Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am such a bitch

A question put by DRE.


Why when the day is so bright and sunny do l see darkness ?

Why when the children are playing happily outside, do l hear moans ?

Why when everything appears to be great on the surface is a spirit dying ?

Why when one laughs out loud do they cry silently inside ?

Why is the smile on the person's face only a disguise used to hide the despair inside ?

Why am l finding a need to ask this?

Because you are an idiot DRE!!

It seems that the staff jst erases whatever they want, and don't let people say what they want. Why do you guys do that?

DRE posts the following. Then makes exactly the same mistake again. Will he EVER learn??

A Mistake That Should Never Been Made !!!

Posted in general by Dee_Jay 2012-03-12

About a couple of years ago a mistake was made by myself that l should have never let be made.

l took the advice of some people and shunned another member for no good reason. ( SOUND FAMILIAR DRE? )

This was so out of charater for me and l'm at a loss to explain why l did.

Much about that event escapes me and l never thought of it until reminded about it recently.

Needless to say this has left me rather rattled and feeling badly.

This also explains why after l left thoughts the first time l didn't maintain some sort of contact with this person.

It's only after l returned that this person has become friends and l can honestly say, one of my closest on here.

l have said sorry to this person several times for my unmanly action those couple of years ago but l can't help feeling badly that it ever happened at all.

Most of my life l've taken people at face value yes guarded at times but still at face value. Yet this one time that escaped me. (IT ESCAPED YOU YET AGAIN) 

It's possible that people had real concerns about this person and l don't fault them one bit but l should have taken the position that l would be friends with this person or not based on that persons own merit and not someone else's.

l regret this ever happened.

l'm not without my faults but unlike some others l can and will admit my short comings and do my best to make amends when l do make mistakes. (I AM STILL WAITING) 

l thank this member for forgiving me and hope l never act like this to anyone else again.

No further comment on this issue with be forthcoming from me.

Monday, March 26, 2012

loaded with malware. and goodi stupidly says it is safe

So Soyl as is usual, posts a link on Ranter that is loaded with malware. and goodi stupidly says it is safe.

SCUMWARE 24-03-2012, 12:00:48 DETECTED More Details
PhishTank 24-03-2012, 12:00:35 DETECTED More Details

But then goodi is spreading a lot of lies as he tries to bolster his failing site.

Over at rahstyles.com, we are growing by leaps and bounds! There were two posts today (both from yours truly, thank you very much) and there was even a shoutbox post, so goodi can suck it. I'll show him how to bolster a failing site !

And  yes, I shit my pants again, but you already know that.

I killed rahstyles

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who is tracking you?

Obviously someone is.

Come on people, get that spyware off your iPhones. Have I taught you fuckers nothing after al these years?

People often ask "Why are you a cashbaiter, Big Al?"

Odd the reactions we do get!
During our lives, every one gets scammed in various ways. How many of us have bought say a used car and believed what we were told about how good it was ?
When with their peers, most will say things like the comments posted above. Yet privately or if they have been scammed by a lad it is a different story.
If they or their loved ones are scammed, many will shout out and ask why is something not been done about these crooks!!
One needs to be careful about how we explain things and if possible pre empt the stupid comments from the uninformed .

I myself have been scammed many times. So many times I sent my money to Nigeria in hopes of reclaiming something, anything. That's why I have turned to cashbaiting. It is an effective way to retrieve the money I lost, but also some of the dignity. So far I have gotten back my money (and then some ! ) ,but my dignity is something I may never get back. Plus I just shit my pants. It's hard to be dignified when say I am in the bank depositing money from my latest westy when my sphincter lets loose with a powerful fecal eruption. Sure my man-diaper holds it in until I can get home, but more than once I have left a trail of brown liquid in my wake as I try to walk casually out of the bank. Incontinence is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have these moments. I just happen to have them more often than most people.

and that is why I am a cashbaiter.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This is the funniest picture I've ever seen EVER!!!!!!

in everyone's life they have been scammed in some form or another

Hi Chandy . Having some interesting events. LOL.

Yes some people do think like this, until either themselves or a close relative loses money to a scammer and then who can they turn to for help?

I would venture to say that at some time in everyone's life they have been scammed in some form or another

For instance, I lost my entire savings to a scammer which is why I am on this crusade to get revenge on them. I get revenge by sending them emails. That's it. I have someone who phishes their passwords sometimes, but really I am shit at this whole thing.

Unfortunately many victims are good honest people who really have no comprehension that another human could sink so low as to scam. We help them in any way we can. Here's how we help: "That email is a scam." Like Eskimos with snow, we have 73 ways of saying this one thing.

Wise words from Mill. If you are financial enough, then becoming a donating member can do miraculous things. 

It must be genuine, as it has the red seal of truth and is signed by their leader "Tony Blair" I always wondered what he did in his time off.

2011 was a year of change. 2012 will herald in even more change. 2013 will be level off with just a little bit of change. 2014--now there's a year that will be fucking crazy. 2015, who knows. 2016 will be big for an incontinence cure and then I'm coming back baby, full blast!!!!!1!1!!!1!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I am not a scammer, I just promise people money

I love cashbaiting

@unregistered from Maryland USA. As I clearly stated all TROLL posts will be deleted. Bye TROLL.

I have also stated that I love cashbaiting and I just picked up a westy oooooo maga go pay oooooooo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Passed through Brissy 25 years ago,a shithole,lol

my house ain't at wot fucking ever court yo dickhead,lmao

might well be,pity it's not my house,lmao

Passed through Brissy 25 years ago,a shithole,lol

no such thing fool,lol

i'm not,lol

why do you lie and cheat people of money?

hahahahaha ,am i or aren't i ? hmmmmmm ???? lmao

cos your chandy boy,the Indian scammer from Kerala,lol silly little bhangi boy

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someone who obviously knows alan well,lol

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Miyuki, I want your panties.

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Anal James Watson and Austen Tayshus both double team Darren at ragstyles

twould be worrying if it was me.lmao

glad you agree chandy boy,lol

hahahaha ,from what i can find on a google search,that addy is an office block,lmao You're paranoid chandy,not everyone is this al joker ;-)

you're better at searching than me,i accept that,lol,pity you can't find the right house for me ,cos i ain't your mate 'al' lmao

you've got a complex about'al ',haven't you ? Did you annoy the fella or something?,lmao

As a Bhangi boy,didn't you lick his toilet clean properly? lmao

It's a quiet day,i'm bored,lol

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please knock,we can chat,lmao

I am ,that's why i want you to knock you idiot! lmao

Whoever's there is gonna piss em selves,lol

hahaha ,am i really al ?????? Hmmmmm ????? hahahaha

Anyway bhangi boy,time for bed here,Same bat time ,same bat channel tomorow? ,lol

gotta get my beauty sleep,lol cya ;-)

hip's fine,y u ask? ,lol knee's a bit dodgy tho,lol


you've gotta be more trustworthy than chandy boy,lol

so you've just admitted that you are involved in scamming?

Can I get some of your panties too? I will make soup from them.

I really like Raul Moat. He was a standup lad.

I own a house on Speckled cct, you can rent a room from me. Right now I use it as a boiler room, but if you promise not to run any international operations from it, you can have it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anal James Watson

It must be genuine, as it has the red seal of truth and is signed by their leader "Tony Blair
I always wondered what he did in his time off.

Many lads will send a copy to themselves for various reasons. ie to check it is working ok and the messages are sent.

To keep a record etc. It is not unusual to see this.

I dropped a solid turd today and it felt like I was being anally raped with a pineapple.