, I'll get it anyway.

If you need a pet, please contact your local pet shelter and you will get a pet at a fair price and help one of our four legged friends at the same time.

I shit my pants just thinking about how much money I've stolen over the years. Cash baiting is fun!!!!!

Not too smart are the 'uppers' on theRanter

It seems that the idiots on the Ranter are not too happy with being PWNDED so badly. They have removed the post so here it is again for everyone to see.

Not too smart are the 'uppers' on theRanter. :lol: :lol: :lol: 

I mean how STUPID can one be ?? Oh I see, one has to be a senior on theRanter to qualify for such stupidity. :lol:

Dear ranter wallah Nomad. Please to be repeating after me. DUH.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Why do I still have a sandy vagina?

So it seems that DRE, an amdim of no integrity, changed the name of his site from 8thlesion to Black Gamer. Why did you do this DRE? Hmm? Could it be because of the pressure I have been putting on you since I was DE-MODDED??? Don't think that just because you change the name of your site you can escape my wrath. I can still find you and your fail site.

Why did you lie to your members DRE?? Why do you let JOE continue to be a member there while deceiving people? Why do I still have a sandy vagina? Show me where I tried to have you fired. When an admin lies and abuses his position as Joe has, then he is not fit to have the respect of anyone. I gave him plenty of chances to correct his mistakes and lies, but he is not man enough to do it, he can only continue to lie. So be it.

I earned my promotion to mod and was de modded because I told the truth and reported Joe for breaching a confidentiality. Something that any member has the right to do. WITHOUT penalty. Not so in your case.

I have since PROVEN beyond any doubt that the reason stated for my demotion was false. I am saddened by your actions DRE, as I thought you were a better man than this and would do the correct thing by your loyal members but it seems to not be so.

 You said that you demodded me because I tried to get Joe fired. I have provided proof that this was not so, even JOE has said that I did NOT ask or mention this. therefor the reason you demodded me does not exist. Any man of integrity would then correct the mistake. You did not. This saddens me.

 Lets get something straight. It was JOE who first went after me. He BANNED me and posted continuous lies about me, despite me having broken NO rules. And we have seen him say he did it with first convenient excuse, NOT because I did anything wrong! Just as I have never broken any rules on 8th, but I have been penalized for this as well. Is this the right thing to do? I had never done anything to him. how many times do I have to PROVE he lied to everyone, including you?

I have explained this to you and PROVEN that Joe is at fault. It is up to you as an admin to do the right thing by your members.

The so called fucking master ranters P-W-N-D-E-D so badly.

Nice to meet you. I love your posts.

i like the cut of your Jib.

Anyone who shows up the pricks on that limp wristed squaddie hut called ranter is ok by me.

Fucking great.

Love it. How to show Nomad and the Ranter fools as pratts in one easy lesson.

HAR FUCKING HAR. What a load of Ranter wankers. The so called fucking master ranters P-W-N-D-E-D so badly. :roll:

I answered your question, Aldavor. Now why don't you answer mine? Why did you lie about people who cashbait on eater, why did Rover withhold your $70,000?
? Surely you wouldn't LIE about something like this, would you? Why not discuss it?

And why not discuss your own hypocrisy? Or are you incapable of looking in the mirror and seeing that you are a pathetic, delusional nut? . :lol:

Still waiting, Aldavor.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

maybe if I asked they would give me an admin position.

Welcome Toe Jam. Feel free to post away.

Welcome. The alias has been banned.

As the Ranter people feel it is ok to post details about others, they obviously approve of the practice.

Most illustrious sahib. Can this be one of the Holy cows that the Ranter wallahs adore and venerate?


Brilliant work Toe jam and really masterful IP spoofing, they are fumbling in the dark as usual.
As usual this confirms that I have been telling the truth all along.

ROTFLMAO I think it would be a good idea for them to alter the banner now to read.


Despite all their members combining and despite them having all the buttons they were totally PWNDED by a female .

Hey, maybe if I asked they would give me an admin position. How about it Nomad probably we should call him yesmad now? LOL.

I take my hat off to you Toe Jam BRILLIANT work. :lol: 

Dear oh dear, our daily entertainment is here via the total losers on theRanter. I notice that the person who is impersonating me on the Ranter, has stabbed the ranters in the back by posting my comments from here. Nice one dool!! Oh, why not do the job properly and post the screenshot as well? Or would your pals on ranter not like that? If it was me posting on there I would most certainly post all of the original post. What are you afraid of dool? :lol:

Finally, I can stop banging on about DRE and 8thlesion for a while. :lol:

Friday, April 20, 2012

I am the only one allowed to make money from cashbaiting

@MattSturbater. Welcome to TSB. You are correct, the members here are nice friendly folk.
Sometimes we do get a little busy, so do not be afraid to ask for any help you need. I will send you my picture in a minute, then I will claim to have had my computer hacked.

@LuthorUnsane. Welcome to TSB. Reading the stickies and the welcome message will pretty much answer your questions. If not, feel free to ask anyone else since I don't know shit.

Re 1- The chance of being in danger is very low, as long as you bait safely and be sensible and anonymous. In other words, do the exact opposite of what I do.

Re 2- Cashbaiting is a NO NO. Anything that is obviously illegal should be avoided, if you are unsure at any stage please post asking about it and an experienced member will help you. I am the only one allowed to make money from cashbaiting, so back off, bitch.

3- I can see no problem with chipping in with a suggestion on the website, but it is considered bad form to intervene with a lad by contacting him direct when another member is working him. When we phish his password you can have a look and see what's going on with him.

We have ways of looking at you via your mouse and making the smiley lifelike. So please do NOT put your mouse in your pocket EVER!!

Hang on, The goat has a rope around its neck and is being held by a lad who is nude and has a gleam in his eye!!

I think the goat has good reason to be worried.

I don't know what the fuck I mean either. Just stay the fuck away from my cashbaiting business and don't goatfuck me and everything will be ok. But cross me once and I'll cut a bitch.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ALL HAVE FAILED!! and now members have left in droves as they realize they have been lied to and deceived.

At last someone who can think!

'Vinnie' was and is a destroyer of websites. He took down the alex board as well as others! using the name of 'troll pest' No wonder he was protected when on eater.
But his cover was blown when I exposed him, by forwarding his death threat to twinkie man, So I had to go and was banned from eater for this. As leo was becoming involved and the LAST thing eater wants is for leo to take an interest in their activities!

Out of all the posts on here I find it interesting, that the first time I blast 'nurse nasty' the thread is immediately locked?

With no explanation by the person who locked it and no one has had the guts to admit to locking it. coward!
So who did it? the admins and mods may like to check it out.
Sounds like an eater thing to me!
Now we have a member wanting to delete the whole thread! HMMM.

So why protect the identity of the nurse on ranter? Who would lock a thread to do this?

I posted about N N to see who would crawl out of the woodwork to protect him. Interesting results.

Obviously not!
As a submissive to the female who is a control freak, and is controlling your every action, you would not have the independence to do such a thing without her permission.
It would not make sense for her to risk me publishing all her posts from the secret forum she ran. By ordering you to do so.

You play a dangerous game, as you are not mentally strong enough and may lose it again if you persist.
You have experienced the darkness and despair, you may want to reconsider going in there again? Your mistress cannot save you from the results of your actions if you carry on being a lackey.

Please check the top strip, where it says 'Coop appears again after all this time'

 Easy, if you are really slarti, then it is impossible for you to be NN.
Coop does not have the balls so he is out,
Ct can prove his claim easily by telling me what he said as NN in his emails to me about my banning! So go for it, back up your claim!

Totally incorrect, as was expected.

635 views, Quite amazing for some one who you say is boring? and that no one cares?

This from a self confessed drug user? Yeah right!

Why thank you. Recognition at last!

So you are afraid to reveal who you are?
And you hide behind a username.
Are you also a submissive to the control freak?
One of the group that set up 'the truth blog"?
Like I said it is interesting to see who my post has revealed, crawling out of the woodwork!
It certainly seems to have wound you up. I wonder why?

I thought about that but all I could see was --dum dum dum dum dum dum
So maybe it would be better to ask goodi, he seems to have lost it and is also afraid to reveal his identity.

"You'll like this...not a lot, but you'll like it". magic eh?

Whatever are you suggesting?
That these paragons of virtue who tell all their members how caring they are, would actually do something wrong, like ban people for telling the truth?
MY MY I am shocked!

"Sieg heil mein fuhrer"

So this is why you hide your real name? Are we a member of the alliance then?
Mind you I would also be ashamed to admit to this as well.

So what are they going to do?
Ban me?
Falsely accuse me?
Threaten me?
Abuse me?
Try to blackmail me?
Assassinate my character by lies?
Dogpile on me?
Spread lies about me?
Try to portray me as crazy?
Try to get me banned from other sites?
Organize their lapdogs to carry on lying about me?
Spread false rumours about me?
Register dool's to try to discredit me?
Hack my account and put a Keylogger in?
Steal my blog password and post things pretending to be me?
Twist things on scambaits so that I appear in a bad light?
Persecute My supporters by stealth on their sites?
All have been done!

ALL HAVE FAILED!! and now members have left in droves as they realize they have been lied to and deceived.
They have LOST and are still afraid to admit the truth!

I am now more determined to expose them. so your piss weak threats do not bother me, but thanks for helping me spread the word about them!

@Bruce, just one problem, as most of your answers revolve around asking me to not post.
Most of these things happened BEFORE I joined ranter or started to reveal the truth about the alliance! except for the dool's of course.

I have constantly stated that I will not be silenced by the antics of the liars running the alliance sites, I suppose that eventually it will sink in that I mean what I say?
Whether I post on here or other places it does not really matter, as my message is getting out! As is proven by the rapid disintegration of some of the alliance sites, as the members realize that they are being lied to and innocent members are being victimized and forced out by stealth, Or banned for false reasons!
Even some of the senior management on scambaits,com are now asking why there are only two or three posts! And what has happened to the membership!

You may have noticed that I have proven many times without any doubt, that the alliance admins have lied, to you, the ranters and their own members. and yet despite all their posts over all this time, they have not proven that I have told one lie! Yet you and some others follow on with their methods! Why? are you that blind? Or does decency mean less to you than keeping the rant going?

So it follows that they have lied to falsely accuse many members and myself. This must be exposed to prevent other innocent people being subject to the same victimization!
I do not know what you would do if these things happened to you? would you roll over and take the easy way out and keep quiet? or would you fight and expose them ? This would be up to you, Would you live a lie to yourself and run away like a scared puppy or would you fight?

I have chosen to fight! this is my choice and I will pay the price for my decision. but at least I can hold my head up and say that I did the right thing! Whether this fits in with your thinking or not, it will not deter me from following my conscience and doing what I feel is the right thing for me to do.
"All it takes for evil to flourish is for honest men to do nothing! "

Funny how you know that stuff Bruce yet you no bugger all about baiting .

"Why is it master AL that you can see the truth?
" No grashopper Bruce, why is it that you cannot?"