Friday, May 11, 2012

I baited you into revealing your true intentions. HAR FUCKING HAR

Because I know Big Al to be a truthful and honest guy,  who helps victims of scams, and Soyl to be a proven and self confessed liar. Who is also a hacker of his fellow members on various websites.  :studly:

 A word of caution. NEVER click on any link that soyl AKA Lyos posts, unless you are very experienced in detecting and dealing with the removal of keyloggers.  :studly:

Soyl has also posted personal details of a totally innocent man many times and encouraged others to phone him and harass him.  :studly:

A friend of Soyls called "slightlyoutofit" did phone this guy at three in the morning and scared his children. But Soyl still continues to post details about this innocent man and his family.  :studly:

 So it is good that one of the websites that he set up to harass and defame people, to cover his own bad actions is closed. :studly:

For those who are technically minded,  here are some of the malware involved. :studly:

Win 32 virus.
WoWMatrix keylogger / data stealer

If anyone clicks on ANY link that soyl provides,  then please do some scans with a good AV and with an anti-root kit. :studly:

I would say it is more like he suckered you.:studly:

Not really,  you gave yourself away earlier,  but I just wanted to make sure,  so I baited you into revealing your true intentions.  :studly:

Then I used you to make way for the things that I wanted to post. Thank you for playing along so well.
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If he was gone you would miss his taint licking you mean.  :studly:

Soyl is poasting on here as lyos.  He is a moderator on ranter and an lackey for some scammers.

How long have you had these GHEY fantasies Soyl?  :studly:

Hello Chandra I understand that you choose to live in Kerala because of the easy access to gays there for you.

In soyls case they are more " I did your daddy" quips.  :studly:

He gets it pounded a lot these days but has to pay for it.  :studly:

Actually soyl does not drink much.. :studly:

 He spills most of it.  :lmao2::studly:

Good to see you answering as Soyl now.  :ROFLMAO: :studly:

He can take his little outed ranter pal weezie with him as well.:studly:

Don't you have a great big pile of shit to play in on ranter?:studly:

Looks like ranter is back up so we can probably expect more of their dribble soon.   :hump: :studly:

Gosh!!!  I suppose we will have the FURRY costumes supplied by you once the take over is complete?   :whistle::studly:

@goodi  will this involve you dropping your pants and doing a lot of squealing?:studly:

It is called 'Drugs and gheys i have known and used'  :poke::studly:

I think the word you are looking for is.  PWNDED.  :yes2::studly:

Lyos caught the GHEY.  :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO::studly:

 They love it. And they say they will copy it as soon as they learn how to pull their tights on.  :doh::studly:

Without a doubt they are representing theRanter as total fools.  :thpopcornrc0::studly: