Sunday, January 2, 2011

attack me at every opportunity!

U R RITE and having Mak criticize my every post in various threads does not make it less boring for me either!

Ranting and tongue in cheek posts are the norm on here and are to be expected. but when it gets to the stage of personal harrasement as mak is doing, by his constant criticism of almost my every post, then he can only expect a response!

I have put up with more than my fair share of rants against me and this is ok as it is to be expected, and I have taken them in the spirit of the ranter and given as far as I can, a good response !

But I will not let someone harass me just to do some arse crawling to the scambaits admins! Without taking what action I can to stop it!

If he wants to post his thoughts about them and if he wants to support them, then this is ok with me, This is his right, a right he seems to want to take away from others?

To criticize my every post in an attempt to go along with their plan to portray me as crazy will be met with a defense, as would be done by any person of integrity!
When I came onto the ranter I posted a lot about the alliance etc, but I never criticized mak as, up until his attacks on me here, I had no dealings with him as far as I can recall.

However he has taken it upon himself to attack me at every opportunity!
this seemed to start after the alliance admins pulled out of posting on here as it was only damaging them! Mak seems to have taken over from them so falls into the same category! if he continues his attacks then he will be attacked back.

Bruce you and I have had exchanges back and forth and you have taken them in the spirit of the ranter as have I, and many others. But mak has not and has decided to attack me at every opportunity, this will stop!

thunderchild, alvador (the man of no honour) Witch, varod, lady croft, twinkiman and associated cretins. Have all failed to stop me from exposing the truth about them.