Saturday, May 12, 2012

It was a poast not a quote. There was a link but no quote.

I poasted the link it was not a quote by goodi.

I was not poasting a quote by goodi,  but a link to where poasts could be read by multiple paosters.

goodi it is now about time that you again falsely accuse Big al of cashbaiting and having spent time in jail for it,  all completely false of course,  and then you run away when asked for proof of your invalid claims
just like you did on

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Why, as you are again impersonating Big Al, you can post another altered copy of one of his posts where he denies it . but then this is how low you have sunk as a human.

You will do anything, sell out anyone, tell any lie, just to get your next fix.

It was a poast not a quote.  There was a link but no quote.

I like to be fisted by several gay men in a row.