Sunday, May 6, 2012

to post on a magnificent site like TV.

What a shame. ranter has what looks like a troll who is posting things in just about every thread!

Goodi was asked what he thought about this but we only got an image, he was incapable of normal speech as is usual for addicts.

They have been PWNDED so bad they are now scared to post on a magnificent site like TV.

Teh ranter sissies all took a deep breath when goodi farted and now they are overcome with drug fumes. :explode:

I am posting this that I found on another website as it shows goodi in all his glory.

I think it must be miss GOODI two shoes.

His FWENDS think he is cute. :studly:

Now that we have established that goodi, who says he is the owner of theRanter  is GHEY and likes to dress up in women's clothes we can also show that he admits to taking drugs.

 The details below were taken from
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where goodi is being shown as the decrepit old  druggy he really is.  Our thanks go to those who oppose him on juot.freeforums.

goodi is embarrassed to allow this post to be shown on theRanter so we must see that it is posted on as many forums as we can.  :thumbsup:

It is explained that E. Urgreens is also known as Thunderchild and Biggles on other websites.

Have we been formally introduced?  :poke:

Where is goodi the self styles representative of the ranter?

Is he in hiding, the FURRY convention is not till next month so he should be answering the questions about the ranters lack of intelligence.  :nail_biter:

Goodi is a slow thinker so any attack may still come. Just give him time.  :whistle:

I guess we should all join theranter , we will then  be allowed a minimum of five duals each.  :ROFLMAO: