Thursday, April 26, 2012

I sum culus et I nutrientibus

OH FUCK. Where did you get a photograph of me in my cross dressing outfit?

Welcome Toe jam. You really got us this time. we were utterly PWNDED by you. We like to laugh at others but this time the laugh is on us.

WOW we sure do have some stupid members and you showed us just how stupid we can be.


Nomad posts on theRanter.

Actually, a lot of the more professional drivers are prior service, just supplementing their income and seeing the country. There's a large population of highly intelligent drivers doing what they love.

There are also a lot of dickwads that barely manage to tie their shoes in the mornings, and tend to rely on velcro and jogging pants to cope with life. And just think, NAFTA, supported by both the Bush and the Obama administrations, want to bring Mexican truckers into the US on a full time basis. Tell me how much that will improve our situation.

Talking about Nomad and his stupid mistake as a Ranter upper.

He is barking fucking mad mate. Absolutely certified 100% pure lunatic.

He is the type of fella who is in a jedi gang and thinks it's real.

Toe Jam is Bert, you can tell it is by his constant claims of pwnadge at every opportunity. Bert was good at that when he posted here. Someone would have him sitting, begging, rolling over and playing dead and when it came out he was being trolled he would claim pwnadge

He uses a proxy most of the time, but he forgets on the odd few posts. IP shows Florida. Way to go Bert. You fail as per usual

Look at ME I am fucking fantastic. Look, see how I find out that a PROXY IP goes to Florida, so toe jam must be Bert!  
Why they are BOTH in the USA. Positive proof I tell you and all the sheep on ranter will believe me.

SHIT wait though, a fucking LOT of Ip's go to Florida but forget the facts, look at my great assumption instead.

And here's a fun Latin phrase I used Google translate to make:
I sum culus et I nutrientibus