Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am just after the truth and justice

The word Alliance was made up to identify the following sites and is generally used to describe these sites only.
Scambaits, Fraudwatchers, internet love scams, and a site by invitation only called Anti 419 academy (A4)(previously scamwatchers,) as has been explained on "the truth" blog.

This info has been posted in here before, but a while back, so it may not have been remembered!
As I understand it: ils and a4 are owned by Witch and all are run by Aldavor! No doubt they will post if this is not exactly correct?

That is if they are still answering me or have they put me on ignore? as I expected them to do about two weeks ago? A standard response to a Troll, however I am not a troll I am just after the truth and justice. so this method will not work.
Even they must have realized by now, that every time they go Al bashing it results in further damage to the credibility of their sites!
This I hope will result in them not laying false accusations against future members !

I do not believe that the sites per se, are allied with eater but there are senior members in both camps! Who are working in secret.
As proven by the secrecy about Lotta/ Calamity Jane and why This was such a sensitive issue!
You have seen the almost panic reaction to her being exposed! and the frenetic posting by senior management on here and "the truth blog" when I revealed this info, even bringing Varod/ knightly out into the open to do some Al bashing! This from one who prefers to stay in the background!

As I am only telling the truth, their only reaction can be to try and portray me as a nutcase , so that I will not be believed! as the last thing they want is for the honest truth to be revealed!
You Add It up for yourself and ask why?