Friday, April 27, 2012

I am involved in cashbaiting

Maybe you should stop using your buttons to view everyone else's PM box and using the contents for fap material.

Part of a post by Goodi on ranter=

It also reaks of your desperation that you are posting pics you took from private of innocent people who have nothing to do with any of this.

Goodi I hardly think that yourself and nomad could be classed as innocent people.

Now lets look at some of the links you allow on ranter, that lead to the real life details of innocent people namely AJW.

Goodi You are responsible for many violations of decent human behaviour, like telling people that I am involved in cashbaiting and that I was caught doing it. This is FALSE, as you very well know.

How you could tell such a lie is beyond the things that decent people do. You do not even have any clue as to my real name, so how could such a false statement be true?

For the record, I have NEVER done any cashbaiting nor hacking (except for all the lad boxes I am in thanks to the work of some other at AFI who phish PWs and then I hand them out to people I barely know because hey why the fuck not?). How about some of your mods, can they say the same?

Even though I left ranter several years ago and have not posted on there since I resigned, you allow others to impersonate me. Enough!! I am giving you 48 hours to post an apology and post retractions and to set things right. LOLOLOL I just pooped!!

It is 3 pm Saturday 28th April here in Australia so the clock starts now.

For the record. As I have stated many times, my surname is NOT Watson, so any links to this innocent person or his family is a clear case of harassment and stalking. And I am upset about this mainly because you are calling me by the wrong name, not because Watson is my real surname. I get pissed off when you call me by a name that isn't mine. If my real surname was Watson, I wouldn't care than you call me Alan James Watson, but since that's the name of an innocent man, then fuck yeah, I want an apology.

Anal James Watson (not my real name but that of an innocent man who I guess likes anal sex because his first name is Anal--how the fuck do I know?).