Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a little too close to the truth for you am I

She’ ll drop her drawers for a mop-handle if you leave it at a forty-five degree angle. :P

Remember how I had a hardon for Shiver, then Joe, then Dre? Those days are over! And Toe Jam is definitely not trolling me and he has definitely not been trying to negotiate with ranters about the info he has.

Woweee. Goodi is riding the HORSE with no name through the desert. I will be quoting more mellow hits from the 70s later so stand by!

PSSS Goodi Wanna buy a fix. :shock:

Shucks that there goodi is as anxious as a sad, bald, squinty old cashbaiter who gives up his photo and  password to strangers


Strange how recently the moron who is impersonating me on theRanter has been keen to quickly post copies of my posts taken from here on TheRanter. Yet we suddenly see him posting altered old copies and staying away from posting this post of mine! Whats wrong goodi, getting a little too close to the truth for you am I?

You continue to post lies about me, so there is a lot more to come. I hope you enjoy my new cosy posts.


First goodi and the Ranter were P-W-N-D-E-D. by Toe Jam. :lol:

Now they are P-W-N-D-E-D. By Big AL.  :lol:

HAR FUCKING HAR. What a bunch of stupid fucking twats they are on the Ranter. :roll:

A post by goodi.

Trolling your own board =
Something I have done many, many times.
What's your point, Al. I don't get it.?

I suppose that eventually even Goodi will come to realize that I AM POSTING ON THE RANTER SITE!

Unless goodi is completely crazy. (probably so, but anyway) He must eventually see that the imposter is posting parts of messages taken from my posts on many sites, and he is fooling the Ranter members into thinking it is me posting.
Odd, how they are so stupid to actually believe it and even comment on these altered and mismatched posts.

Never mind goodi, we understand that as a ranter admin you are not intelligent enough to look at and compare the IP's of your members like any competent admin would do.

It seems the even your own members are fooling you. But then you are deceiving them too aren't you?