Monday, April 30, 2012

also known as thunderchild and biggles.

@goodi. I gave you the chance to tell the truth but like a moron you still post your lies, although without any proof as there is none. for the record, I was never in any of the dark arts sections like "Death star"

Unless the guys you mentioned are also making up lies, then they have absolutely no information to back up your lies.

You know goodi, server logs are very useful things.

Anyway if you want to post things, at least back them up like in the chat below. eat urgreens (E.urgreens) is also known as thunderchild and biggles.

Hows the habit going goodi? good to see YOUR own words condemn you!

E. Urgreens Main Ranting Room Gentlemen...E. Urgreens goodi Goodi, I am glad to have found you.goodi E. Urgreens My shipment this week is a little late goodi moog Cool.E. Urgreens Main Ranting Room Moog, who are you and what site are you from?moog Main Ranting Room IMG are you a proved paisa?goodi E. Urgreens I'd appreciate things being a little more on time.E. Urgreens goodi You have served us well these latter months, however your usefulness vs our expenditure in maintaining you has reach a crossroads.goodi E. Urgreens How do you mean, croosroads?moog Main Ranting Room who are you?E. Urgreens goodi We feel that while you have served us well, that Big Al is begining to retreat from his claims as we expected he would. You were always an expensive gamble for us but as far you are concerned, this portion of the game has come to termination.goodi E. Urgreens And what about our arrangement?E. Urgreens goodi As of this moment, it is time for you to locate another source.E. Urgreens goodi There are as yet others seeking your services, I am sure you are aware goodi E. Urgreens No, you cannot do that. I did everything you asked of megoodi E. Urgreens I like it here. you guys need me E. Urgreens goodi You were instituted to provide control for our problem. You did this acceptably. Our problem is no longer. Therefore you are no longer needed goodi E. Urgreens But what about our deal. You fucking promised me man. you know my situation. I cant function without you guys. IMGreat101 moog ya oughta check out irc chat, skiiny and co. are there moog Manchy is IMG lately acting strange? E. Urgreens goodi I trust you will not become a problem for us. You are aware we dislike complications. Our business is finished. If we find use for you in the future you will be contacted goodi E. Urgreens Fuck you. If you cut me off, you will be sorry man. I promise you that. there is a parcel supposedly arriving tomorrow. If it doesn't, and I am strung out. I won't be held responsible E. Urgreens goodi Try contacting ILS. They may have use for you. E. Urgreens goodi As of this moment, it is time for you to locate another supplier.moog Main Ranting Room ok
here you go goodi is this cosy enough for you?