Sunday, April 22, 2012

maybe if I asked they would give me an admin position.

Welcome Toe Jam. Feel free to post away.

Welcome. The alias has been banned.

As the Ranter people feel it is ok to post details about others, they obviously approve of the practice.

Most illustrious sahib. Can this be one of the Holy cows that the Ranter wallahs adore and venerate?


Brilliant work Toe jam and really masterful IP spoofing, they are fumbling in the dark as usual.
As usual this confirms that I have been telling the truth all along.

ROTFLMAO I think it would be a good idea for them to alter the banner now to read.


Despite all their members combining and despite them having all the buttons they were totally PWNDED by a female .

Hey, maybe if I asked they would give me an admin position. How about it Nomad probably we should call him yesmad now? LOL.

I take my hat off to you Toe Jam BRILLIANT work. :lol: 

Dear oh dear, our daily entertainment is here via the total losers on theRanter. I notice that the person who is impersonating me on the Ranter, has stabbed the ranters in the back by posting my comments from here. Nice one dool!! Oh, why not do the job properly and post the screenshot as well? Or would your pals on ranter not like that? If it was me posting on there I would most certainly post all of the original post. What are you afraid of dool? :lol:

Finally, I can stop banging on about DRE and 8thlesion for a while. :lol: