Sunday, January 2, 2011

no rage nor hate but a sad disappointment

Hopefully you will follow, as we do not want a lying ranter lackey on here.

If you want to repair our relationship ( DID WE EVER HAVE ONE? ) then you have to do the right thing and set the record straight,

Your continuing failure to do such a simple thing proves that your conversion is a sham.

You are a liar and a low life scammer and you continue to prove it by your feeble attempts to deceive us all.

You lie and go back on your word even as you pretend to be doing the right things.

Why would I be interested in being friends with such a liar? This has nothing to do with past eater wars, but with you lying to us all and pretending to be a repentant member when you have no intention of being one.

It is easy to prove yourself, just remove the old offensive posts, something you are reluctant to do as you are not sincere in your "conversion" it is all a ploy as we have found out. 

You stated that you would remove the derogatory posts then you said you would not, ergo you are a Liar.
Very simple, very straight forward you LIED to me and the members on here. So you are a confirmed LIAR.

You are a scammer, as you are trying to scam the members on here by stating that you want to change, yet you are not prepared to do the things to prove it. Ergo you are scamming us.

You can easily prove your intentions, by removing the derogatory posts as you STATED THAT YOU WOULD.

Again you prove my point.

Bucket, you are a confirmed LIAR. Your so called conversion is a sham and you are a person of no ethics. I would be ashamed to call you a friend.  

Nice try to deflect the issue bucket. There is no rage nor hate but a sad disappointment that you choose to try to deceive us by lying yet again while pretending to be changing.

It does not matter what slant you try to put on things, the FACTS are that I called your bluff and showed that you are lying.

Re the hate theme it was YOU that started to post lies and untruths in an attempt to dogpile on me. Until you did that I was neutral as far as you were concerned, now you try to lie and deceive us into believing that you want to change, yet you refuse to set the record straight. So who is showing hate ?

Until you do this then as far as I am concerned your are a low down lying scumbag.

I'm here to spread the love, not the hate.
Then do it, and REMOVE the derogatory posts as you said you would before you reneged on your word.

I think that you will not do this, as you are not genuine in your intentions to change, but it is a ploy and a sham perpetrated by a confirmed liar =YOU.

DEEDS dude, NOT useless words.