Friday, May 11, 2012

Referred to Big Al as Bi-gal HAR FUCKING HAR

weezie joined June 7th 2011 very quiet until ranter was brought into the scene =  Indicated a ranter mole.

weezie was baited and responded as a ranter lackey would.  thereby blowing his cover as a ranter mole.

Started posting against anyone who opposed ranter and their lackeys= outed as a ranter lackey.

Started to defend ranter  by employing typical ranter tricks. =ranter lackey confirmed.

Blew his cover totally,  by using words that are used almost  exclusively by ranter lackeys= More confirmation that he is a ranter troll.

Referred to Big Al as Bi-gal, used by soyl and about three ranters. - Outed.

weezie PWNDED and outed as a low life ranter lackey .

The ranters are not very smart. :happy0034:

quod erat demonstratum

I think the word you are looking for is.  PWNDED.  :yes2: