Thursday, January 6, 2011

a defiler of innocent women

It is quite amazing the information I have on many members of tR.

You are quite correct. I seriously doubt if this is the real Danny boi. There are several things wrong with "HIS" posts. Nice try though by the impostor to get more posts on AMB. And to draw me out.

Also his real name is Daniel BERNER.

However in case he is watching, I have a message for him below.

 Lisa you already know the answer to this question.

It is called compassion.

If in the future, some one scammed one of your children and they turned to an anti-fraud site for help, should we help or say "who he fucks and who he hurts is his business."?

Regardless of who they are, if a victim asks a scambaiter for help or indeed another human being, then that cry for help should not go unanswered.

When we support or not oppose a scammer and a defiler of innocent women then we are the same as they are.

No one has asked you for any assistance in this case, but it is unethical as a senior person on a website to encourage the scammers and cheats to flourish.

You have a free choice to take your own path.

But you do not care about this site or its members, or you would not allow a confirmed scammer and confirmed sex pervert to post his crap on here. Let alone support him.

For once Lisa take a stand and do what you know is the right thing.

You accepted the position, now use it to stop a known criminal from posting his lies and crap all over this forum.

Lisa you show as a super moderator AND as an administrator.

Although permissions can be altered on vBulletin by the super admin or owner, your positions would have more power than rep ability.

Otherwise what is the point of appointing an admin?

Do not forget that I am an admin and license owner on other sites and I have access to many things regarding both vBulletin and phpp systems.

@Mike R. A scam baiter is a volunteer who "baits" scammers and assists their victims. They do a brilliant job with limited numbers and save the potential victims many millions of Dollars and have also helped victims in many ways.

Two of the best sites that the baiters work from are and

So Tiny Dan who are you this week? Are you Daniel Berner or Michael Rosewell? Or maybe one of the other names you use to steal with?

I hear your Mother weeps with shame when anyone mentions your name in the small village you come from, as she is so ashamed of having a whelp like you who is a lying turd.

Go for it Tiny Dan.

There is only one picture of me anywhere on the internet and it has already been used by some other retards. One more showing will not make much difference.

However I have lots of photo's of you that you have posted on various parts of the internet to help you scam with.

Quick Tiny Dan. Get this house photograph to some of the eater lackeys, as they are convinced that THEY have a picture of my house and it looks nothing like this one.

Give it to the monkeyman Soyl, as he posted one version of what he claims is my house in his signature, He even posted a fake address as well.

Even Lotta, an admin on eater is breaking their own rules and posts under her avatar the address that she mistakenly believes is mine, despite their own rules stating that they will ban anyone who does this type of thing.

Feel free to join these loonies as they make fools of themselves.

Why not tell us all about how you were DEPORTED from Manila after being exposed as a sex pervert? Tell us all about how you were shown on TV babbling ?

Hey I know, Tiny Dan, why not tell everyone that I live near the Gold Coast that should narrow the search down to,oh, about four or five million people.