Tuesday, May 27, 2014

deliberately posting utter crap

WOW a large organization doing the wrong thing by its customers ! Who would have thought it possible.  :whistle:

Can you run that by me again, I thought you had forgotten about me and all the others you have denigrated.

Really Mark B, despite everything you seem to be deliberately posting utter crap in an attempt to disrupt this site.

What other reason is there for posting obvious untruths and your unmitigated crap. These are the actions of a Badger and troll.

No useful purpose is served by your actions.

I swim in a pool of urine and thank God for the pool filter when I have to out-swim a turd.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

lack of interest in helping

I think that those involved should be treated harshly ( I cannot agree with killing them ) to discourage others. Those fuckers are cutting in on my business.

It seems that overall LE just do not have the manpower nor facilities to properly counter cybercrime in all its many forms. That's where I come in, with a bright red cape and a diaper full of poo.

I think as the internet is world wide, like a web, there is a need for legislation that is capable of countering malware etc on a global scale.

One of the drawbacks to this is the massive income that some governments make from cybercrime as such. It is said that the third largest source of income in Nigeria is fraud after minerals and oil. We can therefore see that they would be reluctant to stop this source of income unless they had to.

One of the other problems is that many Governments themselves are involved in using say Malware to further their own agendas. And this becomes a whole different ball game. IE the exposure by Snowden etc.

One of the discouraging things is to see internet users seemingly unconcerned about a lot of this, until it directly affects them. The lack of interest in helping those who fight this type of crime is evident, with people actually encouraging the miscreants and denigrating those who fight such crimes. Until the internet users as a whole begin to realize that cybercrime in its many forms are affecting us all then it will continue to be a problem.

I made millions by cashbaiting last year and I expect to make millions more this year.

defamatory false accusations

I was reading this thread and saw that more customers and ex customers of AFI have been banned and I shit my pants.

So how many have been banned / sent to Coventry etc on antifraudintl.org.

Lets try to get a figure on how many have been victimized. Saying I have been victimized in no way trvilializes what it means to be a victim because no one has suffered more than I have.

Not counting those whose posts have been deleted or altered in an attempt to hide the facts from other members.

Some very interesting points. I would like read about a lot of people wearing such a shirt, maybe they would finally get the message.

Shades of sieg heil right there. 

I too have been banned from sites under similar situations. Then the Morons who do this get upset when they are exposed for what they are. And so they resort to insults and defamation to justify their unethical actions.
Fortunately people can see through them and can post the facts that expose them for what they are.

Why can so many quotes from other sites by so many members be allowed but mine are deleted? Please show me in the rules where it says that quotes are not allowed.

As I have not to my knowledge broken any rules I ask that they be re instated. Thank you.

If you feel that quoting the exact words of others, that as far as I am aware do not break any rules, are to be removed, how about deleting the defamatory false accusations and lies by Mark B against me and others that DO violate the rules. How many times can he abuse members by calling them trolls etc. And yet the fake accusations are allowed to remain while the facts and the truth are removed.

@signal500. I did not for one moment consider that you removed my comments nor reported it. No not every thread or post by me involves Mark, but please read my comment above. 

Indeed you have quite rightly posted comments that express your opinion of things like your recent ones and quite a few others that are not complimentary to the receiver. Some of your comments are quite strong but they are not removed. Should these also be removed. I think not. 

If one comment is ok then why not a few? IF I was lying then yes, the posts should be removed, but when I am quoting his exact words ( so there is no mistake) and telling the truth then I see very little justification in having the comments removed whilst the insulting false ones are allowed to remain.

How many posts on here are blasting AFI and antifraudintl.org staff. How many others are commenting on the actions of Mark B and other AFI staff? Why are they allowed to remain whilst mine are removed. I am sure that combined there are a lot more comments by others against injustices that my few posts.

What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Trolling per se usually involves untruths, derogatory or misleading statements, as my comments are truthful then I consider that they do not fall under that category.
Persistence is NOT trolling, annoying perhaps but not trolling.

However posting insults and false accusations that are unproven against members for asking valid questions IS trolling and yet this is allowed to carry on. Why are people like Mark B and his cohorts allowed to post with apparent immunity while I am discriminated against like some damn nigger for posting the truth.

We have a difference of opinion yet we are still civil and not calling each other defamatory names. This is how it should be with BOTH sides treated equally but in the case of Mark B and myself this is not the case. He is allowed to post untrue defamatory insults, yet when I defend myself with the truth and ask him to explain my comments are removed.

No I am not banned from there. I do not post there as I do not trust the owner.

Are we still talking about you calling people trolls with no proof? This is abuse and insults.

OK, time to come clean Mark B. Tell us the whole truth now, you are employed by AFI to act the clown to distract us all from the total fail that AFI is. I must say you do it very well.

= Total fail and backs up what many customers have been saying all along. 

"Where have all the customers gone,
Where have all the customers gone, long time ago.
gone to XF every one, when will they ever learn , when will they ever learn"

Hey Dad are we there yet? ( months later ) Hey dad are we there yet? (yet even more months later) Dad Dad are we there yet? 

"Shaddup kid we will be out of the beta zone shortly"

"Hey Dad I shit my pants."

"Shaddup kid, so did I."