Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I don't really mind having a full diaper.

我优良是。 多么奇怪安排印地安人假装汉语。

It means: "I am fine. How strange to have an Indian pretend to be Chinese."

You say you are travelling in India .

我们将看见。=We will see.

排印地安么奇人假 = I shit my pants and my nurse is on her lunch break.

良是假装汉么 = I don't really mind having a full diaper.

Monday, January 30, 2012

this limp noodle of mine

To answer your questions CK, Chandra Sekhar Sathyada has admitted in public that he has mental problems and he has also admitted that he is a confirmed and proven liar.

Really I suppose we should pity him and his family. I have sent him details on where he can obtain professional caring help for his mental issues, but he seems to delude himself that he does not need any help.

Whilst sitting poolside here at 2 Speckled cct. in Brisbane (not my real address, just the one I consistently adamantly deny for some reason), I was thinking about how to help people even more than I do, and then I shit my pants again. I was not in the pool, fortunately, so I dropped my Depends in the bin and hosed myself off when the cleaning lady came outside. Her English is horrible so when I tried to get her to use her hand on this limp noodle of mine, she pretended not to understand, but how can she not know what it means when I put her hand on my dick? Yes, it's like taffy that's been left on the seat of a car on a hot summer day, but give me a break. That bitch knows what I want and if I don't get it, it's back to China with her. Sayonora, ching-chong.


Stagazer is right. Why would any sane person troll our forum?

Does Chandra Sekhar Sathyada have mental problems. It seems so.
maybe he has some sexual frustrations and this is his way of working his problems out.

Is he GAY? He certainly seems to have a big crush on Alan James, praps he is jealous of Alan.

Or praps it is just another stupid AE that Alan James created to harass an innocent man. Praps Alan James is doing this to create some modicum of symapthy for himself, to continue being a martyr. Or it is Alan James who is GAY. So many questions.

And  DRE is still a dumb nigger.

someone is using a name that is not mine

We have a persistent troll called Chandra Sekhar Sathyada. He is an IT engineer for the public works department in Kerala India.

He has registered here under many user names such as "Reineri", "Alan James Watson" ( That he mistakenly thinks is my real name, but it is not)

He seems intent on posting a name and address that he mistakenly believes is me, such is the lot of an idiot.
He will be banned if I detect him using any other user name and his posts will be deleted.

He is very pissed off with me as I have exposed him and he thinks he can get some revenge against me by continuously impersonating me on other websites and posting what he mistakenly thinks is my name and address. I do have a good laugh every time he does this as the details he has are not mine.

Rahstyles as a site deserves to grow and I will not allow morons to destroy it.
Please just ignore any of his crap that he posts. Thank you.

To review: someone is impersonating me, but not with my real name or address. I delete his posts because they have the name and address of someone I do not know and who is not me. That's how I am being impersonated---someone is using a name that is not mine.

It makes perfect sense.

WTF? Why did I write this on ragstyles?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My contributtion to ragstyles

It's nothing. Literally. I bring zero value to that dumb ladyboi site. Absolutely nothing. I would bitch about getting banned from 8thlesion, but my AE's don't give a fuck. Amdim doesn't even post there anymore, so it's just me. A hobo signed up but doesn't post. The only thing I have to keep me going anymore is spamming facebook about getting banned, and looking at "funny" pictures like this.

I don't even think it's funny, which it is not, but Jesus Tittyfucking Christ, I need a new schtick. Where do I go now? I'm lost.

Leave suggestions in the comments. I'm serious.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Those niggers can just suck my taint till my balls implode, fucking rubber lipped picaninnies.

DRE nobody likes a racist.

I get my ass handed to me quite often, you'd think I'd be used to it by now.

Yes this is true. How can you be so stupid as to ask for banned white members to answer you on 8thlegion? DRE what rule did I break to be de modded and banned?

Posted by DRE= "Quote:
You STILL don't get it. When I'm annoyed, that's all it takes for me to ban or demote someone. Even if you weren't annoying the other mods I'm annoyed just because you looked like you were annoying em. In other words, don't get even get caught looking like your annoying the mods. You could say 'Oh God that rule is retarded' and that I'm being harsh, over-bearing and over-protective. I agree but dem da rules.

Sieg Heil

DRE having trouble with your knees? Bad karma is a bitch.

You will continue to deteriorate while you continue to do the wrong thing by your members who were just helping you.

Your conscience will make sure you suffer for the injustice's you have done.

Aye o pa re/aye pa re ti u lose i don sign.

Wata and garri make eba:

Here is your answer DRE posted by a mod on AMB. Others also think you are RACIST! "That Dre dude is one racist, commiserating, crybaby of a black man."

Well DRE you now have proof that you are RACIST. what steps are you going to take to correct this?

DRE una racist scum.

racist fucking nazi scumbags,simple

DRE gets his ass handed to him yet again, LOL.

LOL. DRE posts that any who oppose him are Nigerian imposters. Man the dude has totally lost the plot.

DRE una say i b oyinbo?

he cap opats

HO HO HO. 8thlegion just got reported for PIRACY. DRe posts. "I just ip-banned toonz for reporting The 8th Legion for piracy."

I think DRE has a lot of problems coming. But this is what happens when you do the wrong thing by your members. DRE nobody likes a racist.

DRE why do you thank people and then ban them for helping your website to prosper?

DRE you don kolo

"The 8th Legion encourages you to join and contribute articles to the Media Law Wiki.' But do not post the truth or you too will be banned.

DRE why do you call yourself a Christian when you do such evil things?

Not all that good if you have to contact your staff to ask them to post good things about it.

Another good thread, that was done by some one you banned for starting such good threads to assist 8thlegion.

U Fi ohun le

We two go dig am out.

And on the8thlegion it seems.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm still butthurt at getting banned from the8thlegion

I get a sandy vagina when I get banned, and that chafing just doesn't go away.

I just ip-banned toonz for reporting The 8th Legion for piracy.
DRE, Jan 22, 2012 at 7:59 PM

OOPS DRE just got the bad news. 

DRE gets told what useless admin he really is.  

Dre will get looked at like a hobo with a cup in the middle of an intersection with a cardboard sign
s**t, I bet Dre hires a bum to hold up a cardboard sign reading "www.the8thlemon.com"

Walk around handing them out and putting them on the tables of places like Schools, bowling alleys, the club, any kind of businesses, everywhere basically. Why are you, toonz and homo complaining when you know the site's traffic is so slow? You three aren't recruiting so you don't have any right to complain.

DRE admits to being an idiot but, as he says he is a Christian he knows the words " By their DEEDS ye shall know them" So DRE what DEEDS are you going to do to put things right?
Are you going to apologise for your mistakes and set the record straight, Or is this statement by you just "crocodile tears" ?

There is this saying that 'All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch.'
I've heard of this saying before but didn't really understand it. After a year of being a webmaster I now understand it. What this saying means is that all it takes is one bad person in a group of okay people to create division and mayhem. I used to think I understood this but I didn't. I learned an even deeper meaning behind it. Bad apples appear in a group of okay apples due to carelessness of the harvester.
What that means is that as an Admin, I've been careless. I would ban people then let them back in. Now I've apologized for this before but even then I didn't fully realize how wrong I was. I get it now.
We've had a lot of bad apples. Every day it I'm amazed that most of you who sign on still sign on.
Sometimes I feel like I'm a bad apple myself due to my carelessness.
So I just wanna say I'm sorry... and I'll try to do better.
My bad.

Their minds are already screwed up. What's even more screwed up is that they discovered the internet.

Please to be noting dear sir, it is most unwise to be talking about oneself this way.

I think about all the bad stuff I've done in the past, shake my head and wonder if this is what I get. I don't think the bad stuff I've done was bad enough to get my knees jacked up but I am not God, or the Universe that controls karma (what goes around, comes around) and how hard it comes back around. I feel like a piece of me has been ripped out of my being. Like a core part of who I am.

Like I told you DRE what goes around, comes around. When you do the wrong thing by your members, as a site owner you build up bad Karma when you ban people who do nothing wrong.
Until you set things right and do the right thing it will get worse for you.

For instance, take all the stupid lies I've told, and all the aggravation I've caused for people by being an unrepentant asshole know-it-all who listens to no one and keeps bangning away at the same topics even after I know I'm wrong. The bad karma I've gotten for my stupidty and arrogance is that now I shit my pants at least once a day. It's terrible.

I will keep exposing your crimes on new juot so that the one other person who reads it will know all about your crimes.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I was banned from another dumb nigger site, so what? Fuck that nigger DRE from the8thlegion

DRE you can suck my withered white cock motherfucker.

Illustrious Sahib please to be explaining the stupidity of DRE posting this.

"If you leave the site angry and b**ching for whatever reason I'mma take away ya VIP so you don't come back on the vengeful tip and kill links. Just demoted someone and probably gonna demote some more, so watch ya mouth."

Jan 18, 2012 3:47 AM - DRE: im trolling sukie http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sukie-s-f ... ium=social

YET AGAIN Dre admits that he is a TROLL. Why would anyone ever believe this guy?

Blog entry posted by DRE, Jan 17, 2012 at 2:13 PM.
Not because I want to, but because I have to. When you have a lot of talent, sometimes you gotta share it, even if you don't want to because that's what God gave you all them gifts for anyway. I really don't want to but I know I should. It's like a responsbility. So I'mma go head do it anyway. I'm not really religious, more spiritual if anything but even nowadays I rarely pray. To be a good Christian though you gotta be involved with a church because the church is the body of Christ and everyone has to work and worship together. We are supposed to have each other's back. Like a huge family.
I'm not saying I'm trying to get religious, but more like, trying to give more of myself back to the community and God. Sometimes all that's needed is your presence and everything else falls into place.
Now one thing I think is disturbing is my mother telling me to hand out business cards about The 8th Legion to church members. Man this site too wild in my opinion. I'm ashamed of my site but it's really my fault because I'm kinda wild myself. I like big titties. I like posting big titties lol I like bootlegs etc. I like rap music. I curse, I drink sometimes etc. So it's like ehhh I ain't handing out no 8th Legion cards to peeps from church. That's embarrassing. I was embarrassed when the cop asked me what my site was about last night. I will be glad when I'm actually done with the tutorials and Media Law Wiki so that I won't be too embarrassed anymore.
DRE, Jan 17, 2012 at 2:13 PM

DRE ADMITS that he is ashamed of his own website!!

I'm ashamed of my site

Why is this DRE is it because you do the wrong thing by your good members?

He has got to be one of life's losers on a large scale.

I used to troll that site a lot so whipping out my d*ck was nothing.
Just good ole laughs.
My favorite is when I took a pic of my left nut and drew a red cape and green eyes on it.
It looked JUST like Al Simmons/Spawn.

HAR FUCKLING HAR what a useless WANKER dre is. He is just a fucking useless TROLL.

posted on: January 20, 2012 @ 8:16PM :quote:
quotin' DreMoney:
Then stop joining after you get banned. Cpixel has way more traffic.
fuck ur boring ass wbsite nigger -------------

DRE gets told on Cpixel. Dre just has got to be the most useless admin on the planet. 
posted on: January 20, 2012 @ 1:25PM :quote:
theres barely any traffic on ur website

And the racist twat Dre gets told again. I'll fuck his nigger ass up. If we were donwn south in the olden days he'd have a noose around his dirty nigger neck. He's just luckey things are different now, where a nigger like him can get uppity.
Jane you bitch get lost. Scap is mine. Only I am woman enough for him.


Any of you dumb darkies coming here from cpixel, don't forget this post too.

many potential members can now see exactly what a useless site

Oh dear sahib it be showing Max as really stupid.

His actions have now resulted in a Google search of his website showing a link to here, in second place just underneath his site, many potential members can now see exactly what a useless site he is running and will probably go elsewhere. Oh no not to being a happy person.

Stupid move MAX to ban people when they have done nothing wrong.

Friday, January 20, 2012

DreMoney gets shown up as the total arsehole he is.

HAR FUCKING HAR . DreMoney gets shown up as the total arsehole he is.     

HAR FUCKING HAR. DRE WHAT moderators u talkin about bro? You demote or ban all the good ones.
Rather foolish of you to ADMIT yet again that you are a TROLL!



Picture this scenario:
Notorious internet troll creates a website.
When members break a rule, do they get infractions or warnings?
Yeah, if moderators are doing their jobs.
If there are no moderators online...
It's a moderator's job to handle these situations.
You don't want me getting involved because not only will I troll em to death, I'll get in that ass and embarrass em. They won't want to come back. Moderators are the checks and balances of The 8th Legion.

It's funny when people get banned, especially when they're assholes like I've been.


Originally Posted by Argot Vie
I don't care if it's a dude or a chick pretending to be another chick, aliases have no right roasting other aliases. They should shut the fuck up and lay low while niccas is roasting.
says the loser who started his own formed filled with his own aliases

DRE who is using the alias of Argot Vie finds out the truth about what others think of his website and DRE's aliases. .

Quote from DRE.
There's this thing called VIP on my site. You get special privileges and shyt. It's like buying a paid sub but I don't take people's money. I just ask them to do a proof pic.

Why are you lying DRE? You now take money from people to join your VIP section, even though there is nothing special in there. Unless you count your posts about massaging prostates etc.

You did this to get views on your site. How can someone have a convo with you if they are IP banned off your site?

DRE gets called out again for being a loser.

Har fucking HAR. What a fucking LOSER and stupid arsehole dre is.

Posted by a moderator on another piss poor site.
"Still, the crazy guy does have a point...

That Dre dude is one racist, commiserating, crybaby of a black man."


Unlike me. This is not crying. This is exposing THE TRUTH!! for all to see. There's a difference you know. I told you, 2011 wil be a year of CHANGE!!!!1!!1!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

allow SCAMMERS to post links to sites they have set up that defame me.

Joe If this is about me, why not tell the truth for once and explain how you lie and mislead your members in order to denigrade me. Why not explain how you posted confidential information from my message to vbulletin on your website, while you are a staff member on there and are supposed to keep information from vbulletin customers confidential?
Why Joe, I thought you classed yourself as professional?

You just banned me and said to me it was because I was "unprofessional "
Is this in the rules JOE? did I break a rule on Juot? or are you pissed that I am telling the truth and it exposes your lies?
Posting details of my confidential messages to support staff at vbulletin on your forum is not very professional is it JOE?
What possible interest could the members on Juot have in a confidential message from me to vbulletin ? WHY JOE?

Tell them how I tried to discuss things with you in a reasonable and sincere manner, but you stopped replying to me and then lied about why you banned me to prevent me from discussing things.WHY JOE?

Tell us why you are supporting and protecting SCAMMERS on your website and allowing them to post links to viral sites and to personal information about other members thereby placing them in real danger. WHY JOE?

Why do you promote illegal cashbaiting on Juot? You are aware of the heartache and despair even suicide this causes, why Joe why do you do it? WHY JOE?

Sorry Joe you cannot stop the truth from being revealed by banning, as I am a member on too many other sites and can reach many thousands easily with the truth.

Some FACTS are here.

Joe I am prepared to talk to you on skype or Gmail in a civil manner to sort things out, but so far you have declined to discuss things with me as you seem to be afraid of the truth.

You can start by explaining why you banned me for ASKING you a question and called it a threat? A PISS poor excuse Joe, and then you told the members it was because I reported the member who was posting viral links too often ? ONE must be a lie Joe, which one?

Joe have you been threatened or blackmailed by the scammers? as your actions seem very strange and destructive for you. I am a mod or admin on seven websites and a member in good standing on some others, yet YOU seem to want to denigrate me with lies and untruths. WHY Joe, what or who are you afraid of?

For the record I have NEVER mentioned getting you fired, however I keep on asking that my personal details and those of my website and members be denied to you, for their safety as you have proven to be unreliable about confidentiality.

" someone who I didn't think had any reason not to like me" Joe are you actually SERIOUS? are you that stupid? you ban me and lie about me and post absolute crap about me, and then you allow SCAMMERS to post links to sites they have set up that defame me. THEN you allow links to my real life photograph that you KNOW was stolen from my PC by a hacker. Then you post derogatory untrue posts about me to ridicule me. Then to top it all off you go and post parts of a CONFIDENTIAL message that was sent from me to VBulletin IN CONFIDENCE in a feeble attempt to embarrass me. Did you honestly think I would come and KISS you for these lies and crap?
Get with the real world dude.   

Some of the FACTS . For the record I read that before one files a report that you have to ASK the person if he has an official agent. this I did as was my right. For doing the correct thing, JOE twisted it into a threat, but despite repeated questions from me he was unable to explain how a request was a threat especially as it contained NO demands. I even EXPLAINED my INTENT by stating that it was NOT a threat nor a demand. Any person has the right to file a report to get defamatory or dangerous material removed.

Here is a copy of my REQUEST to Joe please explain where it threatens you.

I have been asked to check with you if you have registered an agent
for the Notification of Claims of Infringement. I have checked with
copyright.gov/onlinesp/list and cannot find any listed, as this may
not be up to date I am asking you if you have such an agent.

I am reluctant to go down this path and hope that as you have been
reasonable and fair in the past this will continue.
I sincerely hope that we can work together in a friendly and respectful manner

However I will take whatever steps I deem necessary to protect my
self and my wife and relatives, regardless of the cost in time,
money or effort.

This is NOT a threat nor a demand, but a request for your assistance
in doing the correct thing by your members.

We are both mature adults and we should be able to resolve this matter as such.
Thank you. AL.

Some of Joes reply-

We will not remove a LINK to twitter, a link is not something you can
claim ownership of. I suggest you contact an attorney as to what is
and is not your intellectual property.

Further because of this threat I have decided to end your membership
with JUOT effective 9PM EST today. You are hear by warned any attempts
to get around this ban will be considered harassment and may be
reported to your ISP.

If you have any further need for communication you can use the
"Contact Us" form.

Further because of this threat I have decided to end your membership
Joe I thought you posted that it was because of my reporting posts. So why are you lying Joe?

THIS however IS a threat: From JOE:
You are hear by warned any attempts
to get around this ban will be considered harassment and may be
reported to your ISP

I'm going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and hope he changes his attitude."
"And yet I can't act on anything because it would be unprofessional for me to do so,"

SO based upon his previous lies should I trust him?

Then I log into JUOT after breaking NO rules and see this.
"You have been banned for the following reason:
Because of your lack of professionalism.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Please note continued attempts to use this forum while banned can be
considered harassment and abuse and may be reported to your Internet
Service Provider abuse department."

Posted on JUOT.net: http://www.juot.net/forums/#ixzz1dU2MJBQ4

So lets take it further. I am also a member on AMB run by Max who is a good friend of JOE"S
Again having broken NO rules there.

How strange that at the SAME time I find that I have been put on a moderation queue there despite the fact that I have NOT breached any rules there. Any connection JOE? Or just another example of your LIES and "Professionalism "

Joe What is this code for. #ixzz1dU2MJBQ4 ? I will have one of our techs check it out in case it is viral.

DRE. Joe has a habit of not replying to me, Several of my messages to him have gone unanswered. As he cannot deny any of my posts as they are all true. So it is not unusual for him to read my messages and not reply.

I think it would be safe to assume he is talking about me as he has falsely accused me of trying to get him fired.
I think it would be highly unlikely for two seperate people to be accused of the same thing at the same time.
Possible but unlikely.

I would be interested in seeing him deny the facts and the truth as I have posted, and to deny his own words.   

Well lets see him post and deny it is about me. I am 99% sure he is talking about me but he may not have seen my posts yet. so I will give him a chance to answer them, as I do not wish to be seen harrassing anyone.   

Joe it is a shame that you are now a proven and certified liar and a person of no integrity.
You are too afraid to discuss anything with me because I have only posted the absolute truth. And you cannot deny any of my posts as they are FACTS. You lie to your members and mislead and deceive all you come into contact with.

You parrot the crap of others and say:
"you do an excellent job of proving to others you are nuts every time you make a post."
Yet seven websites have seen fit to promote me to mod, supermod or admin, and others have admitted me to their trusted private forums. Why is this Joe, are they all wrong, or are they run by decent honest people, unlike JUOT and AMB.

Joe, why do you actively support scammers and cheats on your website?
Why do you ban people for reporting them when they post links to viral websites?
Why do you promote illegal cashbaiting on your website?

Joe, why do you support the very scammers who cause untold hardship and heartache to their innocent victims?
Some even commit suicide, yet you see fit to support these scammers, Why is this Joe, are you one of them ?   

No problem. I hold you personally no ill will, and your personal well being is not connected to your internet life as far as I am concerned. but I will not allow you to attempt to destroy my online reputation by lies and twisting the truth.
Many times I have tried to discuss matters sensibly with you to our mutual advantage but you never reply.

Instead you seem to listen to those who are smearing me, because I expose them as crooks. You are the owner of Juot and you pay the bills, so you do as you see fit, but you will be held accountable for your actions when they are based on lies and falsely accuse me of things. I tried to help Juot and report things that were dangerous for it, but you banned me for trying to help you. And then lied to everyone about the reasons as you were in the wrong. I expected more from you.   

If you make things private are they excluded from adsense so they do not count ?   

Monday, January 16, 2012


What is your favourite type of food? I am partial to chinese food.

God, I am so fucked.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm at the end of my rope here

Comments on sport.
I understand that baseball is a very popular sport in the USA. Which team or teams do you support?

I thought that the Green bay packers were good when Vince Lombardi was coach. Any one remember that far back?

This isn't me begging for members. This is just me begging for a response.

Fuck it, I'll just make a new AE who knows Lombardi. Then maybe I'll go suck on the exhaust pipe of my car. How much more of this shit can I do?

Oh no not to being a happy person.

Oh dear sahib it be showing Max as really stupid.

His actions have now resulted in a Google search of his website showing a link to here, in second place just underneath his site, many potential members can now see exactly what a useless site he is running and will probably go elsewhere. Oh no not to being a happy person.

Stupid move MAX to ban people when they have done nothing wrong.

Fuck it. That's all the juice I can squeeze out of my grape sized brain anymore.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My latest AE at ragstyles

I'm using the name Modern Warfare because fuck it, I gave up trying long ago. All my stabs at new AE's are transparent. So is something like this believable?

Hey I found this site by searching for an off topic forum. This site looked pretty cool so I thought I would give it a try. 

The number of people who found ragstyles by accident is zero, but again, fuck it. I give up. Look forward to more lame shit like this in the future.

all scamming from Nigeria has ceased.

He was mistaken for a decent human and was granted a modship that he grossly abused.

A good question, I will see if I can get an answer.

It would be hard to do so. As he also deleted a lot of rubbish that he and orher trolls posted, it is probably best that we start afresh with decent members and help the site to grow in a good way.

We will do our best to help the site to grow.
Please contribute when you can. Thanks.

2011 was truly a year of change, in case you haven't heard. Thanks to my efforts, all scamming from Nigeria has ceased. My team and I have shut down all their fake scamming email accounts and had every one of the fraudstars arrested so that no more 419 emails have been received by innocent victims !

You're welcome!

the 'greatest site in the universe' has to beg for members.

After losing so many of the admins, mods and members en masse, under the stewardship of Rover, resulting in cheatme losing the title of the largest site of its kind, now a poor second, with less than half the membership of its competitor.

Reality has sunk in, and Rover is forced to beg for new members. Unlike, say, rahstyles, where members are streaming in like we're giving away free pussy. They're not all my AE's, I swear.

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top
As 2011 draws to a close we find ourselves reflecting on another good year for baiters and yet another problem year for the scammers. Thanks to all the hard work put in by our members.

For 2012 and beyond I would like to appeal to all of our members to help spread the word about 419eater and Scamwarners.com. The more people that know about what we do the better chance we have of doing more damage to scammers and helping more victims.

Let's make 2012 the year that we really get the word out about us. Whenever you get an opportunity please write about us, put our links down on various forums, tell others your stories or back link to some good baits here on Eater. Every bit helps. If ONE victim sees your link to Scamwarners and we are able to save them from further victimization then all of it is worth it.

If every member on eater can put up a link or short story about Eater or Scamwarners on a weekly basis, we will more than double our readership over the next twelve months. Here are the current stats for Eater and Scamwarners.com as of the 29th Dec. If you are prepared to get involved and help us spread the word let us know in this thread. (No Spamming of course) I will continue to report on how we are doing on a monthly basis. Between the lot of us I'm quite sure we can make a difference.

Rover your members attacks on me over many years has totally failed, and I am getting stronger while your site is dying. Where have all the long time staff members gone? Where is Lotta and Nurse nasty to name just a couple?

Your attacks on me have totally backfired.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

suggestions please

Can people suggest some new user names for me to use at ragstyles? I want to register a few new AE's and am having trouble thinking up something good. Cute Karen is probably a low point in my AE making, and Stargazer isn't much better. I even asked the dummies at AFI to sign up at ragstyles but they haven't, claim they are too busy with " fighting the lads. Assholes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

keeping track of my enemies.

After saying that he hates spamming, DRE admits yet again that he is a spammer. What a hypocrite the guy is.

He says.
"I used to troll that site a lot so whipping out my d*ck was nothing. Just good ole laughs.

My favorite is when I took a pic of my left nut and drew a red cape and green eyes on it.

It looked JUST like Al Simmons/Spawn. "

Not that I am bitter or anything. I just read the8thlegion obsessively , same as I do eater and amb and ranter and every other site I've been banned from. It's like a hobby, that's all. Just keeping track of my enemies. The list grows longer every day.

I can't spell when I get worked up

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I had to ban a member, Raineri , from rahstyles as he was disruptive and trolling and not helping the site to grow. Anyone who signs up and does something other than what I like gets banned. Why do these CRETINS come to a decent rap loving forum like ragstyles and cause problems? Post some funny pictures. That is what we're here for. Steal content from other sites and claim it as your own. What the fuck are people thinking?

[10-01, 19:33] Alan James:@Raineri AKA Soyl. Death Threats aganst staff members via Pm's will not be tolerated.

Even though no one sent me a death threat, I thought that was a good touch.
Yay go for it dude. This site will grow in a good way now, like a chancre sore.

It has now been fixed. Post away. 

Dear Raineri,
You have received a new private message at RAHSTYLES.COM - YOUR VIP SOURCE FOR OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSIONS! from Alan James, entitled "You have received an infraction at RAHSTYLES.COM - YOUR VIP SOURCE FOR OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSIONS!".
To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here:
This is the message that was sent:
Dear Raineri,

Reason: Insulted Other Member(s)
Sending insulting PM messages is not allowed.

Dear Raineri,
Reason: Trolling
You will not be allowed to insult staff members or any other members.
This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires.  Serious infractions will never expire.
All the best,

And now this retard Darren is posing pictures of nigger broads. Give me a break. If I want to see monkeys, I'll go to the zoo. SMH :rolls eyes:

2011 was a year of change. 2010 will herald in even more change

2011 was a year of change. 2010 will herald in even more change.

 [10-01, 00:09] Alan James:Raineri. you have been banned from rahstyles using other user names. Your Id is soyl from kerala. You will not be alllowed to disrupt the decent members


Well now after reading that I know what a "tripod" is. However I am curious as to how Rufus knew about it? 

Is this part of "secret pink business" ?

Nice stickmen by the way.

There could be an increase in internet cafe fee's as many cafes have their own generators as the main power supply is very unreliable.

The guy is quite aware of what is going on in Nigeria, but does not have access to many things that are going on behind the scenes.

It is very probable that there will be massive troubles coming, whether the recent oil subsidies will be the trigger that sets things off remains to be seen.

History shows us that there is a high probability of the average citizen suffering more, as those in power fight for more power. this could possibly lead to scamming becoming another alternative for many poor people.

Our work continues and may become even more important.

I hit a nigger with my car yesterday and he's still stuck under it. Anyone know how to un-suction his big lips off the chassis?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Time to get this forum up and running.

I want to apologise for a previouse post in which I said I hate niggers. I was not feeling well that day and had just sent a large payment to Nigeria, so I was pissed off and should have never said I hate niggers. I love niggers and that's the truth ok.

Lots of trolls combined to destroy rahstyles, but they will fail. Except that they already succeeded. Shut up.

We are now in a position to work towards getting this forum up and running and turn it into a terrific site. As everyone knows, I am a big fan of rap and hiphop so who better than me to make this a great site? Do you like funny pictures reposted from other sites? Come to rahstyles then. We've got plenty of funny pictures and a fair amount of inappropriate ones too!

Please feel free to post and make your mark on a new site. Thanks.

Thank you for this alert. It is shameful that some people can be so evil.

Steve I do not hate you, but I will not stand by and let you ban all the members and delete all the posts in an attempt to destroy Rahstyles and all the hard work that the members have put in. Oh wait, that's exactly what happened lol.

You have tried your best to destroy Rahstyles and you will be brought to account for these despicable actions. I am the only one allowed to destroy rahtsyles, and I do it a little more each time I post here. You can go suck a big nigger dick fucker, this is my site to destroy ok, now back the fuck off.

Friday, January 6, 2012

one thing I hate about niggers

Standing by, 2011 will certainly be a year of change. I CAN FEEL IT!!!!1!!1!

If there's one thing I hate about niggers, it's the way they fuck our women and then act like they didn't do anything when I know quite well that they did. My wife has had the black sausage many times. I can smell it on her when she comes home sometimes, and even when I can't I know what she's been doing. That diseased cunt of hers smells like the broken toilet on a Mexican tuna boat. (I prefer the Filipino gash of late, but even she gets the gamy down there.

So now look at what this dumb nigger DRE had to say

A racist post by Dre the owner of 8thlegion.com

Relationships White Women = The Black Man's Extreme Sport

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by DRE, Jan 2, 2012 at 11:45 PM.

DRE Baus Nicca

Likes Received:

Pensacola, FL

niccas don't do that skydiving bullshit. They date crazy white
women. The risk factor is high. f*ck around and end up dead or in jail
but if you get away with it, you come away with the rush of beating
THE MAN and getting puzzy at the same time. This is what I warned my
bro about since he's in Army Basic Training. Watch out for them white

DRE, Jan 2, 2012 at 11:45 PM
#1 Last edited by DRE, Jan 3, 2012 at 12:09 AM

It would be a good move to photochop the image and put a monkeys face on it, and then send it back to the lad complaining bitterly about having received such an abomination!

Here you are trying to do the right things and the lad sends you an image with a monkeys face on it.

I am sure you could get many apologies from the lad .

Jane you bitch get lost. Scap is mine. Only I am woman enough for him.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

you the big FAIL.

This interesting post was put on the8thlegion. Naughty owner.
Even your own members give you the big FAIL.

"What's the fun in being cordial?

Get off your f*cking high horse, and do the job f*cking assigned to
you. Stop playing favorites.
All your mods suck, Dre. This why your site gets a f*cking F."

Lotta stay away from my Boyfriend. BITCH.

SEE Lotta you BITCH. You got the chop. I warned you to stay away from my man scap.

Lotta stay away from my Boyfriend. BITCH.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I killed rahstyles!

Darren. Thanks for your post, as soon as we have the permissions set we can get Rahsyles up and running. Good to see you here. Not really. I killed this site and I intend for it to stay dead.

As supermod, I should be able to figure out how to fix this shithole, but I have the computer skills of a 75 year old incontinent idiot whose idea of computers involves punch cards and an abacus.

Stand by, 2011 will be a year of change.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

This us hilarious coming from DRE

More from DRE.
The only way I've really been able to attract dudes to the site is
porn and bootlegs but the forum that has porn and bootlegs is a VIP
forum. There is no common factor to attract the average guy here. It's
not a sports, gaming, dating, cars or music forum. I even ask people
to recruit and offer to pay them and that still doesn't work. I don't
know what to do at this point.

Unfortunately for you DRE many guys who are techs are quite useless at building websites, some are even coerced into banning people under duress and so lose any integrity they may have had. This does not help any website to grow. 

What you need is some one who is good at helping sites to grow . Oh wait, you had one!! but you de modded him and then banned him, despite him breaking no rules and helping your website.
A very Stupid move DRE.

Maybe you can ask your tech friend to help your site to grow with active members? :roll: :lol: 

The stupid thing is that it is very easy for your site to grow quickly and strongly, but you and your techy friend do not know how. 

I don't
know what to do at this point

Maybe if you did not ban people who were helping your site to grow, you would have a lot more active members now eh?

You don't post. All you do is spam. Banned. 

DRE, Yesterday at 12:14 PM
#90 Last edited by DRE, Yesterday at 12:15 PM

This us hilarious coming from DRE who openly admits to spamming, on as many forums as he can in a feeble attempt to get members for his failing website. 

Dre you are one of the most incompetent webmasters I have ever seen. you just do not have a clue. :roll: :lol: