As this hopefully has settled down I would like to start posting my evidence to prove that I am who I claim to be, and the person posting by using one of my user names of " Big Al " is in fact an imposter.

EVIDENCE 1= I would like to say that an independent witness who knows both Soyl (the imposter ) and myself, called Mike r has posted that I am the genuine one and that on this forum, "Big Al " is the imposter.
It is of importance that he said this before the court case began. so was not influenced by the court proceedings.

EVIDENCE 2 = The issue is whether I am known as Big Al and bigal. I am known on the largest scambaiting site on earth (thescambaiter) as "bigal and have been for a long time.
I am known on anothernessageboard as Big Al, again for quite some time. and I am known on Juot as Big Al.
I invite any of the seniors here to join any of these sites, and send me a pm, if they like to arrange a codeword with me prior, I will answer their pm on any of these sites with the code word. I am quite prepared to offer proof of my online identity.

EVIDENCE 3= The imposter has posted links to some sites/blogs that have been set up by those who oppose me, these sites contain lies and defamation against the real BIG AL ( me) and I have not posted on any of them.

It would not take a genius to work out that I would NOT post links to sites whose only intention is to ridicule me. Ergo the links are posted by some one who is NOT the real Big AL, but an imposter who wishes me ill.

I have more evidence to post tomorrow, as it is very late here in Australia and I will be going to bed soon This will give any senior the chance to check this information out. AL i