Tuesday, May 8, 2012

issuing death threats to members.

If you are goodi then you will know that you crossed the line when you falsely posted that I have been involved in cashbaiting and got caught for it. All completely false. 

As you do not have my real name address or any other real life details about me it is quite stupid of you to post such blatent lies about me. 

I have asked you to provide proof. IE copies of the arrest warrant, details of the alleged court appearance and sentence details . 
You keep hinting, but cannot provide any proof, as it is all a fabrication. 

You have NOTHING on me about my time on eater. Except that I was a member and got banned for protecting one of my mentees against another member who was issuing death threats to members.

Did the eater lackeys forget to tell you this?

Now I do have a lot of information about you and it is the genuine stuff, not misinformation like the crap that has been fed to you. I have much more that I can post when it suits me. It was YOUR words I posted that condemned you, 

I called you out, and requested that you post positive proof of your false accusations, but of course you cannot as you do not have any. You are a fool and a liar and a coward as well.

That there druggy goodi is Nuttier than a Squirrel turd.

Goodi.You have NOTHING on me as there is nothing to have.

It is interesting to see you say that you have friends on eater. 

by the way you need to get your facts straight about Manchester and the part it USED to play in these matters. 

Goodi, I have called you out, to post details of your fake allegations, but you are unable to as your claims are false.

Ok goodi here is your chance to shine and back up your claims with proof 

What is the name of the arresting officer and his number? = None as it did not happen. 

What was the charge? = None as it did not happen. 

Who was the victims/s? = None as it did not happen.

Where was the court case held? = None as it did not happen. 

What was the sentence = None as it did not happen. 

Where was the sentence served? = Nowhere as it did not happen. 

Your whole claim is fake and slander. 

Come on goodi post your proof (not doctored posts), so we can contact the police to confirm your defamatory fake claims.

Good lord but my vagina is sandy.