Sunday, January 2, 2011

Warning!!! Bullshit zone ahead.

OH dear how sad. Soyl BANNED from yet ANOTHER forum. And his pal TBAKL was also BANNED.

 Kudos to you for that. Soyl is disliked on just about every forum he posts on and then he posted a pic in public that was posted in tR private, despite promising that he would abide by their rules.

This is of no relevance coming from some one who is falsely trying to ingratiate himself into the minds of the AMB members by trickery and bullshit.

You were found wanting bucket and will forever remain a pariah, shunned by decent people. 

The very first one I check has not been deleted.
Bucket, ever heard the expression "You are full of bullshit"

Happy new year, here is our first new year Joke, supplied by Bucket the confirmed liar. You all remember him, he was the one who said he wanted to do the right thing by AMB and become a respected member. But sadly he fell at the first hurdle.  

Warning!!! Bullshit zone ahead.