Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am Anal James Watson.

I would like to show everyone how low the members and admins of have sunk.

I helped a grieving lady who had lost a little girl to cancer. I sent her a poem that helped her in her grief. No, I did not make the poem and yes I gave credit to the author.

The ranter member who is impersonating me, has sunk so low as to post it on the ranter, to score cheap points.
Ranter members, is this what you have all been reduced to?

What has happened to your human decency? not content with posting lies and posting as innocent people to denigrate them, you are now reduced to such inhuman practices just for a laugh. You have my pity.

goodi complains bitterly, about some photos that he admits are all over the internet being posted, yet he allows this sub human to post like this and possibly increase the grieving ladies sorrow.

Sorry, but such abhorrence fills me with disgust.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I posted the poem in question to facebook using a fake name and profile, that of Gbenga Jones. You know, when others post shit under fake names it is wrong, but when I do it, it's perfectly alright because I am Anal James Watson.